Tuesday, 16 April 2019

part 4 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

I found Bichung already there in the library. He was studying a history book I havn't seen before.
"Hey!" I said sitting down.
"Hey." He said as he didn't bother to look at me.
"What is that?" I asked.
"My history book..."
"How come I've never seen one like that?"
"It's at a college level."
Ohh.... smarty pants!
"Ohh...." I said.
I opened my math book and he closed his book.

We spent one and a half hour studying and then Bichung had to go. He said something about practing soccer. They have a game later tonight.
The good thing was that he invited me!!! How cool is that? I was invited by the Prince of soccer himself! What an honor!
So, I went home and picked my outfit!!

It was six thirty and I arrived at the school dressed in a long yellow and black shirt that ran a little above my knees. I had on a hat that was tilted to the side of my head. My hair was down since it was short. I wore leggings and a pair of warm boots. I had a good amout of make up on. My eye were out lined with black eye liner, I had on a thick code of mascara, and a dark eye shadow. I wore a white bracelet and a matching bead neckalce.

I went and sit on the bleachers. I sat on the second row by myself. I noticed I was the only one sitting alone... which felt kind of weird.
I looked around and noticed Armaan sitting with Genie and his friends on the fourth row. I turned back around. Great... and now I'm here all alone!
"Hey!" I heard a voice and turned around.
"I'm Mike... Bichung's best bud." He said sitting next to me.
"Nice to meet you." I said.
He chuckled. "Your so polite.... anyways... Bichung wanted me to keep you company...."
Awwh.... how sweet...

Me and Mike watched the game and it was so loud. It was my first time coming to one of these things. And I never knew how much fun it was.

The game lasted two hours and time seem to fly by.
It turns out we won 16 to 9. What a good score. We totally killed them!

I watch as people started leaving and some family members head down to meet their kids.
I saw Armaan and Genie walking down the bleachers. As they were walking down, I saw Armaan look my way, but then he turned his gaze to Genie and again... I felt hurt.

"Let's go!" Mike said pulling me up.
I followed him down to the ground where everyone was cheering for Bichung.
A huge crowd was surrounding him and it reminded me of when I was playing basketball. (ohh... just a side note. Ridhima quit basketball because of her change... so she's no longer on the team.)
I felt so sad inside, yet I was happy Bichung's getting his fame.
Some of the members head into the locker room and I watched as Bichung walked over to us.
"Congrats!" Mike said as Bichung and them high fived.
"You did great!" I cheered as I reached for a high five, but instead, Bichung pulled me in for a hug.
That caught me off guard but I quickly recover and hugged him back. I smiled was glued on to my face as we both pulled back.
"I'm gald you could come." He said.
I was still so happy that I just kept smiling.
"Wait for me." He said heading into the locker room.

We waited forever and finally Bichung came out. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. His hair was so sexy and messy...

"Party at My house." He told Mike.
"Ohh okay." Mike said as we walked to the parking lot.
He walked away, heading to his car.
"Want to come?" Bichung asked.
"No thanks." I said.
"Why?" He asked with his puppy eyes.
"It's late."
"It's only nine!"
"I need to be home by now....sorry."
He pout as we reach my car.
"Well.... have a safe drive home...." Bichung said as we stopped outside my car.
"I think I should say that to you!" I snapped and he chuckled. "NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!"
He nod. "Got it!"
I smiled as I opened the door to my car.
Before I could close it, Bichung grabbed my door and I looked up.
"You looked so pretty tonight..." I blushed as red as a tomato. Arrrggg.... he's just teasing me!!
"Stop teasing me!" I yelled.
"No..really. You look really pretty tonight...."
I blushed some more and he laughed.
"Shut up!" I pout.
"Thanks for coming to my game." He said.
I nod. "Thanks for inviting."
"Well.... good night." He said closing my door for me.
I turned on the engine as he waited.
I rolled down the window and stared hard at him.
"NO DRINKING!!!" I yelled.
He chuckled and nod. "Okay mother!"
I smiled as I backed out of the parking lot and drove off.

That's a maple leaf." Armaan said grabbing it from my hand.
"I know!" I pout.
Armaan chuckled as he wrote it down.
I sigh... I hate defining dead leaves!! This has got to be the boringest thing!!
"I saw you...... yesterday..." Armaan said.
That caught my attention and I looked at him.
"You were at the game... with Mike..." His voice trailed off. Armaan was looking at the leaves and not at me. I wonder why.
"Ohh.. yeah... the Prince of soccer invited me himself!" I said proudly.
"You said you guys aren't going out..." He mumbled.
I stared at him.
"Yeah... but were are... friends..."
There was a long silence as I waited. What's that suppose to mean?

Armaan didn't speak until the every end of class.
"Were not done.... do you want to work on this afterschool?"
But.... I have tudoring with Jiro....
"Right afterschool?"
I looked puzzled and he noticed.
"Do you have something eles to do?"
"I umm.... I kinda have to meet up with Bichung..."
His expression changed and he turned cold.
"Ohh..." Was all he said. He gathered all the leaves and folded the paper so it won't fall out.
"I guess I'll just finish this alone..." He mumbled in a low voice.
I sigh. Gosh why am I so confused?!
Armaan went back to his desk and I sigh. Maybe I can skip tudoring just once?
The bell rang and I tried to catch up to Armaan but he was walking so fast.
"Arr-" I stopped when I saw him lock hands with Genie and he kissed her cheek.
I felt a burn in the back of my eyes. I stopped walking as I watch Armaan n disappear down the hallway.

I wanted to start crying but kept my tears in. I have to be strong.

I went to my locker and grabbed my books. I dragged myself to the library and found Bichung sitting there.

"Your five mintues late." He scold.
I sat down without speaking.
He noticed my silence and stared up at me.
"What's wrong?"
I shook my head as I opened my book.
He sigh as he opened his book too.
We studied for a hour and o had to go. So I said bye to him and went to the book shelf.
I found a book about leaves and then went and checked it out.
After that, I gather my stuff and head out.
I was walking home when I saw a leaf infront of me.
The leaf was orange, red, yellow and a crispy brown on the end. I've never seen a leaf so beauitful. The shape was so different yet eye catching.
I picked it up and exmined it. Then I felt a drop of rain. What the heck? It's raining!!

I started running and I didn't know where I was going, but I had to find a place to hide under. I mean... my house is pretty far and maybe it'll just be a quick shower.

Then I came across this abandon looking place. It had brick stone walls and a broken door. I opened it and went inside.
I closed the door to keep the rain out and brush off my wet self.
I set my books down and sigh. What a wonderful day!

I took off my uniform jacket and threw it on the floor. I undone the first three botton of my white colar shirt and sigh. I might be here a while.

Just then, the door burst open and scared me. It was pretty dark inside and I could barely make out who it was but it scared me.
I heard the door close and the footsteps coming closer.
" AHHHHHHHHHHH Who are you?" I shouted.


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