Tuesday, 25 May 2021


"shonaaa please look at me na baby" he pleaded once again…

"oh me? Your baby? No..no I think tum jaake apni short skirt wali ladkiyon ko hi ghooro…unko hi 'baby' keh ke bulao…you don't need to look at me!"

"shonaaa….yaar ab main itna handsome hoon to isme meri kya galti hai…aur ab ladkiyan khud mujh par marti hain toh main unka dill toh nhi tod sakta na…" he said teasing her more! It was like really his favorite pass time!!

They had been late in the hospital today and armaan had suggested going on a long long drive before they head home, but just as they were heading out, armaan's quite an …ahem ahem..'informal' conversation with one of his patients had completely ruined his plans of a romantic drive with his wifey dear and now he just prayed he was able to pacify her atleast before they reached home…

"you…you ugh! Just shut up!!" here that good-for-nothing mini skirt flirt was ogling at her husband like a hungry lioness and he was not done mocking at her! Huh.

"her sister's due for a craniotomy tomorrow…its important na that they don't stress out much…family stressed rhegi toh meri patient ka kya hoga socho…"

"I am sorry…" she replied as she looked at him tenderly…

He smiled…"no I like the jealous you!!"

"shut up! But I am sorry…and I love you!"

"I love you too baby" he kissed her cheek but she turned his face to the road…"tum drive karo…ye sab karne ke liye we have a house!"

He chuckled…wasn't she just…oh so awesome!

"armaan you'll always be with me na? even when I get fat or aged? You have no interest in any girls that kind na?"

He smiled…he was right, she was oh so awesome!

"always…even when your teeth fall off and you crib all day…I'll love you….i promise!"

"me too" she smiled and put her head on his shoulder…

"I love you" he took her into a tender kiss but her eyes widened as she saw a bright light coming towards their car "armaaannn"


"the truck driver was drunk…he's been reported…police will be here any moment…" the doctor informed his senior…

"and what about the wife?"

"she is under intensive care sir, if she wakes up in the next four hours, we can expect something, otherwise I am afraid we'll lose her"

The doctor nodded. "Okay, you try and get some numbers of their relatives or family and inform them ASAP."


She felt someone entering the room, she opened her eyes to find the love of her life all fit and fine. He was smiling looking at her better now as he proceeded towards her.."hey" he whispered as he sat on the bedside stool…"hey" she smiled weekly…he kissed her forehead and caressed her cheeks…"how do you feel now?"

"I am always fine when you're around…where were you?" she replied pressing her hand against his…

"Doctors said you were unconscious…you were sleeping…they didn't want me to disturb you…"

"I can't sleep without you…you know that na…" she pouted…he smiled.."of course I do…isiliye to aaya hoon…tumhe lene…apne sath…kaha tha na we'll always be together…"

"I knew you'd always keep your promise! What were you doing, waiting for me?"

"hmmm….tumhe akele kaise chhodta?" he kissed her lips…"you look so pretty…healthy pink pretty!" he chuckled

She smiled, "I feel good too….chale?"

"hmmm…" he kissed her forehead once again…


"sir we've lost them…there were too many injuries, we tried but we couldn't save any of the two…I am sorry"


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