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part 61 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Mishra Uncle left the place with villagers and asked other interns to wind up the things which were left open.
Riddhima was helping them and Armaan was observing her closely, he was still smiling on the dream. How easily he drifted away from reality.
“Ammy, wassup bro” Rahul came sitting beside him.
“What do you think Rahul?” Armaan greeted his teeth.
“Cool bro, I was just trying to bring Romantic Mallik infront of Riddhima Bhabhi” Rahul said.
“What? Are u dumb?” Armaan become confused.

“Ha like you just keep on observing her from a distance, yar Ammy, this time won’t come back. Tujhe lag raha hai ki ham aise kabhi kisi time pe wapas aayenge kya? May be aaye v to things won’t be like this. Then why are you wasting this, atleast enjoy with Bhabhi, make her feel special, I know she is for you but kabhi kabhi bolna v chahiye, ye tum log ka silent love meri samajh k bahar hai” Rahul said.
“Rahul, you are not wrong but,,” Armaan said.
“Jiju aap na ye If and But nikal dijiye abhi, I know it’s difficult to agree your mad brother’s opinion but this time he is right, you should try it” Muskaan came from behind.
“Tum dono ka ho gaya” Armaan asked.
“Kind of” Rahul and Muskaan said and fi-5ed with each other.
“Very funny, tumlog wapas chalo fir batata hu mai tujhe Rahul” Armaan said greeting his teeth suppressing his smile.
“Yar isko bolna ki bekar hai, Akdu Boss Mallik hi bana rah” Rahul said.
“Kya baatein chal rahi hai?” Riddhima came after sending other into the camp.
“Kuch nhi, thoda akal daalne ki koshish kar rahe the tumhare would be husband k andar” Muskaan said.
“But shayad koi matlab nhi hai” Rahul too said.
“Tum dono ko hua kya hai?” Riddhima become confused and Armaan smiled shaking his head like ‘I don’t know’
“Achha wo sab chhodo, Rahul tum mere sath aao kuch kaam hai” Riddhima said and he followed her.
“Ye dono ko kya baatein karni hai?” Muskaan asked.
“Pata nhi” Armaan also become conscious.
“Chale kya pata karne?” Muskaan asked.
“Muskaan” Armaan glared her.
“Jiju, aap control kar sakte ho but mere pet me dard ho raha hai ye janne k liye ki kya baat karni hai in dono ko” Muskaan said and left.
“Pagal hai dono” Armaan smile and sit on the wooden log.
He was looking at the moon which was glowing with all its soothing light, he smile remembering Rahul and Muskaan’s word. Although he know that he loves Riddhima, that too a lot like he can’t explain the limit and same goes with Riddhima too. They both were aware of that and respect each other’s feeling. Still whatever Muskaan and Rahul said was true, they won’t get this time back. He waited for Riddhima as she went with Rahul, he also want to know what’s going on that she want to talk Rahul only but didn’t asked.
“Arey Bhabhi, kya hua batao to?” Rahul asked.
“Rahul ham kal lakeside ja rahe hain aur Armaan ko ye baat pata nhi hai, ab mujhe samajh me nhi aa raha hai ki mai unhe abhi bolu ya kal surprise ho unke liye” Riddhima said and Rahul smile.
“Bhabhi kya baat hai sari planning v ho gai, Ammy to bahut khush hone wala hai dono case me but I would prefer that surprise one” Rahul said.
“Kaisa surprise? Aur tu sirf Rahul ko kyu leke aai, mujhe kyu nhi?” Muskaan came from behind.
“Bhabhi, kuch jal raha hai nhi” Rahul sniffed around.
“Jale meri jooti, bada aaya” Muskaan slapped on his shoulder.
“Muskaan” Riddhima glared her.
“Ha to ye aise kyu bolta hai” Muskaan complained.
“Mai ja rahi hu, tum dono ladte raho” Riddhima was like I’m out of it.
“Arey lekin bata k to ja, baat kya thi?” Muskaan asked.
“Rahul se puch le” Riddhima smiled and left.
Riddhima came back to the place where she left Armaan but he wasn’t there.
“Ye Armaan kaha chale gaye?” Riddhima murmured coming towards the ground “thodi der pahle to yahi the”.
She saw him sitting on the wooden log looking at the moon, Riddhima smile shaking her head and came closer to him. He was so lost in his thought that he didn’t noticed Riddhima. She walk infront of him and he was all lost, she giggle a bit and came near his ears from behind.
“Armaan” she whisper his name bringing him back to real world.
“Hmm” Armaan closed his eyes fist then look at her slowly realizing that Riddhima was near her.
“Kya hua? Kaha khoye hain aap?” she asked.
“Kahi nhi, bas aise hi kuch soch raha tha” he smiled looking at her lovingly.
“Koi problem hai kya?” she asked.
“Nhi to, kyu?” he replied.
“Nhi, aap puri tarah lost the, itna ki apne mujhe notice hi kiya jab mai apke samne se aai isliye mujhe laga” Riddhima said.
“Achha ji, apko bura laga kya?” He asked in mischievious.
“Mujhe kyu bura lagega, kuch v bolte hain aap” Riddhima said and turn to go when Armaan hold her hand swiftly.
“A,,rmaan, chhodiye mera hath, koi aa jayega” Riddhima said.
“Theek hai chhod dunga but meri ek shart hai” Armaan said and she turn towards him looking hins eyes asked “kya?”
“Tum yahi baitho mere sath, thodi der, waise v abhi Mishra Uncle aur sab log wapas nhi aaye hain, to kyu na ham thodi der baatein kare” Armaan asked.
“Achha ji, baatein karni hai apko?” Riddhima smile sitting beside him on the wood.
“Agar aap mind na kare to kuch aur v kar sakte hain” He said leaning towards her.
“Armaan” Riddhima said and looks away controlling her blush.
She knew he won’t do anything which will make her uncomfortable but his words was making her shy.
“Riddhima, ham ghar kab jayenge?” Armaan said and she look at him being confused.
“Kyu? Yaha achha nhi lag raha hai kya apko?” she asked .
“Achha to bahut lag raha hai but kuch cheejein hain jinko pura karna bahut jaruri hai” Armaan said.
“Wo kya?” she asked.
“Har baat apko abhi se bata du to baki kya rahega” Armaan turned towards her and said.
“Armaan, bataiye na?” she urged.
“Sorry, don’t try baby, I’m not going to spell the beans. Anyways abhi kal ka kya plan hai?” Armaan asked.
“kuch khaas nhi, aap bataiye apko kya karna hai kal?” Riddhima asked.
“Mujhe” Armaan smile and look towards the moon then towards Riddhima who was smiling brightly giving a tough competition to the moon. Armaan was in delimma whom to praise “Abhi batau?” he asked looking directly into her eyes.
“Hmm” she nodded.
Armaan get up forward his hand to her, she placed her palm in his hand, Armaan make her stand slowly. Riddhima was all lost in his eyes like she was spellbounded by his magical aura. They sit down on ground in between the balloons, Armaan smile and lay down on ground placing his head over her lap. Riddhima gained the conscious when he snapped his fingers infront of her face.
“Kaha kho gai madam?” he asked.
“Kuch nhi” she uttered and look at him, the way he lie down keeping his head over her lap that too with whole right was creating something new and different emotions under her.
Armaan hold her hand keep it over his chest and start talking, they were talking about anything and everything. They were discussing about their life how they lived their college life and other things. That night was giving them every reason to wake up, they both were together, without any disturbance, enjoying each other’s company that too whole heartedly.
Riddhima was telling him something showing the moon, Armaan look at her angelic face and slowly kissed her hand. Riddhima stop in between the sentence realizing what Armaan did and shyly looks away controlling her blush. Armaan again and again fall in love with her blushing smile.
“Oyee hoyee” he said Riddhima tried to remove her hand from his hold.
“Armaan, chhodiye” she said slowly.
“Kyu?” he asked looking at her mishchieviously “Chhodne k liye to pakda nhi tha apko maine”
“Armaan, please” she was too shy infront of him.
“Thanku” Armaan said looking at her.
“kyu?” she asked being confused and forget what she was trying to do few seconds before.
“Meri wish puri karne k liye” Armaan said “ye saaree bahut sundar lag rahi hai”
She bend her eyes down, that’s true she was looking beautiful, everyone said that but she was waiting for this thing from Armaan as it was for him only.
“Kahna to bahut pahle chahta tha lekin mauka nhi mila aur ab jab waqt mila to tumhe dekh k sab kuch bhool gaya” Armaan was so much lost in her beauty.
“Wo,,,, maine koi saree rakhi nhi thi yaha k liye, bas yahi ek thi to,,,,,,” she said looking down.
Armaan look at her for once and said “get ready to fulfill my different and random wishes Mrs. Would Be Armaan Mallik, I’m not that simple guy you know” Armaan said with a smirk and Riddhima look at his face and tried to control her nervous expressions.
“Kuch v bolte hain aap” she looks away.
“Sahi bol raha hu, try me” Armaan said leaning towards her.
“I Trust You” she utter closing her eyes and Armaan sighed as he himself knew he won’t do anything beyond her wish.
“Can’t we get married soon” Armaan make a cute baby face and Riddhima smile on his way of deviating the topic controlling his emotions.
She love him much more and trust him, no matter what she always have a believe that Armaan was best person she ever met in her life and luckily they were destined to be together.
“Please” Armaan again insist and Riddhima smiled.
She closed his eyes with her fingers and he did that, Riddhima slowly brushed away his hairs from his forehead and slowly bend down kissing his temple.
A broad smile form on Armaan’s face, he was feeling her touch Riddhima smile how cutely he gets happy by her small initiation.
Armaan was about open his eyes when said “please don’t open your eyes”.
Armaan smile on her innocence and be like that with closed eyes, his hearbeat was increased along with Riddhima’s.
The person who was handling thousands of worker single handedly was confused by his inner emotions and was not able to control his increasing heart beat.
Riddhima slowly move away sit beside him while he kept laying like that, Riddhima smile on his way of accepting her words.
She closed her eyes, took a deep breath remember how Muskaan Rahul was asking her to atleast be open with him atleast. Controlling her racing heart beat she bend little down.
“Riddhima, tum,,,,,” Armaan was about to say something when he feel her palm over his face and stop in between.
Riddhima slowly kissed his cheek, controlling her racing heartbeat somehow. Armaan was surprised by her act and was unable to register what happened, but her touch was compelling him to accept that it really happened. As soon as he feel what she did, he open his eyes to see her but she was no where to be seen.
Armaan gets up immediately and look here and there, he saw Riddhima running towards the camp, he tried to follow her and stop coz he knew her very well, she was too shy at that time. Riddhima looked back before entering inside the camp and saw Armaan smiling looking at her only, she shyly left. Armaan toch his cheek feeling her touch and smile being lost, that was the happiest moment for Armaan.
“Armaan beta, tum soye nhi abhi tak?” Mishra Uncle came from behind.
“Uncle bas sone hi ja raha tha” he replied gaining the conscious and remove his hand from his cheek.
“Ha beta, chalo so jate hain, kafi raat ho gai hai” Mishra uncle said and asked other doctors also to sleep.
Armaan move inside the camp and saw Rahul sleeping on his bed, he also lay down over his bed. He was so lost in Riddhima’s act, he knew Riddhima was not like that but yeah he accepted that he liked her way of expressing her feelings.
Riddhima enter inside her room and lay down on bed, her heartbeat was racing fast making her feel what she did a few seconds back, she closed her eyes tightly controlling her shy emotions, blush crept over her cheeks, she was thinking how she will come infront of him next day. Armaan was way to silent and decent but when it comes to tease her he don’t show any humbleness. Leaving it all to God! She tried to get some sleep for the night.
Next day,
“Everyone get ready soon, today it’s all about enjoyment, you all did your work perfectly so enjoy today” Mishra uncle was saying to doctors and interns while Armaan was getting ready in camp.
“Muskaan, ye chai deke aa ja Rahul aur Armaan ko” Riddhima said.
“Mai kyu jau, tu khud ja warna mujhse agar kuch gadbad ho gai aur tumlogo ka surprise lake visit flop ho gaya to” Muskaan said showing teeth “it’s better mai Uncle aur baki logo ko deke aati hu”
“M,,,,mmmai kaise jau” Riddhima was feeling conscious.
She knocked and enter holding the tray.
“Arey Bhabhi, aaiye aaiye. Aaj subah subah jana hai kya kisi village me?” Rahul asked pointing towards Armaan before he look at them.
“H,,ha wo paas wale gaon me jana hai” she replied.
Armaan was observing her expressions and actions, she was flipping her fingers with dupatta, showing her nervousness, he smile and move towards them and she kept the tray down on table.
“Aaplog chai pi lijiye, fir nikalte hain” Riddhima said.
“Hmm” Rahul said and start combing his hairs.
Armaan move towards her and she looks here and there controlling her emotions, she don’t know what Armaan was going to do, it was their first encounter after night.
Armaan smile on her reddish cheeks and said “Rahul sirf chai hai, aur kuch nhi aaya iske sath”
Riddhima look at him while he pointed towards his cheek and wink at her. Riddhima looks away controlling her racing heart beat, she was not able to stand infront of him thus stumble a bit.
He leaned a bit forward towards her and pick up the cup kept beside her.
“Abhi chai pi k chalo na, bahar kuch kha lena” Rahul didn’t understand why Armaan said that.
“Hmm, sure” Armaan smiled and Rahul too hold his cup.
“Mai bahar ja rahi hu, chai khatam kar k seedha Mishra uncle k paas aa jana aaplog, waha se hame turant nikalna hai” Riddhima said in one go and left hurriedly.
Armaan smile on her consciousness and Rahul was confused “Inko kya hua hai?”
“Kuch nhi, chalo chalte hain” Armaan said and they came out.
Riddhima stood for a moment controlling her heartbeat “Riddhima tune galat time pe aise kiya hai, aaj Armaan tujhe bahut tease karne wale hain” she murmured when Muskaan came.
“Babaji, ye ladki to pagal ho gai hai, khud me hi baatein kiye ja rahi hai” Muskaan said.
“Nhi, mai to bas wait kar rahi thi ki sab log aaye fir ham nikle” Riddhima said.
“I can see that” MUSKAAN tried to tease her but she stopped her as Mishra uncle was coming.
“Beta ho gaya sab set” He asked.
“Ji uncle” she replied.
“Chalo fir sablog baith jao van me” he said and they nodded.
“Ham v aa gaye” Rahul said coming towards them.
Riddhima left with Muskaan before they reached to them.
“Kya hai bhaag kyu rahi hai?” Muskaan said.
“M,,mai kaha bhaag rahi hu, jaldi chal warna late ho jayega” Riddhima said.
They settle down in van.
Armaan and Rahul enter, Rahul sit beside Muskaan and look at Armaan pointing towards Riddhima, she was feeling so conscious by every step of Armaan. Armaan took the seat beside Riddhima and smile looking at her.
Riddhima look outside flipping her dupatta with fingers.
“Chale, sab log aa gaye na?” Mishra uncle asked.
“Yesss” they said together and van start.
Armaan slowly hold Riddhima’s hand and her breath got struck in the chest, he slowly remove dupatta from her fingers, her eyes were just glued over their hand, she was not making eye contact with Armaan. Armaan interwined his fingers with hers and hold it tight, that was a soothing hold, realizing that Riddhima slowly look at him. He was smiling broadly all lost in her blushing face, he blinked his eyes and smile slowly as he was not going to tease her for that.
“Thanku for one of the most beautiful night of my life” Armaan whisper and she blushed controlling her shy smile.
“Armaan Sir, kya aap aaj v ek gana gayenge, please” one of the intern said.
“Ha ha, please ek gana” they said in unison.
“But abhi to ham check up k liye ja rahe hain na?” Armaan asked.
They look towards Mishra uncle said, who take charge saying “Ha beta, ham to ja rahe hain check up k liye lekin abhi time hai pahuchne me isliye tab tak koi ek gana ho jaye tumhari taraf se” he said.
Armaan look at her raising his brows up and she smile, knowing her conset he gets up and everyone start hooting.
“C’mon Ammy” Rahul said and he smiled.
Armaan smile looking towards Mishra uncle then looks outside, the scenic beauty was attracting him and Riddhima was also there, what else he wished for….
Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Ye Raaste
Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Ye Raaste..
“Wohoo, bro” Rahul whistled and Armaan smile stealing a glance of Riddhima who was smiling adorably looking down.
Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Ye Raaste
Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Ye Raaste
Aao Kho Jaye Hum
Ho Jaye Hum Yun Lapata
Aao Milo Chale
Jaana Kahan Na Ho Pata…
Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Ye Raaste…..
Riddhima look at him and smile as his gaze was fixed on her only, that guy never get bored by this act. She was holding her dupatta and looked at the vacant seat where Armaan was sitting few moments back.
Bheithe Bheite Aase Kaise Koi
Rasta Naya Sa Mile
Tu Bhi Chale Main Bhi Chalu
Honge Kam Ye Tabi Phasle…
Mmmm,,, Bheithe Bheite Aase Kaise Koi
Rasta Naya Sa Mile
Tu Bhi Chale Main Bhi Chalu
Honge Kam Ye Tabi Phasle
Aao Tera Mera
Na Ho Kisi Se Vaasta
Aao Milo Chale
Jana Kahan Na Ho Pata
Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Ye Raaste…..
Armaan hold the door of van bending a bit outward, forwarding his hand as if he was stealing the scenic beauty of those mountains.
Aanke Khole Neede Bole
Jane Kaisi Jagi Bhekudi
Yaha Waha Dekho Kahan Leke
Jane Lagi Bhekudi…
Hooohh,,, Aanke Khole Neede Bole
Jane Kaise Jagi Bhekudi
Yaha Wahan Dekho Kahan
Leke Jane Lagi Bhekudi
Aao Mil Jayega
Hoga Jahan Pe Raasta
Aao Milo Chale
Jana Kahan Na Ho Pata…
Riddhima forward her hand so that she can stop Armaan as he was leaning on the door, Armaan saw her hand and smile on her concern then without making it obvious to others he came back singing the song.
Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Ye Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Ye Raaste….
Finally he sit on his place back, where he belongs to, beside Riddhima.
“Wohoooo, it was super awesome” everyone clapped.
“Armaan Sir, apne singing ka course kiya hai kya?” one of the intern asked.
“Armaan Sir ne sirf aur sirf business ka course kiya, jisne unhe totally workaholic bana diya hai,, sorry bana diya tha abhi to thoda us zone se bahar aa rahe hain. Aur raha sawal singing aur painting ka wo to God gifted hai, hai na Ammy” Rahul start before Armaan could reply.
“Wowww” another intern said.
“You are amazing Sir, Riddhima M’am aap dono ek dusre k liye best ho” one intern said and she smiled looking towards Armaan.
“Thanks” Armaan said and look towards Riddhima who was looking at him only, Armaan get a chance and winked making her red again.
“Oyee hoyee” Armaan whisper which was only audible to Riddhima.
“Yaar ye jagah kitni sundar hai na” Muskaan exclaimed.
“Ha sach me, aur tu v sath me hai to bande ko aur kya chahiye” Rahul said looking at her and she smiled.
“Mera ladne ka mood nhi hai” Muskaan poked her tongue.
“To pyar kar lete hain” Rahul whisper moving towards her.
“Tu pagal hai kya, sab baithe hain yaha pe aur tujhe drame aa rahe hain” Muskaan hit him playfully.
“Koi nhi, sab nhi rahenge tab to chance hai na” Rahul asked.
“Sab nhi rahenge to aap kitna pitenge Mr.Rahul Mallik ye aap bahut achhe se jante hain” Muskaan said cheekily and Rahul shook his head but smiled as her antics make him fall for her.
“Ham pahuch gaye” Mishra uncle said and they came out.
Everyone was smiling happily, Armaan stepped down and look infront of him, he become surprised by the lake view and a beautiful smile adore his face.
He look towards Rahul coz he just talked to him about this, Rahul shook his head in ‘NO’ and pointed towards Muskaan , she also said ‘NO’ indicating Riddhima.
Armaan was so happy at that moment, he just wanna hug Riddhima for bringing him there. Riddhima bend her eyes down smiling and fiddle with her dupatta.
“Its so beautiful” Armaan said standing beside Riddhima.
“Hai na” Riddhima looked at him smiling but found his gaze fixed on her.
“Hmm” Armaan replied.
“Armaan, chaliye abhi” Riddhima said.
"To ye hai apka paas wala village, jaha check up karne jana tha" Armaan said and Riddhima smile.
"Wo surprise dena tha isliye" Riddhima repleid.
“This surprise was good enough but still a bit low than the one you gave me previous night” Armaan winked at her and move forward towards Mishra uncle.
“Gosh! This guy just shiver me up by his words only” Riddhima murmured rubbing her hands together.
“Ridzi, idhar aa, waha kya kar rahi hai” Muskaan shouted.
“Aa rahi hu” Riddhima move towards them and Armaan observe her closely.
He was standing with Uncle, Rahul and other doctors still his eyes fixed on Riddhima only.

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