Wednesday, 10 April 2019

part 6 : Taken by Her

'hmm I fancy coffee!' he looked at her looking at her hands and grinned getting up. You have a one track mind' but then again you cant blame a guy for trying he chuckled at himself as he looked at her shifting her weight in the chair looking slightly nervous.

'I make a mean coffee!' she looked at him getting up from his seat.

'Uh' your bathroom!' he looked at her standing next to him' she smelt so sweet and this whole evening of controlling himself 'he was finding it very difficult'the game was having its toll on him and the rounds was getting longer and exhausting' standing to fight in the ring seemed easier then this..he thought leading her to the corridor..

'Here you go!' he looked at her as she placed her hand on the handle and look up at him.

'Phew!' she leaned against the door and took a deep sigh. I have to leave as im getting a feeling something will happen. She closed her eyes and collected herself.

'Control Armaan!' he looked at the boiling kettle and smiled.. this was all new to him and even his hands where sweating 'he knew felt like this before..

'I take one sugar please!' as he smiled with his back to her 'he placed the sugar in the cup'.as he turned to look at her looking at her hand on the black marble 'as he placed the cup next to her he looked at her and smiled.

'It's getting late 'I should go home I have a long day at the hospital!' he looked at her as she placed the empty cup on the counter.

With his heart pounding in his ears he looked at her and could no longer hold back.. he was totally smitten by her and she was running away with every part of him as she opened the car door'.feeling his hand on her arm she turned to look at him'.feeling him stepping closer and look at with his haunting green eyes' she lowered her eyes feeling his body so close to her..

'I should go!' her body ached as she stood so close to him' as he notice her shudder as he took hold of her hand..

'What have you done to me?' she kept her eyes lowered as his voice boomed in her ears.


'Shhhh!' feeling his index finger on her lips.

'I have symptoms I have never felt before for anyone and 'I know you feel it!' he looked at her eyes '.but saw nothing but an innocent woman' but these feelings where not part of his game.  'No Riddhima resist he using you as well' she thought as she felt his finger gentle outlining her lower lip.

'I am totally serious' can you feel this?' he lifted her hand and placed it on his chest'.she gasped feeling his heart pounding but could hear her own heart pounding in her ears to the  rhythm of his'feeling her body almost on top of his car as she was backed up with no room to move'

He looked at her as she was trapped in his trap'Like a lion looking at his prey he panted looked at her lips'as he moved forward' feeling her trembling lips on his he took hold of her melting body in his arms' Feeling herself lost in his arms but not wanting the kisses to stop.. as they haunted her every night since he last kissed her'  feeling her feet no longer on the floor anymore she felt as if she was floating in the air'.  As he gentle placed her on the bed he looked at the uncertainty in her eyes as he moved on top of her and kissed her passionately''.


As he looked out of the small plane window he smiled as he remembered making love to her all night ' but she was like nothing he had ever touched or felt before and now he was totally Taken by her' It had been three months and he had not looked or touched another woman but her' His tour was officially over now and he remember her asleep on his bed as he left '. Now he was going to make her his'..

Riddhima looked over at Dr Kirti as she proudly handed her diploma she was now officially a Doctor and moving to London'she need to get away from the hospital as no matter how hard she tried to forget that night 'he had taken something so valuable and she had let him.. without any struggle she disgraced herself by a man who used women for one thing his amusement' She was another prey he had conquered.  If she ever saw him again she would seriously KILL HIM'


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