Wednesday, 24 April 2019

part 38 : Nashaa

Rohail had been sent along with girls, for a male support... Reaching at a beautiful cottage of 5 bedrooms, partially divided in to three stories … ! Rohail had occupied the room at topped floor .

Muskan and Riddimaa on second and Keerti and Anjali the last ground floor … though the girls decided to sleep in one room, if boys weren't here...

Sitting together at lounge area – the girl chatted while Riddimaa massaged Rohails hair with oil …

"Should we call them?" Anjali suggested

"Yea... ! Please!" Riddimaa pleaded.

"You call – Atul will scold me !" Anjali backed

"Yea Rahul will do the same !" Muskan shook her head in no.

"I am not scared of Arman!" Riddimaa flattered her eye-lashes and asked for a mobile. Once the number were dialed she placed it between her ear and shoulder.

"Hello? Arman..." she smiled as he replied. In a yes.

"Where are you... we are in Goa – the cottage is really beautiful !" Riddimaa told.

"Not here yet ! What does that mean...? you all be living in this cottage right?" Riddimaa frowned hearing him.

"Fine !!! Good BYE !" She flunked the phone off...

"Kya huaa?" Muskan asked

"He said, they be living in some other cottage far from ours – but would meet us once a week..." Riddimaa told with a small face.

"Awww... its ok ! Atleat once a week ! I thought If we hadn't come up with them naa tou we would have to wait for like 6 months or soo..!" Anjali replied, technically.

"6 Months?" Riddimaa looked up shock

"Yes Riddimaa Shubhankar use to go even for years !!" Keerti came to join up after cleaning her hands with a white towel

"but Aunty – soo long... Doesn't uncle Love You??" Riddimaa frown-shock expression

"hahaa... pagal ! He loves me! Loves me a lot but his passion for Work stands at different level !" Keerti shook her head with a ting of disappointment !

"My Arman takes me as his love and passion both" Riddimaa smiled, cheekily – showing her teeth...

"oohhhh" Everyone teased her...

"Bass na.. ! Acha lets talk something else !" Riddimaa hushed her hand in air...

"Acha Rohail go away – we girls need to talk private !" Muskan spoke... jumping on Riddimaa's side.

"About what???" Rohail looked up as he felt Muskan nudging him to go away

"Girl Talk ! Get out !"anjali started..

Soon Rohail was pushed out of the place – and keerti went in kitchen to make some healthy food for Riddimaa, while Muskan and Anjali pulled Riddimaa in center...

"soo...?" Muskan grinned

"soo what?" Ridddima looked around the place.

"You know... you did it that day right? When we stopped you but you still went right??" Anjali asked relating to her first night with Arman.

"uhmm... haan" Riddimaa blushed, biting her lower lips – she lowered her eyes.

"soo how was it !" Muskan came to the point

"MUSKANN!!" Riddimaa's mouth drop down... with shyness.

"Batoo bhi ! We friends yrrr !" Anjali forced.

"nae..." Riddimaa shook her head while hiding her face in her palm

"awww – stop this shyness... Arman thori hai yahan !" Muskan teased.

"ok so who was the first one – who said I love you?" Anjali smiled.

"… Me" riddimaa replied... "he said but he wasn't even conscious...." Riddimaa faked smiled..

"aww … what happened next morning...? did he spoke consciously?" Anjali asked.

"no... he threw me out" Riddimaa turned pale... "he said it was a one night stand for him from start..." she added.


"after one month he came to my house and told me about his past.... and why he rejected my love that night..." riddimaa added.

"What past? That we don't know?" Muskan frowned and asked her to tell the story... which Riddimaa did....

"lets go and meet them up yrr.. !" Arman told his friends.

"NO ...Arman ! Weekend means weekend ! And its a Thursday ! We be going on saturday !" Rahul added as he graphed the places on a chart.

"chal na Atul ! Tu chal mera sath !" Arman holded Atul and pulled him

"shubhankar sir mar dalin ga !" Atul withdrew himself...

"chalain Arman !!" A voice echoed..

"Jii... sir... Kaahan?" Arman stammered.

"Larkiyon k pass ! Aur kahan" Shubhankar walk up to them "these two aren't coming ! We should go !!" Shubhankar grinned.

"Sir... we want to come ! Who said we don't want too !" Rahul stood up..

"jee sir... ! Mujha bhi jaan na ! Hai !" Atul joined in.

"nae nae.. .you come on weekend theek hai...?" Shubhankar teased.

"sir if you dont mind can I say something ?" Arman stopped Shubhankar.

"Yes Arman"

"sir... I was thinking ki we should live with them ! Its not safe for her ! I mean Riddimaa ! If rishi found out ..! there should be some one !! we can work there too …. I mean I m seriously worried about her ! We are really far from that cottage – if they call us even then we would be late to help them ! Rishi would know about it somehow ..! I am pretty sure !" Arman was interrupted

"I agree Arman … but girls are too much of distraction !" Shubhankar concluded...

"hhaha... yes Sir, Muskan tou khud kuch karegi nae Humko bhi nahi karna degi !" Rahul laughed.

"Mine Anjali is really understandable... she won't disturb...." Atul pulled his collar.

"Riddimaa is an open distraction whether she speaks or not" Arman rubbed his forehead while others laughed and concluded to go and live with girls... as they hated the separation for the first time too !

"Keerti Aunty Should I open the door?" Riddimaa asked as the door banged.

"Haan but first ask !" keerti shouted from kitchen

"Ok …." as soon she pulled the door apart... she saw 2 guns over her face"Ahhhhhhhhhh...." she kept a hand over her face and was about to fall backwards – when a hand circled around her waist... and pulled her up straight... he face fell over his shoulder with frightened... her palm still over her face...

breathing heavily she felt his nose rubbed over hands... nudging her to remove the hands... she sighed and mumbled "Arman......" shoving her hands away, slowly she saw him smiling, and jerking her body close.... she blinked and kept her hands over his shoulder....

"Riddimaa we never knew it would be you ! From all of other... we thought to scare some one other than you" Rahul justified and placed his gun back in pocket …

And walk ahead leaving Arman and Riddimaa back – lost in eachothers eyes.

"sorry" Atul mumbled and blushed seeing them not responding to anyone

Shubhankar chuckled and walk pass them...

"tum kyun aye?" she teased "we won't be living in the same cottage Riddimaa!" Riddimaa imitated him.

Arman pulled her closer....

"i actually was missing you !" he whispered, looking down at her glows lips and red cheek...

"Why are you blushing that much?" Arman asked kissing her cheek...

"Wo … mai aur sab ….uhmm kuch nahi..." she ignored it, feeling she won't be able to tell him that she was telling Muskan and Anjali about her first night.... with him...

"Batoo !" he encouraged bitting her nose... and pecking her lips.

"nahi... chodo ab.. !" she wiggled... under his hold..

"Raat ko puch loon ga !" he whispered in her ear, biting her ear lob...

"mai nahi batun ge !" she whispered back and winked at him

"we will see.. !" Arman challenged.

"Yea... we will see !" she grinned back as they walk and joining others....


Love Maha..

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