Monday, 6 May 2019

ARSH OS : Wish Good Night

"Can I talk to Shilpa?" she asked in the most trying of her tones. And although it was something he didn't want to disturb Shilpa with, he knew he had no choice. His daughter was in love and he could probably do nothing about it.

"Its almost midnight baby, Shilpa must be sleeping. We shouldn't disturb her now." He tried to convince her, but he knew it was futile.

"No, she won't be disturbed. Please papa? Just once, I'll sleep after that, I promise."

He sighed and took out his phone from his pocket.

"Hi Shilpa" he spoke in a careful voice so as to not make her panic.

"Karan? How's Ruhi? Something wrong? Her medicines are in the bottom shelf and-"

"Nothing to worry Shilpa, she just wants to talk to you. She isn't feeling sleepy enough from the past hour and wants to talk to you." Karan told in a somewhat exasperated tone. After all, there is only so much patience a father can keep!

He heard Shilpa's slight giggle and saw its reflection in his daughter's eyes.  Before he could say anything more, Ruhi snatched the phone from his hand and tucked it under her ear, covering herself with the duvet.

"Hi Shilpa!" the 6 year old chuckled.

Hi bacha! Why aren't you sleeping? Don't trouble papa na"

"Were you sleeping?" Ruhi asked ignoring Shilpa's request.

"Yes I was" Shilpa smiled.

"I'm sorry I disturbed you."

"Its okay baby, but now go and sleep. And I will come see you tomorrow when you come back from school. Okay?"


"Now go sleep, and I love you Rooh bacha"

"I love you too Shilpa" she giggled and kissed the phone in her excitement.

"Hey, thanks man." Karan said in his always-shy tone. He had always been a man of few words.

"Good night Karan" and Shilpa always knew how to save him the embarrassment.

"Papa" Ruhi called out after he had cut the call and he scooted beside her on the bed, almost cradling her onto his chest.

"Can I call Shilpa My mama?" she asked in the most innocent of voices, and her hopeful eyes staring into his.

"No baby, she is just my friend, and yours too of course. But she is not your mama."

"I wish she were."

"I guess, I wish the same."


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