Friday, 27 November 2020

Chapter 3 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

After a while they left the beach and drove back to college. Once he parked the car Shilpa got of and picked up her back and walked over to him and gently wound her arms around his torso to hug him. He smiled and hugged her back.

"You're the best friend I could ever ask for!", she smiled.

"Same here!", he replied, returning the smile.

"Chalo, I'll go. You keep the car keys with you.", she said.

"After your lecture we'll go for lunch.", he announced.

"Okay, we'll call Di there!", she beamed.

He nodded with a smile.

"I'll wait at 12 outside your lecture room.", he said.

She nodded and ran to her lecture room as he made his way to the library. He logged into his messenger and typed a message to his crazy girl. His? Really?

charmingwanderer90: Hey My Crazy Girl! Whats up?

But he didn't get any reply for a while he thought, "May be some really important lecture."

Suddenly his phone buzzed.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Hey! Good Morning Loafer. In class.

charmingwanderer90: Oh cool. Carry on. Will ttyl.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Nahi nahi. Bolo kya hua?

charmingwanderer90: Nothing yaar. Was in the library so thought of asking you what's happening! Kya plans hain aaj ke?

CrazyFlawlessMe: Going for lunch with my best friend.

Armaan smiled as she mentioned him as her best friend.

charmingwanderer90: Chalo, you concentrate on your lecture. Pata chala tumhe class ke baahar phek diya. LOL.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Very funny. :| Bye.

charmingwanderer90: Haha. Bye.

At the same time in Shilpa's class, Muskaan and Shilpa sat on the bench making notes as their professor Mr. Ahuja explained the chapter.

"Shilpa!", Muskaan called out to her in a whisper.

"Haan bol.", she replied.

"I saw you hugging a guy in college today! You know him?", she asked.

"Yup! He is my new best friend. He helped me set my house yesterday then we went for lunch, then I dropped him home. Then in the morning he asked me to pick him up from his place, we dropped his sister and went to the beach too. I hugged him, said bye and then I'm here with you.", she narrated.

"Oh.", replied Muskaan.

"Dosti bhale hi 2 din ki ho, he's a really sweet guy and he gives me that really positive vibe you know.", smiled Shilpa.

"You know that he is the college topper. Don't you?", she asked.

"Haan to? Is mein kya badi baat hai? College toppers dost nahi banate kya?", asked Shilpa raising her brow.

"Nahi aisa nahi hai par..", reasoned Muskaan.

"College ke liye hai wo Armaan Mallik, the college topper. But for me, He is Armaan... Just Armaan!", replied Shilpa.

"Tere aur uske beech kuch...", Muskaan trailed off.

"Aisa kuch nahi hai.. Atleast abhi tak to nahi hai. I mean.. we met each other yesterday. He is a sweet guy and a good friend.", replied Shilpa.

"Pyaar hona hota hai to ek jhalak mein ho jaata hai, 2 din to phir bhi kaafi time hai.", winked Muskaan.

"Pyaar hoga to sabse pehle tujhe bataungi. Khush?", asked Shilpa.

Muskaan nodded with a grin.

Suddenly the bell rang and Shilpa quickly packed up all her books and got up to leave.

"Kahan ja rahi ho Shilpa?", asked Rahul.

"Going out for Lunch!", she replied.

"Oooh! Lunch! Kiske saath?", teased Atul.

"Mere saath!", came a husky voice. Everyone turned to find Armaan standing by the door of their classroom.

Shilpa ran to Armaan, "Bye guys!", she waved at the three of her friends and walked out with Armaan leaving them in surprise, rather shock.

Armaan settled in the driver's seat and Shilpa on the passenger's. Soon they drove away to the restaurant.

They walk into the restaurant and the manager approached Shilpa.

"Reservation in the name of Shilpa Malhotra.", she said.

"This way Ma'am!", guided the manager.

Armaan and Shilpa get seated next to each other leaving the opposite 2 chairs empty waiting for Paakhi.

"Di ke saath Kashaf Aapi is also coming. Chalega?", he asked.

"Arey, bilkul chalega!", she smiled wide.

"Waise Armaan, tum aur Paakhi di akele rehte ho?", she asked.

"Haan. Paakhi di was married though. Jeeju passed away in an accident a few years ago in Delhi. Then we shifted here.", he replied.

"Oh. I'm sorry.", she looked away.

"Waise I wanted to ask you something!", he said.

"Poochho!", she said.

"I was wondering if I could give you a pet name. Tumhara koi pet name hai?", he asked.

"Um, hai to. Mumma used to call me Shona. Aaj tak kisi aur ne nahi bulaya. Papa ne bhi nahi.", she replied.

"Well then, Shona it is!", he grinned.

"You're really sweet. You know that, don't you?", she asked.

"Well, I didn't. Par ab tum keh rahi ho to zaroor hoga..", he chuckled, she giggled.

Shilpa and Armaan glanced at the menu when she heard, "Hello kids!"

"Hi Di!", smiled Shilpa.

"We're not kids. We are adults.", retorted Armaan.

"Yeah yeah, adults. Just coz your 25 doesn't mean you're an adult.", chided Paakhi.

"Hey K.A.!", greeted Armaan.

"Hey A.K.!", Kashaf greeted back.

Shilpa looked at them in confusion.

"What's K.A. and A.K.?", asked Shilpa with a frown.

"K.A. refers to Kashaf Aapi and A.K. refers to Ammy Kiddo!", explained Paakhi chuckling, Shilpa bit back her laughter.

"Aapi, this is my best friend, Shilpa Malhotra! And Shona, this is Kashaf Aapi, Paakhi di's best friend.", introduced Armaan.

"Hello Aapi!", greeted Shilpa.

"Hi Shilpa! You're really beautiful!", complimented Kashaf with a gleaming smile.

"Thank you!", she flushed at the compliment.

"Now that introduction is over, can we order some food? I'm really hungry!", announced Paakhi.

"Me too!", sided Shilpa.

They ordered the food and chatted for a bit until it arrived. As soon as the plate of pasta was kept in front of Shilpa, she gorged on it.

"You love pasta so much?", asked Armaan raising his brow.

Shilpa looked up to see three pairs of eyes looking over at her with a grin.

"Imsowie!", she said as she chewed and swallowed what was in her mouth.

"Was it obvious by the way I'm eating?", asked Shilpa, embarrassed.

"Yeah! But it's cool!", he chuckled.

"I haven't seen you laugh like that in quite sometime Ammy!", commented Paakhi.

"I haven't had a friend in my life for the longest time either di!", he replied.

"I owe you bigtime Shilpa. I mean, mujhe to lagta tha ke iss ladke ka koi dost nahi ban sakta. His routine was so monotonous. Ghar se college, college se ghar and that's it. No outing, no eat outs, no group study sessions. Nothing that a normal guy of this age would do.", she complained.

"Well, Armaan is really a nice guy. I think no one ever gave him a chance to be their friend.", reasoned Shilpa with a heart-warming smile.

"Atleast now we don't have to worry. He has a friend around when we're out on official tours!", announced Kashaf.

"He'll always have me around.", said Shilpa looking at Armaan, earning a smile from him.

"Paakhi, waise I forgot to tell you that we have to go to Pune to meet some clients tomorrow.", said Kashaf.

"Are we driving down?", asked Paakhi.

"Yup. Zaroon is gonna drop us off. He has work for a couple of hours, so he'll return by the evening. We'll stay over, attend the morning seminar the day after and then take a bus back to Mumbai.", replied Kashaf.

"Perfect.", replied Paakhi.

"Di! Please take care of yourself!", said Armaan.

"I'm the elder one Ammy! I should be saying that to you!", chided Paakhi making Shilpa giggle.

"Whatever!", he rolled his eyes.

In a while the waiter came to their table with the bill and handed it over to Armaan but before he could get hold of it, Shilpa snatched it.

"The Lunch is on me!", she announced.

"No Shilpa! It's on me. You guys are students!", reasoned Paakhi trying to take the bill from her.

"Please di. This is a treat to my new friendship. After a very long time I've got the opportunity to spend on someone.", replied Shilpa.

"Alright! I love that pout you know.", giggled Paakhi.

She took out her card and handed it to the waiter along with the folder.

"Thank you for the wonderful lunch and a great company. We shall be returning to office now!", said Paakhi.

"Yeah! Thank you for the lunch Shilpa!", thanked Kashaf.

"Anytime!", replied Shilpa with a beaming smile.

"We have a meeting to attend!", said Kashaf.

On earning a nod from Armaan and Shilpa, the ladies walked out.

"Shona where do you wanna go now?", asked Armaan.

"Amusement Park?!", she said.

"Okay!", he replied.

"You'll take me there?", she squealed.

"Of course!", he grinned.

"EEEKKKSSS!", she squealed and flung her arms around his neck and hugged him.

After a few seconds realization dawned upon her, they were in a restaurant. She broke apart and looked around to find people looking at them.

Armaan bit back his laughter and dragged her out of the restaurant.

After an hour's drive, they reached the amusement park. He parked the car and both of them got off. They ran the ticket counter.

"2 tickets please!", said Armaan to the vendor.

"800!", replied the vendor handing over the ticket.

Shilpa removed her wallet to pay but Armaan stopped her and asked, "Can't I pay?"

She smiled and put back her wallet, while Armaan paid the vendor and both walked into the amusement park. It was crowded but not like weekends.

Armaan and Shilpa went on most rides, screaming, yelling, squealing and laughing!

"Shona, let's go for the Scary House Ride!", announced Armaan dragging her.

"No way! I'm not going there.", retorted Shilpa pulling back her arms.

"Why?", he asked scrunching his brows.

"I'm scared of the dark Ammy!", she replied.

He smiled as she called him Ammy.

"Why are you grinning like that?", she asked.

"Ammy sounds really cute in your voice.", he chuckled.

"Come on! Let's go na!", he tried again.

"Par..", she started.

"I'll be there by your side Shona! I'm not gonna leave you alone! And anyway, 2 people sit in 1 wagon so obviously you're sitting with me.", he reasoned.

"Ammy..", she sighed.

"Don't you trust me?", he asked.

Shilpa closed her eyes, "Chalo!", she smiled. He beamed and dragged her to the ride.

They entered the main gate of scary house ride and sat in a wagon together. Shilpa clutched onto Armaan's shirt as though she was stuck to him with fevicol.

Armaan looked at Shilpa, who was shivering in fear and her eyes closed. He wound hiss arm around her shoulder and pulled her into him.

"Shona, open your eyes... I'm here!", he whispered.

She felt a little at ease after he comforted her so she opened her eyes and the wagon moved inside the scary mansion which was dark and spooky.

"Armaan! I'm feeling scared.", she said in a quivering tone.

"I'm here Shona, look at me!", he said cupping her cheek.

She looked into his beautiful blue eyes and he looked into her deep green orbs. Suddenly she felt something brush her arm, she quickly burrowed her head into his chest.

The noises were really scary and then a flash of red light came which showed a skeleton, Shilpa shrieked and jumped onto Armaan's lap and hugged him tighter. He chuckled.

Armaan slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer protectively. She was dead scared where as Armaan enjoyed the whole time with Shilpa sitting on his lap and hugging him.


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