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Part 4 : Our Ways

"Eshaan I want to talk to you …" Arman walked in his study room.

"wow dad, what a surprise...?" Eshaan jumped off the chair and ran as fast as he could, Riddima, who stood beside his table smiled a bit.

"wo0o0hhooo" Arman swiped him off the floor in his arms. "so? How was your day?" embracing him into a warm embrace while looking at Riddimaa, who busy-ed herself in packing Eshaan's bag as soon as she feels his eyes boring in hers.

"it was awesome dad.... I enjoyed a lot … and simran, she kissed me on cheek, today." Eshaan told excitedly while making a lock around arman's neck through his arms.

Riddimaa giggled.

"Ohh... tou my boy is in lovee haaan?" Arman teased him and apart him a bit.

"Daddd" Eshaan stretched his name while hiding his face in arman's neck, due to embarrassment.

"ok ok... on serious note. Eshaan I want to talk to you about something. Its important." Arman said while giving a look to Riddima.

Her smile flattered, 'GOD is he going to tell him... that we r going to get marry and all' she thought and walked out of the room.

"yea dad.... bolo kya hua?" Eshaan still in his hold, looked at him straightly.

"Eshaan, beta... hmm how should I say...? do u like Riddimaa?" Arman took him towards the couch placed in the corner of the room, beside the study table.

"yes I love her.... I want her to stay with us for ever …!" Eshaan told with a wide smile "I don't want to lose her like mom...... " keeping his head on Arman's shoulder and cuddling in his arms.

"I know... I know..." patting his head.

"why don't we lock her in her house? And never leave her.?" Eshaan hop up in "hhaaan" "haaann"

"hey ...heyy... not a bad idea... but I have a better idea.... and she would not even think of leaving... you wanna know?" Arman leaning close to Eshaan's ear and whispered.

"yeaa..." Eshaan shouted...

"shhhh … its a secret mann" Arman said with a frown

"ohh.. .solly! … tell dad!" Eshaan whispered.

"ohkay, so listen, what if Riddima come's home as your mom?" Arman whispered while rubbing his back lightly.

"matlab...?" Eshaan frowned.

"what if I marry Riddimaa and keep her at home as your mom?" Arman whispered again and pressed his lips together, praying God that no new problem comes out, asp. Not from Eshaan's side.

Soon,Eshaan's mouth opened up

"you mean. … you mean – as MY mom. ?" Arman nodded nervously. "you serious dad?" Arman nodded again meekly.

silence filled the room, and Eshaan was lost in his deep thoughts while Arman's eyes bored in him.

"Hmmm... not bad dad..." Eshaan said with the same naughty face as his dad.

"huh?" Arman said, coming back to earth.

"Not bad.... ! I like the idea of yours..." Eshaan said with a mischievous smile and cocking his eye brows.

"What?" Arman asked with a smile, seeing him making faces.

"Why don't you say you love her...? why r u saying 'I' want a mom haan haannn?" Eshaan teased him

"huh?" Arman's mouth fell down in shock.

"Come on... mann loa.. stop making excuse" Arman tried to protest "Ohk ohkay don't say it … I want her as my Mom... happy?" Eshaan dragged himself down from Arman's lap. "Lets go I m hungry."

Arman nodded in reply and walked behind his small son, who had left him in daze.


"hmm.... Eshaan slept?" She nodded while washing the plates. "I spoke to him...." she stopped smudging the spun-ch on the plate. "and he is …. he is ok with it" she closed her eye for a mere second and turned towards him.

"So....." He walked close to her while Riddima kept her hands on the other sides of sink pressing the spun-ch in between. "So … I guess... we should get married..."he stood an inch away from her.

"hm...a... it will be a court marriage" She whispered, but the atmosphere was so silent that it clearly touch his ear drum.

"hmm... yea... but still will be having few people their.... and... hmm nothing..." Arman was about to tell her whole truth but then thought if she said no … then... so he thought to keep it a secret.

"w--- when" she said entwining her hand together and keeping it on her abdomen.

"morning... at 8...." he whispered back... her eyes shot up....

"subha..? u mean tomorrow... as in after 8 hours...?" Riddima spoke up in shock.

"yes..." he meekly answered, and he had walked backwards towards the door getting scared by her hyper. "sorry... forgot to tell...." moving his entire body out of the kitchen door and just peeping in the kitchen.

"forgot to tell... forgot to tell" she looked at her sides.... her voice was increasing after every second "forgot to tell" she threw the spun-ch.... "Forgot to tell" then she threw plastic plate that banged the door behind him "GOD Damit... you are forcefully getting me married on a bloody agreement and up to it you say that 'Riddima we r getting married after 8 hours....'" she threw the spoon at him while he hid himself again "F***" she shouted.

Arman's eyes pop out... she her so aggressive.

'man... u have got your self in a bad thing....' he thought and saw a knife coming towards his face which was peeking in the kitchen. His eyes POP out and he thought it would be better to stay away till she calm down.

Soon, he made his way towards the lounge when he heard a plate broken. 'she is crazy...' he chucked



"I don't think – I m in any mood to talk Sir !" she said in a warning voice. While coming out of kitchen.

"Ok listen... I know I did wrong... I should have told u before... but at office – the fuss has grown soo much that I compeltly forgot that u r also part of it..." he walked beside her as she made her way to her room.

"Part?" she stopped with a shock, her mind circulated. She remembered all the things that had happened.

'Shit.. ! He is marrying me just to … just to clear the doubts of people... not because .. not because he like me shit … shit how can I forget this … how can I ..' she thought while standing motionlessly infront of her room.

"Riddima... I m sorry" he stood beside her.

"umm... I guess u r right... I m just a part... and I guess I over reacted... I completely forgot" she turned and faced him,who had a bit frown "forgot that I m just a part... and once my part is over – I be … I be done" she gulped and looked down.

"Look Riddima, look up Riddimaa..." he sigh " I will Not Leave You … till u say me that You want to leave me... I want You to be their forever..." she looked up with a glint of hope " for my baby..." a tear came out from the corner of her eyes.

"and you?" she asked it, she wanted to know it … if he likes her or not for the last time.

"Me?" he cocked his eyebrows "well... I can't do that... I love Ayes..." before he complete. She closed the door slowly after going in... without giving him a chance to complete because she knew that part !


'Well what? I knew that …. then why..? God !! if she had not left then this would have never happened... ok so, Riddima think practically... he Don't Love you … and I guess he will never as he is madly in love with Ayes-ha... so... u r JUST gonna act his wife nothing More ! Uhmmmmm" she took a long breath through her nostrils and went to sleep as tomorrow her life will turn upside down...

knowing it very well... but still she can't do she made has muddle of her life. Whimpering over her fate, and then dropped off as child with 'dreamless' slumber.

Next morning, was not any good for her – the melody of birds felt as chirks... she took a pillow and kept it over her head frowning and then sitting with cross legs she looked around for the source of disturbance.

She saw a series of people standing talking to eachother while she stood in her knee length pajama suit and scarching her head with utter confussion

"Riddimaa?" she looked at source, who crowed her name with amazment.

She moved her eyeballs and saw Arman standing beside her door and then hopped in front of her as try to cover her...

"what you doing?" she scowled inwards – seeing his face early in the morning.

"coveing u up... don't u think... u r wearing Wayyyy to small and their r too many people, who r eyeing u now !" he murmurred undered his breathe.

She looked down and then at him...

"I guess you r No one to tell me what to wear or what not" she turned towards her room.

"Well, I m the one, who is gonna tell you what to do or what now." he said with a sudden out burst. She turned with astonishment.

"Excuse me !" she walked back at him, not caring around ten to elevene people were standing behind him.

"go and change in a proper dress we r going to court" he said while looking straightly in her eyes and waited their till she went in.

after giving a last glare too him she went in... !


"Rahul... you want anything to eat..?" Arman asked.

"Nahi yaarr... Arman … humara sath kya formilty yarr... well I happy you starting up again haan?" Rahul smiled seeing his life being settled again.

"hmmm..... baki kahan hain?" Arman asked changing the topic.

"well they can't come now... as all r having duties in hospital, I took leave and came on behalf of every one... they be here at night – I hope u don't mind that .." Rahul said with a tease.

"Stop yar rahul..."

"oh here sh" Rahul cocked his eye brow, seeing Riddima. Arman frowned and turned to see which shocked Rahul.

"what the F***" were the words that came from his mouth. He made his way to her, holding her by elbow. He pulled her in the room.

"Ahh... Leave" Riddima whined and soon, both were in while the door was closed....

"What the hell have you wore?" Arman said controlling his voice.

"cloths... dumass" she fling-ed her hairs and went to dressing to see her face.

"Change it Change it NOW !!"he went to her cupboard. Seeing her in a skirt that was a cling-ed on her hips – upper then knees, shirt was that small that even visible-d a waist with out strips.

"Hey ...hey... keep your hand away … form my cloths...

"Shut up !" he pushed her away

"ARMAN !!" she replied an-girly...

"Wear this !!" throwing a sari on her face.



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