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Part 34 : All for ur Love

Riddhima stayed in arman’s house .everyone was happy with her decision and arman was so much happy. Now he was fit and fine . he wanted to join the duty but before it he wished to go delhi to look ananya as she was in bed rest and not able to come Mumbai. Dadi already informed her that arman was sick but riddhima was there to look after her and annya relaxed hearing it as well as very happy.she prayed if riddhima stay in her son’s life forever.
One day arman informed riddhima that he was going delhi to meet ananya.sapna is also going with him and if she wants ,arman would be happy to take her with him. arman’s heart pounced with joy getting her positive response.

When they came delhi,balvinder and annaya welcomed riddhima warmly. they stayed there for one week and arman and sapna showed riddhima most of beautiful places of delhi. But riddhima didn’t want to go some of places of delhi because those were the remembrance of sumit. arman understood it and avoided those places. one day they took her in their school and collages, where arman and sapna studied. Riddhima started enjoying everything . she got that arman and sapna’ friends, annaya –balvinder’s neighbours..everyone liked and praised about them. One day when arman,riddhima and sapna were sitting in annaya’s room and talking,ananya addressed to arman : “arman,kya tu aur sapna tere papa ke sath apne gaun ja sakta hai kal? Kal ‘devi ma’ ki puja hai aur mai aur tere papa har saal jaate hain wahan,is baar main nahi ja sakti .”
Arman uttered : “haan mumma,hum chale jayenge.”
Balvinder uttered : “par riddhima nahi ja sakti kya?”
Ananya looked at riddhima once then replied : “nahi,aisa nahi par shayad usey achcha na lage..mumbai ki hai,village ke log and all.. wo mere paas reh jayegi,hai na riddhima?”
Balvinder uttered : “very bad ananya,you have to ask about her first. Ho sakta hai usey pasand ho. Tumhe yaad hai, jab maine shadi ke baad pahli baar tumse darte darte tumse humare village jane ki baat pucha tha,you replied… “yes..i want to go..i like adventure.”
Ananya rolled eyes and uttered : “haan,tumne toh mujhe wahan kya khub adventure karvaye the…whole day puja ke naam par bhukha rakha tha mujhe..”
Balvinder laughed and replied : “maine jab tumse kaha tha,you can’t keep fast…you challenged me ki rakh sakti ho…phir toh mujhe hi tumhari seva karni padi thi.”
Riddhima smiled seeing their ‘nok-jhonk’..she uttered slowly : “mujhe jane mein koi problem nahi hai.”
Balvinder yelled happily : “yeeeeeee! See ananya,riddhima tumhare jaise boring insaan ke sath nahi rehna chahti..”
Riddhima uttered getting nervous: “maine aisa nahi kaha uncle.”
Balvinder laughed when annaya uttered frowning : “bahut bura hoga agar meri bachchi ko sataya toh?”
Sapna uttered : “riddhima,papa mazak kar rahe hain,you know na unki aadat hai. Achcha chalo.hum kal jane ki tayari karein,I am super excited to go.”
Arman uttered : “mai bhi saman pack kar leta hun.”
After they going,ananya uttered : “ balvinder,meri taraf se tum devi ma se mannat mangna ki mere bĂȘte ke life se ab kabhi uska pyar dur na jaaye.”
Balvinder uttered pressing annaya’s hand : “wo toh mangunga hi anu…par mera biswas hai ab riddhima kabhi arman se dur nahi jayegi..humara beta hai hi itna samajhdar aur pyara ki paththar ka bhi dill pighal jaye,yeh toh ek insaan hai.”
Annya nodded with a smile.
Riddhima liked the village and the villagers. It was a new experience in her life when they entered in the village….the kids of village gathered around their car and staring them like they were seeing Aliens. This village is far from delhi..it took 8 hours from there…they started their journey at early morning and reached here at afternoon. First time riddhima saw a village with hut and muddy road..ponds and meadows. Their car stopped in front of a 2 storeyed building but it was also made of mud and wood. As they reached ,some old women came and welcomed them with flowers and putting mangaltika on their forehead. Balvinder introduced them as his bua,chachi ..means arman’s dadi..arman and sapna touched their feet and they blessed them and looked at riddhima curiously. Arman was confused what to say but balvinder uttered : “dekho bua,ek pari ko le aaya hun .”
Bua looked at riddhima,came to her…and uttered in a shocking voice : “jannat se aayi hai lagta hai..ya kahin ki rajkumari hai jise humara rajkumar churakar laya hai..”saying she looked at arman and laughed.
Arman’s face became red hearing it. He uttered hurridly: “riddhima ye meri sari pyari dadi hain,bahut mazak karne ki aadat hai inko..”
Riddhima touched their feet and they blessed her… “sada suhagan raho..sou bachchon ki amma bano.”
Arman blushed and ran inside where Balvinder laughed and sapna uttered making face : “kya dadi , sou bachche kiske hote hain bhala? Lagta hai aaplog pagal ho gaye ho.
Badi Nani uttered laughing …”sach ,me majhli,tu kuch bhi kahti hai..kitni najuk hai humari bahu..ek kaam karenge,sappu ke liye ye ashirvaad rakh dete hain..sou bachchon ki ma wali…”
Sapna showed them tongue and uttered dragging riddhima inside : “chalo riddhima warna ye chup nahi honge..hum ander chalte hain.”
They came inside and ridhima was surprised to see the big house. she saw a big courtyard in between and the rooms were made around it. a small temple was made in the middle of the courtyard. Sapna uttered : “humare dadi dadi ki family abhi bhi sath hi rahte hain…kuch bachche jarur baahar chale gaye hain par abhi sab aa jate hain is occasion me.kahte hain ‘devi ma’ ko jo chaho milta hai…tumhe kuch mangna hai to mang lena riddhima..i promise pura hoga.”
Riddhima nodded only and saw everyone was looking at them and smiling. Sapna yelled looking at them….dada,dadi,bua,fufa,chacha,chachi…bachchon…sabke sath hum baad me milenge,,,abhi hum rest karenge,humara kamra kahan hai?”
Some teenager girls came running and started dragging sapna and riddhima holding their hands and yelling : “hum batate hain…aao didi…aao bhabhi…”
They took them upstairs and showed sapna her room and uttered looking at riddhima : “bhabhi ji,aapka room udhar hai,arman bhai hain wahan.”
Riddhima got confused and looked at sapna .sapna managed at once : “riddhima mere sath rahegi ,yahan bhai ki marzi nahi chalegi.”
Hearing it the girls giggled . one girl ask : “sapna di,yeh toh apki bhabhi hai,phir aap naam se kyon bula rahe ho?”
Sapna replied : “actually hum dono same age ke hain aur sath kaam bhi karte hain,riddhima meri friend thi,phir bhai se shadi hui .”
Girls nodded and uttered : “kitna achcha hai na sapna di,aap log doctor hain.”
Sapna uttered making face : “doctors mat banna bachchiyon..bara boring kaam hai.anyways,ab humey rest karna hai..tum log jao.”
They nodded and went. Sapna and riddhima came in the room and saw a double bed was there. sapna jumped on the bed and uttered : “mai toh abhi soungi,bahut tired ho gayi hun.” And in a while she started snoring. Riddhima put their things arranging and took a bath and wore a beautiful yellow – red salwar suit and came in balcony.she looked at the garden and a smile crept on her lips seeing arman was playing with the kids. She was enjoying their play but heard someone’s voice from back. A girl was calling her….”bhabhi,neeche dada –dadi aur sabhi aapko bula rahe hain.”
Riddhima got nervous hearing it .she was scared what the elders could ask her. She looked at sapna but she was in a deep sleep. the girl uttered : “ di so gayi hai..aap chaliye.”
Riddhima nodded and came downstairs with the girl and saw everyone was waiting for her. Seeing her,badi dadi uttered : “aa jao bahu..humare paas aakar baitho.”
Riddhima felt weird hearing ‘bahu’ and stood there silently. majhli dadi got up,came to her and uttered holding her hand… “sharmao mat bahu..aao idhar baitho.”
After sitting her, badi dadi came to her and gave her a box while uttered : “hum tere shadi me nahi ja paye bachcha..ye meri taraf se.”
Riddhima surprised to see that it was a beautiful gold necklace. After that everyone gave her gifts like this.
riddhima felt uneasy as she didn’t want those but couldn’t refuse them. In between sapna came there and seeing the gifts yelled in happy… “wow! Kash,mujhe bhi aisa sasural mile jahan dher sari dadi ,bua,fufi,chichi ho..phir to mai ameer ban jaungi. All laughed where badi dadi frowned her first then dragged her in arm lovingly.
Next day morning ,they wake up early and freshened up , Dadi informed that they should wear sari in puja and gave both of them 2 beautiful silk sari. Sapna was managed with sari but riddhima was not as she didn’t use sari before. When sapna was finished with sari,she saw riddhima was sitting silently while holding sari .sapna asked if she needs help but riddhima uttered : “nahi sapna,I will manage..tum jao,mai thodi der me aati hun.”
Sapna asked : “pakka na? you will manage with it?”
Riddhima nodded and after sapna going,she tried to wrap it around her but failed. After a lot trying she managed it anyhow and about to go…
Everyone was sitting in puja place. Arman saw riddhima was not there. he came to sapna and whispered : “riddhima kahan hai?”
Sapna ,who was keeping flowers in a plate..teased smilingly… “aww! Mera bhai miss kar raha hai kisiko.”
Arman frowned and replied : “chup reh! I am not missing only asking.”
puja started and riddhima didn’t reach there. arman became restless but he didn’t want to go in riddhima’s room so asked a girl to see what happened to riddhima but majhli dadi, who was hearing everything,uttered : “beta,tu khud ja na,dekh kya hua bahu ko,itni der tak kya kar rahi hai…ja ,jakar le aa beta.”
Arman was looking confused but when panditji uttered : “ab sab pati-patni yahan aakar baith jayen..kuch hi der mein yagay shuru hoga,tab aap logon ko jode mein baithna hai..”
Badi dadi uttered : “arman beta, teri bahu kahan hai beta? Ja bula la usey.”
Arman nodded and came in riddhima’s room and knocked the door,she opened the door and uttered in an irritating voice : “sapna,please jaldi aa,dekh na..ye sari toh sambhal hi nahin rahi…jaise hi main sidhiyan utarti hun..sari bhi slip hokar neeche utar rahi hai..kaise pahna jata hai isey?”
And Arman was shocked to see her!…she was standing there wrapping the sari in her waist and anchal was in her hand…arman gulped hard to see her curves were visible clearly ..his eyes fixed for a while on her beautiful perfect figure and some wild thoughts came in his mind but he jerked them at once and turned other side.
Riddhima,who didn’t expect arman,numb seeing him and in a while wrapped the anchal around her chest and ran inside. Arman stood there dumbfounded for some time then ran to downstairs. He came to sapna and whispered… “go and help her to manage sari..”
Sapna looked at bhai’s face and understood something happened wrong. She got up and came in the room and saw riddhima was sitting while covering herself with a shawl. She tried to imagine what was happened and guessed the situation when bhai was came here but jerked her thought and uttered closing the door… “riddhima,sorry yaar..mujhe pahle bata deti ki sari pahnna nahi aata hai..chalo mai sikha deti hun.”
Riddhima nodded with teary eyes and stood up. After some time they came in temple and riddhima sat silently beside arman as dadi instructed but they didn’t dare to look at each other as both was remembering the scene which happened some time before. Puja was finished and dadi told that at evening they should go the big temple which was on a hill. arman uttered : “dadi,kya wahan jana jaruri hai?”
Dadi nodded and uttered : “tu na jana chahe koi nahi par bahu ko jana hoga beta.kyonki wahan aaj ke din har suhagan jati hai,apne pati ki lambi zindagi ke liye wahan mannat mangti hai devi se..”
Arman was scared if riddhima didn’t like it so when after rituals are done,sapna and riddhima cane in their room..arman came and uttered : “riddhima,agar tumhe problem ho toh you can refuse..”
Riddhima looked at him and uttered slowly : “koi problem nahi hogi..mai ja sakungi.”
Sapna looked at both of them and uttered in a teasing tone : “bhai,riddhima ko jis cheez mein problem thi,wahan aapko help karna chahiye tha.”
Arman asked being confused : “kisme?”
Sapna uttered giggling : “sari pahnne me.”
Arman frowned to her and addressed to riddhima… “I am sorry.” And went from there hurriedly as if he did any crime. Sapna looked at the way and then looked at riddhima and gave her a meaningful smile. Riddhima uttered immediately: “aisa kuch nahi hai..”
Sapna uttered smilingly : “toh phir bhai is tarah bhag kyon gaye?”
Riddhima uttered biting lips : “ you are leg pulling...”
Sapna made a sound …”hein!”
Then uttered in a shocking voice : “tum bhai ka side kab lene lagi?”
Riddhima uttered without looking at sapna : “mujhe nahi lena chahiye kya?”
Sapna laughed and uttered : “of course lena chahiye…”
Saying she came to riddhima,hugged her from back and uttered : “janu…mai toh dill se chahti hun tum bhai ka side lo…kyonki bhai hai hi aise…khud apni side kabhi nahi lega..bas dusron ki sochta rahega..”
Riddhima uttered : “jo dusron se pyar karta hai,usey sabka pyar milta hai.”
Sapna left her and turned her face and uttered : “hein!ye riddhima hai ya koi aur? Dekhu toh…ya devi ma ka chamatkar hai!”
Riddhima smiled and uttered : “sham ko pahadi par jana hai, I think humey yeh sab baatein na karke thoda rest karna chahiye.”
Sapna dragged her and uttered happily : “haye! Aaj sach me mai itni khush hun…actually dance karne ka dil kar raha hai.waise riddhima,tumhe toh bahut achcha dance aata hai na? dadi told me…toh mujhe sikhaogi?”
Riddhima uttered : “maine dance karna chod diya ,long time ago.”
Sapna asked surprisingly : “kyon?”
Riddhima looked at her for sometime then uttered : “sumit didn’t like it.”
Sapna was shocked hearing it..she uttered.. “par riddhima ,jitna ki mai janti hun sumit bhai aapko itna pyar karte the ki kisi cheez ke liye kabhi mana kar hi nahi sakte the.”
Riddhima nodded and uttered : “haan,sumit ne kabhi mana nahi kiya…actually jab mai kisi dance competition me part leti thi..sumit bahut uncomfortable feel karta tha. Mai samajhti thi usey dusron ke samne mera dance karna pasand nahi aata tha so I stopped it.”
Sapna nodded and asked : “sumit bhai ne kabhi pucha nahi ki aapne dance kyon choda?”
Riddhima : “haan,starting me toh baar baar puchta par maine kaha ki mujhe ab pasand nahi hai so I left.”
Sapna nodded .
Riddhima uttered losing in her thought : “actually sumit bahut jyada protective tha. Usey mujhe khone ka dar bana rahta tha isliye usey wo cheez pasand nahi tha jisme mujhe koi problem ho. Jis tarah papa kabhi mujhe akela nahi chodte the,college me bhi drop karte,pick karte..bahar jana ho toh unke sath..bachpan se main isi environment me badi hui isliye mujhe ka overprotective hona kabhi bura nahi,balki achcha lagta tha…lagta tha koi hai jo meri itni care karta hai.papa meri mumma ko khone ke baad mujhe lekar overprotective the aur sumit ka kahna tha,uski zindagi me mere siva koi nahi hai,so he was like that.”
Sapna uttered : “par humare elders ka overprotective hona humey weak banata hai..hum hardam kisi aur par dependant hona pasand karte hain aur aise mein agar wo caring insaan humey chodkar chala jaye toh humara survive karna mushkil ho jata hai..”
Riddhima nodded slowly and uttered losing in her thought…. “shayad ..i can’t imazine my life without sumit..mai bahut akeli pad gayi hun..”
Sapna uttered holding her hand… “nahi riddhima..you are not alone.bhai hain tumhare sath..jab tak tum chaho,bhai kabhi tumse dur nahi jayenge.”
Riddhima nodded and uttered in a teary voice : “I know sapna.”
Sapna uttered with a sigh smile : “pyar ke kitne alag alag chehre hote hain riddhima..par pyar toh pyar hi hota hai ,hai na? sumit bhai ka pyar aur arman bhai ka pyar…ek dusre se bahut alag..par dono hi tumse pyar karte hain.”
Riddhima smiled and lied on the bed and closed her eyes as if she knew it.
Next day arman and all returned from there with a lot good memory. Riddhima had specially beautiful memory of that place .she liked when the elders addressed her as ‘bahu’ . she liked when in temple arman covered her head with a red chunri and they worshiped the god together.
Now they came back Mumbai and joined their duty .this time riddhima herself wanted to join her duty which made everyone relaxed realizing that she wanted to move in her life. Now sapna started learning dance from riddhima and surprised to know that riddhima is a very good dancer. Time was flying very fast …riddhima and sapna became best friends . ananya and balvinder shifted in Mumbai and very happy to see riddhima was becoming normal day by day . they were waiting for the day when riddhima would accept arman in her life. Riddhima didn’t talk with arman much as her nature was like that but arman was happy with her little conversation and always tried to entertain her with his silly jokes. He was not talkative from childhood but now he wanted to talk a lot with that girl,whom he loved unconditionally.
One day dr. shubhankar called all P.G. and introduced with a new P.G named siddhant modi and gave sapna the responsibility to introduce siddhant to the staffs of sanjivani. Sapna gestured him through the corner of eyes and whispered to dr. neha…. “ ye kuch flirty type lagta hai, I don’t like him.”
Dr. neha whispered heaving a long breathe : “hayye! Kitna pyar hai! Tu kahe to mai isey sabse introduce karvaun?”
Sapna smiled and uttered : “ thank god..tu hi sambhal isey.”
Siddhant came to them and uttered : “excuse me ladies…kya aaplog mere baarey mein kuch discuss kar rahe hain?”
Neha uttered excitedly : “ yes dr. siddhant...kya mai aapko sabse milane le chalun? Isse humari bhi dosti ho jayegi.”
Sid nodded and uttered : “its not a bad idea dr. neha..but dr. shubhankar gave this responsiblty to dr. sapna so this time I prefer to go with her only.”
Sapna made face and uttered : “chalo..
Sapna introduced with siddhant to the staffs where sid was contiunuesly blabbering the whole way. Sapna asked irritatedly : “tum chup nahin rah sakte?”
Sid uttered surprisingly : “girls ko mera bolna kitna pasand hai..anyways, I am shutting my mouth.”
He kept quiet for sometime then suddenly uttered : “dr. sapna, can you tell me dr. riddhima is in which department?”
Sapna stared him and uttered angrily : “tumhe isse kya matlab? Apne pajama me raho dr.siddhant modi…ye apna sadak chap romio image kahin aur rakh kar aao.”
Sid uttered innocently: “maine to sirf department pucha tha..anyways,mai pata laga lunga.”
Will continue soon…
Love u all

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