Thursday, 18 April 2019

part 6 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

What? My fiance? My fiance as in Mike He??
"He's coming overseas tomorrow." Rahul said walking out the door.
Blood drain from my face as their eyes were placed on me.
Ohh god.... Mike is coming back. He's really coming....
I didn't know if I was happy or sad. Mike He.... my fiance is coming home.

"Mom.. dad.. I think you guys can leave now. I want to rest." Armaan said.
"Okay... are you sure you don't want us to stay overnight?"
"No." I heard him said.

With that said, they began to leave one by one.
Last to leave to Genie.
I had to turn away as she gave him his good night kiss.
It would break my heart to see it.
I wanted to burst out crying but I held the tears in.

When I heard the door closed, I let out a deep sigh.
Finally... some peace and quiet.

I still didn't turn to Armaan. He was quiet too.

"Ridhima?" He asked.
I wanted to be mad. I wanted to yell at him for not noticing me. But I can't. I'm no one speical to him... right?

"Thanks... for all your help...."
I didn't answer, instead, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

I woke up from my phone. It kept ringing and just won't stop!
I picked up half asleep.
"Hello?" I sould like a grumpy zombie.
"Hey sweetheart."
Ohh god. I sat up as I remember the voice.
"Ohh... hey."
"Rahul told me your at the hospital.."
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine."
"I'm coming to see you tomorrow so wait for me okay?"
"You didn't have to do that Mike."
From across the room, I saw Armaan stir when I said my last sentence.
"I needed to see you anyways. It's been a year!"
"But I understand your reason..."
"Still, that doesn't give me an excuse to not be there for you."
"I'm tired..." I lied.
"Ohh.. sorry.. did I wake you? I forgot about the time difference."
"It's okay."
"Get some sleep."
"Good night.."
"Thanks....err... hon."
Mike chuckled
"Call me what you alway call me sweety pie.."
"Fine.... cherry cake." I can't help but laugh.
Mike was laughing too.
"Okay.. kiss good night." He said as he made the kissing noise.
"Thanks.. I can feel it."
"Okay... bye."
"Bye." With that, I hung up and lay down.

There was a long silence before Armaan spoke.
"So that was your fiance?" He asked.
"Yeah..." I said keeping my eyes glued to the ceiling.
"I know right..."
"How old is he?"
"Same as us.... but he's studying overseas."
There was another silence.
"I would have never guessed..... I mean.. that your already engaged."
"It was kinda of arranged... but we grew up together..."
There was another pause.... but I was wondering what he was thinking of. Did he think that who would want to marry an ugly person like me?

"Thanks.... for helping me.." He said.
I didn't answer. Tears rolled down my eyes. I helped you... yet you still see her more than me.
My phone ring again and I checked the number.
"Who's this?" I asked out loud.
"Ohh... nothing.. just a private caller."
"A stalker." Armaan laughed.

"Hey... your up."
"I just called to tell you that I'm sorry."
"NO! I mean.. thank you so much for your help!"
"Nah... just repay me with a kiss." He smirk.
"Yeah right!"
"See you tomorrow."
"Wait!! How'd you get my number?"
"I'm your teacher stupid." He laughed.

After this call, I turned off my phone. No more chatting!!

"Bichung?" Arron asked.
"What did he say?"
"Loser said I should repay him with a kiss." I laughed.
Arron remain silent.
"So... are you really going to?"
"What? Kiss Bichung?"
I laughed. "No..."

There was another silence and then some where along the way, I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning as the nurses took out the needle from my arm.
"Sorry to wake you." She whispered.
I nod and smiled.
She replaced the bag and instert in a new needle. I winced in pain and she mumbled something I didn't catch.

She then turn to walk away.

I looked at my clock and it read five in the morning. I sigh.... I need to use to restroom.

I stood up and felt to cold floor under my feet. It sent shivers up my spine as I grab the standing bar that held the bag of water.

I took a few steps and then felt a sharp pain coming from my head. I remembered how last time it made me faint... what's going to happen now?

I took another step and I fell to the ground. I wasn't knocked out yet, but I was feeling so dizzy that I could barly keep my head up. The metal bar cashed into the floor and that work Armaan up.
My world was so blury that I couldn't even see well. I felt so much pain coming from all over.

"Ridhima!" I heard his soft voice calling me. Tears form in my eyes as I realized it was a dream come true to die in his arms.
I kept crying as I heard him speak more.

"Ridhima... you'll be okay." He whispered as he set me down. I heard the botton that contacted the doctors beep and Armaan talking. Now I could barely make out his words.
A moment later, I felt his strong arms around me. I felt myself being lifted up and placed on something soft.

"Ridhima.... please be okay." Those were the last words I heard.

*** PART

I woke up again and stared at my surroundings.
I found Bichung reading one of the books Rahul brought me yesterday. Rahul was no where to be seen although he promised to be here first thing in the morning. I heard Armaan 's voice and turned to see him talking with Genie.
Another strike at my heart and I tried not to cry.

"Your up." Bichung said as he lean in.
I sat up and Bichung made a face.
"Stay sleeping."
"I'm fine." I said.
"You look like a ghost..." He laughed.
I heard my stomach growled and hugged onto my stomach.
"Hungry?" Bichung asked.
I shook my head.
"Hey! Your skinny enough okay. So stop starving yourself!" Bichung yelled, causing everyone to look at me.

I blushed and he handed me some soup.
"I made it myself." He grin.
I felt touched.

"Thanks..." I said happily.
"Hurry! I want to claim my prize." He pout.
"What prize?"
He pointed to his lips and I blushed again. Jerk!

I ate his soup and I had to admit, it was good. I bet Bichung's better at cooking than me!

After I finished,Bichung capped the lid and put it away.
He then sat on my bed and lean in.
He came up to me and my eyes widen.
Did he really mean it?

I grew scared and he smiled.
"You can't just go off with out giving me a reward..." Bi…. pout.
"How about a nice dinner?"
"A kiss is better..." He pout.
I smiled. "But I'm sick."
"Does it look like I care?"
"Your the soccer prince. There are lots of girls who want to kiss you!" I said giving him my puppy eyes.

Bichung sigh as he stood up. He paced the floor and I watched him. Then after a few mintues, He sat back down on my bed. I stared at him and he glanced out the window.
"OHH!!! LOOK!! A RAT'S OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW!!!" Bichung scream.
I turned to look and that's when out lips met.

I was so shocked.... how dare he lie to me!

Bichung took advantage of my shock and deepen our kiss. He curled his hand around the back of my head and pushed me towards him.

My eyes glanced around the room and I locked gaze with Armaan. He was staring, shocked.

Bichung broke away and smiled.
"There... was it that bad?" He asked as I broke off our gaze.
I slapped his arm and he chuckled.
"Today.. you hit like a girl."
I couldn't help but smile.
"Is that normal?"
He thought and then looked at me hard.
"No... your type should be slapping like a man like me!" He said pointing to his muscles.
I laughed and lean back. I wasn't too mad that he stoled one of my kisses. I mean.. I owe the guy a lot.

It was noon and Bichung had to go. Genie also left too and it was just me and Armaan again.

"I guess... he got what he wanted..." Armaan said in a mad tone.
"What?" I asked confused.
"The kiss.."
I laughed.
"Yeah... he got it."
"Aren't you mad?" He looked at me.
"No... I mean.. I owe him a lot." I looked back.

Suddenly the door opened and Mike came in. I frozed. He.... he looks so hot! I mean.... my fiance is beautiful!!! But he's alway been.

Mike ran to me and I could feel Armaan 's eyes on us.

"Ridhima!" He said as he sat down on my bed.
He stared at me and smiled.
"What?" I asked. I was so gald to see him again. I really like Mike because I was alway myself infront of him.

"You look.... different..." He said. I realized my hair cut. I was sick and had no makeup on, but I don't think I looked that bad.

"Good or bad?"
"Good." He said as he kissed my forehead.
"I missed you..." He said giving me a bone crushing hug.

"I miss you too Mike... but I.. can't b-breath!"
He let go and smiled his cute smile.
"Sorry baby."
I sigh and suck in a deep breath.
"When did you get here?"
"Now.. I mean.. I haven't even checked in at my hotel yet. I just had to see you."
"Your stuff?"
"Well, I rented my own car for week. Until I buy my new car."
I nod.
"I want you to pick my car for me!" He cheered.
I smiled. He knows me too well.
"Okay! But you'll go broke!" I teased.
"If I go broke... then I can proudly say 'I spent all my money on my wife.'" he said in a manly tone.
I laughed and for a moment, I forgot all about Armaan. I glanced across the room and he was already sleeping.

"Mike.. you should go check in first okay. Get some sleep and then you can come back."
"MIKE!!" I snapped.
He sigh and looked sad.
"Baby... I only want to be with you."
"It's bad for you health to not sleep."
He had a small fit and then finally agreed.
We shared a passionate kiss before he left.
"I'll call you and come later."
MIKE ! Go get some sleep!"
He chuckled as he closed the door.
I sigh. He's finally back.

Then I turned my attention back to Arron.
" Armaan?" I asked.
He stirred and then turned to face me.
"Thanks... for helping me."
"It's okay.. .we're even now."

I nod, trying not to show how sad I was. He only helped me so we could be even?
I sigh as I stood up.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Taking a walk. All this sleeping is killing me." I said as I grabbed the metal bar and started walking.
"Wait... I.. I want to go too." Armaan said.
I smiled and waited.

We both sat in the garden. There were lots of other sick people there too.

We were both quiet until a ball rolled up to me. I picked it up and looked around.

"Can I please have to ball?" The little boy asked.
The boy had a cloth covering his nose and mouth. I smiled and tossed him the ball.
"Thank you." He said running away.

"So cute.." I mumbled.
Armaan looked at me and then dropped his gaze.
"You like kids?"
"Yeah... they are so cute. But only the cute ones."
He laughed.
"They say all kids are cute."
"Such a perfect lie..."
Armaan laughed again and we walked around.

"How come if feels like we are a couple walking like this?" Armaan asked suddenly.
I looked at him and he blushed. Ohh god! So cute!

"Really?" I asked.
He smiled and nod.
"But just for a second." He corrected.

Armaan.. even if we only get to be a couple for a second... I would still be happy. Even if I only get to be the girl who wants you... I would still have a smile on my face. Even if I only get to be this close to you... I would still cherish every moment.

Suddenly, I felt tears in my eyes and I just couldn't hold them. A tear fell from my eye and I quickly wipped it away.

But Armaan saw me.
"What's wrong?" He asked as he held my shoulders.
"Your bad at lying you know."
I fake a smile as he said that.
"Really.. it's nothing.."
Armaan suddenly wrapped an arm around me, causing more tears to slip out.

I started snobbing hard and he patted my back. His free hand rubbed my hair and held me closer to him.

"You can tell me anything...." He said comforting me.

I wish I could. I wish I could tell you how much I love you. I wish I could tell you how much it hurts to see you with her. The way you kiss her good night.. the way you hold her hand... it's all killing me. I want to tell you that your the only one I need. I want to tell you that.... I would be happy... even if you just love me for one day.

I kept crying and my tears wouldn't stop. He's here... talking to me.. yet I still can't say anything.

"Ridhima... feel free to speak your heart..."
I shook me head and forced myself to push him away.
I looked at him and he gazed at me.
More tears rush out of my eyes as I sigh.
I wipped away the tears and fake a smile.


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