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AR/KASH OS : "Loving a moron"

                                                 She was an interior designer and he owned a construction company. They had met around a year back when they had to work together on a project. And since then, they had been together in every possible way. No, actually cancel that. They were not dating, they did not work together professionally very often, they were not in love, but they were still together. They were close friends, as close as two friends can be. Amidst their busy offices and the hustle bustle of daily existence, they did not even find time to meet very often, but whenever they did, it was worth it. Worth the wait.

Armaan mallik, who had never even considered an advice from anyone in the 26 years of his existence, would nod to anything she said. Would agree to all her advices and listen to all her demands. After his parents' divorce a few years back, he had had a firm belief in the non existence of the myth called love. He believed the same even now. He had never thought on those lines about riddhima. It was scary. Love was a scary feeling. The world was a scary place. riddhima's embrace was the escape.riddhima's talks were comforting. Her hugs were refreshing and her eyes….were killing.

Actually embrace, talks aur hugs se eyes par aa jaana is kinda illogical, but when we talk about her eyes, they are so mesmerizing that all senses of logics fade away.

He would call her every night, no matter how late it was, to tell how his day went and they would talk until one of them fell asleep. She would text him 'good morning J' each morning and his days were bliss. Though they couldn't meet very often because of work, it never came between their relationship. Err, friendship. They were always and constantly in touch, more than a touch you could call it.

People at armaan's office were the happiest among it all. They were the ones who had got this special treat a year back. A smile from armaan mallik. A smile from the always-glaring and frowning-armaan mallik. And ever since then, the smile had never faded off his face. Employees who were new, would refuse to believe anything that told how armaan was a sadu earlier, it seemed impossible looking at him now.

riddhima was everything to him. From a best friend to an advisor, from a care taker to a mom. Yes, you read it right. riddhima was like a mom to him. She would tell him about which color tie to wear to work and would call at the lunch times to make sure he ate properly. And he never complained. He loved it. He loved her. Only none of them had realized it.

The only complain he ever had was about how less he saw of her these days.

Armaan was stuck in a boring meeting once and as always, his escape was riddhima. While the client stood ahead and blabbered something about being shown on the screen, he looked at his phone's screen under the table waiting for her reply to his text:


No reply.

Armaan- "wher r u?"

riddhima- "driving back to home.. your meeting over so early?"

Armaan- no its stil on..nd vry boring…but y r u goin home? Al fyn? Its jst evenin..

riddhima- have a dinner with dad tonight! J J J

Armaan- dad? Ur dad? Srsly?? But y?

riddhima-why can't you write full words? Will it kill you if you don't spoil the spelling of words?

 he wants me to get married… I told him about the guy I love and he wants to meet him. All three of us will have dinner together…

"what??" his eyes popped out and an instant reaction escaped his lips as he read that… 'the guy I love' !!! what was happening? Riddhima loved somebody? That was impossible!

"any problem sir? You want me to go over it again?" the employee asked in confusion.

"uh…no…yeah I mean…uh…the last sentence…again.." he fumbled something but before the employee could start again, he hastily made his way out of the conference hall and called her up.

riddhima- maine kaha na I am driving armaan…why did you call? And tumhari meeting khatm ho gayi?

Armaan- you didn't tell me you loved someone…

riddhima- what? Oh that…arre abhi to bataya!

She chuckled at that…

Armaan- its not funny riddhima. You can't be in love..

riddhima- and why's that? Am I so bad that nobody would love me?

Armaan- shut up! Just shut up okay! ITS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!

riddhima- why are you shouting armaan?

Armaan- you don't know anything…koi bhi ladka tumhe bewakoof bana dega and you won't get to know…you are an innocent girl don't know the scoundrels out there in the don't know anything…

riddhima- armaan…I know everything okay…stop fretting unnecessarily. And anyways, aaj main milwa rahi hoon dad ko usse…koi problem hogi toh dad will say…you don't worry..

Armaan- I don't worry? I don't worry riddhima? Koi bhi ladka pakad ke you're saying you love him and that man jo tumse pichle 10 saalon me milne nhi aaya…vo tumhe batayega? Unhe apne business se aaj tak tumhare liye fursat mili hai jo tumhare liye sahi ladka chun sake? Tum khud hi kehti ho na that he doesn't care about you at all…phir ab?

riddhima- armaan I seriously think you're worrying a lot…its not a big deal…

Armaan- not a big deal? You're planning to get married and you say its not a big deal? And you didn't even care to tell me haan?

She just let out a sigh at that…

Armaan- kahan jaa rhe ho tum log dinner ke liye?

riddhima- colaba me koi naya Chinese restaurant khula hai…

Armaan- text me the name and address…I will be there…I can't risk your life like that…

riddhima- hmm..

He cut the call.

She was wearing a long skirt, a traditional top. Her usual attire, but was still looking breathtakingly beautiful. She played with her small dupatta while she waited for armaan sitting on the bonnet of her car. He had texted a few minutes back that he was on his way.

She jumped down and smiled ear to ear when she saw his car stop and him coming out. He was wearing a black tuxedo. She wondered for a moment if she looked up to the mark. Coz he was H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E.

"heyyy!!!" she opened her arms to hug him but he didn't make a move..

"mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai.." he said with a lot of courage..

"andar chal kar baat kare?"


"kya hua armaan?" she kept a hand on his cheek and asked softly..

"I love you" he whispered.

She withdrew her hand and took a step backwards. He held her hand again..

"I love you riddhima…I love you very very much…I was such a moron that I didn't realize it earlier but today…the thought of you going away from me…I couldn't control myself shona…I love you…I..i am sorry…I know I am not the best person for you…you're so're perfect, tumhe koi bhi ladka mill jayega… but please…chose me…i..i love you…I just love you..i was scared of this feeling riddhima. But I don't care anymore…what we have between us, I don't care what is it called, and if its love, I am ready. I love you.."

He was on his knees when he finished and her hand was still in his. His cheeks were totally wet and her tears were making her vision blurry. There was nothing to say.

Before she could think of anything to say to him, her phone rang. "hello..yeah dad I am here, oh okay I am just coming inside…"

"dad has reached, he's waiting inside.." she told him as she made him stand and wiped off his tears quickly..

"but riddhima…tumhe ab bhi andar jaana hai…please listen to me…" he followed her with fast steps as she walked ahead clearing her own eyes.

"hi are you?" shilpa shook her father's hand as they settled. That was usually how they met. If accompanied by a smile from her father, the handshake was the best she could get ..

"I am good riddhima. But what are you wearing? You are my should pay more attention at your dressing.." he got a little busy in his mobile..

riddhima smiled.. "how's aunty..?" she enquired about her step mom.

"she's good too… she wanted to come meet you but her fashion week came in between, and you know work is very important.."

"indeed.." riddhima smiled again..

"uh…dad..this is armaan… friend…he owns a construction company..mallik constructions.." she introduced armaan…

"of course I know mallik constructions! Hello son!" the name of a big enterprise interested shilpa's dad in the conversation. He shook armaan's hand and smiled. Armaan too smiled nervously.

They ordered food and started chatting..

"so…armaan, for how long have you known riddhima?"

"uh…a year year.." armaan did not know anything. For one, there were only three people having dinner there..where was the guy shilpa told him about? And her dad was making hime even more nervous, he was behaving as if armaan was the one who was getting married to and shilpa! Well, she had not even replied to his confession!! He looked at shilpa for some help but she didn't look at him. W*F!

"hmm…and you like riddhima?"

"yes…uh..yeah yes sir.."

"how much do you earn?"

" depends sir..i mean..i think around..35 lacs a month..since it's a business enterprise, nothing's really fixed…"

"hmm…and how much property do you own?"

"dad..what kind of a question-" riddhima intervened but her dad cut her off.. "enjoy your food darling.."

"sir my office, a bunglow in bandra, there's a flat in colaba here, uhm…I have my farm houses in lonavla and goa and I recently bought a house in dubai.."

"where are your parents?"

"my parents are divorced sir, mom is in London and dad's in Singapore.." he looked at riddhima again, she was busy in her food.

"oh-kay…and why do you want to marry riddhima?"

Armaan looked at riddhima again, she looked back in his eyes, waiting for him to respond. "coz I love her." He looked deeply in her eyes and said with all the conviction..she smiled and went back to eating her food.

"riddhima when do you think are you ready to marry?"

"whenever armaan's fine dad..whenever he's ready.." she said quietly.

"Toh phir.." her dad's sentence was disturbed by the ring of his phone and he excused himself to go out..

Armaan sighed as he saw him going back and turned to riddhima… "what was that?"

"what?" she said with the most innocent eyes she could manage..

"what is happening told me this afternoon that-"

"that all three of us will dine together. Me, my dad, and the guy I love. So?"

"so…" he smiled.. "I don't know.."

"you were right armaan.." she smiled and wiped off the little cury off his lips..

"about what?"

"about….you being a were right!"

"I love you riddhima…" he smiled…

She kissed his lips in her answer..


Sometimes, in life, you don't realize you love someone until the fear of losing them bites you in the a*s. Until you look at their retreating back going away from you. until the flashbacks of all the moments you spent with them cloud your eyes. Until, you don't feel like losing life itself.

-kritika chawla

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