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part 35 : All for you love

Arman was busy in reading a file when sid came there and wished… “good morning sir..”

Arman nodded and uttered good morning and again made busy himself in reading that important file. Sid kept quiet for sometime then started whistling which made arman irritated.he looked at him and uttered : “I think you should go to your duty..”

Sid uttered : “sir,meri duty 10 baze se hai aaj.”
Arman didn’t reply and engrossed himself in reading file. It was mini’s reports. She was becoming weak day by day .arman sent her report in ‘memorial cancer centre’ in New York city and they suggested her ‘bone marrow transplant’ as soon as possible. Arman knew it was not possible to get the right bone marrow donar for mini so he was very tensed about it.

Sid looked here and there then again uttered : “sir,I have only one question.phir main aapko disturb nahin karunga.”
Arman looked at him closing the file. Sid thought for a while then asked : “sir,aapki shadi ho gayi hai?”

Arman gave him a weird look and kept the file in locker and about to go but stopped hearing sid’s voice : “I think aapki shadi nahin hui hai..kyonki hoti toh wo jarur doctor hoti…aur aap itni jaldi hospital bhi nahin aa pate…yeh toh hum jaise bachelors karte hain.”

Arman uttered only : “I think aap bahut jyada bolte hain dr. siddhant modi.”
Sid brushed hairs proudly and uttered : “yahi toh speciality hai meri sir…girls mujhpar marti hai isliye…waise sir,aapko riddhima kaisi lagti hai?”
Arman glared him and made him busy in phone but sid didn’t stop following him. as soon arman cut the phone,he uttered : “sir, kya aap itna bata sakte hain ki is she engaged or single?”

Arman asked surprisingly : “who?”
Sid chuckled : “kya sir,abhi toh maine bataya..dr. riddhima..aapko toh pata hoga na sir ,please meri help kar dijiye..i want to make friendship with her…”
Arman glared him once and uttered : “go and ask dr. riddhima directly .i am not interested in it.”

Saying he went from there.sid stood there for sometime then mumbled : “bada unromantic hai ye toh…”

Saying he came in locker room and saw riddhima was there. she was smiling while holding a bunch of red roses in her was in her locker.she knew it was arman,who kept fresh roses for her everyday in her locker. She inhailed and smiled .Sid jumped on the bench and yelled.. “hello ji..”

Riddhima got scared and roses fell from her hand. Sid picked the flowers and uttered forwarding those flowers to riddhima : “red roses for a beautiful girl.
Riddhima took these flowers and smiled lightly which encouraged sid to talk to her. He forwarded his hand and uttered… “dost..

But he heard sapna’s voice from the door… “bas,aate hi apna kaam start kar diya aapne dr. siddhant?”
Sid smiled and uttered : “main to sirf dosti kar raha tha..tumhe problem hai?”

In between riddhima got dr. subhankar’s call and went from there excused them .after she going sapna uttered glaring sid… “I don’t have problem dr. siddhant…par tumhe problem jarur hogi. Riddhima ki taraf badhne ki koshish mat karna,warna dr. arman tumhari band baza denge.”

Sid asked in an surprising tone : “ kyon?”
Sapna uttered keeping her files in locker: “because he is riddhima’s husband.”
Hearing it sid felt he fell from the mountain . he yelled keeping palms on his ears…. “ nahiiiiiiiii! Aisa nahin ho sakta!...
Sapna glared him and uttered : “noutanki karna koi tumse sikhe.”
Sid gave her a weird look and asked : “tumhe kaise pata?”
Sapna uttered smilingly : “summer camp in class 8…I think tumhe bhi yaad hoga…1 month ka summer camp tha humara aur hum pagal ho gaye the tumhari nautanki dekhte dekhte…”

Sid uttered making an innocent face : “I thought you forgot.”
Sapna shrugged shoulders and uttered : “tumhare jaise joker ko koi bhul sakta hai kya? Hum wapas aane ke baad bhi kitne dino tak hanste rahe yaad karke.”

Sid uttered proudly : “dekha! Ye toh kamal hai siddhant modi ka..girls isi ada par marti hai.”
Sapan made face and uttered : “tumne to hero banne ka plan banaya tha na? ye doctor kaise ban gaye?”
Sid uttered making sad face : “mera khusat dad..unhen doctor banna tha,nahi ban paye toh mujhe bali ka bakra bana diya…arey yaar, hero banta to roj naa jane kitni khubsurat ladkiyon ke sath romance karne ka chance milta…kahan ye boring kaam,jahan dr. arman jaisa sariyal face banakar , dadaji jaisa unromantic banker patients ke sath deal karte raho..i hate it.”

Sapna glared him and uttered : “don’t dare to say anything to dr. arman..”
Sid uttered : “arey yaar bhrakti kyon ho? Achcha doctor hai mujhe bhi pata hai..he is very popular…par sach bata, kya riddhima uski wife hai? Kya mera koi chance nahi hai?”

Sapna uttered smiling : “try karke dekho…bhai ka punch milte hi apni herogiri nikal jayegi.”

Sid uttered in a shocking voice : “koun bhai! Dr. arman tumhare bhai hain?”

Sapna smiled and nodded in yes.
Sid smacked on head and mumbled : “mare gaye!”
Sapna uttered laughing : “and for your kind information…dr. shshank is riddhima’s dad..means my bhai’s father in law .”
Sid uttered making sad face : “ ab toh sach me riddhima se dur rahna padega..”
Sapna uttered smilingly : “better..”
She was about to go but sid came jumping in front of her and uttered with a heroic style… “waise , are you single dr. sapna? “
Sapna frowned him and went from there.
Arman was very tensed because of mini’s health. He gave ad in newspaper and in each and every source he used to get a matching bone marrow donor but all was in vain. Riddhima stayed her papa’s home for some days as dadi was not well. Every night she called arman and talked to him but arman didn’t tell her about mini’s condition as he knew riddhima would be broken hearing about it. She had lost sumit because of this cancer and now they were about to lose mini. Whenever riddhima talked to him,she understood something was there which was disturbing arman and she also asked about it but arman always answered : “nothing riddhima..tum dadiji ka khyal rakho aur apna bhi. All is fine here.”

One day when dr. shshank came home , called riddhima and uttered in a sad voice : “beta, ma abhi kafi thik hai..aap hospital chali jao ,wahan arman hai,usey aapki jarurat hai.”

Hearing it riddhima was shaken ! She asked in a scared voice : “papa…arman..wo thik hai na? usey kuch nahin hua na? papa…please mujhe uske paas le chalo aap…”
Shshank calmed her and uttered : “arman thik hai beta…but mini’s life is in danger .. 3 din se hosh hi nahi aaya..she is now in critical condition ..kabhi bhi kuch ho sakta hai…arman kal raat se ghar nahi gaya,na khaya..aur abhi tak wahin hai..he is too much attached with that girl.aap jaoge to shayad usey thoda sahara mil jaye.”
Riddhima shievered knowing mini’s condition but she knew how much arman was attached with mini and in this situation ,she should be with arman. she nodded and uttered : “papa,mujhe arman ke paas jana hai.”

Shshank nodded and dropped riddhima in hospital and uttered: “beta,kuch bhi jarurat ho,call me.main turant aa jaunga ,aap apna aur arman ka khyal rakhiyega.”

Riddhima nodded and came inside and asked sister where was dr. arman. she uttered : “sir,to critical care me mini ke paas hain.”

Riddhima came there but arman was not there only dr. ghosh was in duty. Riddhima’s heart broken seeing mini was surrounded by machines .she came out to search arman…but he was not in locker room or canteen or anywhere. Riddhima got worried..suddenly she remembered sapna once told her whenever arman bhai became sad,he went to the basement and sat there alone. She came there and opened the door slowly and relieved seeing he was there sitting closing eyes while taking support of wall. Tears were flowing from his eyes constantly. Riddhima’s eyes filled with tears seeing his condition. She came slowly and sat beside him and uttered holding his hand… “arman..kuch nahin hoga mini ko..wo bilkul thik ho jayegi.”

Arman opened eyes and suddenly broke into tears covering his face into palm. Riddhima had never seen him like this.she dragged him in arm and uttered wiping his tears… “sabko himmat dilane wala,sabke problem me sath khda honewala dr. arman itna kamjor toh nahi hai…mini ko pata chalega to wo kya kahegi? Kahegi…. “haila riddhima..mera boyfraind ne itne ansoo bahaye aur aap sirf dekhti rahi?”

Arman uttered in his cry : “mini kuch nahin bol rahi riddhima…wo ab nahin bolegi…wo mujhe chodkar chali jayegi…mai uske liye kuch bhi nahin kar paya riddhima..kuch bhi nahi..’

Riddhima uttered pressing his hand : “mini thik ho jayegi arman.hum hope nahin chodenge. Maine dr. ghosh se baat ki ke paas abhi time hai..hum tabtak donor dhundh lenge..koi toh hoga jo mini ki jaan bacha sake..hum usey dhundhkar nikalenge.”

She opened the tiffin box and uttered : ‘arman,kuch kha lo.subah se tumne kuch nahin khaya hai.”
Arman nodded in na and replied : “bilkul bhi dill nahin chah raha riddhima..bas mini ke hosh men aane ka intzaar hai mujhe ab toh.”

Riddhima filled the spoon with mixed fried rice and uttered looking at arman : “thik hai,tum mat khao.main tumhe khila deti hun. Dekho,dadi ne apne ladle ke liye apne hathon se mixed fried rice with dher sara paneer banayi hai,tumhe pasand hai na?”

Arman smiled sighly hearing it. He opened mouth and riddhima started feeding him..after sometime arman gestured her to stop and asked : “tumne dinner kiya?”

Riddhima uttered smilingly : “nahi,tumhare sath hi karna tha.don’t worry,mai kar lungi.” She started eating and talking with arman…when she finished..saw arman was slept leaning his head against the wall. Riddhima came closs to him..slowly held him and made his head keep in her lap. Arman was so much tired,he was sank in deep slumber while keeping head in riddhima’s lap.
At morning when arman woke up,saw riddhima was sitting in same position and he was sleeping while keeping head on her lap. He moved slowly but riddhima’s sleep broke,she smiled seeing him and uttered : “good morning arman..”
Arman uttered shyly : “sorry..mujhe pata hi nahi chala kab so gaya main.”
Riddhima got up and said : “its okay arman..tumhe need ki jarurat thi..chalo hum mini ke paas jate hain.”
Just then door opened and atul came hurriedly and uttered : “arman,kab se tujhe dhundh raha ko hosh aa gaya hai..wo tera naam le rahi hai.”
Arman and riddhima ran to mini’s cabin. They saw sister was removing her IV bottle .dr. ghosh uttered seeing arman… “she is stable dr. arman..Wants to talk to you.”
Mini opened eyes hearing arman’s name and uttered in a weak voice : “kab se yaad kar rahi hun boyfriend..kahan the tum?”
Arman ran to her and uttered holding her hand.. “yahin toh tha,tumhare paas girlfriend.”
Mini uttered with a weak smile : “jhuth…tum to riddhima ke sath the..mujhe bhul gaye na ?”
Arman uttered while having tears : “no mini..mai to 3 din se meri girlfriend ke hosh men aane ka intzaar kar raha tha..
Mini uttered looking at riddhima : “riddhima,tumne mere bf ka khyal nahin rakha? Dekho kaisa murjha gaya hai…”
Riddhima uttered sitting beside her : “promise mini,mai tumhare bf ka khyal rakhungi..ab tum jaldi se thik ho jao.”
Dr. ghosh addressed mini : “ab jyada batein nahin mini..aapko jaldi thik hona hai .”
Mini nodded and closed eyes. Dr. ghosh ,riddhima and arman came outside. Dr. ghosh uttered in a serious tone : “mini thik nahi hai dr. arman…humey jaldi hi uska donor dhundhna hoga…tum ek kaam karo,maine Chennai hospital me baat ki,wahan ek donor hai,shayad uska mini ke sath match ho jaye,abhi nikal jao aur usey lekar raat tak wapas aa jao.”
Arman uttered : “par mini ko is haalat me chodkar main kaise chala jaun dr. ghosh?”
Dr. ghosh uttered : “mini is my responsibility dr. arman,promise,usey kuch nahi hoga.”
Riddhima uttered : “arman,hum sab hain yahan..tum please dr. ghosh jo kah rahe hain wo karo..”
Arman nodded and uttered : “main tumhe ghar drop karke nikal jaunga..”
Riddhima nodded in na and uttered : “main yahin fresh hokar mini ke paas rukti hun arman.”
Arman nodded and went from there. riddhima came in mini’s cabin and sat beside her quietly. dr. gave mini injection so she was sleeping now. Riddhima caressed her hairs and mumbled… “tumhe kuch nahin hoga mini,tumhara bf tumhe kuch nahi hone dega..tum usey chodkar ja nahi sakti warna uski hansi ,uski khushi sab cheen jayegi.”
After some time she came outside and went to canteen for having some snacks.when she was coming back,saw a woman was asking sister about mini and getting that she is in critical condition , tears started flowing from her eyes. A man,who was with her..uttered slowly : “bhagwan ki yahi marzi hai mamta ,hum kuch nahi kar sakte. Chalo ghar chalein.”
Riddhima tried to remember where she saw them and in a while she remembered they are mini’s parents whom arman showed her once in hospital’s CC footage. she came like running and uttered: “apni beti ko bina dekhe hi chale jayenge aaplog?”
They jerked hearing it and looked at riddhima. The man uttered in a scared tone : “sorry dr…hum ja rahe the…”
Riddhima uttered blocking their way : “par kyon? Aapki bachchi ko aapki jarurat hai..aur yeh mat kahna mujhe nahin pata aap mini ke parents ho.”
That man uttered having tears in eyes : “ma’m,hum humari bachchi ke treatment ka paisa nahi de sakte isliye humne usey yahan chod diya tha,agar humare paas hoti toh abtak bina treatment ke wah mar jati ..dr. shshank bahut hi nek dil insaan hain..unhone humari beti ki responsibility le rakhi hai..hum jante hain uski treatment kitni expensive hai.”
Riddhima uttered looking at him : “mini ke treatment ke liye aapse hum kuch nahin lenge ,par aap usse mil toh sakte hain? Usey yeh toh pata chale ki wo anath (orphan) nahin hai.”
That man uttered sighly : “aur jab usey pata chalega ki humne uski beemari ke kaaran yahan chod diya tha,wo aur dukhi ho jayegi..humey jane dijiye dr.”
Just then a teenager boy came and uttered : “papa, humey late ho raha hai..dadi ghar mein akeli hai.”
Riddhima looked at him and asked : “aapka beta hai?”
That man nodded and uttered : “haan,meri bachchi se 10 saal bada hai. Jab utne salon baad mini hui toh hum bahut khush the par…. “saying he wiped tears and uttered looking at that boy : “chal beta..
Riddhima came to that boy and uttered holding his hand : “kya naam hai aapka?”
He uttered : “mera naam amrit hai dr.”
Riddhima smiled and uttered : “amrit…kya aap apni choti bahan ki jaan bachana chahoge?”
He nodded and uttered : “of course dr..par main kya kar sakta hun?”
Riddhima uttered : “bas aapko thodi takleef karni hogi.”
Amrit uttered : “ meri behan kya,kisiki bhi agar jaan bachti hai toh mai taiyar hun.”
Dr. riddhima gestured them to wait and called dr. ghosh .dr. ghosh came there in a while and uttered looking at amrit : “ he is mini’s brother..that’s amazing…beta, humey aapke body se thoda bone marrow lena padega mini ko bachane ke liye.”
Amrit nodded but her mother uttered in a fearful tone : “nahi doctor..please humey jane dijiye.meri beti ko toh main kho hi chuki hun..bete ko bhi khona nahin chahti.”
In between sapna ,atul and muskan came there. they made mini’s parents calm and tried to explain actually what dr. ghosh needs to save mini’s life. Amrit understood as he was a science student,he uttered happily : “ I am ready doctor..please save my sister’s life…mujhe bhi apni suni kalayi men rakhi bandhbani hai meri sister se.”
Amrit’s blood and all matches with mini and the procedure was started. In between arman called riddhima and informed with a heavy heart that the donor was not perfect matching.but ridhima yelled excitedly : “no need arman..we got perfect donor..ab tumhari girlfriend ko koi tumse cheen nahin sakta.”

She explained everything and waited there as she knew arman would come directly to hospital. Mini’s bone marrow transfer was completed and she and his brother was kept in observation. Mini’s parents also stayed outside of the hospital as outsiders were not allowed inside hospital at night . Riddhima was sitting outside of mini’s cabin..she was also tired so much as last night she was awake. Her eyes closed automatically and sleep came but suddenly she heard arman’s voice : “riddhima…
Riddhima got up and looked at him but in a while arman hugged her tightly. Riddhima got scared what happened but she heard arman’s teary voice : “thank you..thank you so much riddhima…”
Riddhima understood he was crying ..she caressed his back and uttered : “bas arman..ab sab thik hai..and don’t say thank you.”
Arman separated himself and uttered in a wet voice : “tumne jo kiya uske liye mai kitna bhi thanks dun,kam hai riddhima…tumne kal raat mujhe himmat di..mere paas rahe…aur aaj jo tumne kiya…
Riddhima kept finger on his lips and uttered looking in his eyes… “toh mujhe roj ginkar ek hazar baar thank you kahna chahiye…tumne jo sumit ke liye kiya tha…jis tarah mere paas rahe..jis tarah meri galtiyon ko maaf kiya..”
arman nodded in na and uttered : “tumne koi galti nahin ki riddhima …”
riddhima smiled and uttered : “I know,tum manoge nahi..”

arman smiled shyly and riddhima felt that she first time realized how beautiful he looked when he smiled. She uttered smilingly : “mini ki surgery successful hai..she will be fine soon and the amazing news for her that she will get her family..her mumma papa and her loving brother.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “aur ye sab tumhare wajah se possible hua..”
Riddhima uttered holding his hand : “canteen chalein..i know subah se tum kuch bhi khaye nahin hoge and I am also hungry..”

Dr. shshank,who was stayed in hospital for mini and coming to tell riddhima to take rest for sometime,saw his daughter and son in law was going while holding hands and talking in a very low tone. Both’s face was flashing with happiness and they were busy in enjoying each others’ company . Dr. shshank smiled and went to his cabin knowing that now his daughter accepted his beloved son in law and they were now became support of each other for whole life.

Love u all

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