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part 42 : Nashaa

"Riddimaa... Chaloo lets eat ! Why didn't you eat before ? Kaha tah naa don't wait !!" Arman spoke, in sugary tone as he made her sit on bed... while she just cried..

"chalo sorry... ab rona banda karo... dheko please" Arman kissed her teary face... hushing her … making her quite.. "shhhh bas... sorry jaan !" he kissed her ear... down to her neck nap... making her shiver in response..

"arman... I am hungry.." she whispered with tears..

"So am I......." he kissed on her beauty bone – and then moving up the her throat... he left few kisses on her her jaw and then over her lips "sorry.. mat roa...!" he spoke between the kiss

"i am hungry... lets eat..." she smiled, faintly... absorbing the fact of him being near...

"Yea..." he grinned as she rubbed her cheeks and he made her eat..

"wahan kya hua? Did girls stick a lot or you stick to them alot"??" Riddimaa questioned as she made him eat.

"We as I being the most hot person on earth ! Girls were dying over me !" Arman chuckled seeing her big eyes.

"did they kiss you?" Riddima blasted, out of blue !.

"Riddima !!" Arman looked at her astonish

"OH I knew it ! You DOG ! You must have encouraged her to do soo ! I hate you !!" she blast not eating from his hand …

"essa nahi hai Riddimaa – she didn't kiss me ! Yea a little peck … on cHEek Promise on our baby" Arman justified seeing her glare and fuming !

"Armannnnn how can you allow that" Riddimaa winced

"Areee.. ! I didn't told her to do soo ! She did when I wasn't even conucious !" Arman giggled eating on his own...

"Mujha bhi kahana hai ! How can you keep on eating ! Think of me … I have to eat for two !" Riddimaa hit his knee... ..

"fine say aaaa !" Arman told her to open her mouth and she did !

"what else except kiss !" She asked...

"nothing … else..." Arman looked down at the plate...

"sach?" Riddimaa passed a wicked look

"haan baba.. no lets go and wash hands..." Arman got up while she followed him...


Next morning...

Rahul told all about his meeting to Every one..."Soo.. now what should we doo?" Atul asked...

"we will put up an act that we are buying... his club.... and till then show him that we are part of him?" Arman began

"Yes... but we need Arman ! But rishi would recognize you !" Shubhankar frowned

"Get up change, I mean Like make them have an unreal Moustache or something else... !" riddimaa suggest with a smile..

"Yes.. yes.. ! Thats a good idea !" Atul insisted "girls around the place won't be interested as much they were last night ! Remember Arman one girl was dying to sit in your lap in car !" all laughed

"KYYA??" Riddima stood up"O-oo" Everyone mumbled

"Aur pata hai ridiz.. even one of them spanked Arman... Over hip !" Atul fell of his seat along with Rohail …. laughing like manic when Rahul stepped in too stop.. them …

"Riddizz tum baad mai - we will talk about this later! Ok and… kill Arman after we are done with our discussion !" Rahul made her sit

"Mujha nahi Arman ka saath bhetna !" Riddima withdrew her self from Rahul and settled beside Keerti after passing a glare to Arman while he passed a puppy look

"Rahul tum bolo !" Shubhankar spoke, bringing them back to discussion...

"Yes Sir – the thing that interrogate me is that he knows my father ! And even my company ! He surely will get hold of the information related to me which is easy for him to do so... but as my dad is no more... soo if I call mom, and tell her not to tell anything related to me... and tell her tht if anyone ask about the company, she can tell that it is handled b her son !" Rahul spoke

"Saxena being part of this criminal is truly shocking … did you father ever mentioned anything?" Shubhankar asked

"No... lets just forget it sir – our focus is Rishi malhotra..!" Rahul shook his head... walking in front of them – discussing future plans.


"riddimaa meri baat sunoo !" Arman stopped her in the kitchen pushing her lighlty over the counter behind her – standing in front of her... "baat tou sunlo..." he kept his hand on the other side of counter blocking her way..

"Nae ! Mujha nae sunaa ! Chodo Mujha ! HATToo !" she pushed him but he moved forward, bending his entire weight over her, leaving her at gasps... "Arman hatoo !" She pushed... pulling her head back – far from his...

"Dheko... mujha gussa araha Hai Riddimaa... Bachon jasie baat mat karo ! I lovee You !" Arman whispered over her face – kissing her nose and then cheek

"Acha tou now I am talking like kids ! Aur tum? You are the mature one here Right?" Riddimaa snatched her face away...

"haan seriously ! Your mind is still in your knee ! Thank God I am old enough to think straightly warna if things are left in your hands tou god Knows what may happen !" Arman chuckled as he pushed her strand away... "damn thing... !" he added, mumbling...

"Arman !! you are insulting me !" she hissed and fumed

"oh no sweetheart telling you the truth only, ok forget that and kiss me !" Arman moved forward kissing her jaw.. but soon she turned her face to other side...

"Dream on !" she teased... and pushed him away by his chest. He twisted her fist and pulled them behind her body.. "AHH.... Arman .!! don't forget I am pregnant ! You can't get soo harsh !" she pointed as he twisted her arms back and kissed but hearing her complain he did left her hands but never stop kissing her.... "I really Love You...." he spoke between the kiss "and... only you !" he tried to make her respond..

feeling her hands loosening down she moved them in front and hold his face in between her palms.... pushing him down she kissed him back....

Cough Cough

"Muskan Rahul ! Get out ! You jerks !" Arman blasted as their faces peeped in throught Kitchen door !

"oye Thats a public place – go in your room !" Muskan came in blasting at Arman

"FINE ! Live her ! Make your house in this kitchen ! Shit with you both !" Arman kicked Rahul on his way out while a blushing Riddimaa passed by them who made comment at her.


"Aus bacha ko lagta hai that we don't know ! Saxena was an honest worker of mine ! Unlike Shahank ! Though I was the one who wanted both of them Dead ! One died without leaking ! And one leaked !" Rishi spoke to his co-worker.

"Now... What should we do? If we stayed here one more day ! That Police dogs can kill us !" Other person commented.

"I am shock that my enemy came to my doors and no one told me ! And if he knew I was here – he didn't kill ME..." rishi laughed, having his cigar at the moment....

"did you find out about Arman malik? Is he alone?" Rishi asked his agent. Who stood in black jeans and black shirts

"yes sir ! They are here with family !" the person replied

"Sameer My Friend ! I owe you this time ! What a news !" Rishi got up and passed that person a packet of CasH ! "do he has a wife ?? or a close person their !" Rishi asked more

"Don't know Sir, but there are 4 girls... and 4 boys and one small boy !" Sameer gave him details...

"did they saw you stalking ??" Rishi frowned

"No Sir last night they were involve in some sort of fight in car – they hardly notice me !" Sameer smirked.

"Fine ! Go get the whole Family !" Rishi concluded... "Wait for boys to leave and you know...." Rishi sucked the Cigar in and then let out with chuckle.... as others made cheers

"Lets See who win this time Arman Malik ! You or me !" Rishi thought... hearing his people speak....

Next Update : Kidnap of family... how will Arman react to it ! :S

Love Maha

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