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Chapter 5 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

It had been a month since Armaan and Shilpa had become friends and Shilpa had fallen in love with Armaan as much as he had fallen in love with her. Their guessing game was at the verge of finishing, though they didn't need it much.

Armaan still didn't know that Shilpa knew that he was her Mr. Loafer.

Shilpa and Armaan walked towards the common area before walking into the lecture room for a revision lecture for their finals.

"Bye Shona!", he said with a smile and gave her a hug.

Shilpa tightened the hug and replied, "Bye Ammy! See you after class!", saying this, she dropped a wet kiss on the crook of his neck and then on his cheek and ran off leaving a stunned Armaan behind.

"What was that?", he wondered in shock while walking to his lecture room.

He sat on the bench and switched on the messenger on his phone.

charmingwanderer90: Hey Crazy Girl! Missing you!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Really? Missing you too Mr. Loafer!

charmingwanderer90: Thats news! :P

CrazyFlawlessMe: Haha... No seriously! I was really thinking about you this morning!

charmingwanderer90: Awww... My Crazy Girl... :)

CrazyFlawlessMe: You know what... Actually I wanted to tell this to Ammy first but now that you're here... i shall tell you! I think I'm in love...

charmingwanderer90: What? With whom?

Armaan was shocked after reading this.

CrazyFlawlessMe: Will tell you later... First need to share this with Ammy... :)

charmingwanderer90: Oh! ok!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Why no excitement Mr. Loafer? :( Not happy that I'm in Love! :P

charmingwanderer90: No no! Not like that! Just got some important work! Need to go now! Ttyl Crazy Girl!

CrazyFlawlessMe: Okie! Bye! :)

Shilpa smirked at her victory of making Armaan jealous.

"Aap devil ke peechhe, devil aapke peechhe! Too much Fun!", she had a mind dance.

Soon the lecture got over and Shilpa went out of the lecture room and saw Armaan waiting outside. She ran to him gave him a hug and pecked on his cheek when suddenly her phone buzzed, she picked up.

"Hey! Whats up! Long time! No news mister... where have you been?", she said in a breathe.

She continued, "What? Wow! You're coming here? OMG! That's like awesome! When?"

"Ok! Cool then! See you in a week... Just text me the details of your flight! I shall pick you up! Bye", she ended the call...

"Who was it?", Armaan asked.

"My friend from London! He's coming to India for 3 days!", she said excitedly but noticing Armaan's expressions.

"HE?", questioned Armaan.

"Hmmm! Why?"

"Nah! Nothing! I gotta go Shona! I'll talk to you later!", he said in a hurry and turned to leave.

"Leaving your Shona and going Ammy?", she bit her her lip.

Armaan smiled.

"Where will your Ammy leave you and go?", he said.

He continued, "I'm with you forever!", he winked.

Shilpa giggled and replied, "Good! Coz I'm not letting you leave me even if you wished to! By the way Ammy... I think I'm in love..."

"WHAT?", he barked.

"Yeah!", she said innocently, yet dreamily.

"Who is he?", he roared.

"He who?", she asked with a smile on her face.

"The guy you think you're in love with Shona!", he said in a loud volume.

"I'll tell you that later! Now let's go to the canteen and grab a bite! I'm hungry!", saying this, she dragged Armaan to the canteen.

She looked around and caught a table.

"You sit! I'll get you something to eat! What do you want?", asked Armaan.

"Hmmm..", she thought to herself.

"Pasta! Isn't it!", Armaan said..

She smiled and nodded her head vigorously. Armaan smirked and went to get the food. They finished their Lunch and went to Armaan's place.

Armaan sat on the sofa and switched on the TV.

Shilpa sat next to him and hugged hum closing her eyes.

"You okay Shona?", Armaan asked.

"Mmm...", she said snuggling more into him.

Armaan by now had totally forgotten about their previous conversation where Shilpa said she was in Love when suddenly she spoke up.

"Being in Love is so amazing Ammy!", she said in a honey dew voice.

Armaan looked up in shock.

"Shona! Who are you in love with?", he asked.

"Tschhh... Lemme sleep Armaan! We can talk about it later...", she said snuggling more into him and tightening the hug...

She continued, "Ammy! Carry me to the bed!"

Armaan sighed and picked her up and made his way to his room, place her on the bed...

He turned to go back to the hall when Shilpa pulled him and he fell on her. She rolled him and came on top of him.

"What the!", he muttered in shock...

"Where do you think you're going leaving me here alone Mr. Armaan Mallik?", she asked raising her eyebrows.

"No where Shona! I'm not leaving you!", he said.

"Then lie down with me!", she said.

Armaan nodded and Shilpa got off him. Shilpa hugged him and slept on his chest. Shilpa woke up after an hour and saw Armaan sleeping peacefully. Shilpa smiled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Your new found love won't like it if you do that!", said Armaan with his eyes still closed

"I don't care! You're more important!", said a smiling Shilpa.

Armaan smiled.

"Come let's go and study.  A week full of Exams!", sighed Shilpa.

Armaan smirked and got up.

"Come we'll go to your place!", said Armaan.

Shilpa smiled and got up. Armaan took his books and they drove off to Shilpa's house.

A week of exams went off in a jiffy. They studied sometimes at Shilpa's house and sometimes at Armaan's. Both had different subjects but they wanted to be there for each other throughout.

Finally the day of the last exam and the bell rang TRINNNGGG'

All submitted their papers and went out of the lecture room. Shilpa ran towards Armaan's lecture room and Armaan towards Shilpa's. They saw each other and ran into a tight hug.

"The exams were awesome Ammy!", exclaimed a cheerful Shilpa.

"Totally!", cheered Armaan as well.

"Then it's time to celebrate!", exclaimed Shilpa.

"Come!", said Armaan.

They turned to walk when Shilpa's phone buzzed and she picked up.

"Hey whats up??"

"You here already?"

"Uhhun.. Cool! See you then! I'm leaving for the airport! Be there in 15 minutes!"

She finished the phone call.

"Ammy! We need to go to the airport! My friend from London is here already! He's gonna be here for 3 days! He has a project study here!", said Shilpa.

Armaan's face dropped but he managed to keep a smiling face.

"Shona! You go! I'll meet you later!", said Armaan.

"You're coming with me Ammy!", said Shilpa pulling him to her car.

They drove off to the Airport and went to the arrivals gate and a smile crept Shilpa's face.

She ran and hugged the a young man who stood with a gleaming smile on his face.

"How have you been Reh? So nice to see you after so long!", she squealed.

"I've been great and same here Shilpss!", replied the guy, chuckling.

Armaan looked over with upset expression all over his face.

"I can't share my best friend with anyone! That's it! I'm going to pull them apart from that hug!", he mentally remarked.

By the time Armaan walked to them, Shilpa herself broke the hug. She turned to Armaan and read the expression on his face.

"Someone's so jealous and I'm Lovin' it!", she grinned to herself.

"Ammy! This is Rehan.. My sweetheart neighbour from London! And Reh! This is Armaan! My bestestest friend!", squealed Shilpa hugging Armaan.

"Hi Armaan! Nice to meet you!", said Rehan putting his hand forward.

Armaan gripped his hand almost fracturing it and gave a lopsided grin, "Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you too!"

"Ok ok.. Now all introductions over! Rehan! You're staying at my place aren't you?", asked Shilpa.

Armaan looked up in shock his eyes popping out.

"I guess so! Its a matter of 3 days!", said Rehan, Shilpa smiled.

"Come! Lets go!", she squealed holding onto Armaan's arm and the other arm on Rehan's shoulder.


"Reh! The guest room is here!", said Shilpa guiding him towards it.

Armaan still irritated by the entry of the new guy in Shilpa's life.

"I'll kill this guy! Hope Shona is not in love with this guy!", he thought to himself in worry.

"Rehan! You freshen up!", she told Rehan who went into the guest room.

Shilpa then turned to Armaan and asked, "What happened Ammy? Come with me!"

She took him to her room and aked, "You're looking upset! Kya hua? Tell me!"

"Nothing Shona!", replied Armaan.

"Are you upset with Rehan being here, staying over at my place?", she said with raised eyebrows. Armaan's face fell.

She pushed him onto her bed and got onto him sitting on his tummy.

"Ammy! You were, are and will always be the most special person in my life!", she squealed and fell over on him hugging him as tight as she could.

Hearing this, a smile of contentment lit Armaan's face and he hugged her pulling her more into him and kissed her hair.

Suddenly they heard Rehan shout, "SHILPA!!!!"

Shilpa broke the hug, pecked on Armaan's cheek and said, "I'll be right back Ammy!" and ran out of her room.

"Yup Rehan! What happened?", asked Shilpa.

"Needed the remote of the TV!", said Rehan sweetly.

"Ummm.. Its there in the cabinet below the TV!", replied Shilpa and walked to the kitchen.

Rehan walked over, took the remote and switched on the TV. Shilpa quickly made some noodles and walked out of the kitchen.

"It's so good to have you here!", said Shilpa cheerfully, passing the bowl of noodles to him.

"Ah! The famous noodles.", said Rehan rolling the fork in the noodles and putting a mouthful into his mouth.

Someone back there was looking at them with eyes spitting fire.

"Does he want to go back to alive or wants his dead body to be sent back home! Bloody hell! I'll punch him so hard that he'll never even go near her! She is my Shona!",he mumbled to himself.

Shilpa noticed him and whispered something in Rehan's ear making him laugh looking at the TV screen where Salman Khan danced on Jumme ki Raat Hai.

"I Love him!", she sighed dreamily.

Armaan's eye popped out and he barked, "Love who?"

"Salman Khan Ammy! Who else? He is my first Love! I told you didn't I?", said Shilpa cheerfully trying to hide the smirk.

"You and your love for this man!", laughed Rehan.

Armaan flushed and barked, "So you mean you are in Love with Salman Khan???"

"Yup!", she said.

Armaan rolled his eyes at her.

"Ammy! Thats why I told you! You're more important!", she said sliding her arms around his waist and dropping a wet kiss on the crook of his neck.

She continued, "You don't have to be Jealous of anyone! I'm your Shona! Only yours!"

Armaan slid his hand on her waist and pulled her closer into him.

"Okay guys! Please carry on with your mushy stuff later! I'm hungry! Let me eat my noodles!", said Rehan cheekily.

Armaan and Shilpa broke the hug. Both their faces flushed and embarrassed. Shilpa got another two bowls of noodles from the kitchen and the three of them sat together and enjoyed their noodles.

 "I gotta go now for the meeting Shilpa! I'll meet you at night! You too Armaan!", said Rehan cheerfully and walked out with his bag.

Armaan looked at Shilpa. Shilpa got up and cleared the dining table and went to the kitchen.

She started washing the bowls when Armaan comes from behind and whispered in her ear, "So someone is in Love?".

"Haan! I LUUURRRVVEEE SALMAN KHAN!", she said cheekily with a big grin adorning her face.

"Really?", he  confirmed hugging her from the back and then he kept his chin on her shoulder.

"Yup!", she replied.

"Pakka?", he asked.

"Pakka!", she confirmed.

She continued, "But!!"

"But what?", he asked nuzzling in her neck.

"I Love someone more than I Love Salman Khan!", she said with a smile.

"WHO?", he barked.

"Patience Ammy! Patience! You'll get to know very soon!", she said.

She continued, "Our Graduation party is tonight! I'll tell you who it is! Infact show you who he is!", she smiled.

"Who is it Shona? Tell me now!", he asked impatiently.

"Ammy! Don't spoil it! Wait! You trust me na?", she questioned.

"More than myself!", he replied.

"Then just wait Ammy! You'll get to know!", she smiled turning around and patting his cheeks.

Armaan pouted.

"Awww... You look so cute when you try to copy my pout!", she said giggling.

"You look cuter when you pout!", he said.

"I know!", she replied cheekily.

Armaan smirked, nuzzled in her neck and said huskily , "Shona!".

"Hmmm", came her reply.

He then tightened the grip on her tummy and kissed her hair. He kept his chin on her shoulder and continued, "Will you be my date for the graduation party tonight?"

She kept her hand on his hand on her tummy and replied, "Was that even a question to ask Ammy? Who else would I go with?"

Armaan closed his eyes and nuzzled into her neck with a smile on contentment and Shilpa smiled to herself.

"I Love You Shona! And I will tell you my feelings tonight before you could tell me, who is the person who is more important than your Salman Khan! I shall make sure that the only person who becomes the most important person in your life was, will and always be me! I can't loose you Shona! Not at all! Never ever!", he had a mind talk.

He broke the hug and turned Shilpa around to face him. He cupped her face and gave a gentle kiss on her forehead. His eyes were filled with tears and he gulped not letting them fall.

"Ammy! Are you okay?", asked Shilpa cupping his face. He nodded in a yes.

"No you aren't Ammy! You wouldn't have tears in your eyes if you were okay!", she said with concern.

Armaan smiled at her concern, picked her up in his arms and took her to her room and seated her on her bed.

"What are you wearing tonight for the party?", asked Armaan.

"What do you want me to wear?", she counter questioned.

"Ummm... I dunno! You decide na!", he said as he sat down next to her.

"What are you wearing?", she asked

"You suggest!", he said with a pout.

"Ammy! Don't copy my pout. Its Shilpa Malhotra Copyrights!", she giggled.

Armaan laughed.

"Fine! You wear Red!", he said with a smile.

"Okay! You wear Black!", she replied.

"Hmmm". He replied and then continued, "So red and black is a deadly combo! Don't you think?"

"Armaan and Shilpa is also a deadly combo! Don't you think?", she said cheekily.

Armaan laughed. Shilpa pecked on his cheek and said, "Now go home and get ready! Take my car and come and pick me up at 7.30!"

"Fine! Bye Shona!", he said and dropped a kiss on her cheek and ran out of the house taking the car keys.


Many of you wanted Paakhi's Character Sketch. So here you go:

Paakhi Mallik Rathore

Armaan's sister, who is a widow. She was married to an air force pilot  Anshuman Rathore who passed away 2 years after their marriage. She supports her brother all the way and loves him a lot.

Rehan Qureshi

Shilpa's childhood friend from London.


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