Monday, 22 April 2019

part 36 : Nashaa

1 in afternoon – the day Arman left her in morning....
"matt jao...." Riddimaa said keeping her bed sheet around her. Her eyes on Arman, who was getting ready with his back at her.

"Muskhil mat karo Riddimaa............" Arman spoke with his back at her; as he wore shoes while settling on bed.

"Arman.... mai bhi chalti hoon. "She moved up to his side.leaning over his arm

"phir wahii baat !" Arman got up, angrily and turned to go out the room.

"Esaa jao ga? Binaa mila !" She ran after him till the room's door in white sheet around her.

"haan ! Warna jaa nahi paun ga !" He rushed out leaving a sobbing riddimaa on door.

Outside her house. Arman Called Muskan

Arman: Muskan could you come and live with Riddimaa? She is pregnant! And she is crying as I am leaving for case ! …..................Thanks a lot Muskan !! …...........thanks........... I will tell Rahul to Marry you once we return I Promise ! …............" Blowing a kiss on phone he turned around to see Rohail stood their crossing his hands over chest.

"don't worry I am here !" Rohail passed a knowing smile.

"........Rohail keep this..." Arman gave his blank check book all pages signed to,Rohail

"For what........?" Rohail frowned looking at blank cheque book with signature over it ...

"take out as much money she wants... I don't know how long this case will take … I want My baby healthy and beautiful ! And my wife to be glowing when I return! Can I trust you" Arman thrushes his hand by his hand, getting a bit sentimental.

"yes, but no need for money ! I can...." he was,interrupted

"I know you can …! but I want too ! Thanks please keep it !" Arman hugged him hurriedly and jumped in his driving seat...

Arman went away after a formal bye.That was the day which was a memory of beautiful moment and horrible moment for both of them. they united in a knot of love and were separated the next moment.....

Who knew what will happen... but one doesn't stop living if some one goes away... and now both had One reason to live.... to live their life...! Riddimaa would live to bring Arman's baby to world and Arman would live to see his baby's face !


on the same day in Evening. Riddimaa was really cranky... ,Muskan tried her level best to control her but end up calling Arman on his cell.

On phone...

Arman: hello Muskan? is everything ok?? a confused and worried Arman asked

Muskan: she is NOT eating ... she is crying... she has turned out to be pain for all three of us ! she has banged Rohails head with her high heels as he tried to stop her from going bare foots back to your old hide out place ! just to get a kiss a good bye kiss from you. THAT's it Riddimaa? do you anything else to tell him ?Riddimaa. Muskan hoplessly told everything to him as Riddimaa as actually instructed her

"Tell him i hate him and i won't talk to him ever again !"Riddimaa whispered in Muskans ear again.

"She hates You and She won't talk to You ever again !"muskan translated "bass?" and added looking at Riddimaa..

"give her the phone. !" Arman smiled with moist eyes.

"talk to him" ! Muskan forwarded her cell to Riddimaa, who back away with puffed up face...

"nahi ... mai baat nahi karunge !" Riddimaa hushed her hand away and sobbed softly.

" Arman she is crying.... !" Muskan felt helpless......looking up at ceiling with frustation.

Arman spoke to Muskan: turn it on Loud speaker


Arman: Hello Riddimaa.... don't do this jaan.... you promise to take care of my child ! my blood ! please don't do this... it is wrong... please eat food ... please don't cry.. please.

"Arman.. meet me ... now...." she cried pulling the phone in her hand. kissing the phone.,

"Muskhil kar rahi hou Riddimaa aur kuch nahi !!!"he replied hearing her kiss voice. - closing his eyes as he felt his heart yearn for her too...

"khud bhi tarap rahi hou aur mujha bhi Tarapa rahi hou !" he commented.feeling Rahul's hand over his shoulder. Arman passed the phone to Rahul"i can't go... if i went than i won't be able to leave...." Arman told Rahul keeping his palm over his face.

Muskan? bring her on the Adress........................................................... Rahul began to tell muskan the address of their new hide out.....


At Boys new hide out. Arman was settled inside the house with Shubhankar and Keerti while other two greeted girls and Rohail.

"Rahul ! Atul !" Riddimaa hugged both and cried in their arms.

"shuhhh Riddimaa... ! pagal ! hum border par thori jaa rahe hain." Rahul took her in....,Her eyes fell on Arman, who was settle in the lounge with his face hang low.

"Arman!!" she walk up to him when he got up and turned his back at her.

"kyun aee tum! Riddimaa ! i told you Not too !"he spoke strictly with his back...

"Matt jaoo..." she walk up to him, keeping a hand over shoulder

"MAI Jaun ga ! I have to avenge Priya's death !!!" don't forget that !!" he shouted keeping his back at her. she shrieked in her position, he moved his hand in his hair – feeling frustrated...

"apna bacha ka liya matt jao...." she fell down near his feet.keeping a hand from behind his knee place, clutching it. -

scared what if he never returns??? what will she do? What if he died their??? she wanted to be with him ! And take his death on her – if possible.. .she wanted to go or else stop him – thats what she Thought

" theek hai nahi jaata.... ! but Riddimaa... till the last breathe i won't forgive you for NOT Letting me GO !! i will never forgive you!" Arman went to bar-corner and made himself a drink.

Keerti thought to step in or this will be nothing but a cruel end to a beautiful relation, she kneeled down on her knee and embrace a crying riddimaa in her arm..

"i hate him... i hate him.... ! he always do this to me ! he...." she hiccuped digging her face in keerti's neck.,

"bass Riddimaa, this is not good for the baby... bacha please.... Keerti consoled while Muskan brought her a glass of water, but she kept on crying not hearing any one please even Atul Anjali joined in but she turned all the pleading to deaf ear...


Love Maha

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