Thursday, 26 November 2020

Chapter 2 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

She got up rubbing her eyes and glanced at the clock which struck 7.

"Shit! Abhi dinner banana hai!", she sighed.

She got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen and prepared some scrambled eggs and some parathas. She served it onto a plate and served some ketchup and made her way back to the bedroom and switched on her laptop.

As soon as the desktop appeared, the messenger was auto logged. She saw her new friend online and smiled.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Hey Loafer!

charmingwanderer90: Hey Crazy Girl! Whats up?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Nothing much.. U temme!

charmingwanderer90: Had dinner?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Haan! You?

charmingwanderer90: Yup!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Good! So tell me something about yourself...

charmingwanderer90: Well, what do you wanna know?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Anything!

charmingwanderer90: Anything? Okay then, I shifted to Mumbai 5 years ago. I completed grad in Delhi, worked for 2 years here in a firm. Now pursuing my MBA from St. Xavier's.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Cool.. Wait.. what??? St. Xavier's?

charmingwanderer90: Yup why?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Main bhi!

charmingwanderer90: Tum aaj subha comp lab mein baitthi thi kya?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Haan!

charmingwanderer90: This is getting really interesting!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Btw.. You stay with your family?

charmingwanderer90: My elder sister. She's my only family.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Oh!

charmingwanderer90: Temme about you?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Umm.. I used to live in London until and then shifted here to do my post grad.

charmingwanderer90: Tum rehti kiske saath ho?

CrazyFlawlessMe: I live alone.

charmingwanderer90: What? Why?

CrazyFlawlessMe: I did my grad and then worked for a year in London during which my parents passed away. Then, I shifted here.

"Is it just coincidence or is she sounding like Shilpa?", wondered Armaan.

charmingwanderer90: Oh! I'm sorry!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Don't be! Mere mom dad humesha mere pass hi hote hain! Plus I have some nice friends!

Suddenly Shilpa's phone buzzed. She opened the unread text message.

From: Armaan

"Hey Shilpa! Hope you're ok? If you need anything at anytime... Just call me!"

She smiled and replied to his message.

To: Armaan

"Thanks Armaan! I'm fine! Thanks for asking! Will surely let you know if I need anything!"

She smiled to herself and glanced at the screen.

charmingwanderer90: That's nice. I kinda don't have close friends.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Aww.. Wanna meet in college? May be we know each other pehle se. We could become real friends rather than online ones, you know.

charmingwanderer90: How about we play a game! A guessing game with clues, but one condition.

CrazyFlawlessMe: What condition?

charmingwanderer90: That we can't involve anyone else.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Cool! I'm on chat all the time through my phone.

charmingwanderer90: Me too!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Now! I gotta go! Catchya later! Probably 2moro!

charmingwanderer90: Ok! Sleep Well.. Good Night! Sweet Dreams! :) Bye!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Bye! Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

Shilpa shut her laptop and took her phone and typed a message to Armaan.

To: Armaan

"Good Night Armaan! Sweet Dreams :)"

Within a few seconds, her phone buzzed.

From: Armaan

"Good Night Shilpa! Sleep Well! Take Care! Sweet Dreams! :)"

She smiled and put away her laptop and then her phone on charge. She covered herself comfortably with the duvet and drifted off to sleep.

Shilpa got up and ready for college. She picked up her phone and saw an unread text message. She opened it and a wide smile crossed her face.

From: Armaan

"Good Morning Shilpa! Hope you had a nice sleep! Need a small favour! Call when ur up!"

She raises her brow and pressed the call button and within a few rings she heard a husky voice.

"Hello!", he said.

"Hey Armaan! What happened? What's the favour you need?", she asked.

"Could you please pick me up from home? My mechanic has taken the car and says that there is multiple puncture and the carbonator has some problem. It would take 2 days to repair.", informed Armaan with a prominent sulk in his voice.

"Of course Armaan! You didn't have to really ask me! You could have texted me saying Come and pick me up Shilpa!", she giggled.

Armaan chuckled.

"After all we're friends now.. aren't we?", she asked.

"We are.. I think.", he replied.

"Don't think too much!", she giggled again.

"I'll wait for you outside my house.", he said.

"Okay! I was just leaving! Be there in half an hour.", she replied and cut the call.

She grabbed the keys to her car and walked out of the house, locking it.

At Armaan's House.

"Di, My friend is coming to pick me up! Car will be in the garage for 2 days!", informed Armaan.

"Theek hai Ammy! No issues. I have Kashaf coming and picking me up anyways!", replied Paakhi.

The siblings walk out of the complex when Armaan saw Shilpa's car pull over in front of them.

"Hey!", he greeted.

Shilpa opened the car door and stepped out.

"Hi Armaan!", she smiled and looked over at Paakhi.

"Di! This is my friend Shilpa.. and Shilpa this is my elder sister Paakhi.", introduced Armaan.

"Hi Shilpa!", greeted Paakhi with a wide grin.

"Hello di!", replied Shilpa smiling.

"Uh, I hope main aapko Di bula sakti hu?", she asked nervously making Armaan smile.

"Of course!", replied Paakhi patting Shilpa's cheek lovingly.

Paakhi's phone buzzed. She frowned and opened the message.

From: Kashaf

"Sorry Babe! Need to go to the Dargah with Zaroon today! Can't pick you up. See ya at work! :)"

"Ammy, I need to take a cab and go. You guys carry on.", announced Paakhi.

"Di! Aap bhi kahin jaa rahe ho? Shall i drop you?", asked Shilpa.

"Main office jaa rahi hu... My friend was to come and pick me up but usko apne husband ke saath Dargah jana hai! I'll catch a cab... You guys go... Or else you'll be late!", replied Paakhi.

"Nahi nahi! Abhi college shuru hone mein bohot time hai.", informed Shilpa.

"Waise bhi aaj lectures nahi hai. Portions khatam ho chuke hain.", said Armaan.

"Mera ek lecture baaki hai, But thats at 11!", replied Shilpa.

"Nahi! You guys go!", said Paakhi.

"Please di, lemme drop you!", she pouted making Paakhi giggle.

"Okay! I can't resist a cute face!", chuckled Paakhi making Armaan laugh.

Paakhi settled in the back seat, Armaan in the passenger's and Shilpa on the driver's and they zoom off. Shilpa droped Paakhi to her office and then Armaan and Shilpa continued their journey.

"Are we going to college abhi?", asked Armaan.

"Haan!", replied Shilpa.

"But tumhara lecture to 11 baje hai na?", he asked.

"Hmmm... then where do you wanna go?", she asked.

"Beach!", he replied.

Shilpa drove to the closest beach and parked the car. They walked over and Armaan seated himself comfortably on the cool sand and gave her a hand for her to hold so that she could sit but Shilpa handed over her handbag and phone to Armaan.

Armaan raised his eye brows in confusion.

"Main thoda aage ja rahi hu! Just keep my phone and bag. I don't want my phone to fall into the sea!", replied Shilpa.

Shilpa happily walked over to the waves that went over her feet.

"You have any good games in this Shilpa?", asked Armaan loudly flashing her phone to her.

"Check it out yourself!", she replied.

Armaan smiled and swiped to unlock the phone and found the messenger window open.


"Main bilkul sahi soch raha tha.", he grinned to himself and closed the messenger window and looked for some good game to play for a while.


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