Friday, 19 April 2019

part 33 : Nashaa

"Riddimaa come out !" Arman banged the door after 20 minutes..

"What are you doing in side for soo long?"

"you making me go worried by your behavior !" Arman added

soon the door flung open

"KYA HHAI?" she shouted at his face at first Arman was in daze as he saw her in a white satin pajama suit.... he smiled seeing an angel infront of him... and soon his smile turned into a goofy look....

"Can't I even go to the washroom ! Koi tou privacy dou !" she glared at his smile and stomped over his feet in response.... Making him haul in pain...

"Wait...." he holded her "kya huaa.. gussa mat ho … I can't take you its simple" Arman spoke firmly... she stared at him for a second and making her brain work she thought it was time to Black mail the Guy !She smirked inwardly...

"Arman, if you didn't take me naa... tou i will jump of this window and kill our baby too along with me" she walked to the window with fake-tears, when she was swept around

"What? you... you are pr..." he couldn't say it – he felt a lump in his throat....

"Yes, i have your baby in me..." she replied, leaning over his body – with a soft smile....

"I can't believe it" He smiled, a fresh tear came of his eyes and he kissed her lips, licking it he lined it with his tongue...

"uhmmm" she pushed him away. "Taking me along with you or no?" she asked

"No... and never, after knowing this just forget about it !!" he blasted at her. And this time it was way to serious....

"Fine ... i am Jumping ! bye !" she began to walk to the window and she felt some one pulled her up, she began to float in air.

"Put me DOWN !" she struggled as he took her too bed, making her lay down he sat laid beside her – mounting his face close to her he spoke gravely – thickly...

"I WANT MY BABy... ! ALIVE. I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY bare hands ! IF you took my own blood away from me" Arman glared at her with tears. " I have been always yearning to have a baby !!" He gravely spoke over her lips.

"Arman?" she kept a hand over his cheek – rubbing his tear from her thumb...

"Riddimaa, you will bring my baby to this world... promise me?" Arman hold her hand. Over his cheek...

"Yes... Arman i will bring our baby to this world - the baby will live... i am sorry... but why don't you understand... i want to be with you" Riddimaa hugged him, pulling his body close to him, as they both snuggled in eachothers arms.

"I Will return... now i have a reason to return ... jaan" he made her lay down and leaned over her.

"I want to live a life with you and my baby girl... I will Return... promise..." he kissed her. Riddimaa knew it was useless to fight against him, for a time being... she let go of it... and listened to his questions... and answered them politely...

"I remember a song at this moment...." he whispered, he tried pulling her shirt off her shoulder....

"which one..." she asked bitting his earlobe, sensationally

"i feel like a poor men.... and your the queen" "you are the only thing i need. you make me wanna call you call you in the middle of nite ... you make me wnna hold you to till late night.." Pause "I know this feeling which i can't fight " " I take you to home and we quickly........"moving on top of her Arman kept on chanting the lyrics in her ear "sit on the couch put some barrior and hit the light off baby we could make some sweet love, then we take nice and slow i gonna touch you never know before - we gonna make love whole night" he ended...kissing her cheek – resting few kisses over her jaw line.... smiter it lips – getting it wet.... he saw her licking her own lips – to get it moist.... looking up – he saw her opening her led... with emotion love of in it...

Do you have the song?" he whispered, pulling her shirt of her by opening the button...

"hmmm" she whispered, pulling her shirt across her body again and got up. Arman sat there on bed, his eyes followed her as she walked steadily to the deck, picking up a c.d she placed it in the deck.
(Must hear this song - myi favouraite Tongue)

You know you make me wanna...
You know you make me wanna...

To start it off i know you know me,
to come to think of it, it was only last week
that i had a dream about us, oh
thats why im here, im writing this song
to tell the truth you know ive been hurting all along,
someway let me know, you want me girl,

she turned around to see Arman staring at her with an intense gaze - his burning eyes made her feel budge right now. With a slight movement of head - he called her "Arman..." she started "I feel.... i feel weird in me." she replied, getting all shy.

"come here..." he spoke, as if commanded her, she tuck her strand away and walk up to him. Holding her hand which was in a fist. he softly made her sit on bed but the next moment pulled her on bed.

"nervous?" he grinned moving his face close to her. "Arman....." she hissed, with a frown....

"Sorry jaan, can't help it...either.." he chuckled and pulled her shirt of her shoulder.

everytime you see me what do u see?
i feel like im a poor man and you're the queen,
oh baby, youre the only thing that i really need,
baby thats why...

You make me wanna call you in the middle of the night
you make me wanna hold you till the morning light
You make me wanna love,
you make me wanna fall,
You make me wanna surrender my soul
I know this is a feeling that i just cant fight,
you're the first and last thing on my mind
You make me wanna love
You make me wanna fall,
You make me wanna surrender my soul

Well i know that these feelings wont end now
they'll just get stronger if i see you again
Baby im tired of being friends
I wanna know if you feel the same,
and could you tell me do you feel my pain?
Dont leave me in doubt

Reaching near her body he caressed her chest softly as she sat in front of him, making her twist her head up ward.

"you shiver... when i just keep my hand over you..." He whispered. rubbing his thumb near her ribs. "Stop teasing me Arman... i get out of breathe." She whispered keep a hand over his. "and I love this ... Jaan" he pecked his lips on her neck, sucking her throat as he turned her body towards him - he moved down to her softness and engulfed them in his palm, hearing her groan, pulling her back up while head getting curved. He brought his lips over it, and twisted - rubbed, and pulled it out, till Riddima shudder with pleasure.

going down to her belly, he caressed it - and prayed for the baby's long life, kissing her their he roamed his finger on her loose pajama. pulling it down all way,

"Arman... mat satao..." she moved a hand in her own hair, stretching herself.

Everytime you see me what do u see?
i feel like im a poor man an youre the queen
oh baby, youre the only thing that i really need
baby thats why...

I'll take you home real quick
sit you down on the couch
pour some Dom Perignon and hit the lights out,
Baby we can make sweet love,
then we'll take it nice and slow
Gonna touch you like youve never known before
we're gonna make love ohhh

"Kyun.... ? mai tou... sarri raat Sataoon ga........." he threw her rest of the cloths along with her shirt. "Mai naraz ho jaun ge !" she turned her face away with close eyes as his hand worked over her thighs, holding them, pressing them. "uhhmmm" she shook her head.

"Mai mana lun ga" he kissed her thigh, reaching back to her, he lowered his hand - in her inner thigh, massaging her inner thigh - he kissed her lips. they smooched - nibbled over each other while Riddimaa left her own hair and hold his in her palm.

breaking away she breathe, "Tum ... tum bohat bura.." she him making her tease..... she cried in as she groaned......

"bass KAro... Arman, mai marr na jaun" she hissed as his hand touched her sensitive points. "Nae marrna dunga, jaan." he moved and rubbed his body with her while his hand made her go weak, She shudder in sigh and fell back on bed, when Arman brought his man hood close to her, parting her legs aside - he moved in her. she let out another cry, and moved with him she felt a burning sensation in her, in her thighs, his hand continuously worked,pulling her closer...

You make me wanna call you in the middle of the night
you make me wanna hold you till the morning light

Passing out, he slummed beside her on bed, both breathing heavily "Wow!" he said, and pulled her over him "now your turn......" Arman smirked when Riddimaa kept her head over his chest and they began to make love again in no time..

You make me wanna love,
you make me wanna fall,
You make me wanna surrender my soul
I know this is a feeling that i just cant fight,
you're the first and last thing on my mind
You make me wanna love
You make me wanna fall,
You make me wanna surrender my soul .......................


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