Monday, 27 May 2019

AR os :perfect picture

I looked at her for the last time as she moved toward her car to go far away from me I didn't knew what to do all I knew that time was that I loved her!! yes I love her and I got to now my feeling now when she was going away.

Her parents had arranged a meeting with a guy named rahul for her marriage and I knew one thing that she would agree, according to her mom he was a guy every girl dream for.
Charming,romantic,good looking,happy go lucky person,respects her parents a lot and if these things were not enough he was a doctor too. Hell yes!! I remember how much she loved this doctors profession and if she had taken biology as a subject, right now she would have been a great doctor too.

But these things were not important to me right now I needed to tell her my feelings, I knew she loved me and she did! since childhood. She told her feeling to me, but being a playboy that I was, I never considered her more then my friend.

If her parents and mine were not a good friends then she and I would have never even spoken to each other she was and still is very different from other girls I have met, if I looked for girls who roam in skirts around me then being in loved with me she always wore Capri,shalwar kameez or pant shirts,she fought with me but then she was always there when I needed her the most whether in studies or whether in saving my image from getting destroyed in front of her parents and she even cooked for me when ever I requested her.

She use to always shout on me saying "Armaan once i'll get married, then who will cook for you!!! What will you do without me? Learn staying without me now, I know you are going to cry afterwards"

I use to laugh on her then, saying that I will manage plus having loads of attitude I also use to add "I don't need you ridhimma" with that I use to go away from her.

Now I realized that why she use to taunt me like that,it was because I could understand her importance in my life because looking at her car zooming away I understood how much I need her want her and how much I carved for her.

Turning around and moving inside my house I looked at the big wall picture hung on the red wall it was me and her covered with flour, her hairs were full of mess with a angelic smile and me with full flour on my face and smiling hugging each other she had always called this picture a prefect one and when I asked her why? She give me the most simple reason ever

"because it has you and me together" I didn't understood that time too, but now I do, she makes me feel complete and this is it!! I m going, I will bring her back in my life to this house were everything belong to us and then we will live happily like we have. Taking the keys of my car in one hand I looked at the dish kept on the table she brought that for me now just an hour ago and still taunted

"look Armaan this is the last time now, you should also learn to cook I wont do it for you. I m meeting rahul and if this marriage gets fixed I wont have time for you any more I cant spend my life on you even I have a dream even I have my wishes"

I smiled at her that time and told her "god ridhimmaa!!! I have been listening to all this for years now, atleast just shut your mouth now, as for your dreams and wishes I can fulfill that for you but then you have to get married to me" it was a merry joke for me but for her, it would have been everything, she loved me since childhood and me saying that was like making her dream come true and then breaking it.

I drove towards her house like a mad person all I know and remember was that she loved me I loved her and a complete perfect picture. Entering her parents house I looked around I saw anjali and muskaan standing in the kitchen and my parents and her's sitting together no rahul or his parents where there i didn't knew but I had this feeling that something had happened either its wrong or either it right but something had actually happened I moved toward anjali and muskaan

"hey guys"I whispered that was what I can do looking at the situation in front of me I didn't knew what else to say
"Armaan!!!!!" muskaan squealed in delight and hugged me tight I did that to because looking at her I knew ridhimma had agreed to get married and now to control my tears I can only hug muskaan tight.
"he said yes to the marriage and I m soo happy I was waiting for this day god I m sooo happy Armaan you cant even understand it even ridz is soo happy every thing is looking perfect" muskaan actually my ears and that was it ridhimma couldn't do that to me she loved me and I loved her she cant get married to anyone what about her love for me she cant kill her love because I was late in understanding her feelings.

"where is ridhimma?" I asked angrily with this sudden outburst from me made muskaan left me and anjali eyes almost popped out.

"Armaan she is upstairs but why you are getting angry it a moment to get happy why you are soo angry" anjali asked while replying to her to-be-husband messages.

"I don't want to tell you all these things it between ridz and me stay out of it got that." That was it I had done it my anger was on peek when I got to know that I actually loved her she left me I m going to kill her and if I didn't my angry face would do that for me.

I moved toward the stairs which would lead me to my love when I heard my mom almost shouting my name. one thing I have always learned from ridz was to respect elders and therefore I stopped to hear what she want to say

"Armaan now when rahul and muskaan wedding have been finalized and even anjali is engaged I want ridhimma as my daughter in law."

Did I heard here correct or I have started to analyze things too.

"rahul muskaan?" I asked "rahul came here to see muskaan" "ridhimma lied to me"

"WHAT THE HELL!!! Was all I can say.

"Armaan!!!" my mom glared while ridz mom came and stood next to me saying what I actually wanted to hear "Armaan son ridimma didn't lied it was my mistake actually when I spoke to rahul's mom that day she was discussing ridhimma all the time and then when the brought this proposal, I thought it was for ridhimma but rahul liked muskaan. Even we where confused but today rahul told us that he loved mukaan and wants to marry her."

"god and I thought I was about to loose her" I said while everyone smiled

"so you ready to get married to her" my mom again asked.

"hell yes!! mom why are you even asking this' I cant loose her plus even she would say yes so don't take the pain of asking her okay!! now no more questions I need to go upstairs"

"ridhimma" I whispered entering the room and locking it I didn't want anyone one to enter this room when I m there. You weren't there, then where were you?looking at the bathroom door I knew you would be inside.

"I saw her coming out clad in a white satin night dress which was reaching till her knees I went behind her back as she stood in front of the mirror brushing her wet hairs and that was the reaction I wanted from her, she almost jumped looking me in the mirror and then quickily turned facing me her entire body brushed with mine and she gasped I wanted to hear her gasped again and for that I have to take a move my hand quickly moved around her waist and pulled her towards me her whole body weight was on me that time I wasn't even considering her as friend she was just the person I loved

"Armaan" she moaned her breathe was creating a tingling feeling inside me it was a different feeling I had ever felt.

"yes" I said in an husky voice I knew I was effecting my innocent angel badly but hell I also wanted to enjoy and plus what I went through an hour before it was horrible I moved my hand on her waist creating small circle pattern while she closed her eyes. I looked at her as she opened her eyes.our eyes met for a moment and that was it I found what I wanted' love my lips eventually went toward hers as I captured then hungrily I kissed her with full passion and love while she opened her mouth making me feel heaven she too kissed hungrily her tongue met mine as we fought with it, her hands went toward my neck as she pulled me more toward herself her lips moved eagerly while my hands rubbed her waist I almost lifted her night dress as my finger met her skin she heaved as I moved my fingers on her belly button while her kiss turned more passionate one. I left her lips as I moved toward her neck kissing her there with all the love I have and bit her as she continuously moaned my name. leaving her for I a while I looked at her, her eyes were questioning me and I knew I have to answer her.

"Armaan?? You don't love me' I hope you remember that" that was a joke because it made me giggle a bit.

"well I thought to kiss someone and because my girlfriend wasn't picking up her phone I thought why not to kiss you. And I didn't knew you can be sooo much wild some times" i said acting totally serious.

"god!! leave me now you kissed me because you wanted to be kissed!!! And here I thought you finally'!! Hell no' leave it!! I soo hate you."she said brushing my hands away from her waist while I tightened my hold on her.

"you hate me and here I thought that we'll get married and create dozen of child'" I didn't continued because the way she opened her mouth I just wanted to kiss her.

"you marrying me no wait I marrying you and creating dozen of babies cant be possible soo just move your butt from my room." She almost shouted when I moved my face toward her nape and bit her.

"armaan don't do that it hurts' stop this biting" she cried

"It called love-bite sweetheart and stop this stopping me okay!! I have the right honey don't tell me you don't want your to-be-husband to kiss you"

"you seriously marrying me?" thank god this time she didn't taunted me but simply asked.
"I love you ridhimma and cant think to stay without you,I want you.i need you and crave for you and to make you stay with me I will marry you"

Her mouth was hanging till now I mean it was ought to happen after all Armaan malik was saying all this.

"you serious?"

"I love you ridhima" saying this I dragged my lips towards her and again forced her to kiss me but this time she didn't kissed me hungrily but it was a slow romantic and a kiss to be remembered.

"I love you too Armaan" she said leaving the kiss as we both smiled and hugged each other.

3 years later

"why I ever got married to you!!" I shouted as she laughed looking at me sitting on the kitchen slab.

"because you love me silly" she replied god I love her soo much and that smile.

"that I still do honey bunny but u torture me alot"

"what I did hubby ?" gosh if she wasn't pregnant right now then I would have surely told her what she did in my ways.


"soo what??? You can do this much for me you remember you love me."she said taking in what ever I said.

"I love you now also." I said again I knew what she was doing, she did that before too when ever I use to get angry she makes me remember that I love her.

"prove it then" she kicked the hungry lion inside me and within a second I was kissing her hungrily with full of passion and love while she reciprocated not even caring that our two years old son was watching us from his baby seat.

Life can never get more perfect.well I remember' we replaced that perfect picture with our wedding one and now it look beautiful there although she wanted to put it inside our bedroom but I forced her to put it there as that was the best perfect day ever in my life till now.

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