Sunday, 20 September 2020

AR OS : My Best Valentine's Day Ever!

 Only three words registered in his mind:
She is gone.
Riddhima is gone.
He felt lost,broken,shattered...As if the world was being destroyed around him..His heart ached and he wanted to cry..but the tears wouldn't come..just a known sensation of pain..killing him inside.
His heart was telling him all along,nudging him,'Go on..get her..She loves you,but she wants you to get her.."
He realized that his heart was right all along....He had never stopped loving her.She was his life,she is his life and she would be his life...Till he breathed his last.
What would it take?Just a simple "I still love you Basket..and I won't let a small misunderstanding come our way.."
What would it cost?Nothing.Nothing at all.Maybe he'd even get her his his life.
"Armaan,are you okay?",it was Nikki.
Nikki was still his best friend,and still understood him better than any of his friends.She knew him more than he knew himself,and that fact was not unknown to him.Therefore,figuring that she already knew the answer to her question,he didn't answer,he just lowered his eyes and gave a small nod.
"You know,you're still such a bad liar.I guess,marriage didn't change you,huh?"
He felt the pain stinging his heart again.

Marriage.Riddhima.His wife.
"I need her.",that was the only thing he could say.
Nikki's voice softened,"I know.But then,what are you doing here in the locker room,you dumbo?"
He didn't answer directly,"I Love Her."
She sighed and patted his shoulder and looked at him sympathetically.
"You know,Armaan,Riddhima came to me.",he raised his eyebrows at that,"she was waiting for you..She thought you were being silly and would definitely come to get her from my place..Afterall,you know that's the only place she comes to except her parents' house...but you didn't turn up..and she left the next morning..heartbroken."
Armaan unknowingly clendhed his fist,suddenly hating himself.He had broken her heart-His Basket's heart..and in the process,got his heart broken too.He wanted to kill himself that moment.He felt so incomplete without her.
"What should I do?"
It was barely a whisper,and he felt suddenly so lonely,so helpless as he said it.
Nikki smiled slightly.
"I think you know the answer to that.",she paused,"better than anyone else..Even me."
She got up to go,but paused before the door,"Hey Armaan?"
He looked up,"Yeah?"
"I know you'll do it.All the Best."
Yes,he knew,he had to get her back.
And he will get her back.


Riddhima sighed again.She couldn't help but think of him.
It was harder than she thought.Spending a whole day without him.
Was this the end then?,she wondered to herself,as tears stung her eyes.
No matter what happened,she could never forget him.His dimples.His eyes.His husky voice.His kisses..His hugs.His small gestures..His masti,his jokes,his suprises,his suppressed laughter,his teasing. Everything filled her life.Maybe that was all her life meant to her.
Armaan was her life..How she possibly even think she could live without him?
She clutched the blanket tighter to herself,tried to fight back the tears,as she thought for the millionth time what had caused all this.

"Armaan,enough! I am tired of your insecurities! I mean-"
He interrupted her,standing up,"You mean what,huh?What?That you didn't go to the party for Vivek?"
"Armaan,You're doubting me?You know very well that there my other college friends as well!"
"Oh,yeah,Right! The ones that purposely leave you and Vivek alone,giggling away,so that he could..he could..Take advantage of the situation?"
Riddhima felt the anger rising up her nerves,she closed her eyes to calm herself down.
"Armaan,you know I went there just for Priya..She wanted me to come.Its just by co-incidence-"
"CO-INCIDENCE?",Armaan echoed,"that Vivek was there?How come he's there everytime I'm not going to a party with you?HOW?Tell me?"
"YOU do know!Maybe you're the one - "
"ENOUGH ARMAAN!",she screamed,tears brimming up her eyes,her heart breaking,on realising what he was about to say,"If you don't trust me..then there's nothing left between us..And there's no point in my staying here!I'm going Armaan...Right now! You can't even imagine how much you've hurt me today..I don't know if you even love me anymore!"
With that,ignoring the shocked Armaan,who stood rooted to his place,unable to speak,Riddhima left,wiping her tears along the way.

Riddhima straightened up in her bed,hearing the noise coming from the balcony.She suddenly wondered if it was Armaan,like the way he used to climb up the pipeline to her room to meet her.
'No',she corrected herself,'it can't be him.He won't come back.Maybe its just the wind.'
Still,to make herself believe her thought,she got out of her bed and opened the door to the balcony,and seeing no one there,she was about to close the door and get back,when a strong hand clasped her mouth and pulled her inside.
Riddhima was about to protest when her eyes met with a familiar pair of ocean-blue eyes,and she was lost helplessly in them.The hand slipped away slowly from the mouth and gently held her waist.She heard her name.
Her heart started beating rapidly,The voice sent shivers down her spine.
Her Armaan.
"Armaan?",she asked,dazed,not sure if it was a dream or not,"What are you doing here?"
His familiar dimples adorned his cheeeks,"I came to take my dulhaniya back."
At once,Riddhima jolted back to reality and understood what was happening.She stuggled to get out of his hold.
"NO.You listen.",he seemed firm,but then turned gentle,"I am very sorry Basket that I was insecure.But what do I do?I feel like a baby when you're not around..and with someone I don't trust.I lose my temper out of my frustrations..I feel like I'll lose you...I'm Truly sorry.",and he looked that way too.
"I don't want to talk-"
"You're not Talking,You're Listening.",he cupped her face in his hands and began,"Riddhima,baby..Listen to me.I'm very very very sorry that I was acting so silly.But I still love you and I will always love you.You're my life.You complete me.Come back,please.."
"Why now?"
The way she said it nearly broke his heart.
But still,he said,"I need you..I Love you.I'm sorry..Very sorry.I promise I'll not do this again.You hit me,scold me,shout at me...but don't leave me..I'll die.."
She gasped at once and put a hand on his mouth,"Never say that again."
He removed the hand."Then come back to me.Come home,baby..Please."
"Please Riddhima..Please.."
"This'll never happen again?"
"Never ever.I promise.Pakka promise..and besides,I don't want to spoil this day..Its Valentine's Day today."
"Really?How come I didn't notice.."
"Because I wasn't here."
With that,before she could respond further,he kissed her.The kiss was deep and lond,uninterrupted.She responded back to him,and her hands went around his neck,her fingers knotted in her hair,pulling him closer.He held her waist tighter and kissed her hungrily,longingly,lovingly..She could not hold back herself.It only made her realise how much she'd missed him.
She was out of breath when he left her.
"Will you come now?",he asked within rasp intakes of breath.
"I guess I don't have much of a choice."
He smiled and was about to kiss her again,when he paused.
"Basket..I primse this day'll be very special...I'll make it up to you,baby.."
"You don't need to do anything Armaan,I got you back..its already..My Best Valentine's Day Ever!

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