Monday, 29 April 2019

Part 5 : Our Ways


"What the hell have you wore?" Arman said controlling his voice.

"cloths... dumass" she fling-ed her hairs and went to dressing to see her face.

"Change it Change it NOW !!"he went to her cupboard. Seeing her in a skirt that was  cling-ed on her hips ' upper then knees, shirt was that small that even visible-d a waist and with out strips.

"Hey ...hey... keep your hands away ' form my cloths...

"Shut up !" he hushed her away

"ARMAN !!" she replied an-girly...

"Wear this !!" throwing a sari on her face.



"congrats ma'am..." Arman's P.A congratulated her.

"thank you..." Riddima said with a forceful smile.

"Ma'am, what do think will this marriage work?" seeing they were covered with media all around.

"I guess yes, if we want" she answered while making her way to the car with Arman, who held her through her waist and un-intentionally was creasing her bare-waist.

He did not know, he was creating a havoc in her. She herself knew, how hard it is for her to control this gush of new feeling...

"Ma'am will you treat his son as your own son?" media asked.

"I already treat him as my son!" she pointed out and soon settled in car, while the reports tried to get last glimpse of her...

Man, he is lucky. What a girl.

Hot haan? Yeaaa totally..
she is a beauty.!
Lucky him !


"why the hell you called media?"

"it was important...." he said and walked in the house

"GOD ...u have embarrassed me !! I hate media !! what if....."

"We will talk about it later !" he interrupted as he saw Eshaan running towards them...

"So... done?" Eshaan excitedly said..

"yes" Arman said with a nod...

"Awww … that mean I can call you mom now?" Eshaan looked with glint of joy at her. While she made a simple nod and made her way to kitchen for water...

"happy?" Arman said.

"U happy dad?" Eshaan said with a grin while Arman shared the grin and ruffled his hair "not the hair daddd"


"Ma....." Riddimaa's heart skipped after hearing this word and looked at him with no line of joy... "I m hungry..." Eshaan said with a puppy face.

"come … lets eat !" pause "hm-mm I will arrange the food till u call your dad... ok?"

"yea... ahh... on second thought …. I will arrange the table as a gift to you and you go and call dad.." Eshaan took plates...


"goo maaa" Riddimaa sighed and made her way upstairs...



"yes ..." Arman shouted...

"Lunch is settled up ..." Riddimaa said while standing at the door.

"I don't think … u need to knock the doors now !" he walked up to her...

"why?" she turned and started walking down; he followed her.

"hmm... we married now !"


"what So? My room your room !" he sighed and walked to the table. Leaving a stupefied Riddimaa behind.

"chaalloo come" Eshaan dragged Riddimaa to the table.

The Lunch went in total silence. Every thing had changed and Riddima was not ready for this change. She was not liking it a bit but the consciousness were really bad. If he take one move against her, she would be finished up. She knew, she is in a great mess but the problem is

'Why the hell did he called Media their and on second we have to share room?' she thought and kept on eating her food in silence.

Soon, lunch was finished with non stop chatter of Eshaan whom only Arman answered in no and yes.

"ma.... should I help u?" Eshaan said following behind her in the kitchen...

"in what?" Riddimaa asked while doing kitchen chorus.

"areee helping u shift in dad's room"


a plate fell from Riddimaa's hand after hearing that.

"kyyaa hua?" Arman came their.... "Eshaan u OK ?? Riddimaa ??" he walked up to them, boring his eyes in them to see if they had got any wound.

"nothing Dad... it just fell off her hand... OK lets go … I will show u your room... come dad" Eshaan pulled Riddimaa.

"Be careful guys..." Arman said as he followed them


"So ma … liked the room?"

"haan? Hmm" Riddimaa said after looking the room thoroughly. Well yes, she had seen the room before but today, it felt different.

Today, she is married. She had a red color on her head and a black thread with golden – black beads. she was not happy with the change but the change had changed her heart-beats, her mind. She had started to take things differently.

Before 8:00 a.m she was known as Riddimaa Gupta and after 8:00 a.m she is,

Riddimaa Malik. This house was her till she want. This man and boy were hers. They were family. A Family that will move forward only when she step forward.

But a thing which she was hating was 'Sharing a room' what if he?


"haaan?" she came out of her thoughts and saw Eshaan and Arman staring at her with concern. "haan kya hua" she looked rolled her eyes as soon she saw Arman's eyes boring in her.

"app ko kya hua?" Eshaan asked standing in front of her with a frown.

"Kuch nai …" Riddimaa said while looking at the gallery attached with the room.

"so lets bring the things?"Arman said with a smile ; Riddimaa turned and stared at him for a second till she was pulled away by Eshaan


"huuushh....I m tried"she raised her arms up and twisted making her muscles relaxed.

"I can help...!" Arman came in and saw two boxes kept on the floor.

"No Thanks" she coldly reply.

"You know, u don't have to show me the cold shoulder !" Arman retorted

"why? Why shouldn't I ? nothing is done as I want !! I have the right to show you coldness!" she walked up to him angrily.

She really wanted to talk to him. And she thanked God that Eshaan was not here.

"you are getting everything whateve a girl wants! What else u want???" he step up closer as the anger raised.

"What am I getting? Haan? A FORCED marriage, Force to share room – and I can never get a true love in my life" she answered in tears – eying at door – seeing if Eshaan is their or not.

"you r getting a lot of money – house … anything and everything u need, and I HAVE NOT FORCED U !! we had an agreement !!! it is clear to you from the beginning that you chose a happy-go life. Or complete your education and after paying me you can leave the HOUSE and us only if YOU want... I want you their FOREVER for my baby! Got that...." pointing his finger "if I have asked you to marry me – in return u r getting alottt of thing !!" boring his eyes in her.

"I don't need the money – I don't need the house --- I don't need anything I just want … want lovee, Love that is everything for a girl.... Love is the only thing she need.... I don't want to marry and finish off my life because the person I got married to will never try to love me" Tears fell down... she complete broke down.

She herself was confused, what she want !

"I ..." she was interrupted when he placed his lips on her …. kissed her hard, smudging it over her as she stayed their with closed eyes – not even reciprocating back. Tears brimming out from her closed eyes.

He licked her lips – tasting it – sucking it as if it were cherries that have came in wrong season.

"uhmm" she moaned as he bit her lower-lip, his hand went on her bare-waist pulling her closer making her fall in the kiss but she was not replying – not reciprocating. "Arma...n---" she tired to break up.

His hand's finger tips traced her curve from the end of the blouse to the start of her sari...

"Stop..." she said.... but as soon she spoke his tongue passed in her mouth and she was made to kiss him back. He placed his palm on her waist then going back to her back.... touching her blouse – feeling her every part.

"bass …. that's.......... what you wanted?" Arman said moving her away both were touching the peak of the breaths... she frowned.

"i never wanted a force love !" she ran away in tears....

"God.... what have I got in to my self" he ruffled his hair and went out in the gallery to breath...


"Hey... Rahul" Arman picked the phone, who was flashing 'Rahul's' name. "yea--- sure come.... we be waiting..." pause "ok bye cya...."

"Eshaan" Arman shouted while going down- stairs...

"he is out... with friends..." Riddimaa answered coming out from the kitchen. With wet hands and lowered eyes.

"hmmm... woo... my friends.. our coming to meet you.... and" before he could finish Riddimaa had already gone back in the kitchen.

He sighed and went behind her.

"Look Riddimaa, I m sorry whatever happened up their. Could u cook for my friend and be their as my wife...."Arman said in a pleading voice.

He knew, force will hurt her more – Forcing and pleading is not different. The thing is same but if people say the same thing with love they could win lotss of heart and what he thought might work.

"what do u want for dinner?" she asked while standing in front of him still with lowered eyes.

He smiled as big as he could with dimples. She looked up and saw him smiling like anything. She turned and showed him, her back and smile a bit after the whole day.

He took step closer an inch away from her

"what ever u like !!" he whispered slightly bending over her

"maaa...." Eshaan shout making Riddima turned in halter and slight bumping her head with his.

"Ouu" both mumbled.

"Maaaa" Eshaan shouted while running in the kitchen

"haann" Riddimaa pushed Arman to the side and went forward to see Eshaan covered in dirt...his clothes had mud over it, wound over his knee – tears stroking from his eye... "Kya hua bachaa....?" she picked him up and took him to his room while Arman followed her....


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