Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Chapter 1 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

A girl wearing a red anarkali sat in the computer lab in St Xavier's College. She logged into the messenger chat room.

Suddenly a pop up came onto the screen.

charmingwanderer90: Hi! Wanna chat?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Heyya... Sure!

charmingwanderer90: So... Temme about yourself!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Well... I'm 24, female, doing MBA Final Year in Mumbai, India! U?

charmingwanderer90: Oh wow! I'm a guy, 25 yrs doing MBA Final Year in Mumbai.

CrazyFlawlessMe: That's great!

"Shilpa! Lecture shuru hone mein sirf 20 minutes bache hain. Jaldi chal!", said a girl walking to her.

"You go on Muskaan. I'll come in a minute.", replied Shilpa.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Hey! Actually i gotta go! My lecture is gonna start in a while! Can we chat later?

She then added the id to her contacts list.

charmingwanderer90: Yup! I'll be on! I'm going too!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Great then! See you tomorrow Mr. Wanderer!

charmingwanderer90: Haha, alright crazy girl! I'll meet you at the same time online!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Cool! I'll be there!

charmingwanderer90: Bye... Tc... Cya 2moro... : )

CrazyFlawlessMe: Bye... Tc... : ) Sure!

Shilpa logged off, picked up her bag and walked out of the computer lab. She didn't notice the caution board outside the lab, so slipped on the wet floor. She closed her eyes awaiting a fall but before she could feel the cold floor, she felt an arm hold her by her waist.

She slightly opened her eyes to see a guy holding her. She gulped as he helped her stand.

" Thank You!", she mumbled.

"No Problem! Waise maine khud nahi dekha tha ke yahan paani hai!", replied the guy making Shilpa smile.

"Sambhalkar chalna!", he said with a warm smile.

She nodded as the guy walked away.

"Tu abhi tak yahan hai? Late hone ki aadat mat daal yaar!", chided Muskaan nearing her.

"Class shuru hone mein 20 minute hai. Itna kyun tension le rahi hai?", asked Shilpa.

"Fine fine! I gotta go now. Rahul is waiting for me. Agar main time pe nahi pohonchi, faltu mein tension lega!", sighed Muskaan.

Shilpa giggled as Muskaan walked towards the basket ball court. Shilpa turned and found her classmate.

"Hey Atul!", she greeted.

"Hey Shilpa! What's happening? Lecture ke liye nahi jaana?", replied Atul.

"Jaana hai. But usse pehle mujhe canteen jaana hai.", she replied.

"Main bhi wahin jaa raha hu.. Chalo!", he said and they walked together.

In the canteen.

Atul and Shilpa are sitting in the cafe drinking juice.

"Atul, Shilpa!", came a call.

They turned to find Rahul.

"Hey Rahul!", greeted Shilpa.

"Shilpa! Muski ko dekha?", asked Rahul.

"Wo to tumhe hi dhoondne gayi hai!", replied Shilpa.

"Oh god! Kya yaar, ye ladki bhi na!", sighed Rahul.

Rahul walked away in search of Muskaan.

"Chalo Atul!", she said getting up sipping the last few drops of her juice.

"Chalo!", he said and walked to the classroom along with Shilpa.

Shilpa entered the class, she found Rahul and Muskaan sitting together, so she walked over and sat next to Atul.

A lady professor entered, "Hey guys!"

"Shobha Maam! Aap yahan kya kar rahi hai? Aaj to Vikram sir ka lecture hai na?", asked Atul.

"Actually Mr. Ahuja aaj aaye nahi hai to maine socha aapko inform kar doon ke aapka free lecture hai.", announced Shobha.

"Thanks Maam!", exclaimed Rahul and dragged Muskaan out of the class.

"Chalo Shilpa! Let's go to the canteen.", said Atul.

"Let's go!", she replied and followed Atul.

On the way, she passed the computer lab so she excused herself and told Atul to carry on and walked into the lab.

She logged into her id again and saw her new online friend so decided to chat with him for some time.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Heyya... I'm back! How come you're still here?

charmingwanderer90: Hey! I had gone to the library to issue a book and came back. Didn't you have a lecture to attend?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Our lecturer didn't come today.

charmingwanderer90: Oh k... So miss CrazyFlawlessMe, Are you crazy or are you flawless?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Umm, what do you think?

charmingwanderer90: I hardly know you to judge you.

CrazyFlawlessMe: I'm crazy and that makes me flawless!

charmingwanderer90: That sounds interesting!

CrazyFlawlessMe: What about your username? Wanderer?

charmingwanderer90: It's Charming Wanderer.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Haan haan.. Charming Loafer.

charmingwanderer90: Loafer?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Wanderer ko hindi mein Loafer hi kahenge na? :P LOL

charmingwanderer90: LOL

CrazyFlawlessMe: Anyways... I gtg now. Have some important work to tend to.

charmingwanderer90: Okay! Bye Crazy Girl! :P

CrazyFlawlessMe: Bye Loafer! Will you be there tonight?

charmingwanderer90: Yup!

CrazyFlawlessMe: K... See u then! Byeee!

Shilpa logged out and left the lab and saw Muskaan approaching her.

"Hey, you're going home?", asked Muskaan.

"Haan yaar. Jabse naye ghar mein shift kiya hai, I haven't had the time to set the place up!", she pouted.

"Why did you shift out of your massive mansion?", asked Muskaan dreamily.

"Uss massive mansion mein akele rehkar dekh. It made me feel so lonely.", complained Shilpa as her smile dropped.

Muskaan nodded.

"I've to go the villa and bring few more packed boxes.", pouted Shilpa.

"Waise tera bag kahan hai?", asked Muskaan.

"Oh no! I left it inside in the lab; lemme go get it. You carry on, I have my car.", said Shilpa.

"Ok! Rahul, Atul and I are leaving. See you tomorrow!", replied Muskaan and walked to the cafeteria.

Shilpa rushed back and bumped into a hard figure as she reached the PC.

"Owww!", both exclaimed in unison and looked up at each other.

"Tum!", he exclaimed.

Shilpa saw the same guy who had saved her from falling this morning in front of her.

"Oh Hi! I'm so sorry! Wo main apna bag yahan bhool gayi thi.", she reasoned.

"No problem. By the way, I'm Armaan Mallik!", he introduced extending his arm.

"Shilpa Malhotra!",  she replied shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you! See ya around!", he said.

"See ya!", she said as he walked out of the lab and she picked up her bag. She walked leisurely to the parking lot and unlocked her car when she saw Armaan kicking the tyre of his car.

"Hey Armaan!", she smiled.

"Hey!", he replied half-heartedly.

She glanced at the tyre of his car which was punctured.

"Shall I drop you?", she asked.

"No, I'll manage!", he smiled back.

"Come on! I'll drop you!", she said.

Armaan sighed and agreed to her invite. He sat in the car as she got onto the driver's seat and drove away.

"Thanks a lot!", he exclaimed.

"You're welcome. Waise where do you stay?", she asked.

"Skyline Apartments, Andheri West. What about you?", he replied.

"Living Walls, Bandra.", she replied.

"Ooh! That's one hell of an apartment. Damn rich!", he commented making her laugh.

After a while she stopped the car, "Aapki manzil aa gayi!", she said.

"Thanks so much Shilpa. Please come in!", he invited her.

"Some other time. I need to set my house today.", she replied.

"You've recently shifted to Mumbai?", he asked.

"No. I was living in Juhu. I just sold that house and got an apartment in Bandra.", she said.

"So, your parents would be waiting for you?", he asked.

"No. I'll be doing it on my own.". she replied.

"Why?", he asked.

"My parents passed away two years ago.", she informed.

"I.. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have...", he trailed off.

"It's okay. You didn't know.", she replied with a smile.

 "I could come and help you set your place! You can't do it all alone!", he said.

"Thanks for asking Armaan, but I'll manage.", she replied.

"No really! Wait! I'll just tell my sister and come! You wait right here!", he said and ran into the complex before Shilpa could deny.

After 10 minutes, she saw Armaan running back towards her car and he got in.

"Come on, let's go!", he said. She smiled at him and ignited the car and drove away.

Instead of turning towards Bandra, she turned to Juhu.

"Aren't we going to Bandra?", he asked.

"We will after I pick up the last few boxes from my old house. The new owners would come tomorrow to my flat in Bandra to collect the keys.", informed Shilpa, he nodded.

Shilpa drove into a bungalow shocking Armaan.

"You used to live here?", he asked in shock.

"Yeah. It's annoying to live in such a huge bungalow all alone.", she replied, unlocking the door and walking in.

Armaan looked around and found the house empty. Just a few cartons kept in the corner of the house.

"Shall I put those boxes into the car?", he asked.

She nodded as she walked upstairs to check the bedrooms once again. In the next few minutes, they had locked the villa and got on their way to Shilpa's New Apartment in Bandra.

She parked the car and they both picked the boxes and walked to the elevator. She pressed the button of the 12th floor. Once the lift dinged at the floor, Armaan followed Shilpa to the door and unlocked it. They carried the boxes inside and shut the door.

Armaan looked around to find the house neatly set up other than a few boxes that lay unopened and also the boxes that they had just brought along.

"May I ask you something?", he questioned nervously.

"Sure!", she replied.

"How did your parents.. uh..", he trailed off.

"They passed away in a car accident two years ago.", she replied.

"Anyways, where do we start from?", he asked not wanting to go deeper into the topic.

"From my bedroom. The clothes are all set, so now just the mattress and the furniture.", she said.

They then set up the guest room and the drawing room and finally the kitchen. They plopped on the sofa after all the physical strain.

"Thanks a ton Armaan!", she said.

"Anytime!", he replied.

"Lunch?", he asked.

"Let's go out. You need to drop me home anyways.", he chuckled.


After a nice peaceful Lunch and some talks, Shilpa dropped Armaan back home.

"Gimme a call if you need any help.", said Armaan getting off her car.

"I don't have your number.", she replied.

"Note it down.", he said.

"I don't have my phone. I left it back at home. You take mine.", she said.

She said out her number loud as Armaan punched it into his phone. They bid each other goodbye and went to their respective homes.

She reached home and lay on her bed and took her phone from under her pillow and saw an unread message.

*1 Unread Message*

She opened the text and smiled reading it.

From: +919085647890

"Hey Shilpa... Armaan here! :)"

She quickly saved the number and replied to it.

To: Armaan

"Hey Armaan! Noted! Thanks for the Lunch and the help! :)"

She then drifted off to sleep after a tiring day.


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