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part 34 : Nashaa

Morning fall in the room.
Making both of them twist under the blanket. Riddimaa stared at his face, once she was awake; his face - which was perfectly place on her bare shoulder. She moved a hand and moved his hair off his face "Stop it Riddimaa, I need rest..." Arman kept her hand down and hugged her as he went to sleep. Again snuggling in her neck

She giggled and turned her face to other side and saw her watch – it was 8 in morning,

'Rohail would get up in next hour or so.' she thought and tried to get up, when she felt Arman tighten his hold on her waist.
"Arman, mujha jana hai" she said trying pull his hand off her bare body....

"chodo naa Riddimaa, this day belong to us ! Remember three days" pause " and one only went away... !" Arman said kissing her chest and leaned his body over hers – pressing her under him.

"Nahi Arman mujha janna hai.. Rohail might get up – he might need break fast.!" Riddimaa pushed him on bed and got off the bed, atleast.

"Tum naa bohat ziddi hou. JAO !" he made a puppy face and locked whole blanket over him throwing her out of the bed sheet...

"Ahh... Arman..." she fought back for the sheet but soon was strangled out of sheet. "ARMAN!" she got angry and picked up the towel which was near to her side of bed - keeping it over her chest, she saw him pulling the sheet under his head... she glared back and him and smack his bare arm which was peeping out of the sheet....

Picking up his shirt – she pulled it over her arms, and wore it – pulling it close to her body, smelling the sleeves, she smiled and walk up to the window, she looked around the sky, she always like the early time of day. Everything was peace full... no shouts no fights – no cars, leaning over the window she looked around the house, to see Rohail walking out of room

"ROHAIL !" she shouted, "WHERE ARE YOU GOIng?" she asked

"Dii... I am going with a friend to a nearby cafe. Don't worry – will be back in an hour or so" Rohail replied her through doors, while she stood at her window

she felt Arman pulling her shirt up, squeezing her hip and then her side waist, "you shine with sun..." he remarked as she turned around, at the sudden touch. "You got me startled !" she commented and pulled the shirt down, getting his hand of her body – staring at him with a sight of blush over her face.

"You really look sexy in my shirt, from back." he commented and took her in his arms, clutching her close he kissed her cheek and stared in her eyes...

"Now that you brother left – could we get down to business?" he asked pulling the shirt up till her mid waist. She grew shy at sudden exposing.

"which Business aRman?" she asked thinking he might want to talk about Rishi, she tried to push the shirt down....

"How to undress you and take you in the washroom for a steamy bath?" he told her the answer and took her in the washroom as she giggled all the way as they walk hand in hand....

"Arman.... don't put the soap over me, I feel tickle..." she moved his hand off her bare back as he rubbed the soap over her.

"Really?" he teased and turned her around, getting her front rubbed with the soap – she giggled making him laugh too... soon they engrossed in a passionate bathing as Arman lead her to a glass shower.Coming out of the washroom, wrapped in towels. Arman picked up his shorts pulling it up, he threw the wet towel on the bed.

"Arman ! Don't mess my room!" Riddimaa picked his towel and kept in on a chair to dry...

"riddimaa Yrr, now get use to this" He hugs her from behind.

"Arman why can't You get use to cleaning"She tried pulling his hand away – as the knot of towel on her began to get loose...

"because I am a guy!" Arman exclaimed proudly...

"Such a lame reply ! Leave me !" She got more angry at his male egoistic. And wiggled more

"uff hoou why do keep on getting angry on me from first day ! Be sweet with me baby" He turned her around in his arms and banged her closer to his bare chest...

"Arman... mujha ! Bass... ab mujha jana hai !" Riddimaa blushed as he moved his face closer kissing her cheek, sensually

"kahan?" He asked absent-mindedly.

"neecha..... "she replied pulling her head back, giving him her upper chest, which he kissed welcomely.... smooching her white pure skin. He licked her throat.

"ajj durr janne ka darr sa lag raha hai... paas raho." He whispered near her ear, biting her earlobe he licked it.

"esa mat bolo!" She yanked her hand up - around his head and pulled his face in her embrace, digging his head near her chest, she felt his hot breathe on her chest as she felt her towel slipping down.
"mujha tum mai kohna hai." He whispered grabbing her back, tightly

"aur mujha tum mai................" she whispered back, placing kisses on his face


Arman moved away softly – yet startled, holding the towel which was about to fall of her body - as his body was holding it, as soon he moved away - towel was moving away too. She blushed and grabbed it from middle. Siting on the edge of the bed beside Arman. She heard him on phone

Arman: haan Rahul... I am at Riddimaa's house.

Rahul: Arman... you know we have work here ! We going to leave tomorrow night !!!

Arman: I know Rahul.... bas... vo I promised to spend three days with her...Arman turned and stared at Riddimaa who ran to the washroom in hurry, she felt puking....!

Rahul: kya hua...? whats this noise

Arman: Rahul... vo.... uhm.. Riddimaa is pregnant! Arman blushed and ran after her... rubbing her back to soothe her, as he lead her to bed, while wipping her lips from tissue paper

Rahul: what ? Who is the father?

Arman: Rahul you Bast*** ! She is Having my child. Riddimaa giggled as she saw his angry face. And understood what would Rahul have asked. To which Arman glared at her in anger too

Rahul laughing as loud -as he could hear Riddimaa chuckle, smile. In anger arman cut off the phone

"why are you laughing?" He asked sitting beside her, still angry at her to laugh.

"arman..! he was joking ! Relax ! Seriously tum bhi naa..."Riddimaa again got up to change when Arman pull her back on his lap....

"ahhhhh Arman !" She glared at him

"I don't like such jokes !" He retorted – looking in her eyes for peace....

"Arman hosh mai aoo !" She hit his forehead, getting up again...

"Rid.... "he was interrupted

"aur vo bass tang kar raha tah... ki is this really your child! Aur tum hou kagetting soo angry... ! Seriously, he is your buddy, pulling your leg to just confirm about the child !"

Arman got angry at her calmness over such thing pulled her in his arms, almost making her loose her Balance. He laid her on bed. Piling over her

"Arman I am pregnant jaan... becareful !" She got worried at his act – at his strange behavior...Arman leaned over her body

"marr dalun ga tumko agar mera elava kissi ka khayal apna demaag mai layee !" He kissed her lips, with possessiveness.

"uhmm uhmmmmmm.." she winced as he bit her lips in process. Pulling her towel apart. He kissed her below lips while his hand touched her all around the place. Breaking the kiss he looked up in her eyes which had a slight tear

"I am sorry – I got out of control. I can't take the thing when your name is joined with some one else.... he rubbed her tear off and nibbled her swollen lips

"par mai tou... ok forget it – you are right – I was wrong ! And its ok... tumhari yahe dewangee mujha tumhare aur kareeb laati hai..." she pulled him closer by neck and bit his lower lips, making him groan

" I love when you get wild with me...." she whispered bitting his ear lobe... passionately.

"I have … to go remember? For a while – they are waiting for me..." He whispered. Kissing her beauty.

"You promised not to go...and I don't want you to go too !" She whispered, pushing him on bed as she pulled herself on him along with the towel on her back..

"i wil return in few hours …. don't make it hard... for me." He yanked her towel off her body and threw it away.

"I will.... I don't want you to go any where ! Stay here... like this... for ever and not even for few hours !!" pause "you are caged in this house till tomorrow night..." She leaned over his body kissed his manly chest - wandering her hand down on his arms, she entwined her fingers in his hands.

"Riddimaa tum bhi dewani hou gaye hou."Arman chuckled and picked the buzzing phone with out looking at the name

"whose it?" Arman asked pulling his head up as he felt her sweet lips pleasuring his skin with her teeth.

" haan bol Rahul." Spoke with close eyes. His hand wandered over her back and than grabbing her hip in his hand.

Rahul over phone "sorry yrr was just joking congrats...... acha when are you coming? We are waiting... we need to discuss this Shubhankar sir asking about your where abouts"

"Rahul....... uhmmm is it really important to come this moment.. can't I come till 1 ? in afternoon?" Arman asked as he pushed Riddimaa down on bed and claimed her after keeping a free hand over her lips to make her stop from moan.Making Love to her......... he heard Rahul, and closed the phone next moment.

"sharam nahi atii... phone tou banda kar deta phela." she complained Her hands went around his back."mai bara hee besharam insaann hoon !" He bit her skin and pulled a sheet over him"Rahul na kya kaha..........?." She asked moving in sync. "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........" he kissed her lips.


Love Maha

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