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ARSH OS : My cardiologist

"Heh sweetheart where is she" "she is in her cabin sir"
"Armaan  ,call me armaan  it sounds better" "Dr. Warned me to call you sir" "ooh you don't take her seriously anyway thanks beautiful"
He walked towards her cabin and knocked
" may I come in"
"Yeah come in"
"So how can I help you mr.armaan mallik"
"There's some problem with my heart"
" but for your info I'm a gynecologist not a cardiologist"
"But my heart listens only to you, my cardiologist"
"Ok tell me what's the problem".
"My girlfriend doesn't give me time, she is always busy"
"That's because you are always busy flirting with others"
"That's not true shilpa"
"Accha now who was the one flirting with the receptionist ?"
" you where spying me"
"that's means you were flirting right? "
" no , yes , no err... I kind of ... are u done il drive you home"

Armaan was a rich business tycoon billy  and ananya mallik's only child. He lost his parents when he was 12 in a car accident. He lived with his uncle's family and his best friend atul. After his parents death ananya's brother shifted to his home along with his wife and little girl . he took care of their family business and was a guardian to armaan. Atul was helper's son whom billy and ananya  adopted after his mother's death. Armaan  was a carefree person who never plan things and just live in today but was very truthful and kind at heart.

shilpa  was the elder Daughter of shashank and Padma gupta .she had a younger sister anjali .shilpa was married to shashank friend's son at a young age of 19. After marriage she came to know that her husband loved some other girl and married her due to family pressure. She left  his home within 2 weeks of marriage and later they got divorced.
After divorce she continued her medical studies where she met atul who was also a medical student and atul introduced her to armaan  who was a CA student.

shilpa  found armaan quite irritating and flirt. Whereas armaan found shilpa very attractive. At first they were hesitant as friends but later they developed feelings for each.
shilpa loved his strong personality even though he lost his parents at tender age he always had positive attitude towards life, he was innocent and childish.
For armaan , shilpa was quite different from other girls she was mature but fun loving at the same time.

When armaan  expressed his love for shilpa. She was hesitant she thought he  would never like to marry a divorced woman but she was overwhelmed when she knew that her past dint matter to him and he loved the way she was.
It has been almost 2 yrs of their relationship and they were ready to take it to the next level.


"Plz keep the hospital stuff in your cabin, even my car smells like hospital now a days."
"Don't eat my head , concentrate on driving"
"What's wrong baby, why are you so cranky"
"When are you going to talk to dad, he wants me get married"
"I tried so many times, I enter your gate seeing your shanky darling I lose all my Confidence. He looks like a Hitler"
"Armaan don't talk about my dad like that, stop calling him shanky darling or whatever and I never knew you are so scared of him"
"Scared. ? Oh plz armaan mallik is not scared of anyone and today only il talk to him"
He parked the car outside gupta villa.
She held his hand "whatever dad ask first think and then answer"
"shilpa today is what day"
"Monday why?"
"You know Monday is very unlucky for me, il meet him tomorrow"
"How long armaan ? Wen is your tomorrow going to come.
I sometimes feel you just don't love"
"Never tell that shilpa I don't wanna meet shanky...no sry your  dad because I'm afraid he will reject me and I vl be out of your life"
"I don't wanna lose you armaan, I love you"
"I know" and he hugged her tightly.

( armaan  home)
"How about this shirt, does it look good"
Armaan was trying out formal clothes while atul and his niece sara were busy playing x box.
" atul now ask me few questions"
"Ok what quality of shilpa  attracted you first"
" when I saw her , she looked sexy"
"Sara go outside and play, I and armaan need to talk something very important"
"About shilpa? That she looks..." "sara your mom is calling go and armaan what you talk in front of kids"
"That's the problem atul  I just spit out everything"
"Don't worry bro chilax , armaan and nervous these two words don't go together".

Next day

"shilpa  wake up its 9 and... " "mom  let me sleep I have afternoon shift today"
"Ya but someone has come to meet your dad  and your dad called you downstairs, come fast " after Padma leaving anajli came running "di armaan jiju has come to meet dad" "Armaan?"
"Ya and I must tell he is looking handsome"

shilpa walked downstairs and saw armaan seated opposite to shashank dressed in formals looking cute as if he had a job interview to attend. She went and quietly stood behind shashank facing armaan.

"So you love shilpa and does she love you?'"
"Yes shank... no mr., no dad , no no sir , I mean yes sir she does"
"So what you do?"
"I did my CA and I go to office sometimes"
"Sometimes? "
" i mean I didn't overtake the business yet it is still looked after my uncle"
"So basically you are not working yet and do you drink"
" no sir "
" don't lie armaan  I don't like liar "
"I drink sometimes during weekend and parties"
"So you attend late night parties"
" only in high five places sir normally in pubs"
When shilpa started coughing armaan immediately realized that he should have not said that.
"How many relationships have you had before"
"None sir , err I mean two or three but not serious sir it was normal crush"
"Are you the guy who comes late night and keeps Horning"
"Not everyday day sir, only when shilpa  doesn't lift the phone"
"After marriage what if your uncle doesn't like shilpa  and oust you out of the business or if he leaves the business , you don't even know how to handle it"
"You don't like me sir"
"Armaan, shilpa is a doctor and she is a divorcee and whatever happened in her first marriage was entirely my fault I don't want that to happen again.. If you were a father and your daughter wants to get married to a person whose parents are dead who is immature, lazy , jobless, who drinks , parties and maybe had a relationship and irresponsible then what would you say"
" dad  armaan is not like that I love..."
"I would say no sir and your right I don't deserve shilpa".
Saying so he walked out he reached his house fully drunk and he tip toed to his room where atul was waiting "bhai what happen what have you done to yourself"
"My fear became the truth atul , I lost her whoever i love they walkout of my life"
"But what happen tell me"
Armaan  pushed him aside and fell flat on his bed .atul removed his shoes and covered him with duvet.

shilpa was sitting in her room caressing armaan's photo when shashank walked and sat beside her. He placed his hand on her hand "shilpa i wanted to. " "dad plz I don't want to get married to anyone " "not even armaan ? " "but dad you dint like him"
"I never said that I don't like him, I agree that he is immature but my daughter is mature enough to handle him. What mistake I did last time I don't wanna repeat it shilpa . I can never find you a person who can leave you for your happiness"
"That's means you are agreeing for this marriage"
"Ofcourse my child, now stop crying"

"Errr atul my head is gonna blast, do something"
"It's called hangover"
"I'm in no mood to joke atul"
"So I'm, who asked you to be a saint and tell all those things and moreover you yourself told that you Don't deserve shilpa, what should i do with you"
"Yesterday in some high spirit I told all that but the truth is i can't stay without her"
"Where are you going? "
"She will be in the hospital now , I need to talk to her " and rushed out of the room grabbing his car keys.

( in the hospital)
"Helo miss where is shilpa" "miss is everything fine with you sir" "Yeah I'm a good boyfriend now I don't flirt"
"Well she came with her family today they are inaugurating children ward on second floor"
"Ooh sh!t I forgot this also".
"He rushed towards the floor not finding shilpa he went to her cabin to find her seriously engrossed in a file"
She peeped through the file" How can I help you mr.armaan malllik"
"I'm sorry shilpa "
"For what leaving me and running away"
"I dint mean to do dat i will meet your dad and I will do whatever to win his agreement"
"What are you doing here armaan, anyway I wanted to meet you and your uncle talk about the wedding preparation"
"Sir wedding? ? Preparations? .
"Ya shilpa didn't tell you, anyway shilpa i and your mom are leaving to home beta you both take care"
After shashank leaving armaan  caught hold of shilpa's hand " why dint you tell me that dad agreed"
"Because I don't wanna get married to you, how dare you leave me and go"
"Im sorry , I will never do that"
"Il kill you if you ever think of leaving me " and she hit him on his chest.
"OOch  that hurts"
"Where. ?" He placed her hand on his heart "here"
"Don't worry il fix it after all I'm your cardiologist" "Yeah my cardiologist " and he hugged her and kissed her hair "i love you shilpa" "I know".


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