Friday, 26 April 2019

part 63 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Armaan beta yaha aao jara” Mishra Uncle called him.
“Ji Uncle” he listen to him which was inaudible to others.
Armaan was nodding to whatever he was saying then look at him being confused, he again explained him something and a broad smile adore his face. He gave him something in his mobile and Armaan smiled looking at it then nodded.
“Aisa kya discuss kar rahe hain Uncle Ammy se” Rahul said tapping his finger on his chin.
“Puch le jake” Muskaan replied.
Rahul gave her a not so funny look and tried to listen them but seems like his bad luck was following thus he badly fail in his attempts.
Riddhima was again setting everything back to place after lunch with interns and Muskaan came to her. She also started helping and talking about random stuffs making Riddhima mingle into her talks. They were almost done with the stuffs when again Mishra Uncle called everybody.

“Okay, so I have decided something, since we can’t stay here in night so I randomly get an idea, I have discussed it with Armaan and he is going to help you all, we have whole half day long and according to him we can arrange few things for the evening before leaving. So without making questions just go with Armaan and others follow me” Mishra Uncle said and they get ready but still wondering what was cooking in their mind.
“Aisa kya karna hai inlog ko?” Muskaan murmured.
“Ammy se puchta hu” Rahul went to him almost running.
“Aaram se rahul” Armaan tapped his shoulder with a smile.
“Ammy, aisa kya karne ko bola hai Uncle ne?” Rahul asked.
“Dude, didn’t you get what he said few seconds back, NO QUESTIONS” Armaan emphasise more to the word.
“C’mon Ammy, mujhe to bata de” Rahul whinced.
“Actually,,,,,” Armaan paused for a moment making Rahul smile broadly “U can ask Uncle”
Rahul nodded involuntarily expecting he was revealing the plan but when his mind registered Armaan’s reply he ran behind him to kill him while Armaan ran much faster as he had a lot to do.
Riddhima was smiling looking at the bond both were sharing with lots of prayers to keep bad eye off to them.
“Ridzi, kya karne wale hain ham?” Muskaan asked.
“I really don’t have any idea Muski, let’s see” Riddhima focused back to Muskaan.
“Yaar, ye Rahul ka bachha v nhi aaya abhi tak pata kar k” Muskaan murmured.
“Leave it, pata chal jayega, chalo abhi help karte hain dusre kaamo me” Riddhima dragged her towards Mishra Uncle.
Armaan was wearing a white t-shirt and an open shirt over it white Rahul just kept sweatshirt with sleeves dragged up. Armaan was shredding off some shrubs and dry wooden sticks and passing it to Rahul while he passing forth.
“Ammy wait” Rahul asked him to stop and pointed towards his shirt.
Armaan shake his head and removed it tying up over his waist and resumed his work.
“But why we are collecting all these” Rahul asked again.
“U’ll get to know when we’ll finish this” Armaan replied while continuing his work.
Rahul gave him a ‘like really’ look and shrugged off his shoulder making ARmaan suppress his smile.
Soon they came back and everyone holding few wooden sticks, shrubs, long bamboo sticks and much more.
“Uncle I think that will be a good place” ARmaan pointed towards the lakeshore and got approved.
“Guys, keep these things here” Armaan asked others to follow him.
Soon Riddhima, Muskaan and others bring few useful stuffs there, they were still confused what was going on.
“Oye tune pucha nhi” Muskaan nudged Rahul.
“Usne bataya nhi yar” Rhaul said.
“Doob maro tum” Muskaan strompted her foot and turn towards Riddhima “Ridzi, mujhse control nhi ho raha hai thodi der k liye v, ja tu pata kar na kya ho raha hai ye sab” Muskaan said holding Riddhima’s hand.
“Mai” Riddhima look at her as if she asked for something like very scary.
“Ha to aur kya, see he didn’t even spill the beans infront of Rahul then he won’t even do for me, so please just try once” Muskaan said.
“I’m sure he won’t reveal it to me also” Riddhima sighed.
“But atleast try na” Muskaan pushed her towards Armaan and she colloide with him.
“Aaraam se Riddhima, I won’t mind holding you but don’t wanna make it publicly visible” Armaan smirked making her stand properly holding her hand and he pushed him away looking here and there but all were busy in work.
She glared him and he chuckled continuing his work. He knew very well why Riddhima came to him leaving her blushing phase after lake incident coz he saw her with Muskaan and Rahul who were continuously asking her something looking at him. Otherwise Riddhima don’t even dare to come near him after that step she took in lake, it was just Rahul and Muskaan compelled her to came.
Riddhima wasnted to move back but Muskaan and Rahul glared her to ask.
“Ummm, Armaan, mai puch rahi thi ye sab ham kis liye kar rahe hain?” Riddhima asked plastering a smile on her face.
Armaan smiled inwardly and made a serious face “C’mon Riddhima, when Uncle said that no question about this then why are you asking?” Armaan said giving her a look and resuming back his work.
“Armaan please bata dijiye na” Riddhima make a cute puppy face, although it was involuntarily but at that time no one ignore her cuteness.
“No Riddhima, have patience baby” Armaan somehow said trying hard to ignore her plead.
Riddhima sigh and turn her face around indicating she was not happy by his reply.
Mishra Uncle called Muskaan and Rahul and they left.
Armaan look at her and smile, then he looks around and found everyone was doing the work he gave and his mind gets and idea. He thought to tease her and smile. Focusing his gaze at her he said “Waise, if you really wanna know then I have an idea”
“Sachhi, kya?” Riddhima become happy within a second and turn towards him with a happy face.
“See, Uncle ne mana kiya hai kisi ko batane k liye, but if you insist to you’ll have to bribe me for that” Armaan smile.
“Bribe?” Riddhima murmured and look back towards him “Ab apko mai kis cheej se bribe karu, Kya chahiye apko”
“Yeah, that’s true I can’t get bribed easily, but still if you want you can try and I think you can bribe me” Armaan said looking at her face which was confused.
“How?” she was still confused.
Armaan looks here and there and then leaning a bit towards her, he pointed towards his cheek making her all efforts going waste. How much she tried to be normal infront of him just because of those two duffers and here he was not even giving her chance to came back to normal condition leaving that beetroot colour of her cheeks.
She pushed him away and ran from there making Armaan fall for her even more, he chuckled on her act and resume his work knowing very well that she won’t come to him after that, even he also want that Riddhima could see that in a surprised way making the day memorable for her.
They gave a domed shape with bamboo sticks and covered it with shrubs and wooden sticks, inwardly they cover the whole hemisphere of dome with bedsheets and black sheets. On the ground it was cleared properly and a sitting arrangement was make. Although it was not so big but from outside it looks like a hemisphere and from inside was all black. Armaan was inside arranging few things and didn’t allowed anyone to enter inside before he asked them. He made a curtain like covering for entering inside and sit confortablly. Armaan took mobiles of Rahul, Riddhima and Muskaan saying he’ll need them.
After sometime he came out and ask them bring few things. Mishra Uncle also came and smile at it was almost done.
“Waah Armaan, you did it pretty soon, I think they’ll enjoy” Mishra uncle was happy.
“Hope so” Armaan said and went inside.
“Uncle kya kar raha hai ye itni der se” Rahul asked.
“Ab to bata dijiye” Muskaan also urged.
“Mujhe v kuch nhi bataya” Riddhima murmured and he smiled on their eagerness infact inters and doctors were also eager to know.
“Aray, bas 10 minute aur ruk jao khud pata chal jayega” He said and they nodded waiting outside for Armaan.
Once Armaan was done with everything and checking it back he came out with a satisying smile.
“All ok Armaan” Mishra Uncle asked.
“Yes, now you can enter inside” Armaan smiled and said “But I’ll be there and just sit where light indicate when you enter, OK”. Everyone nodded an he again went inside.
“Chale Uncle, mujhse wait nhi ho raha hai” Muskaan said and he nodded.
“Pahle aap Chaliye” Rahul said.
When Mishra Uncle enter inside it was all dark, Armaan saw him and show a way with laser light Mishra uncle follow that and sit comfortably on ground holding cushion. Next came Rahul and Muskaan.
“O Babaji ye itna andhera kyu hai, Rahul mera hath pakad mujhe to darr lag raha hai” Muskaan said holding his hand.
“Arey Muskaan darr mat kuch nhi hai” Rahul hold her hand and said “Mujhe v jagah dikha de bhai baithne k liye”
Armaan chuckled and showed him the way to go, they sit comfortably and Muskaan was blabbering continuously since it was all dark.
“Riddhima tu v aa ja andar” Muskaan shouted when Mishra Uncle asked her to be silent.
Riddhima enter, since Armaan was the only person who knows everything inside thus keeping light at a place he shifted towards Riddhima and hold her hand, she become startle at first bust Armaan said “Shushhh” making her release her breath being relaxed.
He hold her hand and bring her to a place asking her to sit as it was dark and she won’t get anything.
Riddhima sit silently wondering what was happening.
After that doctors and interns also enter and Armaan showed them the way to sit. Once all came inside he took the charge of introducing the things.
“OK Guys, I know you all are still confused by what’s going on, but trust me you’ll love this. Actually what Uncle told me that we’ll leave tomorrow morning, so I don’t we’ll meet next time or not so we just decided to make this day a bit memorable to you all. I just tried to create a night environment here, and which was almost done because you are still confused. So, lets begin.” Armaan smiled.
He slowly touch his phone creating a sparkling sky upwards, it was almost giving the view of night showing constellations. Flash was coming out from his phone kept in the center and adore the whole dome.
“Wowww” it was the reaction of everyone.
Riddhima smiled when a slight beam of light shows some eatables.
She become confused when a hand slipped under her hand and smile knowing the person, it was Armaan.
“How’s it?” Armaan whisper in her ear.
“It’ beautiful Armaan” she replied.
“Okay, so what if I show something like,,ummm if I could show you all in this starfull sky we created” Armaan said.
“Is that possible?” one of them asked.
“Yeah I mean it’s all dark so how come,,,,,” another one asked.
“Relax guys, just enjoy your journey to this place” Armaan said playing something on a phone.
“Get ready Mrs. Would be Mallik” Armaan whisper in her ears and she smile blushing hard which was thankfully not visible to Armaan but he can predict her condition ver well.
“Hey Guys, we are going to start our camp, it’s my first ever camp as an intern and I really want to learn so many things and enjoy” One intern appear on screen saying that making everyone smile.
“Arey ye to maine camp shuru karte time liya tha aur yaha ki cheejein record karne k liye” that intern said from a dark side.
“Thanku apke is intrest ne hame bahut sari yaadein di hain” Armaan smiled and again they focused on screen.
Videos of the trip when they started from Mussoorie, their masti pranks on each other on the way. Their stoppage at food stall, everyone enjoying food and Riddhima was busy on phone trying to contact someone and Muskaan was continuously teasing which makes clear whom she was calling. Armaan slowly pressed her hand and smile, he hold her hand shift a bit closer saying “itna impatient hoke kisko call kar rahi thi aap madam?”
“Kar rahi thi kisiko” Riddhima replied and look back at the screen.
“Achhaji, kahi ye kisi ka naam Ar,,,,,,” Riddhima shushed him by keeping her hand over his lips and said “Mr. Mallik kindly focus on the screen”
“Trying” Armaan pouted and she giggle inaudibly.
Soon their journey stopped and they reached the camp site, everything was arranged properly, all were setting instruments and kits properly. They had their dinner and slept for the night.
“So guys, this was the first day from my side but shayd kuch logo ki taraf se aur der tak ho” again he came back on the screen and turn it off.
Another video of different intern and doctors, clicking pictures, roaming around and recording videos of beautiful scenery was making them happier. Next day was also recorded when everyone was trying hard to contact their home and family but due to network problem it wasn’t possible and soon they get busy in checking up….. Everything was going like a movie and they were happily enjoying, their comments and silence, their different voices makes it clear to ARmaan that they were really enjoying it.
Suddenly the weather changes and that stormy night came showing their worried face, everyone remember that night and sighs, Riddhima was so tensed but calming down others, Armaan slightly patted her hand and she kept her head on his shoulder feeling his presence, that night she missed Armaan a lot. Villagers were also there calming them down saying it is normal for here and time will pass soon. Since they get busy in covering up everything so didn’t get time for making video. Armaan thanked God because he didn’t wanted to stress Riddhima remembering that time, new day came and storm was a bit slower but it was still raining. Peple moving here and there helping each other and keeping the things safely.
“Kal to bahut darr lag raha tha lekin Sir ne aur M’am logo ne kitne achhe se samjhaya aur wo aunty agar hame normal nhi karti to ham kitna dar gaye the na” one person said with a sad face.
“Ha sach me” another get agreed.
Likewise they were sharing their views but atlast they came to conclusion that they learned something from this adverse condition, they can cope with these kind of situations in future.
“Yaar kitni baatein karoge tumlog, bahar chalo shayad koi aa raha hai hamari help k liye” a girl informed them and they rushed out.
Another camera gets on showing helicopter trying to land down and Armaan was standing near door in air.
“O God, why do they need to shoot this” Armaan murmured and Riddhima chuckeld.
“Wohoooo” Rahul started and everyone hooted for Armaan.
Everyone was coming out to see who was arriving, looking at the officers a relax expression came and suddenly Muskaan rushed towards the helicopter and they shoot when she ran and hugged Rahul.
Again they start hooting and Muskaan control her smile while Rahul hugged her from side as no one was watching them.
“Kya baat hai Muskaan, mujhe nhi pata tha ki wo moment v record hua hai” Rahul said and she hit him playfully.
Armaan came and meet Mishra Uncle then they focused towards Riddhima was just smiling looking at Armaan.
“Yaar Riddhima M’am kitni cute hain na” one of the intern said and everyone hummed.
Video stop and again start showing when they were cleaning the place and all those efforts with the help of villagers.
“I think ek aur lovestory ban rahi hai” a voice appear in video and it get shifted to an intern.
The boy was working but looking at the girl every now and then while she just smiled away.
“Kya baat hai” they said together and those smile silently.
Every moment of the camp was shown which was recorded in videos, then came the night when Armaan was singing the song for Riddhima.
“Why me only” Armaan groaned and Riddhima giggle stretching his cheeks. “Don’t do that Riddhima” Armaan said and she smiled on his cuteness.
His eyes was fixed on Riddhima only while singing the song and his expressions can make any girl fall for him. Rahul was irritating Muskaan and she was glaring him in video but again they laugh holding hand together. Mishra Uncle was shown being lost in Armaan’s voice and villagers were also enjoying.
After winding up their, trip today was also shown, how they were happily enjoying in bus and Armaan’s song was like cherry on the top.
Everyone was enjoying and so much lost in the videos while eating the stuffs that they don’t even realized how much time went like that.
Soon the video was shifted at this place, scenic beauty and waterfall, lake everything was so natural and astonishing which can make you forget ur every stress and thoughts.
“Wow,,,, this is looking so beautiful in video” one intern exclaimed being lost.
Mishra Uncle was seen giving instruction to other and talking something to Armaan while he was smiling. Then his gaze turn towards Riddhima who was blushing working on something with Muskaan.
Mishra Uncle called the person who was recording and the video ended.
When Mishra Uncle asked Armaan to do some setup like this then he agreed and they also took the video when Armaan was working with interns making the dome.
“Lets see what come out of it, we are really very excited” the voice appear and the video get blank just leaving the stars on the sky under which they were sitting.
“Woww,,,,, it was so so so awesome, I can’t even think of something like that, it really rewind the trip, moments and everything,,,, Thanku so much Sir and Armaan Sir, we’ll never ever forget this trip” one intern in excitement and Armaan smile.
“It’s my pleasure, but iska credit to Mishra Uncle ko jata hai unhone hi idea diya tha” Armaan said.
“Armaan beta, idea se jyada credit execute karne wale ko jata hai, agar tumne itni mehnat nhi ki hoti to ye sab nhi ho pata.” Mishra Uncle said.
“Yaar koi movie nhi hai kya kisi k phone me, mera to mann nhi kar raha hai bahar jane ka. Yaha kitna achha lag raha hai” Muskaan said inbetween making others smile.
“Tujhe movie dekhni hai yaha pe Muskaan?” Rahul asked murmured slowly.
“Ha” Muskaan replied again.
“Aur raat hone pe yaha pe jo bade bade animals aayenge unke sath dance karegi tu, raat me yaha nhi rukna hai aur already kafi late ho gaya ye video dekhte hue. Chup chap wapas chal abhi” Rahul greeted his teeth and Muskaan slapped him on his shoulder for saying this.
“Khotta” Muskaan greeted her teeth.
“Chale ab Uncle, it’s quite late. Bahar dekh to le andhera hua v ya nhi” Armaan said and Mishra uncle agreed.
“Chalo bhai bahar nikalte hain” Mishra Uncle said and Armaan opened the flash light near entrance.
Everyone came out one by one, just Armaan Riddhima left inside. Armaan was about to move forward when Riddhima hold his hand.
“Kya baat hai Mrs. Would be Mallik, apke irade nek nhi lag rahe hain” Armaan leaned a bit.
“Irade v nek hain aur mai v, mujhe bas apko thanku bolna tha, this was one of the best day of my life” Riddhima was so happy.
“Coming days will also be memorable days for you, I promise” Armaan smiled saying that.
“Apke sath mera har din achha hoga Armaan, mujhe aur kuch nhi chahiye” Riddhima smile and he can feel the intensity of her love through her words only.
Armaan slowly move towards her and kissed her forehead, although it was dark but these two don’t need a particular place to show their love, their trust for each other.
“Ab chalein” Armaan asked and she nodded in yes.
Armaan collects the things kept there and moved out.
“Itna time kyu lag gaya tujhe?” Muskaan asked.
“Wo,,,,” Armaan was about to say something when Riddhima stopped him saying “ Ye samaan collect kar rahe the”
Armaan look at her being surprised and then smile.
“Wowww, kitna achha mausam hai na yaha pe” Riddhima smile looking around. It was a dusky moment covering everything in orange yellowish colour, scene there was looking so magical.
“Yaar hame itna jaldi kyu wapas jana hai” Muskaan whined.
“Kyunki yaha bahut sare wild animals hain Muskaan, tujhe unse milna hai to we can wait” Rahul replied knowing very well how she’ll react to it.
“Kya???? Pagal ho gaye ho kya?? M,,,,mujhe nhi milna kisi se” Muskaan said and Rahul suppressed his smile while Riddhima hitted her head playfully.
“Chalo ab nikalne ki taiyari karte hain” mishra Uncle asked them to settle in van and soon they left the place with lots of memories.
“Mom, ye dekhiye maine ye Rahul Bhaiya aur Muskaan Bhabhi k liye liya aur ye wala gift Armaan Bhaiya aur Riddhima Bhabhi k liye, kaisa hai?” Nikki showed her gifts to the ladies in excitement.
“Woww, Nikki ye to bahut sundar hai” Ananya said.
“Hai na” Nikki was happy.
“Waise Bhabhi mujhe nhi pata tha ki meri beti aisi achhi shopping v kar sakti, I really doubt” Prerna said looking towards Nikki.
“Mom, that’s not fair” Nikki pouted then said “Actually Shweta aunty helped me while selecting gifts”
“Dekha Mom, Nikki di is not genius” Vansh said.
“Ha wo tag to tu leke baitha hai na” Nikki glared him.
“Really?? Thanku Nikki di” Vansh smiled and Nikki groaned.
“Vansh, kyu pareshan kar raha hai” Prerna said.
“Wo choti si bachhi hain kya jo mai pareshan karunga, tleast I’m not a kid” Vansh replied and they look at him as if seen any ghost.
“Vansh” Ananya asked him to stop.
“I was not saying anything, mai v aaplog ko gifts dikhane hi aaya tha but aap log to bas Nikki di ka gift dekhne me lage ho to mujhe bura nhi lagega kya” Vansh said.
“Achha to ye baat hai, laiye aap v dikhaiye apne gifts” Padma said and he smile coming towards them.
“Achha beta, mai itni der se bol rahi thi ki Vansh dikha de kya liya hai tab to nhi dikhaya” Nikki said then turn towards the ladies “Apko pata hai Mom, jab mai parlour me thi tab isne gifts liye hain”
Vansh was quite emotional from inside although he knew no will like when he’ll give gift but still he convince Anurag somehow and said it will be from Vansh and Anurag’s side.
Vansh also showed his gifts, both were the same but the difference was only in the images, yes he asked shopkeeper to create a personalized gift for the wedding couples. It was a couple standing on a rotating disc holding each other lovingly and face of those couples exactly looks like Armaan Riddhima and the other one of Rahul and Muskaan. No doubt, why he took much time than Nikki and received the gift back in Mallik house after coming back from shopping. Anurag payed and received the gift then pass it to Vansh and now he was showing it to others.
Everyone was in awww,,,,,,, even Nikki too.
“This one is really adorable Vansh, tumhare dimag me aise idea aate kaha se hain” Prerna said.
“Mom, I’m Vansh Mallik” Vansh replied.
“Ha baba Mr. Vansh Mallik, ham accept karte hain ki apne bahut achha gift liya hai” Ananya said and he smiled hugging her.
“Chaliye ab ham log v nikalte hain, kal tak to bachhe v wapas aa jayenge, kuch plan kiya hai unhe kaise batana hai??” Padma asked.
“Wo to gents ka department hai, hame bas normal rahna hai” Ananya said and she nodded.
Soon they left Mallik Mansion as they also had to arrange things before Riddhima and Muskaan come.
Everybody reached camp and soon they start preparing dinner, with the help of every person dinner become ready pretty soon. Since Armaan was all tired after making that dome for video, he just lay down in camp to take rest.
“Chalo sab log dinner ready hai” Muskaan called everybody.
“Ammy kaha hai?” Rahul asked.
“Mai dekhti hu” Riddhima gets up.
“Riddhima beta, usne akele sab arrange kiya hai, he must be tired tum ek kaam karo take his plate there only” Mishra Uncle said and she nodded while others start their food.
Riddhima took the plate and move towards the camp, since it’s curtain was open for fresh air and that soothing environment make Armaan sleep soundly. Riddhima smile when she enter inside, she placed the plate on table and stretched the curtain as it was getting colder outside.
She look at Armaan and smile how cutely he was sleeping holding the pillow in one side and his hairs where all scattered over his forehead making him much more dashing which can allure anyone. Riddhima ruffled his hairs slightly to wake him up and he frowned in sleep. She wanted him to have his food then sleep peacefully.
Riddhima sit beside him and slowly move her fingers in his hairs to wake him up “Armaan”
He smile when he heard her voice assuming it to be a dream, he didn’t opened his eyes.
Riddhima bend a little and said “Armaan uth jaiye”
Armaan hold her from waist and almost fell over him when he open his eyes slowly, looking at her angelic face he smile dreamly and whisper in a husky voice “I REALLY WANT THIS DREAM COME TRUE”
“Armaan uth jaiye, ye koi dream nhi hai” Riddhima tried to get up making him realize that it was a real scenario after trying hard to control her blushing cheeks.
Armaan now open his eyes properly and realized she was there for real and left her rubbing his forehead cutely.
“Tum, yaha pe? Hame nikalna hai kya?” he asked getting up and Riddhima.
“Ha nikalna to hai lekin kal subah, abhi k liye aap dinner kar lijiye”Riddhima said and he smiled looking at her.
“Arey yar, you should have called me there only na, lets go” he gets up when Riddhima hold his hand, he look back at her.
“It’s okay Armaan, sab dinner kar rahe hain, Uncle ko v laga ki aap thak gaye honge isliye unhone apke liye dinner yahi pe bheja hai” Riddhima said and Armaan sit back smiling to her.
“Hmm, thak to gaya hu sach me” Armaan said pointing towards the food.
Riddhima knew very well what he wanted but she just wanna tease him a bit “Armaan are you serious, you are The Armaan Mallik and acting like a baby, I doubt how you handle your staff and they are scared by your workaholic mode” she rolled her eyes and gets up take plate when Armaan hold her hand rolled back.
She almost bang on his chest and look at him being surprised “Staff ko handle karna is not a big deal for Armaan Mallik but to handle you it is much more easier” he leaned down to her ignoring her rapid hearbeat and she just closed her eyes not having guts to look back into his eyes.
“Armaan” she just whisper and he smile looking at her face, her closed eyes and trembelling lips were compelling him to go forward but the place and situation was not so favorable to loose their sense.
He smile and let her go, taking the plate. Riddhima open her eyes and look at him he just sit down to eat and Riddhima smile, sometimes she get nervous by his statements but next moment he always proved his love, trust and respect for her which always make her fall for him. At that moment she just wanted to kiss his cheeks cutely but slapped herself mentally on this thought. Armaan look at her and asked through eyes “What happened” she nodded in no controlling her beetroot red colour of cheeks and ran outside.
Armaan was smiling while having his food.
Riddhima had her dinner and remember that she didn’t gave water to Armaan. Since everyone was arranging to sleep as they all were hell tired today, Rahul and Muskaan was walking around talking on some random stuffs. Riddhima took the bottle went towards Armaan.
“Armaan” she called him.
“Han ji” Armaan replied.
“Pani, sorry mai bhool gai thi” Riddhima said and he smiled.
“Thanku” he smiled holding it.
She was about to go when stop near the exit and shuffled her dupatta between her fingers.
“Riddhima” ARmaan called her and she turn towards him, her bend eyes shows that she was in some thought “Kya hua?” he asked.
“Kuch nhi” she replied.
Armaan gets up and hold her hand, she make her sit on the bed and placing his finger below her chin make her look at him. Her brimming eyes were about to escape a tear when Armaan hold it.
“Kya baat hai Riddhima? You okay na? Koi problem hai kya?” he asked being impatient.
“Nhi” she shook her head in no wipig away her tears.
“Fir, ye ansu kyu?” Armaan asked as her tears were affecting him badly.
“Armaan, kal ham wapas ja rahe hain na” Riddhima said and he nodded in Yes “Fir yaha se jane k baad, aap turnat Delhi chale jayenge?” she asked and Armaan understand why she was on the verge of crying.
He just hugged her tightly and she felt relief in his arms, all her sadness flew away as Armaan was there.
“Riddhima, see I’ll have to go na, I can’t stay there for long time and once we’ll get married fir mai kahi nhi jaunga chhod k. Aur waise v mai delhi me rahu ya Mussoorie me, yah ape to sirf tum ho na” Armaan said pointing towards his heart and she smiled coming out of hug.
“Mujhe nhi pata tha tum itna p,,,,,” Armaan was saying when Riddhima stopped him by placing her palm over his lips and he smiled. She don’t wana get teased for now.
“Waise ek kaam kar sakte hain” Armaan said and she look at him smiling.
“Kya?” Riddhima asked.
“Mussorrie chal k tum mujhse shadi kar lo, fir mai tumhe v leke chalunga sath me. Mom Dad to maan jayenge” ARmaan said and Riddhima hits him with pillow.
“Armaan, kuch v bolte hain aap” she said and gets up to go.
“Ab tumhe kaha jana hai” ARmaan hold her hand.
“Sone” she replied.
“Mai v chalu” Armaan raised his brows up.
“Armaan, apko yaha pe sona hai ok” she replied.
“Ok baba fine, lekin jab tak Rahul nhi aata, ham baatein to kar sakte hain” Armaan said and that hope in his eyes make her sit back.
They were randomly talking about anything and everything,,,,,, soom Riddhima drift into sleep and Armaan was just observing her face sitting back on his bed, that calmness on her face was making him smile.
Suddenly rahul enters and he saw Riddhima over there, Armaan saw Rahul and he was about to wake her up but Rahul stopped him.
“Ammy, rahne de Bhabhi so gai hai, I’ll sleep somewhere else, she was also tired na let her sleep and yeah bro tu v so ja, Bhabhi kahi jane wali nhi hai” Rahul whisper slowly so that Riddhima’s sleep won’t break and left while Armaan smiled.
Riddhima was lying over there on next bed Armaan’s eyes were just fixed on her, since he slept for sometime thus he was not getting sleep and observing her lady love won’t make him sleepy for a moment also.
Bala ka husn gajab ka
Shabab neend me hai
Bala ka husn gajab ka
Shabab neend me hai
Hai jism jaise gulista
Gulaab neend me hai
Hai jism jaise gulista
Gulaab neend me hai..
He was lying on his bed turning towards Riddhima keeping his face over his palm with all the love he holds for her was visible in his eyes which was observing his would be wife so closely.
Use zaraasa bhi padh lo
To shayari aa jaaye
Use zaraasa bhi padh lo
To shayari aa jaaye
Abhi ghajhal ki mukammal
Kitaab neend me hai
Abhi ghajhal ki mukammal
Kitaab neend me hai….
Riddhima’s hairs were flying here and there due to wind and strong wind blew away her dupatta over her face. Armaan was still lost looking at her through that net dupatta while Riddhima was sleeping.
Machal rahi hai
Mere dil me did ki hasrat
Machal rahi hai
Mere dil me did ki hasrat
Wo daale chehare pe
Neela nakaab neend me hain
Wo daale chehare pe
Neela nakaab neend me hain..
Riddhima slowly stretched her hands removing her haris from her face in sleep and shifted her position bit making Armaan loose his sense but he just controlled his desires as she was in sleep and didn’t had any idea what all was going inside Armaan’s heart.
Wo inkalab uthata hai
Leke angadaayi
Wo inkalab uthata hai
Leke angadaayi
Sawal jaaga huwa hai
Jawaab neend me hai
Sawal jaaga huwa hai
Jawab neend me hai
He just kept staring her for a long time and don’t know when drifted into sleep to meet her in dreams.

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