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Part 6 : Our Ways

He took step closer an inch away from her

"what ever u like !!" he whispered slightly bending over her

"maaa...." Eshaan shout making Riddima turned in halter and slight bumping her head with his.

"Ouu" both mumbled.

"Maaaa" Eshaan shouted while running in the kitchen

"haann" Riddimaa pushed Arman to the side and went forward to see Eshaan covered in dirt...his clothes had mud over it, wound over his knee – tears stroking from his eye... "Kya hua bachaa....?" she picked him up and took him to his room while Arman followed her....

"vo … naa.. bahar sameer haa na... aus ..na" He sobbed in her arms.

"bas... bas rona banda beta... kya kiya sameer na?" she questioned while making him sit on his bed and going to his cupboard....

"Aus na... dhaka diya.... mujha" pointing himself.

"acha... rukoo... mai abhii jatii hoon aur aus ki pitaiie lagti hoon" Riddimaa said with animated face and started undoing his clothes. While clearing his face too "app tou good boy hou na?" Eshaan nodded "tou good boys don't cry. Right?" Eshaan nodded again. "Tou smile...papa ki tarhan smile karoo" She said while tickling him.

"Arman?" she called and turned to see Arman sitting beside her with cross legs on floor and tears coming down. "Arrmaan?" she said with astonishment. "Arman he is fine" she placed her palm on his cheek.

"he is hurt …." Arman mumbled while seeing a wound on his knee-cap.

"Arman... go and bring first-aid box" she said softly. And soon arman went away.

"Eshaan beta u have to act like a big boy ok... dheko your Dad is soo sad hmmm... abhi vo aein tou you will say u r fit and fine ok?" Riddimaa said while brush-hing off his hair from his face.

"hmmm....." Arman said moving the box forward.

"Eshaan thoraa dhuka ga... ap eyes banda karo" Riddimaa said with love. And Eshaan obeyed while clutching the bed-sheet in his small palm.

"shhhiihhh" she blow-ed when Eshaan hissed

"Riddimaa... ma help karoon?" Arman whispered.

"haan." Pause "ronna band karain !"she looked at him and rubbed his cheek from back of her palm and then went back to Eshaan's knee.

"bass ma" Eshaan hissed again...

"bass beta hogaya... dehko... done!" Riddimaa said while kissing his forehead with love. Making him eat medicine, then making him wear new cloths and tucking him in bed. Both trailed off the room after making him sleep.


"Mrs. Mehra... MRS.MEHRA" Riddimaa shouted standing outside of the house of her neighbor.

"yes what happened dear, why r u shouting like that!" Mrs. Mehra, a woman with black and brown shade hair and was wearing a pink sari. She had a bulky stomach with a big face.

"Ur son..."

"Riddimaa..." Arman tried to stop and stood between the two ladies.

"EK min Arman !" she retorted him with an angry face, who stayed mum. Remembering the scene when he had told her about marriage 8 hours before.

"yea soo Ur son... hit my Son !! how Dare he?No one. Do u understand NO one touch MY son! I m gonna break UR sons legs and arms too if he touches my Son again... !"Pointing a finger at Mrs. Mehra "Take it as a last warning I m not gonna leave same-er, if he does anything !!" Pause "huh" she turned making her hair brush Ar-man's face, who stayed their half daze.

'my son' echoed in his head

and Mrs. Mehra she went in while huffing- puffing cursing under her breath.


"Riddimaa..." he fumbled.

"jee" she spoke softly while cooking food.

"i wanted... to talk" he stepped in kitchen.

"hmmm" she said while chopping vegi.

"uhmm" he swiftly turned her, making her face him and took a sigh to see her angelic face.

She made a nod, a way of asking him what happened with a forwn.

"woh... ajj... thanks" he moved forward and kissed her forehead which made her close her eyes with a sigh. "thanks for taking care of me and Eshaan" he kissed her cheek while she stood their motion less, feeling the moment – feeling a happiness she just won all by her self. "thanks for fighting for us" he kissed her other cheek. "thanks...." he whispered

soon, she opened her eyes with a bit of blush on her cheek but Arman had gone. She made a fake smile,shoo-king her head and tried to be happy what she got!

"pagal" she hit her own head and went back to work while arman peeped in the kitchen and smiled with dimples

'Sach ma pagal ha' he thought and went away with a burst of new feeling in him.


"Riddima they will be here in hour or soo" Arman said while working on his lappy.

"hmmm" she placed one of his black suit and took a black sari for herself and walked away in the washroom.


"haan come Eshaann" Arman said as he saw Riddimaa going in washroom and Eshaan coming in with a sleepy face. "how r u feeling?" Arman asked while making him sit in his lap.

"good... but it hurts a bit" nuzzling in his chest. "ma kahan ha?"

"washroom" Arman replied. "u want anything..?" Arman closed his laptop and making Eshaan lay on his arm properly.

"yes... huggy" Eshaan said while moving his arm around Arman's neck while Arman smiled and hugged him back...

both stayed their till Riddimaa stepped out, clad in black transparent sari and wet hair which not only mesmerized Arman but Eshaan too.

"wow" was the word that both said which made Riddimaa turn with a smile which turn to shock as she saw their mouth opened up.

"Arman..." she shied "go and change and Eshaan come … I will make you change" passing her hand forward for Eshaan. But both clutched it tightly at the same time.

"Arman..." she looked at him shock... "i said Eshaan to come with me, so I can make Him change"

"make me change too" Arman said out of blue.

"huh??" she picked Eshaan and hurried out of room

"shit shit shittt what the hellll I said !!" Arman hit his head with palm, picked his clothes and went in washroom chattering "control control Arman"


"Rahul's Finance Muskan

"Hi … Muskan...." Riddimaa said

"this is Anjali … Atuls wife" Arman told.

"and guys this is Riddimaa. my..."

"my mom" Eshaan interrupted

"yea but my wife too" Arman glared at Eshaan, who hid behind Riddimaa clutching her sari...

while others suppressed their laugh.

"haasoo haasoo" Arman glared at everyone, who soon burst out and Arman flunked back in couch.

"Eshaann... wow … man ..! you made my day"

"thanks Rahul chachu" Eshaan cluched Rahul.


"Riddima – I m really hungry … anjali had not even given me a bit of food today" Atul said while Riddimaa got up to place the food

"kyun...?" Arman asked.

"Don't even ask Ask Arman ! I m just tired of his plants!"

"i can guess that" Every one giggled while Atul made a face. "guys I be back." Arman made his way to Riddimaa, who was placing plates on table. "Help?"

"no..." she shook her head "u go … I will do it" she said with a smile.

"I can help" Arman came from back. Leaning over her and placing a plate on table

"Armann" she hissed.

"hmmm" he placed other plate while completely bending over and slightly biting her ear lobe... making her shock to core. She looked up to see all eyes on them.

"Arman... sb dheka rahain hain... what r u doing?" she fumbled and went in the kitchen.

When Arman pushed her lightly with a door and kissed her on lips, smudging her lips

"uhmmm" she tired to push him off as she saw musk-an and anjali giggling to core as their eyes were set on her. "uhuurmmann" he stroked her lips and left her with a wink.

Her eyes burned with anger, with embarrassment. Now everything was clearing up … every picture – every puzzle piece was joining, it was clear – it was very clear to her that he wanted a toy. And he got a toy. !

She wiped her tears and cleaned her lipstick that had been smudged by him. While placing water glasses over table. She saw Arman rubbing his lips shamelessly.

Her heart burned, her heart cried. She had never been embarrassed like that – she had never been used like that. It was hard for her to eat. Every one on table had a great moment all were suppressing their laughs and waiting to burst out. A small tear fell down from the corner of her eye which did 'not' went unnoticed by Arman, who was feeling guilty and thought to ask for forgiveness after all r gone.

Night went off with lots off enjoyment – masti. Riddimaa somehow tried to act normal with a smile but her eyes showed another world and which could be seen only by Arman!

Eshaan was made sleep after ten and soon every one went off to their houses.

"bye guyss" Arman waved while standing on door and Riddimaa stood behind him. He turned after closing the door just to get a tight slap across his face.

He looked at her, tears brimming out she slapped him again...

"how dare you?" she clutched his collar "how dare you embarrass me ??" pulling him closer. "it was wrong !!! it is wrong.!" she pushed him back at the door

"Riddim..." he tried to hold her

"no... u can't use me..!" she hushed her hand away angrily "I m not A toy !" she punched his chest. Which he soon took hold off"u r a very very bad man Arman ..!" she twisted in his hold "I had started to adjust and u make me feel a toy again...!" she tried to slap him when he turned her and banged her with the door. And stood in front of her "I hate you Arman" she kept on repeating these words

words echoed in his head 'I hate you Arman....' 'I hate you Arman ….' 'I love you … ayes-ha' 'and I hate you Arman' he remembered.

"I Hate you" Riddimaa shouted which brought him back and made tight his hold on her more.

"don't hate me" he whispered after all the movement... he bend over her and hugged her lightly, keeping his head on her shoulder and wrapping his around her petite waist and pulling her in a bare-hug. "don't hate me please" he mumbled.

Soon Riddimaa stopped twisting and stayed in his arms.

"I m not that bad..." Arman mumbled further... Riddimaa, soon felt a something wet on her shoulder and then she realized he was wiping.

"u r bad..." she whispered

"no.... promise.... I m not... they would had not believed me" he whispered.

"what they would had not believed?" she asked.

"they wanted to see me happy … if I had not done that they would have thought that this marriage is compromise...." he whispered clutching on her …

"but it is a compromise" she whispered with a frown . Her hands were hanging down as she did not want to hug him back.

"yes … it is" pause " I did not want to tell them... they love me a lot …. and they wanted to see me happy and I guess they r happy for me... please … forgive me … I won't do anything from next time … I m sorry" still sobbing...

Riddimaa slightly pushed him after having a last look of his face which had tears............ she went away to "'their room'" …..............................

Love M

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