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Chapter 4 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

Armaan slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer protectively. She was dead scared whereas Armaan enjoyed the whole time with Shilpa sitting on his lap and hugging him.

Once the wagon came to a halt, Armaan gently patted her shoulder and whispered, "Shona!"

"Aaahhh!", she shrieked out.

"It's me. The ride is over.", he said. Shilpa looked around and immediately got up.

"I swear I'll kill you for bringing me to this ride!", she yelled and stomped off. Armaan followed her.

"Shona! I'm sorry baby! I will never bring you to such rides.", he said in a sugary voice making her anger melt.

"Pakka?", she pouted.

"Haan! Rather we'll go for a horror movie!", he winked.

Shilpa shoved him hard on his chest and stomped off again.

"Owww!", he screamed in pain but followed her again.

"Achha sorry! I was joking! We'll never go to horror movies nor scary rides. Pakka promise.", he announced.

She smiled.

They went for a few more fun rides like dashing cars, sky fall, merry go round when there was announcement of the closing time.

"Chalo, lets go! Next time we'll come to Water World!", exclaimed Shilpa as she snaked her arms around his waist and hugged him.

Armaan smiled.

"You're the best!", she gleamed.

"So are you!", he replied with utmost honesty.


Shilpa stopped the car outside the apartment complex and looked over to Armaan who seemed to be silent throughout the journey and saw him fast asleep with a cute smile on lighting up his face.

She gently ruffled his hair and spoke, "Armaan, get up! Ghar aa gaya."

Armaan moved away a little and mumbled, "Sone do na Shona!"

"Apni best friend ko apna ghar bhi nahi dikhaoge?", she asked making him get up.

His sleep flew out of the window making him look so fresh all of a sudden. They got out of the car and Shilpa locked it. He quickly held her hand and dragged her to the elevator. Once they reached the door of the apartment, Armaan rang the bell and within a few minutes, Paakhi opened the door.

"Hey guys! Where did u go?", she asked letting them in.

"Amusement Park!", replied and excited Shilpa.

"Ammy aur Amusement Park??? Why are you kidding me Shilpa?", guffawed Paakhi

"No di! Why would I joke...?", she said removing her iPhone from her pocket and showed the pictures they had clicked to Paakhi.

"Not bad... I'm impressed with the improvement Ammy!", she winked.

"Di please!", he shrugged.

"By the way... My trip to Pune has been preponed. So I'm leaving in half an hour!", informed Paakhi.

"Oh! Ok! How are you goin?", asked Armaan.

"Zaroon and Kashaf coming to pick me up! And Kashaf and I will be back my bus!", she replied, he nodded.

"Di! Have you packed or you need help?", asked Shilpa.

"I have packed!", she smiled.


Paakhi had just left along with Kashaf and Zaroon. Armaan and Shilpa made their way back up to the apartment.

"Shona! Stay back here! We'll go together to college tomorrow! You can sleep in Di's room! So we both don't have to stay alone!", he announced.

"Nahi Armaan! I'll go! I don't have spare clothes for college tomorrow!", she reasoned.

"So what? We'll go over to your place before we go to college so you could get ready! Please!", he requested.

"Armaan but-", she started only to be cut off by him.

"I don't wanna hear anything! You're staying here tonight! Take Di's night suit from her cupboard.", he concluded making her giggle and nod.

Armaan showed her to Paakhi's room and walked off to his. Shilpa changed and sat on the bed and logged into her messenger through phone.

Armaan walked into the kitchen and started preparing pasta. Once the sauce was almost done, he opened the messenger on his phone and saw an offline message.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Hey Loafer! How are you? I had a great day today! One of the best in my life if I should say!

Armaan smiled.

charmingwanderer90: Hey Crazy Girl! I too had a great day!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Really? That's awesome! I'm staying over at my friend's place today so on thru phone!

charmingwanderer90: Oh ok! I missed you Crazy Girl!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Lol... Really?! I'm surprised!

charmingwanderer90: Hahahaha... no really! I did miss you! ;)

CrazyFlawlessMe: Liar! That's why no offlines! :P

charmingwanderer90: Fine fine... :D Btw, What are you gonna wear tomorrow! I guess we should start our game finally! :P ;)

CrazyFlawlessMe: Yeah Loafer... I'll be wearing blue denims and white top tomorrow! Start short listing! Whats my clue!

charmingwanderer90: Same as yours... I'll be wearing blue denims and white shirt! :P

CrazyFlawlessMe: Copy cat! :D :P

charmingwanderer90: Happy to be one! :P

CrazyFlawlessMe: I gotta go now! My friend must be wondering what's taking me so long to change into a night suit! :D

charmingwanderer90: Hahaha!!! Ok Crazy Girl! Good night! Take Care! Let the game begin!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Oh yeah Loafer! Let the game begin! ;) Good Night!

Both logged out of their messengers and Shilpa walked out of Paakhi's room and looked around for Armaan.

"Armaan!!", she called out.

"Shona! I'm in the kitchen.", he yelled back.

Shilpa walked into the kitchen and poked Armaan on his waist.

"Owww... What was that for?", he asked.

"It was... ummm... Just like that! Can't I poke my friend?", she replied casually.

"Correction sweetheart... Best Friend!", he grinned.

"Yeah yeah. By the way are you making pasta?", she asked inhaling the lovely aroma that filled the kitchen. He nodded.

"Yayyy!!!", she squealed and hugged him from the back.

"Armaan where is your library?", she asked.

"It's a small bookshelf in my room... go check it yourself!", he replied.

"Okay!", she said and ran to his bedroom. She opened the book shelf and removed a couple of story books. She began reading the titles of the books when her eyes fell on his study table where laid a red diary.

"Armaan's Diary?!!! Should i? Shouldn't I?", she thought to herself. Finally she decided to open and read through.

Diary 2015

She flips open the first page

1st January 2015

Happy New Year Mr. D...

Here's a New Year and a New you! :)

Gotta go for dinner to K.A's place! Cya later!

She flips a couple of pages more.

16th January 2015

Hey Mr. D...

I had a wonderful day today! Bumped into a girl this morning outside the computer lab... Shilpa Malhotra! She also dropped me home today!

She is a really sweet girl Mr. D... She is an orphan... But you know what I have made up my mind to be there by her side... I helped her set up her home... uhhh... MANSION!

Though she is rich.. She is extremely down to earth... We then went for Lunch and she dropped me back... Also took my number.

Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you about my new online friend. Miss CrazyFlawlessMe... I dunno her name... We're gonna play a guessing game! :P

Anyways... Going to bed...

-     A   :)

"Armaan is Mr. Loafer!", she grinned to herself.

She turned to see today's page was also filled.

"He would have written this while I would have been changing.", she thought.

17th February 2015

Hey Mr. D...

Another amazing day today! Best in my life i must say... Shilpa picked me up this morning... Nah... I told her to pick me up! :P

You know what... she is first friend in a long time... :) She also dropped Di to the office... We went to the beach after that and she gave me her phone so that she could go till the waves...


I wanted to play some games on her phone so i flipped it open and saw her messenger on... CrazyFlawlessMe... My new online friend is Shilpa... Well i guessed it... When Crazy Girl said she was an orphan and new to college and the same thing was told to me by Shilpa while I was at her place.

Can't tell you how happy I was! :D

Anyways then we went back to college and I was being the Loafer! :P Was on messenger with my Crazy Girl while she was in her lecture! :P

Then we went out for Lunch... Me and Shona... Yeah... thats what i call her... "SHONA"... :)


Di and K.A joined us and we had a great time...

After lunch I took Shona to the amusement park! Gosh it was fun... It's the first time I've made a friend and the first time i ever went to an amusement park! I know you're shocked... and so was Di...

Oh... The SCARY MANSION was the highlight of the day... She jumped onto to my lap within the first 30 seconds of the ride... She was looking so cute and extremely adorable!

But Mr. D... I had some feelings in me which I myself am not able to understand... I felt so nice while she was hugging me... Well as of now i have shrugged off these feelings! Will let you know if i get them again! ;)

Anyways... Di has gone to Pune for an Official Tour... and Shona is staying over with me! I didn't want her to be alone today! I know she would get bad dreams coz of the Scary Ride! :(

And yeah Mr. D... I haven't told Shona that I'm her online friend... Do you think I should tell her?

Anyways... Gotta go Mr. D... Had a long day today and Shona would be out any moment...

-     A   :)

Shilpa's eyes welled up seeing the amount of care and concern Armaan had for her.

"But he knows I'm his Crazy Girl... Uhhh... so what... I don't have to tell him now. Do I?", she smirked to herself.

"Let the game begin Mr. Loafer!", she grinned.

"Shona! Dinner's ready!", came Armaan's voice.

She immediately shut the diary and kept it back on the table, picked up one of the story books and walked out of the room.

They peacefully ate dinner recollecting the memories of the day after which they helped each other clean up the kitchen.

"Good Night Shona! If you need me anytime just come and wake me up! Okay?", he smiled.

Shilpa nodded and hugged him, "Thank you for being there with me Armaan!", she whispered.

He slid his hand onto her waist and pulled her more into him tightening the hug. After what seemed like eternity, they finally broke the hug.

Armaan cupped Shilpa's face and gives a gentle kiss on her forehead and mumbled, "Sweet Dreams Shona!"

Shilpa rose on her toes and gave him a soft peck on his cheek. Her soft lips felt like heaven on his stubble cheeks.

"Good Night Armaan!", she smiled and walked away to Paakhi's room while walked to his own and retired for the day.

In the middle of the night, Armaan got up to drink water when suddenly he heard Shilpa screaming at the top of her voice.

"Bachao bachao!", she yelled.

Armaan ran into the room and saw Shilpa shouting in her sleep on the bed.

" Aaahhh!", Shilpa shrieked and jumped off the bed and flung her arms around his neck, hugging him tight.

"Bad dream?", he asked. She nodded.

"I'm sleeping with you. I can't sleep here alone!", she said in a shivering voice.

Armaan smiled and took her to his room and laid her down on his bed. Armaan was about to go to the couch when she held his hand and said with a pout, "Don't leave me!"

Armaan smiled and walked to the other side of the bed and slipped under the blanket next to Shilpa. She turned to Armaan and hugged him hiding her face into his chest. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her more into him.

Shilpa buried her face in the crook of his neck and took a deep breathe and said, "Armaan! You smell so good!"

She placed a soft kiss in the crook of his neck sending shivers down his spine. He tightened the grip around her waist. He placed a kiss on her hair.

"I'm so gonna make you confess your feelings Armaan Mallik!", she thought to herself.

"It feels so good to be in your arms Armaan! I feel so safe!", she said in a gentle voice.

She tightened the grip on his back and he tightened his grip on her waist and both drift off into deep slumber.

Armaan slightly opened his eyes and looked at the clock which stuck 7 am. He smiled looking at Shilpa sleeping cuddled into him looking like an angel.

A flick of hair was disturbing her sleep so he grazed his fingers and tucked it behind her ear.

She slightly opened her eyes and saw him. She smiled and cuddled back into him and murmured in the crook of his neck in a soft voice, "Morning Ammy!"

"Morning Shona!", he greeted.

She pecked on his cheek, got up ran to Paakhi's room to get ready.

Armaan had a bath, wore a white shirt and blue jeans and came out of his room to see Shilpa wearing what she wore yesterday.

He smiled.

"Come Shona! Let's go to your place!", he said.

Shilpa ran to him and pulled him to the dining table.

"Drink the juice Armaan!", she ordered.

He drank the juice and both then drove off to Shilpa's place. As soon as Shilpa unlocked the door to her apartment, she turned to Armaan who was behind her.

"By the way, why are you wearing this today Ammy?", she asked.

"Just like that!", said Armaan.

"You're gonna get a shock of your life when you come to know that I'm your Mr. Loafer!", he had a mind talk causing him to chuckle.

"Why are you laughing to yourself and why such weird facial expressions?", she raised her brow.

"Nothing!", he retorted.

"You so don't know what's on my mind Ammy ! Hell of a shock coming your way!", she thought to herself smiling.

"I'll get dressed and come", she said and ran up to her room.

She came down wearing a white t-shirt and blue denims just as decided. Armaan saw her descending down the staircase and asked curtly, "You copy-cat! Why are you wearing the same combination as mine?"

"My clothes! My wish!", came her reply.

"Huh!", he sighed.

"Come on Ammy! Let's go now!", she said pulling him out of the house and drove to college.


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