Thursday, 11 April 2019

part 7 : Taken by Her

Riddhima looked up at the lit up hall… the annual party was to celebrate everyone passing there internship at Sanjeevni.. She looked at Atul as he held Anjali on the dance floor… everyone was surprised when he came to the house and asked for Anjali's hand in marriage. Papa and momma where both please and Shub Jiju was in town making the preparation for the wedding.. Loved blossomed everywhere around her as she felt hatred for the word 'love'as she took her seat at the table and looked over at everyone enjoying themselves…. As she looked over at everyone lost in each others arms she felt the tears in her eyes as the questions of how she allowed him to touch her in such a way played her everyday.. 'what was it? Was it that look in his eyes which told her he loved her or?'

"May I have this dance?" she turned to look at him as he stood there dressed in a black suit and red shirt… he looked at her looking away and pulled up the chair next to her.

"Thinking about me huh?" he chuckled as she turned to look at him angrily.

"I'll take that as a yes!…oh how I have missed you?" feeling him move closer she looked at him annoyed.

"Which victim are you here to conquer?" he looked at her and chuckled.

"hmmm im still deciding there a lot to choose from here tonight.." she looked at him looking around the room and turn to stare back at her.

"Got one!" he looked at her look away and smiled.

"Did you get my note?" she looked at him and looked away

"The one on the bathroom mirror …saying I have to leave and will be back!" he looked at her and took hold of her hand.

"Stop lying and don't touch me?" he looked at her pull away her hand.

"That was not what you where saying that night!?! In fact you wanted me touch you then!" she looked at him and got up from her seat.

"Mr Armaan Malik! You used me and I guess I am another notch on your bedpost!" She looked at him angrily as he grinned at her getting up from his seat.

"Dance with me!" she looked into his eyes and looked away.

"Omg Ammy?!" Riddhima and Armaan turned to see the Sanjeevni staff approach them…. He looked at her walk away and smiled.

"Why are you so much hard work!" he mumbled as he placed his hand through his hair as he looked at the staff members looking at him for an autograph

"Hi! How are you guys?" she turned to look at him and sighed… feeling his effect slowly working its magic on her as she looked up to see her father.

"Come on beta …come dance with your father!" she smiled as she nodded her head and took his hand…

"Are you ok?" Ridhima smiled at her father to reassure him.

"You're mothers ditched me for the celebrity!" she looked at her father chuckle see Padman talking to Armaan.

"He's donate a large sum for the cancer ward…so I have invited him here tonight!" Ridhima looked at her father surprised.

"May I?" they turned to see Armaan smiling at them both.

"Off course Armaan! I leave you two alone!" Ridhima felt her father place her hand in his and looked at him walk away.

"Hmm you cant run away from me now!" feeling him pull her close to him she lowered her eyes not wanting to look at him

"You are making this every difficult… I must say?" she looked at him chuckling. As he pulled her close to him feeling her cheek against his

"I so just want to kiss and…" feeling his lips brush her ear she felt a shiver run down her spine..

"I have not been able to think about nothing but you and…" opening her eyes she moved back to create some distance

"Please stop it! I am not falling for your sweet talk again!" he smiled and turned her around and pushed her back to him hard…

"I love this song…." Feeling his hands running down her arms and take hold of her hand and turned her to face him…

dil keh raha hain tujhse yu rishta jod lu
teri dhadkano ko chu lu tera jism odh lu - 2
dil keh raha hain - 2 tujhse yu rishta jod lu
teri dhadkano ko chu lu tera jism odh lu - 2
dil keh raha hain tujhse yu rishta jod lu
teri dhadkano ko chu lu tera jism odh lu

aankhon mein teri hain mera he chehra
chahe tu yeh maane ya na maane
teri mohabbat pe hain mera pehra
chahe tu yeh jaane ya na jaane
tere liye main jaate hue lamho ko mod lu
teri dhadkano ko chu lu tera jism odh lu

She looked into his eyes as he moved her on the dance floor…

"I will win again… so you might as well give up now!" he looked at her frown and pulled her close to him

"I am sorry you never saw my note …but I have not be able to think about nothing but you since that night… how you gave yourself to me and you touched and stir something I had never felt before… I want to feel that again every night…" he looked at her as she pushed him away from her…Pulling her back he looked at her and smiled.

"let me finish!… Oh God you are so beautiful angry…right now I want to have my way with you!" she glared at him chuckling.

"Never again Mr Malik!" she looked at him raise his eyebrows.

"Never say Never…Marry me!" she looked at him totally surprised and smiled looking at him.

"Nice try!" he looked at her giggling

"I Mr Malik will not fall for your smooth talking and proposal… OMG the girl whom you married will be a mug… as you have a wondering eyes and women are just used and thrown away once you have finished…" he looked at her as she released her hands…to the end of the music.

"What will it take for me to convince you?" she looked at him and smiled.

"Nothing as you care for no one but yourself… you are the most arrogant, seeded man I have ever met in my entire life!" she looked at the smirk on his face.. nothing she said effected him as she let go of him.

"uff are you finished!" he looked at her walk away and smiled…

"Everything is fair in love and war!" he looked over towards her leave the hall.


"Ridhima!" hearing her mothers voice she walked into the living room.

Seeing the room full of roses she looked at her mother smiling as she signed the paper work from the delivery boy

"Right my dear! Name and story please!" she looked over at her mother as she manovered towards her  smiling wanting to know what was going on

"Your love note!" Ridhima looked over at Kirti and Anjali as they walked into the room..looking at the flowers in the room.. as he looked at the note and opened it

'I am sorry! … turn on the TV! Star news' she looked over at her mother and handed her the note

"Come on girls lets see who the mystery man is?" As Riddhima saw the excitement on everyones face she knew it was him… as the TV was switched one

"Hi welcome to an exclusive interview with no other then Ammy!" seeing his face smiling at her she closed her eyes ..feelin everyone's eyes now upon her.
"We just saw …some of the highlights of your struggle to become number one! But many people don't know that you where actually a medical officer during the Kashmir battle.. and saw a lot of your own colleagues die on the battle field.. that must have been hard?" he looked over at the interview and nodded

"Extremely hard and I did not think I would survive but I think the lord had not helped me threw that battle…I could not save anyone in those conditions and it was a living nightmare"

"Your father was an exceptional fighter and an Olympic bronze medallist… is that why you gave up you're doctrine and became a champion?"

"I left the Army …and took this up! He dreamed of having the title in the Malik family… my brothers still a medical officer with the Army…. Kick boxing has given me everything… money, success but no one to share it with!"

"So are you looking for that someone special?"

"No the search is over I have found her!" Riddhima could feel her heart pounding.

"Really! Please tell us!" Everyone looked at the screen as he looked into the camera and smiled.

"At the moment her house is smelling roses as I have sent her 92 bunches of red roses …for every day I have been away from her… if she looks careful there be a knock on the door in ten mins…I cant sleep and I cant eat! But think about her......Put it this way I have complete lost this battle! She knocked me out clean on the first date…" Riddhima got up and walked over towards the stairs when there was a knock on the door!

"Aweee that sweet Ammy! Can you give us her name?" he looked over at the interview and smiled.

"When she accepts my proposal of marriage you can have an exclusive picture!" Riddhima looked over at the screen and closed her eyes.

"Well ladies and Gentle… Looks like someone is feeling lucky in love at the moment as Ammy has announced his love for that someone special! Here today! Thank you Ammy!"

'Bring Bring' Riddhima looked at the door and flowers on the floor.

Padma smiled as she looked over at the girls on the sofa…and saw Riddhima on the stairs…

"Beta can you open the door as its for you!" they looked at her in her thoughts heading for the thoughs.

As she opened the door she gasped looking at him …. Leaning against the door…


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