Tuesday, 23 April 2019

part 37 : Nashaa

Shubhankar : haan Riddimaa.... you are bringing a new member to our family....

Shubhankar pointed the fact, yes they were family... they almost lived together.three couple(AR,AA,RM), Rohail and Shubhankar and Keerti head of the family...! they were family.....

Arman spoke".......sir, its use less... she won't hear a word ! she is way too much stuborn... !" Arman walked in with a plate of food... no one knew when he went away and when he brought food.

"bass sab chodo aus ko ! move !"Arman kept a plate on table. seeing every one move away from her – he step forward to make her stand.

"why do you always fight if you always come to console her ! "Atul scolded

"bass essa hee hoon... ! and she love this fact about me ! ask her !" Arman replied cheekily. As he holding her hands and tried to pull her when she left his hand and spoke...

"Shut up Arman........!" she let out another cry... while sitting on floor.Arman scooped her up in his arm, settling himself on couch he made her sit on his lap.

"i have not met a single bloody woman like you who had turned out to be nothing but a pain in As*"he commented, as she nudged him – fist him all the time - asking Anjali to give him the plate.Riddimaa's smacking and sobbed were constant at its place...

"now stop crying ! i don't want my baby to go on you and keep on weeping all his/ her life !" he smiled seeing her rubbing her cheek and opening her mouth for a food, her mouth got watery as she saw pure home food.
He gave her a deeper smile as her smile reached her eyes, giving her bites... he heard her speak how her day went after he went away.
"tum... nahi ja rahe.... naa...?" she asked as he shifted her on couch and got up to go and wash his hand

Arman stopped and passed priecing gaze at her "Phir wohi zidd ?"

"haan touu?" she asked cutely yet full of attitude.

Rahul interrupted "lets go guys... you girls along with Rohail come in simple van.... and follow us after 30 minutes.. we can't go at the same time!" Rahul spoke hurridly as the as clock strike 8 in evening !

"Excuse MEE??" Arman stopped with his hands hung low...., turning around he moved closer to Rahul

"Havn't I told you that She won't be coming? Rahul ! You are no one to deal in this matter." Arman almost blasted

Shubhankar stepped in along with Riddimaa in side hug "but its soo my matter Arman !

Arman sighed with a detached face "Sir please app tou smajhain ! You know priya...." he was interrupted.

Shubhankar interrupted "Priya was a small girl ! Arman can't you get it ! She didn't had the capacity to understand the sitaution and make a run While Riddimaa is a big lady and know's how to tackle a situation. Don't forget she was with us all the time... when we worked over drug cases in start."

"Sir, what if they hurt my baby?" Arman fell down on couch while Riddimaa settled beside him

"I promise ! Nothing will happen to the baby"

"You ! Just get outta of my site .! Don't come near me ! Do what ever please you !" Arman brush his tears off from his eyes, pushing her hand of himself – he walk out of the house while Riddimaa began to cry, sobbing with a palm over her mouth.

"Don't worry -- he be ok soon, and do you really like his wild and authorative way? Seriously?" Rahul joked

Riddimaa made a nod "he looks good with big eyes, anger bombarding in it ! She giggled, as she whipped her tears – happy with the fact that they taking her and got up; as Rahul lead her to the Arman's Room for rest till they finally get going.

"Rahul why don't you marry Muskan?" As she laid on the bed with a blanket.

"very long story !" Rahul commented

"tell …... !" she pulled her self up and backed on pillow

"not now later, sleep for a while" Rahul shook his head in no

"you won't leave me?" She asked looking suspicious

"NO riddimaa ! Atul told to go after an hour so you would leave after 30 minutes once we get out of the house."

"theek hai.... I trust you." She leaned over bed, and slept in a second.Rahul pulled the light off and went out of the room.

After 3 hours Riddimaa woke up trying to get where she was, the clock strike at 12, she blinked her eyes and on the lamp with a hurdle.

Riddimaa moved a hand over her mouth "OMG... they forgot me." Her eyes got moist and she made a run out of the room

"ArMan??? RAHUL?? ARMANN !" She ran down stairs, weeping all the way to the porch of house when They sat putting up the bag in the bonnet

"Riddimaa? Kya huaa?" Arman threw the bag on floor and engulfed her in his arms

"you left....me ....!" she cried digging her head in his neck

"nahi jaan... I went to your house to bring clothes for you.... see I am still here!" Arman moved a hand on her back, making his presence to her.

"Arman... why do you go like this... it leaves me tense up.... I feel .. I feel -- you left me as priya left You..." she clutched him, encircling her arms around him.

"riddimaa?" Arman tried to console her.

"Pass raho Arman... tum meri zarra bhi parva nahi karta.... !" She dig her nails in his waist.

" I am here only Riddimaa... jaan dheko... "he removed her hand from his waist and kept it on his cheek, kissing her palm softly he kissed her teary cheeks....

"feel me.... !" He rubbed his lips over hers.... getting in to flow...

Cough Cough... Arman left her instantly, and turned to look up at the people behind him.

"whats happening Arman." Rahul commented...

"atleast get a room !" Anjali jumped in – While Muskan and Atul whistled...

"Seriously, uncle aunty ki bhi sharam nahi." Muskan laughed....

"tch tch..." Atul followed his friends foots steps

"acha bass bhi karo... all of you girls lets go !"Keerti took the passenger seat

Blushing Riddimaa "Aun-ty.... wooh boys had to go first...."

"nahi now we are going first.... they will follow us after 30 minutes." All of them nodded in approval. Riddimaa came forward to Arman, holding his hand in hers, entwining her fingers with his, she felt him respond in the same manner.

"don't leave me.... I will be waiting for you...." she whispered looking up in his eyes, with affection

"I can't leave you.... I have to protect you and my baby too...." he whispered bending closer to her face.

"guys please.... !" Rahul shouted as he made Anjali and Muskan get in the back seat..

"bye...." she kissed his cheek, as she stood on her toes.... the moment began to get as slow as possible.... she walk back foots to the car, staring at him.... with love... passion ' desire.

"Take care...." he stared back standing at his place... she nodded and Atul guided her to her seat. She waved at him with a faint smile.

Riddimaa thought : I hope you come to me Arman... I hope this is not your trick to send me some where else... I hope all my thoughts are completely bullshit !

Love Maha

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