Tuesday, 9 April 2019

part 5 : Taken by Her

'Muskhan darling! Nothing is goin to happen to me!' Riddhima could feel his eyes on her as she read his chart.

'Armaan I was so scared when Amit told me!' she looked up at the woman as she released Armaan and wiped her tears.

'I am fine! Isn't that right doctor sahiba!' she looked at him as he winked at her.

'Thanks correct you will get discharged at the end of the day today!' he looked at her surprised that was something he should have felt happy about but instead' it felt like a sucker punch'

'See Muskhan now smile you know I hate tears!' seeing the woman smile Riddhima walked towards the room..

'So Muskhan tell me how is Rahool?' seeing her face glow up he looked at her.

'He wanted to come but'you know how he is?' Armaan smiled' his own brother could not even face him while he was sick.

'Well tell him I am fine and will pop round and see him!' Muskhan smiled as she got up from the stool.

'OK I will tell him' he was worried about you but..'  Armaan nodded' Pride was part of the inheritance and they both where stubborn' when Rahool confessed his love for Muskhan it broke him apart ' as Muskhan and Armaan were seeing each other '. But know he knew he could never give Muskhan what she wanted as Rahool was the one made for her' When papa pasted away Rahool was all he had and no woman was coming between them' but Rahool discovered the truth and never forgave him'. The distance between them grew as he wanted to forfil there fathers dream and become the best' women where now just time pass for him.  As he became famous they gave him nothing but attention and the nights where made easy in the arms of such beautiful creatures as he closed his eyes and sighed' he really was nothing but alone.

'Armaan?' he opened his eyes to see her looking at him.  Here eyes where filled with nothing but confidence and she looked like an angle'

'You be pleased to know you can leave this afternoon '. You have made great progress and''

'Dinner tonight!' she looked at him taken back by what he said.

'I don't think''she stepped back looking at him

'About before ' it was my ego!  He has left the building I promise!' she narrowed his eyes and looked at him.

'I am sorry I don't '' he looked at her and shifted his weight on the bed.

'After today I am not a patient and how can two people sharing a meal be so dangerous?' he smiled at her awkwardness' after what he said the other day she was unsure and he would be there.

'Hmm' you are scared! I get it I guess I would be tooo' Afraid to go out with someone like me!' he looked at her 'would she take the bait?

'Its not the matter of being Afraid ''

'Good this evening around 7pm' I pick you up!' she looked at him surprised as he got out of the bed and walked over towards the bathroom.

'I uh'' he left the room smiling'

'I cant date him'I tell him no!' Riddhima closed the door to the locker.

'Riddhima 'please come to the nurse station!' hearing her name call she took of her white coat and left the room.

'What do we do with these?' Riddhima stared at the red roses entering the hospital.

'DR RIDDHIMA!' she turned to see Dr Kirti looking at her.

'Mr Malik as sent you 19 bunches of red roses?' feeling her heart pounding she looked over at her big sister' if she found out she was goin out with him she was in for a massive lecture'

'Note?' Riddhima looked at the envelope in Kirti's hand.

'Hi' the first bunch of rose was to thank you' and the reset are to say I am sorry for any heart ache I have caused you'for the last 4 days' Love Armaan!'

'Well?' she looked over at Kirti with her hands on her hips..

'The flowers are for the staff members to thank them for there support di..uh Dr Kirti!' she never Kirti would not buy the excuse and picked up a bunch and handed them to the nurse at the station.

'Hmm' an for YOU?' she looked at her and picked the smallest bunch.

'This one Di! Nurses could you please disturbed these flowers please!' Kirti narrowed her eyes at her as she left the corridor'
As she looked at herself in the mirror she turned to see the poster glaring at her and sighed ' 'I not sure what game you are playing..so lets see'' picking up her bag she left the room'.

As she looked at him sitting at the large table 'over the burning candles. She looked around his house he had brought her to his place 'which felt empty there was nothing homely about the place'

'It needs a womans touch I guess!' she looked at him and composed herself.. dame why was he always doing that getting into her thoughts. She had studied him most of the evening he she looked at him so casually dressed in his white shirt over the candles...

'I am sure you will have no trouble finding one!' he smiled at her comment and looked at her as he picked up the glass of champagne.

'I love that about you' you're directness!..no beating around the bush 'knockout nice and clean!' she looked at him with his fists up punching the air and giggled at him'

'This is so not working for me!' she looked over at him surprised as he picked up his plate and pulled the chair close to him.

'That's better!' he looked at her smile and knew she liked the distance but he was feeling so distant from her and it did not feel night.

'Could you pass the salt?' he looked at her and nodded'feeling her fingers brush his as he held the glass salt shaker'. He so just wanted to have his wicked way with her but knew he had to approach things so differently with this wild cat.

'So Atul told me you all doctors?' he looked at her as she placed the shaker on the table slowly'

'No Mums just a normal housewife!' he looked ..

'hmm.. ok so not all doctors' I have to say you are looking breath takingly beautiful tonight'' seeing her blush slightly and look away he smiled.

She looked over at him ' 'liar' I have minimal makeup and this is an out suit!  He so playing me this evening she thought'

'So tell me why kick boxing?' he looked at her as she cupped her face in her hand as her elbow balanced so beautifully on the table so beautiful'with her finished plate pushed into the middle of the table.

'It was my fathers dream to win the belt 'but he never did when I came back from Kashmir back from battle I quit the Military and came into this line' I have everything money, fame and the world champion belt' but no one to share it with..' he looked at her as she picked up the glass of juice.

'Shall we go into the lounge?'  as he got up and pulled her chair back.

Careful Ridz this guys is slippery she told herself as she followed him into the lounge and he noticed her eyes looking at his achievement in the room full of trophies and belts.. as he sat on the sofa she saw the empty armchair and took a seat to create some distance'  he chuckled to himself as she sat down.

'I don't bite?!' she looked at him chuckle and smiled looking away.

'This seat very comfortable! Thank you!' she was so formal and was not giving him an inch yet he was enjoying the game'but know was the time to move in for the kill'


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