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Chapter 7 : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

"Yeah Rehan temme! Why called so late at night!", she asked.

 "Shilpss! Seher is not well! I would have to go back now! I will manage the remaining project from London itself through Video Call or something! I need you to come here now!", he said in a rush.

"K... No issues! I'll be there", she said in worry and cut the call.

Paakhi got up with the voice and asked, "Shilpa! Is everything okay? You look worried!"

"Di! My friend who was staying at my place has to leave immediately! His fiance is not well! I have to go home now! You sleep!", she said.

"Okay! And tell Ammy to stay over with you! You don't have to stay alone!", said Paakhi.

"Yes Di!", came her reply as she quickly paced to Armaan's room.

Shilpa barged in to see Armaan writing his diary.

"Ammy! I need to go home!", she announced.

"What happened Shona?", he asked with worry written all over his face.

"Rehan's fiance is not well so he has to leave immediately!", she said.

"Come!", he said and took her out of the house and drove off to her place.

As they reached, Rehan was already waiting outside with his bags all packed.

Shilpa opened the car door and jumped out. She ran to Rehan and hugged him.

"Take Care of Seher!", she said.

"Hmmm", replied Rehan completing the hug.

"And yourself too!", she said cheerfully breaking the hug.

"You take care of yourself too! And Armaan!", he smiled, she nodded.

Rehan walked to Armaan, "Take Care of her! It was nice meeting you!", said Rehan.

"I will! Always! And same here!", he replied with a smile.

"Okay guys, My cab has come! Will see you guys soon! Bye!", Rehan waved walking to the cab.

"Take Care!", shouted Shilpa.

Rehan smiled and replied, "You too! Bye!", he waved off as the car disappeared in the darkness.

Shilpa walked into her house followed by Armaan who locked the door behind. As soon as Shilpa heard the click, she turned to look at him surprised.

Armaan sang, "Hum tum is apartment mein band ho! Aur chaabi kho jaaye!"

Shilpa ran for her life, but before she could reach the stair case, Armaan caught her hand and pulled her onto his hard chest.

"I'm not leaving you now baby! No di, no Rehan! Just you and me! You can't give me any excuses anymore!", he stated.

Shilpa hugged him to hide her blush. He completed the hug, then parted to scoop her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

He gently made her lie down on the bed and came on top of her. He gently kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes feeling the pure love they had for each other. He started trailing gentle kisses all along her face. Her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and gently came down to her lips and gave a full fledged kiss. He nibbled on her lips and so did she. Her hand ruffled through his soft hair and his hand caressing her waist.

His hand made their way under her tshirt and caressed her back. She moaned into his mouth. He flung out her tshirt and she helped him with his.

He broke apart and spoke, "Shona! I want you!", he whispered huskily. Both were breathing heavy.

"I want you too Ammy!", she whispered back. He scooped down and nibbled her lips, his hand gently made their way to her bra clip and opened it. She moaned.

Soon their clothes were scattered all over the room. Shilpa moaned in ecstasy as he entered her and soon the moans of pleasure and pure love took over. Both were making love.. Pure love.. The love they felt for each other, the love that they wanted to give each other. The belonging they had for each other was complete. They finally belonged to each other by all means.

After the love making session, they lay next to each other all sweaty with the feeling of contentment. Armaan gently pulled Shilpa into his arms. The sleeping angel snuggled more into him.

A smile of contentment adorned his face as he dozed off holding his life in his arms.

Later in the night Shilpa opened her eyes feeling thirsty. She was in Armaan's arms. Her Ammy's arms. She smiled and places a soft kiss on his chest and got out of his hold. She wrapped herself in the white sheet and made her way to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

In the room Armaan's slumber broke as he could not feel Shilpa in his arms. He opened and scanned the room. She was nowhere to be seen. He got up and rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock... 3.00am.

"Ye kahan gayi?", he sighed and got off bed and wrapped the other bed sheet and made him way downstairs.

He saw the kitchen lights on so he went there and saw Shilpa drinking water, wrapped in a white bed sheet, hair loosely tied up in a bun. The sight was serene.

"My Shona!", he sighed and made his way to the kitchen and gently wrapped his arms around her waist and placed a gentle kiss on her bare shoulder.

She leaned back on his hard chest and spoke, "Ammy! Why did you get up?"

"You weren't there in my arms so I couldn't sleep!", he said truthfully.

She turned around and kissed on his chest. "I love you!", she mouthed a whisper.

"I love you more!", he replied taking the bottle of water from her hands and drinking it.

He then scooped her in his strong arms and made his way back to the bedroom. He lay her down and got in next to her.

"Ammy! I love all this!", she exclaimed keeping her head on his chest as he slid his arms around her.

"What all this?", he enquired.

"You and me together forever!", she said with a smile.

"And ever!", he completed and placed a kiss on her forehead as she snuggled more into him.

"Sleep baby! We have to go to college tomorrow to collect certificates!", said Armaan

"Umm...", was all she could reply as she dozed off in the warmth of belonging and love.

In the morning,

Armaan got up first to see the most serene sight in front of his eyes, the love of his life sleeping like an innocent child. Her arms wrapped around him and her head on his chest. He placed a soft kiss on her hair and then a quick peck on her lips.

She squinted her eyes open, "Morning Ammy!", she said with a sweet smile playing on her lips.

"Morning Shona!", he said and kissed her again on her lips only but this time, Shilpa deepened the kiss and he responded with the same passion. Soon they broke apart due to loss of breathe.

"Get ready first! I wanna sleep for 5 more minutes!", said Shilpa with the cutest pout ever.

Armaan kissed the pout and got up. He walked to the bathroom after picking up his jeans and tshirt from the floor and had a quick shower. He came out and woke Shilpa up and lifted her till the bathroom.

"I'll make something to eat! Get ready quick!", he said and left the bathroom shutting the door behind.

Shilpa got ready and went down to see buttered toast and orange juice waiting on the table and Armaan still in the kitchen!

"Ammy! What are you still doing in the kitchen?", she asked as she entered the kitchen

"Nothing!", came a quick reply as he hid his hand behind. Shilpa raised her brows and pulled his hand in front.

"You burnt your finger???? Stupid! Ammy! Couldn't you be careful??", she barked. She sucked the finger and showed it under running cold water. She then ran and brought a tube of burnol and applied it on his finger.

Armaan smiled at the love and care he was getting. "Stop smiling like a moron!", she barked. He smirked at the comment.

She made him sit on the dining table and fed him breakfast and alongside ate her own. She picked up her car keys and dragging Armaan out.


Once they reached college, they went to their respective classrooms to collect their certificates. Armaan collected it fast and made his way to Shilpa's classroom but she wasn't there.

He made a face and called her but she did not pick up. He frowned and went to the library. He went to one corner of the library and was searching for a book with least amount of interest. A pair of milky white arms sneaked around his waist and a sudden bite on his back.

He smiled in satisfaction and turned. "Where were you?", he asked.

"I was with Muskaan, Rahul and Atul!", she replied.

"Why?", he asked with a frown

"First they were enquiring about you and me so i told them and then i went to the gate to see off Muskaan and Rahul as they are going to Australia! I don't know when I would be able to meet them next. Then I went with Atul to get him a cab to the station. He's also going home to Delhi!", she said in a breathe.

"So I'm the last on the priority list?", he frowned.

"No baby! I just wanted to finish off everything so now I can be with you every moment of the day!", she smiled and she pecked on his lips.

Armaan smiled and said, "Come let's go home and meet di!"

"Wouldn't she be at work?", she asked.

"Nah! She had a conference this morning, so she finished that and now is back home with Kashaf Aapi as Zaroon bhai has gone out of town!", he replied.

He continued, "So I'm gonna make some excuse so we can spend the night at your place again!"

Shilpa blushed and hugged him. They soon made their way home to meet Paakhi and Kashaf.


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