Saturday, 29 May 2021


I walked over the crowded sets to find my way to him. My scenes were all done and now I just waited for him to get free. Which would obviously be after he calls 'pack up'in the mic.. I knew he was dying to do it. He must be so tired. It had almost been a thirteen hour working day for him, being an actor is definitely easier than being a director! I was thankful he was the one handling the tougher job here but I still pitied him and moreover, the day had been so hectic that we couldn't even lock ourselves up in some room or something and have our private moments there. If we'd had done that, I am sure he'd be less tired..oh that's an irony now, isn't it?

I didn't know the camera was rolling when I graciously made my way clicking my stilettos on the marble when he shouted from where he was sitting .."I will fcuk whoever this is in those stupid heels cracking up my floor during the scene!" as I realized the anger and frustration in his voice, I stopped in my tracks. I looked around and met everyone's eyes. They were staring at me. Gawking. stupid people.I looked at him as he realized it was me, "what are you doing yaar shona? Kyun chal rhi ho wahan par? Everybody's silent to scene chal rha hoga na? heroine ki tarah chalti hui aa rhi ho!this was the last shot for the day..what the fcuk man! Camera...ek aur take lenge.." he irritatingly shifted to the camera man and discussed about the long and short shots with him. Stupid stuff. I ignored the past minute of my life and again started moving towards him.

What? You're thinking was I angry coz he shouted that way on me? Well, not really. Partially coz it was nothing new, armaan mallik was completely different as a husband and well, it felt like another spirit as his director self, and also partially coz I loved him!

He had just told about the camera angles and sound recording or something to the crew when I reached him from the back and put my hand in his hair trying to relax him, but even before I could start, he turned around startled from the movement "who the fcuk dared to touch my hair? Oh you..." he relaxed as he saw my smiling face and went back to his original position , now leaning his head backwards towards me so I could work properly...

"you changed?" he murmured with closed eyes..

"hmm..kitna time lagega tumhe?"

"last shot...and hopefully last take.." he took my hands and kissed them. Still holding my hands, he relaxed back keeping our hands on his stomach. I leaned forward and kissed his forehead. His eyes closed, but I could see his dimple. Oh, I so died on that smile. I leaned in more and kissed his nose. And then softly pecked his lips.

"I seriously wanna fcuk you for running that last take.." he smiled even widely as he looked at me with those tired yet naughty eyes..

"oh! I am waiting for you to do that!" I winked at him.


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