Thursday, 24 December 2020


Dearest shilpa,

Thank you so much for writing to me...i always wait for your letters...i am doing great here and so is mrs. Claus,she says to send you a lot of love...thank you so much for your concern!
 You have been a great human all round the year and i appreciate all the efforts you put in. As you asked, i'd like to inform you that yeah you did commit a mistake or two this year, but they weren't as bad...that is why you're one of my favorite people on earth! And as for your wishes, the hospital sanjeevani is already prospering a lot and just for you, i will make sure it does the same in future as well. Your parents' health and happiness has been taken care of. I can not very surely say about your sister anjali winning the best ortho award this year unless i see some more hard work from her. I have been trying for years to make ananya and balwinder not fight, but down the line i too have bowed down. I am really sorry to not grant this wish but i think you too find their banters cute and i don't mind it! As for your father dr.shashank, i give him all my best wishes for his new hospital project.
And about your last wish of sending your husband armaan back from his delhi tour to you tonight, open the door ;)

Hope you're happy and be a good girl this year too!
See you next year

P.s- i considered your request of armaan being naked,but its too cold outside and then he too likes it when you do the honors. I hope you fulfill his wish as well,after all its christmas!

merry christmas!

kritika kashian

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