Wednesday, 17 April 2019

part 5 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

There was a long silence.
"Ridhima? Is that you?" Ohh god! It's Armaan!
I rubbed my hair to make sure it looked okay.
" Armaan?"
"What are you doing here?" He asked.
"Ohh... hiding from the rain..." I said shyly.
"Same here..." He said as he set his stuff down.
Armaan opened the door and it led in some light. Now a lot but some since it was a cloudy sky.
Armaan sat down on the floor and I joined him.
"I... I thought you went home already..." I said as I looked at him.
"Ohh.. no. I was... ummm... doing something afterschool."
Ohh..... and he was mad because I could finish the project with him.

Ohh! The project!
"I found another leaf!" I said as I searched for it. Then I found it by my bags.
"Great... we can work on the project here." He said as he took out the project.
I handed him the leaf.
As I did so, our hands met and I blushed in the darkness. I touched him!!
Me and Armaan  spent a good hour finishing the project.
Then we turned back to the weather. It was raining harder than ever and I think it was hailing too. Thunder was cracking among the dark clouds.
I was kind of scared as I sat next to Armaan.

"I don't think we can go home..." He mumbled.
"Yeah..." Ohh my gosh!! It's going to be my second night staying together with Armaan!!

I sigh as I stood up.
"Where are you going?"
"Finishing my other homework. I don't think being stuck in the rain gives me an excuse to not do homework." I said.
Armaan nod as he grabbed his bag.

We both spent a good amount of time doing homework and then we sat together talking.

"What do you do on you free time?" Armaan asked.
"Well... I used to play basketball all the time. And I also love eating..." I smiled happily.
"Used to?"
"Ohh... yeah.. I kinda... quit the basket ball team." I said sadly.
"But why?" He protested.
"I....I...." Dude... it's because of you!!

Armaan wrapped his hand around my shoulder and I couldn't help but lean into his warm chest.
"I thought you liked it.."
"I do.... but..."
"Is there something wrong?"
"Then you should keep playing.."
"But... I mean.... playing sports is not proper...."
"What do you mean proper silly." He chuckled lightly as he rubbed my hair.
So he doesn't think it's not proper? So he thinks that girls who play sports are still good? GREAT!! Now I can finally get back on the team!!

I smiled happily as I closed my eyes. I want time to freeze... I want to stay like this forever. Because I know that by tomorrow... he would be gone. Tomorrow... he would be with Genie(armaan's latest girlfriend sorry counldn't think of any name he he he he) and I won't be able to stay like this longer. Armaan..... I love you.

I woke up the next morning in Armaan 's warm arms. Somehow we are now sleeping on the cold floor.... speaking of cold... I just realized how cold I was. I wanted to snuggled closer to him but was scared. What if he gets the wrong idea?

I sigh as I gentally move out of his hold. I looked at my cell phone and it was four in the morning. I took a deep breath as I gather my stuff.
I looked down at the angel infront of me and tears rolled down my face.

I guess this is it.... it's the end of the road for you and me Armaan n. Now it's finally day time... time for you to live your life.
And time for me to live mine too. The sad thing is that we are so different from eachother....
I wipped the tears off my face as I kneel down.
I stared at his face.... he looks so cute when he's sleeping. So relaxed.... so handsome... so... not mine.
More tears ran out of my eyes as I lean in and kiss his forehead. This is the only time I would be able to kiss him. The only time I get to be near him. This is the only time.... I could ever think he belongs with me.

The tears were non stop now and I stood up. If I stay longer, he might wake up. I took in one last breath as I walked out.
Everything was wet and muddy so I walked slowly, trying to stay clean.

The fresh after the rain smell cheered me up and I was finally able to stop the tears.
I sigh. Maybe..... me and Armaan are not meant to be. Maybe god's just playing with me and letting me have this night to make me happy.
I laughed at myself. One night..... one night that I would remember for the rest of my life.


I decided to still go to school. When I got there, I noticed Armaan 's desk emptied.
Genie was sitting alone and I was sitting behind his emptied desk.
Somehow... I just doesn't feel right... I mean... why wouldn't he come?
I started to grow scared as time went by. I was so confused that I couldn't concentrate on my school work.
Every freaking damn second was killing me and I needed to see his face. What if something went wrong? What... what if he's still in that abandon place?

It was finally lunch time and I couldn't help but go check. I needed to know that the love of my life is safe.

I ran to the abandon place and opened the broken door.
Laying infront of me, was Armaan. He was covered with cold sweats and he was shaking badly.
Ohh no!!
I ran to his side and lifed his upper body.
" Armaan?!" My voice was shaking and I was so scared. I never want to see him like this again...

He didn't wake up but it was as if he heard me.
Armaan grabbed my arm and held me tightly.
Tears ran out of my eyes as I try to figure out what to do. First, we need to get Armaan n out of this place. But... how could I?

" Armaan.... we need help.." I mumbled. He nod and I set him down gentally.
"I promise to be back as soon as I can." I said as I ran out of the abandon place. I had no idea where I was going. The rain started up again and I was getting soaked. But that was the small thing right now. Armaan needs help!
Tears kept blinding me and I didn't know where to go. I just kept going. Then suddenly Bichung's bright face came into my head and I just knew it was right.
I was already heading towards the school and just need to find him.
Would he still be outside? I mean.. it's raining...
I ran behind the school and checked the soccer feild. I was surprised to see Bichung running the track. He wore a black sweater with his hood over his head. He had on shorts and running shoes.
"Bichung!" I scream
he stopped and turned around. He saw me and darted over to me.
"Hey... what are you doing in the rain?" He asked. Funny... I would totally ask him that if I wasn't so scared and worried.
He saw my face and grabbed my shoulders.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
" Armaan.... he's... he's sick.... and I need help." I said trembling.
Bichung's face turned worried.
"Where is he?"
"I don't know....." I said crying again.
"Ridhim.a.. calm down. Do you know where he is?"
I nod and he grabbed my hand.
Bichung started running and thanks to my good skills, I could actually keep up. I mean... it wasn't that long since I was training for basket ball.

Bichung took me to his car and we got in.
"Where is he?" he asked.
"Just do down the street.. it's not far from here..." I said in a horse voice.
Bichung nod as he drove down the emptied street.
"There." I pointed and he parked his car at the side of the street.
"What a scary place..." He commented.
I would totally laugh but I was so scared.
He opened the door and saw Armaan laying there.
"How'd he end up here?" he asked as he put his hand on Armaan 's forehead.
"We... we were hiding from the rain yesterday..." I said shyly.
I nod and he turned his attention back to Armaan.
"We need to take him to the doctor...." Bichung said.
I nod and then suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my head. My whole body trembled and I couldn't see well at all.
It must be because of all the wet and coldness I was feeling....
I was already sitting so I just kind of shook off the feeling. But it wouldn't go away.
Now I couldn't make out what Bichung was saying to me. My world kept spinning and I wanted it all to go away. I need to help Armaan! I need Armaan…..
" Armaan..." I managed to whisper before my world blacked out and I dropped dead on the floor.

I woke up in a totally different place. The lights were so bright they were blinding me. My head hurts and my stomach felt so emptied. It was then when I realized that I haven't eaten in hours.
I try to make out my surroundings and then I came to me. I must be in the hospital since that's where Bichung took Armaan.
Ohh my gosh!! Armaan!!
I tried to sit up and felt the needles in my arm. It hurted me and I fell back on my bed.
"Whoa.... stay down shorty." I heard that comforting voice.
I looked to my side and it was Bichung. He was reading a book... gosh that nerd!
"Bichung." Ok.... my voice sounds like crap. It was like that frog thingy from Lord Of The Ring... you know.. the one who's like in love with the ring. Ohh well... yeah, that's how I sound.
He smirk as he set down his book. Bichung lean forward.
"I like your new voice."
I made a face and he smiled.
" Armaan?" I asked.
He pointed to the other side of the room. I turned my head to see Armaan still sleeping. The sight of him like that made my heart hurted. I didn't want to see Armaan like this. I want to see the king of players alive and happy.
"I asked the nurses to let you guys be room mates and they agreed." He said.
I looked at him and tried to sit up.
"I said lay down!" He snapped.
"Thanks..." I mumbled.
He smiled that killer smile.
"Anything for you slowpoke." He whispered in my ear as he kissed my forehead.
I slapped his arm and he chuckled. "You hit like a grandma."
I punched his arm and he whinced in pain.
" you punch like guy.... in a very low weight class."
I gave him my 'wait till I'm better' look and he smiled.
"I'm hungry... want anything?"
I shook my head although my stomach wanted food badly.
He smiled and walked out the door.

When Bichung was gone, I sat up and looked over at Armaan. He looked so peaceful.
I stood up and grabbed the thingy that holds the bag of wather.
I pulled it with me and walked towards Armaan.
Tears ran out of my eyes as I saw how lifeless he looks. His face was pale and it broke my heart. His sexy lips were dull and his adoring eyes were shut.
I grabbed his cold hand and sat on his bedside.
I watched him sleep and I could never get enough of this.
Just then Armaan started stirring.
"G-genie..." He mumbled.

I frozed. My world stopped and I felt like I'd just been punched in the stomach. My heart shattered into a million-billion pieces and big tear drops strolled down my face.
I let of of his hand and turned away. Even though I was the one to save him... in his heart.. it's still Genie....
I dragged myself back to my bed and quickly dry my tears before Bichung gets back.


"So how long do we stay here?" I asked
"The doctor said three days..." He said taking a bite of his pizza. I can't believe he really didn't buy me a piece. I mean.. there's something called lying!!! I'm starving and the smell of his pizza was making me crazy.
I covered my face with the blanket and tried to sleep.
"Hey... do you think I should... like.. contact your parents?" Bichung asked.
"My parents are out of the country dummy." I said from under the blanket.
"What about Armaan's?"
I closed my eyes as I heard Bichung's cell phone being turned on.
"Shhh... they don't really allow cell phone use." He said and I can't help but smile. My tutor (guys.. I know I'm like killing the word tutor.. but haha what can I say... I still alway type tutor. haha.... crazy me. So forgive me <3) is so stupid sometimes.

Somehow, I fell alseep.


I woke up from lots of nosies and my eyes fluttered open.
I turned to see Armaan already up with his family and friends surrounding him. And.. of course.. his girlfriend.
g was no where to be seen and then I saw the note on my bedside.

"Bichung had to run." Calvin said. Calvin was one of my classmates. We never spoke to eachother... but we do know eachother's name. He's also a friend of Bichung's.
I nod. Then I saw Armaan looking over to me.
I quickly looked away and grabbed the note.


Sorry that I have to leave so suddenly.
I promise to be back soon!
So wait for me slowpoke!

PS your so slow that I can wait a few days before coming (jk)

Love, your one and only Bichung

I smiled at the letter and then turned her attention back to earth.
She tried not to look but it seems like his whole family is here! His dad and mom are talking, his girlfriend is like... right next to him... his friends are crowding around him..... so lucky.

I felt so sad and loney. My parents are out of the country and.... wait... my brother...
Ohh god.

Suddenly the nurse came in. I looked at the time and it was eight in the afternoon.

"Here, take this before you go to bed." She said to me.
"Umm... do you know where my clothes is?" I asked.
She smiled as she pointed to a bag on the floor near me.
"Ohh.. thanks." I said trying to reach for it.
"I'll get it." She said.
She gave me the bag and I thanked her. Then she went and gave Armaan his medicine.
I took out my phone and dialed my annoy brother's number.

"Hey Ridhima!" He called from the other side.
"Ummm.... Rahul.... I.. I'm in the hopsital..."
He scream and I had to back the phone from my ear. Gosh!! So annoying!

"Ridhima!! What happened? How'd you get there? Do you need me to come? What about Ella? What room are you in?"
I sigh. Stupid Rahul.
"I'm fine..."
"Did you want me to call mum and dad?"
"No.." I said sternly.
"What room are you in? I want to come see you!"
"Rahul... I'm staying for three days. It's okay if you can't come tonight." I said bored.
"What kind of brother do you take me for?"
I rolled my eyes.
"I'll be fine. You can come tomorrow."
"What room are you in?"
"Talk to you later. Love ya." I knew that if I gave it to him, he'll come NOW!! Trust me.. now as in three minutes.

I sigh as I lay back down. Maybe I should tell Rahul  to come and bring me some stuff....
I smiled at the thought and called him again.

"Loser.. I'm in the main hospital room 314."
"That's my little sister!" He said brightly.
"Ohh... rahul do you mind stopping at my house and getting some of my stuff?" [Rahul is married to Muskaan and they live in different houses]
"Yeah.. what?"
"Umm.. my DS... my ipod... a few books... and anything eles you think I'll need."
"Okay... be right there."

I closed my phone as I looked at my room mate. His parents looked at me and I blushed. I quickly looked away and put my phone down.
Suddenly my phone started ringing.

"Ridhima!!" It's my mom...
"Hey mom..."
"Ohh my... are you okay? Do you want us to come home?"
"But your sick!"
"Mom.. it's just a cold. Besides, rahul's here.."
"Yeah... your right. But make sure you eat a lot and get lots of rest okay? Mom and dad will be home soon."
"Take your time mom... I'll be fine."

I talked some more with my mom and then hung up on the first chance I got.
Trust me, It was only six mintues later when Rahul brust through the door, causing everyone to freak out.
He walked over to me and sat next to me.
"Rahul!" Great! Now everyone's looking!
"Rahul..." I mumbled. Then I saw Muski walking in with Nick, their son.
"How are you? How'd you get sick? What did the doctor say?"
"I don't know..." I said annoyed.
"BUT!! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW?!" He said standing up.
Muski came behind him and smiled at me.
"Hello Raidhima."
"Hey.." I said smiling.
Nick reached his hands to me and I took the little boy. He's three and very cute. What can I say.. Muski and Rahul made a cute couple and a cute baby boy.

He clapped his hand. "Ridhi booo!!" He shouted.
"You came to see me?"
He nod.
I smiled.
"Hey!" Rahul pulled Nick out of me.
"WHAT?!" I asked annoyed. Just then I remembered my mannors and I remembered Armaan.
Armaan and his friends were talking again which is good. I was afraid he was looking at me.
"I don't want you to get Nick sick."
"Your stuff." Muski handed them to me.
I smiled.
"You guys can go now... I mean..."
"You want to get rid of us don't you..." Rahul shook his head.
"Well... I'm tired!" I said laying down.
"Rahul.. give her a rest." Muski said patting his back.
He soften and smiled.
"I'll be back first thing in the morning." Rahul said as they turn to leave.
"Ohh... by the way, your fiance called." Rahul said as he was about to leave.
Suddenly the room was silent.
What? My fiance? My fiance as in Mike He??


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