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Chapter 6 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

Armaan reached home and opened the door with his keys.

"Di!!!", he yelled.

"Kya hai Ammy? Why are you shouting?", questioned Paakhi.

He ran to Paakhi and lifted her up by her waist and twirled her around.

"Di.. di.. di... I'm sooo happy today!", he said excitedly.

"Ammy put me down and tell me what happened?", she asked cheerfully.

"I'm in love di! I'm finally gonna propose to her tonight!", he said with a wide grin.

"Shilpa?", she smirked at him.

"Aapko pata tha?", he asked surprised.

"Yup! Obviously! I know you too well Ammy!", she laughed. Armaan blushed slightly.

"Ammy? Blushing?", asked Paakhi, wide eyed.

Armaan sighed and went to his room leaving a smirking Paakhi behind.

In the evening,

Rehan returned at 7 pm and looked around the house for Shilpa. He called out, "Shilpaaa!"

"Rehan! I'm coming! Just a minute", came her reply.

She came down wearing a red knee length cocktail dress.

"OMG! You're dressed to kill!", he complimented.

Shilpa giggled as Rehan continued, "Today Armaan is surely gonna... ummm... you know!", he winked.

"Shut up!", she barked.

Soon Rehan went into his room after the conversation and Shilpa's phone beeped. She opened the unread text message.

From: Armaan

"I'm waiting outside! Come out Shona! Eager to see you!"

Shilpa blushed and thought to herself, "So someone is in love with me too! I like it!"

She walked out of the main door to find Armaan leaning against the car in a black tuxedo. Armaan's jaw dropped down at the sight of Shilpa. She smirked to herself, walked over to him and closed his mouth.

She sneaked her arms around his neck, raised on her toes and whispered in his ear, "Someone's looking handsome!"

She then placed a wet kiss on his cheek, as Armaan clutched onto her waist and pulled her more into him. He bent down and placed a kiss on her bare shoulder.

"You're looking gorgeous!", he said huskily.

They break the hug.

"Shall we go?", he asked. Shilpa nodded. He opened the passenger door for her and closed it once she was seated.

He sat on the driver's seat and drove to the venue.

Rahul, Muskaan and Atul were there already. Armaan walked in with Shilpa with his hand on her waist, clutching onto her waist possessively.

"Hey Shilpa!", said Muskaan and went over to hug her. Armaan was still standing next to her holding her waist.

Then Rahul and Atul also hugged Shilpa. Soon they broke apart. They spoke for a while after which Rahul took Muskaan to the dance floor while Atul went to get a glass of juice. Armaan took Shilpa to the dance floor.

"What was that?", he asked.

"What was what?", she asked confused.

"Why did you hug Rahul and Atul?", he questioned.

"Ammy! Its the last day! Iske baad hum miley na miley! Who knows!", she stated.

"You're not going anywhere away from me!", he retorted.

"I wasn't talking about you Ammy! I was talking about them! I won't leave you ever!", she said as she hugged him.

She continued whispering in his ears, "How can your Crazy Girl leave her Mr. Loafer after all?"

Armaan broke the hug and looked at Shilpa with surprised eyes.

"You knew??", he asked shocked.

"If you knew, Why should I not know!", she asked raising her eyebrows.

"But how?", he enquired.

"I read your diary!", she stated and place a soft kiss on his stubble.

"Shona!!!", he hugged her in surprise and pulled her more into himself. They hugged each other as if there was not tomorrow.

Soon the music started playing.

His arms went around her waist and her hands around his neck.

Kehte hain,
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye

He took her hand in his hand and twirled her so that her back now touched his chest and his hands rested on her tummy and her hands on his. He rested his chin on her bare shoulder.

Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

She could feel his warm breathe fanning her neck making her feel secured and protected. She smiled.

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta

He twirled her again and now both are facing each other, lost in each other's eyes.

Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi marna issi ke liye

Armaan took a step forward, Now their body was moulded into each other. Extremely close.

Kehte hain,

Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye

He dragged Shilpa out to the college garden. She looked at him in surprise.

He cupped her face and said, "You are the most special person in my life who changed me for good! I cannot imagine my life without you Shona!"

His eyes welled up with tears. Shilpa immediately cupped his face and kissed his eyes and replied, "You're the most important and the only person in my life!"

They hugged each other.

Armaan soon went down on his knees and removed a small box from his coat pocket and removed a ring.

He held her left hand in his left and questioned with gleaming eyes, "Shona! Will you be mine for ever and ever?"

Shilpa nodded as happy tears trickled down her cheek. Armaan held her hand gently and slipped the ring on her ring finger and got up.

She placed her hand on his chest and said, "I was, am and will always be yours Ammy!"

"I love you Shona!", he said with a smile.

I love you too!", she replied.

Soon he pulled her into a never ending hug. His hand was possessively locked around her waist and Shilpa's hand on his back. She placed a wet kiss on the crook of his neck and he placed one on her bare shoulder. Suddenly Shilpa could feel something on her tummy.

She blushed when she realized that the closeness had turned him on and gave him a hard on. She pushed herself more so that there was no awkwardness between them.

"Shona!", he whispered huskily in her ears.

"Hmmm", came her reply!

"Will you marry me?", he questioned still hugging her not wanting to look at her at the moment.

"Ammy! If I don't marry you, who else would I marry stupid! I wanna be with u forever and ever!", she replied.

He broke the hug and kissed on her forehead.

"You're Mine!", he said possessively.

"I'm all yours!", came her reply.

He hugged her again with all the love in the world.

"Shona! Will you come home tonight! I wanna be with you!", said Armaan.

Shilpa smiled and replied, "Okay! I'll call Rehan and tell him that I won't be coming home! So he can lock the house and get some sleep!", she giggled.

"Hmmm", he said.

Shilpa turned around took out her phone from her clutch and called Rehan. She started walking away. Armaan followed her.

"Rehan! I'm not coming home tonight! Staying over at Ammy's place! So lock up properly and sleep!"

"Okay! I'll do that. You take care.", came Rehan's voice from the other end.

Armaan walked to her and slid his arms around her waist. Shilpa smiled and rested her head back on his chest.

She continued on the phone, "Be careful. Don't let the thieves in!", she chuckled.

Armaan lowered his head and showered wet kisses on her shoulder.

"Shut up!", chided Rehan.

"Ummm... Rehan! I'll see you tomorrow!", she said and sighed because of the havoc Armaan was creating in her body with his kisses.

"Why are you almost whispering Shilpa?", asked Rehan.

"Rehan! Bye I gotta go!", she said and quickly cut the call.

Armaan continued giving kisses on her neck and shoulder, she tried to walk away only to be pulled back to his hard chest.

"Where do you think you're going Shona?", he whispered huskily.

Shilpa blushed and turned to hide herself in his chest. Armaan smiled and hugged her.

"Shona!", he called out

"Hmmm", came her reply

"Come lets go home!", he said.

Shilpa broke the hug still avoiding looking into his eyes.

"Lets go Ammy!", she said and started walking ahead.

Armaan started walking faster and came in front of Shilpa looking at her & walking backwards.

"Look at me Shona!", he said.

She didn't look up.

"Look up sweetheart!", he said again.

She nodded in a no still looking at the ground and walking.

"Shona! Baby! Please look up na!", he requested, when suddenly there was splash. Shilpa looked around to find Armaan fallen into a puddle. She burst out into a fit of laughter.

"OMG! Ammy! You fell!", she laughed out.

She continued, "Couldn't you have walked properly?", she asked laughing out loud.

"Couldn't you have looked at me when i asked you to?", he whined.

He continued, "Yuck! Slush all over my tuxedo!", he said irritated.

"Awww my baby!", she pouted and laughed.

"Stop laughing and gimme a hand Shona!", he said.

She gave her hand only to be pulled by him. She fell on him and he rolled to come on top of her.

"Ammy!!! My dress!!!", she whined.

"Weren't you smirking at me a moment ago!", he asked with a grin adorning his face.

"Ammy! Get off me!", she whined.

Armaan smirked and got up, then picked her up as well and walked to the parking lot.

They sat in with cringed faces since the car seats were also slushy coz of their clothes, but they had to go home in any case.


Armaan rang the bell and soon the door opened revealing Paakhi looking at them with her eyes popped out.

"Ammy? Shilpa? Ye kya haalat bana li hai tum dono ne?", Paakhi almost yelled.

"Di wo hum...", Armaan trailed off.

"Di! We both fell into a puddle", said Shilpa feeling a bit embarrassed.

Paakhi burst out laughing and said, "Lost in each other to such an extent that you fell into a puddle! How true they say, People fall in love!", she smirked.

"Dii!", said Armaan irritated.

"What di?", she smirked and continued, "Go and wash up both of you! I'll get the dinner on table!"

"Okay di!", said Shilpa

Armaan rushed into his room.

"Di! Can I wear your...", she trailed off to be cut by Paakhi.

"Shilpa! You don't need to ask me anything! You can use my stuff without my permission! I your sister in law after all!", she winked making Shilpa blush.

Paakhi gently kissed Shilpa on her forehead and said, "Now go and wash up!"

Shilpa ran into Paakhi's room and quickly had a bath and changed into jammies and tshirt and walked out to the kitchen. She saw Paakhi heating the food.

"Di! Shall I help?", she asked sweetly.

"Shilpa! Arrange plates on the table na please!", requested Paakhi.

"Di! You don't have to request! Just order!", she cheerfully replied.

Paakhi giggled.

Shilpa took out 3 plates from the rack and placed it on the table when 2 arms sneaked around her waist and a wet kiss was dropped on her neck.

"Ammy! Not here!", she sighed.

"You didn't let me do this in the college garden also! And now not even at home!", he whined.

He continued, "You won't even let me do this at your place coz that Rehan's there!", he sulked.

"Leave me! I need to help Di!", she whined.

"Not before I get my kiss! You haven't let me kiss you yet!", he said.

"Good things come to those who wait.", she said giggling.

"I want my kiss and that's final!", he ordered.

She turned and pecked on his cheek and walked away to the kitchen.

"I'll take what I want Shona!", he shouted out.

Paakhi came out of the Kitchen and enquired, "Take what Ammy?"

"Uhh.. wo.. Food! I'll serve myself!", he covered up.

"Who was serving you anyways? Don't expect Shilpa or me to serve you!", she replied.

Shilpa giggled while coming out. Armaan glared at her. They ate with Paakhi and Shilpa talking and giggling most of the time and Armaan irritated.

Once they finished dinner, Paakhi and Shilpa cleared plates and cleared the kitchen.

"So what plans for tomorrow?", asked Paakhi.

"Gotta go to college and collect some certificates!", replied Shilpa.

"Okay! Good Night both of you! I have an important meeting in the morning!", informed Paakhi and continued, "Shilpa! I'm leaving the door open, so come in and sleep whenever you feel sleepy!"

"Yes di!", she replied.

Paakhi walked off to her room and shut the door. As soon as the door shut, Armaan scooped Shilpa into his arms and went to his room. He gently placed her on the bed and went over to lock the door. He locked it and made his way to the bed. He came on top of her.

"So, Shona! I was telling I will take what i want!", he said with a smirk.

Shilpa rolled him to come on top of him and replied, "Oh no honey! I'll take what I want!", she winked.

"Huh!", Armaan looked at her in surprise.

She bent down and placed a wet kiss on his neck.

"Shona!", he sighed.

"Hmmm", came her reply still kissing his neck. She gently sneaked her hand under his tshirt.

"Shona! What are you doing?", he whispered

She bit him on his neck.

"Owww", he shouted.

"Exactly what you were doing when I was talking to Rehan on the phone Ammy!", she whispered into his -ear.

"But I didn't bite!", he whined.

"Did I tell you not to?", she questioned looking at him and raised her brows.

That was it; Armaan immediately rolled her to come on top.

"So that means you don't mind if I bite!", he winked.

Shilpa rolled him back and replied, "No I don't! But I'm not done with you as yet!"

Her lips hovered over his and she gently kissed the corner of his lips.

"Shona!", he whispered as his breathe hitched.

She started showering kissed all over his face but not his lips. He was getting frustrated.

She gently moved her hand on his shirt and started unbuttoning it. She bent down to his neck and showered kisses there and went down to his chest trailing wet kisses. Armaan on the other hand was getting extremely restless coz Shilpa had pinned him and over that she was arousing him to such an extent that he was not able to take lead.

She finally raised her head to breathe when she was rolled over. Armaan was now on top and Shilpa's arms around his neck.

"I shall do exactly what you did baby!", he winked.

Before Armaan could even do anything, she pulled his face to her, crashing her lips on his. She sucked on his lower lip and bit it lightly. Armaan was taken back in surprise but soon started licking her luscious pink lips.

He then took over and invaded her mouth, the kiss becoming even more passionate with every passing moment.. Her nails were digging into his bare back and his hands slid under her tshirt caressing her bare waist.

Finally they broke for some air. Armaan placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I Love you my junglee billi!", he said winking at her.

"I Love you too pagal loafer!", she exclaimed with a giggle.

He smiled.

"Now get off me!", she whined

"Kyun?", he asked with a wicked smirk

"Ammy! I need to go and sleep! What if di wakes up?", she asked.

"Don't make excuses now!", he pouted.

"Ammy! No pouting!", she glared.

"Yeah yeah!", he chided.

Shilpa pecked on his lips, pushed him off and got up.

"Good Night!", she wished and ran out of his room to Paakhi's.

Once she entered Paakhi's room, she locked the door and got into the quilt and her phone buzzed. She scrunched her brow seeing Rehan call her so late at night.


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