Monday, 8 April 2019

part 4 : Taken by Her

Riddhima looked over at her father as he stared over at Armaan as he placed the small light in Armaans eye'

'Do we have is case history?' he looked over at Riddhima as she shook her head.

'Dr Riddhima its vital we get that! We need to get another catscan when he gets up.. Nurse monitor him tonight.. I have given a larger pain killer and he will be asleep for sometime..'   Riddhima looked over at him as he opened his eyes and looked at her ' His eyes where full of uncertainty and he looked a little scare as she looked over at him and placed her hand on his arm he 'got all the reassurance he needed and closed his eyes' It was as if he just needed her to feel better'.

'Sir! I will call his coach and get a case history' as he is the next of kin!''   Dr Shanshank looked over at his daughter leave the room'

'Mr Armaan! You can get up now!'  Armaan opened his eyes and looked over at the doctor surprised.

'There is nothing wrong but a slight pain!' as the pressure is healing up!' Armaan looked over at the senior doctor and did not count on seeing him this evening.

'Actually the 200mg of codeine Riddhima was giving me was wrong she 'so I told the senior sister lovely to give me oxycodome instead!' Dr Shanshank looked over at him totally surprised.

'This evening I think they have given me Dr Atuls prescribed Dicolfenc the must have reacted hence the sickness and feeling the stomach pains' all common side effect' wouldn't you say Dr Shanshank'  Riddhima looked over at her father and Armaan totally surprised'

'You know you're pain killers well Mr Armaan!' Armaan looked over at them and grinned.

'In my line of work I would like to think I know my body and health very well' Now if you can both agree that I need'some thing to help with the dizziness and sickness..' Riddhima looked over at her father a little taken back looking at Armaan in a totally different light' 'What was with this guy does he really have a gift of the gob.. everyone was won over in some way? But this craps not working on me!' she thought looking at him smiling shyly'

He looked at her trying to out judge him but he was now going to play a different game totally to make her his' even if he had to get out the big guns.. this woman was goin to fall head over heals for him and then he would crush her in every way possible he though looking over at her as she held his chart again' 'No one make a fool out of me .. and baby I play to win..' he though looking over at them at the end of his bed.

'Mr Armaan since you know you're body so well' what would you suggest?' hearing the sarcasm in her voice he looked at her..

'If I wanted to treat myself I would not be here! Wasting my money!' there he was again the arrogance was back making her blood boil!'feelin her fathers hand on her arm he looked over at her and smiled'

'I have prescribe you some drug' so im sure you can reset easy now.. Riddhima I will take over this case'' Armaan narrowed his eyes at them both.

'Dr Shanshank that is no way to teach an intern about doctoring especially when we both now the rookie is capable 'but need to guidance along the way''  Riddhima looked at him angrily and could feel her anger take over her.

'I want Dr Riddhima to treat me' she can finish what she started''  the cheek he was dictating to her father.
'You're Right Mr Malik ! Sir I want this case!' Shanshank looked over at Riddhima as she smiled over at them' knowing his daughter he knew something was going on as she looked over at the patient.

Riddhima looked over at her father in the office' he sat in his leather chair as the portor bought in coffee for them' she was used to the office.. many times through her childhood Anjali and her ran in the office screaming at there father to play'. Seeing the family photos on the desk she smiled remembering the day at the beach.

'Riddhima'I have give you this case for 2 reasons!' she looked at her father serious face.

'I know papa' it just his attitude and ''

'We don't look at the patients personality'but his symptoms!'  he looked at her nod her head as she picked up her coffee cup'. Riddhima always thought with her heart' Kirti and Anjali where more like him and Riddhima was like her mother in everyway' I guess that was why he spoiled her more then the others' but know she had to take this profession seriously'

'OK get his background check and look at his medical history' those test can be done in the morning' he be fine in the late morning '.' He looked at her nodding her head.

'I am goin home now you want a lift?'

'Papa I be home late' I have some reports to collect since I was away all day from the hospital there some patient files I need to work on!'


She opened the door and looked in on his asleep and walked over towards the bed' she looked at him dressed in the yellow gown and he slept like a baby' All her patients looked innocent sleeping 'as this was her last round for the night ' she picked up the chart and saw her fathers comments' hearing him stir in his sleep as he frowned she moved forward and looked at him' 'papa please don't' hearing him mumbled she moved closer' she gasped as he jumped out of bed and took hold of her 'feeling him clinging on to her mumbling she stood still' as he felt her heart pumping rapidly he opened his eyes to see her looking embarrassed by what had just happen' 'I am sorry!' she nodded her head and him and stepped back as she turned to move away she stopped as something pulled her back.. as she looked back she saw her dupputa caught on the end of his top ' he looked at her avoiding her eyes and just looking at corner of her dupputta caught as he placed his hand on the duputta she looked at him as his eyes haunted her exists in the room.. with her pulse racing she stepped closer avoid his eyes'as for some strange reason she felt him toying with her' as he purposely struggled to release her he noticed her trembling fingers slowly creeping forward as he felt her hand on his he looked at her'engulfing the fragrance in he looked at her stepping back'..

As he lay his head back on the pillow he closed his eyes taking in her sweet scent which still linger in the room' 'What the hell?' as the frown appeared on forehead he shook his head ' 'Its war and she declared it!  As no one turns me down!''

Riddhima stared at her reflection in the mirror' what was it about that guy? Why was he now slowly effecting her like some slow drug' everything about him made her sick.. the arrogance and the way he made her feeling small?' as she lay into bed she looked over at Anjali as placed a big poster of him on her wall standing there looking back at her' Picking up the pillow she threw it over at Anjali'

'Di? I have to see him at the hospital and now he is in the bedroom?'  Anjali looked over at Riddhima frowning at her pointing at the wall.

'OMG Chill! And its signed 'he signed it for me!' and I don't moan about John on your wall?' Riddhima looked over at her wall and turned to look at her.

'Yeah will John does not give me nightmare.. by the way you like John!' Anjali looked over at her as she turned of her bed side lamp.

'That was before I meet Kickboxing world champion Ammy!' hearing her sisters dreamy tone she rolled her eyes letting out a sigh' feeling the pillow hit her face she looked over at Anjali.


As the pillows flew across the room as they laugh'

'Come on we have the same taste you find him attractive?' Anjali panted looking at Riddhima catch her breath back.

'May be if his muscle in that thick head of his worked alittle' hearing Anjali giggle she smiled pulling up the covers'

'Papa said he was smart and impressed by him'' Ridhima looked over at her as she turned off the light'

'Hmm'I take that poster down in the morning!' Anjali looked at her yawning and smiled looking at the poster on her wall of Ammy

'I get you put it up on your wall!' Anjali giggled looking at her frown with her eyes closed.

'Mr Malik it looks like I cant get away from you and your crazy fans!' Turning over in her bed she closed her eyes'''.


Riddhima opened the door to see a him hugging a beautiful woman as she sat on his bed.

'Baby im ok! You always freak out for nothing!' he looked over at Riddhima as she walked into the room

The last thing he need was his ex in the room all over him like a rash'.


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