Thursday, 3 December 2020

Epilogue : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

At night,

 Paakhi went off to sleep as she was really tired and had work the next day.

 Armaan entered his room and did not find Shilpa. He was just about to call when she came out wearing a plain white knee length satin nighty.

 Armaan kept staring at her and Shilpa interrupted his chain of thoughts, "Are you fine?"

 "Hmmm", came his dazed reply. Shilpa shook her head and smiled. Shilpa made her way to the bed and sat with her back on the head board.

Armaan quickly changed into his tshirt and tracks and sat next to Shilpa and pulled her into his arms.

"Sleep love! You look tired!", he said.

"You too Ammy!", she said as she lay down on the bed.

Armaan nuzzles on her neck and tightens his grip on her waist. Shilpa understanding his insecurities hugs him by his neck. Soon both were asleep.

 At around 2 am, Armaan opened his eyes to see that he is nuzzling onto Shilpa's neck.

He smiled and thinks to himself, "Sirf meri Shilpa! Only mine! I'm so lucky to have such a sweet, loving and adorable wife who understands me without me uttering a single word!"

Armaan pulled her night gown strap and planted a wet kiss on her shoulder, he then kissed her nape. Shilpa woke up finding her husband kissing her shoulder and blushed. Armaan realised she is awake.

"I love you baby!", he said while cupping her face

"I love you too!", she replied as she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead

He kissed her on her neck making her moan. He goes upto her face and drops gentle kisses all over her face. Shilpa is enjoying the love showered on her by her husband.

Armaan then brushes his lips on hers and sucks it. She responds with equal pleasure and desire. They start nibbling each other's lips. Their tongue invaded each others mouth making the kiss extremely passionate! They were showing how much they meant for each other.

Shilpa hugged Armaan and nuzzled in his neck and dropped a wet kiss and mouthed, "I love you Ammy!"

"I love you too Shona!", he replied huskily and smiles. Shilpa cuddles into him and goes off to sleep. He too hugs her tight and sleeps with a smile of happiness and satisfaction.

In the morning,

Shilpa opens her eyes to find herself nuzzling onto Armaan's neck and also that he is holding her too tight. Armaan is in deep sleep. She gently kisses him on his cheek, Armaan smiles.

"Ammy.. Let me go baby! Need to help di with the breakfast na!", she said sweetly.

"No way! Today only Hubby and Wifey gonna spend the day lazing around on bed!", he exclaimed with a smirk tightening his grip on her and kissing her neck as she blushed.

"Please na!", she pouted.

"Ummm.. Okay.. But only after I get my Morning Kiss!", he said with a grin.

"Maine to tumhe di thi..", she said with a pout.

"Di thi?", he asked.

"Haan.. Di thi!", she replied.

"Really! Di thi?", he asked again.

"Haan di thi!", she confirmed.

"Kahan di thi?", he asked.

Shilpa kissed on his cheek again, "Yahan di thi!", she said and runs off to the washroom. Armaan goes back to sleep. She comes out wearing a pink saree and damp hair.

The fragrance of Shilpa made Armaan open his eyes and smile at the sight in front of him; his beautiful wife drying her hair. She doesn't realise he is up.

She goes to the almirah to remove Armaan's clothes before waking him up again. Armaan tip toed to her in silence and hugged her from behind.

"You're looking gorgeous!", he whispered.

Shilpa dropped her head back on his hard chest, "Get ready and come for breakfast honey!", she said.

Armaan started walking towards the bathroom when suddenly Shilpa asked, "What will you have for breakfast?"

He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his hard chest.

"Tell me na baby.. What will you have?", she asked again while her fingers feel the soft material of his t-shirt.

"I'll have you for Breakfast, then you for lunch and you for dinner!", he smirked.

"Armaan!!!", she faked anger

Armaan smirked, "Halwa Poori!", he said and Shilpa smiled.

"Come soon!", she said walking out of the room.

"Yeah love.. 15 minutes!", he replied and walked into the bathroom.


Shilpa is preparing the breakfast when Paakhi comes, "mmm.. Smells amazing! Wow Shilpa!", Paakhi exclaims cheerfully.

Paakhi helps her fry the pooris and then sets the table. Anjlai sits on the table and by then Armaan also comes and sits.

"Shilpa! Come soon! We're waiting! Food is made! Now what are you doing?", asked Paakhi

"Di.. I'm coming!", she replies and walks out of the kitchen with a jug full of kesar badam milk.

Paakhi and Armaan relish the breakfast and are in all praises for her when Paakhi suddenly diverts, "I need to speak to the two of you!"

"I'm going for a 1 week business trip to London!", she informs.

"But di..", Shilpa says only to be interrupted again.

"Don't worry Shilpa! I'll take care of myself!", says Paakhi with a smile to which Shilpa smiles back.

"I've got a gift for the 2 of you!", she continues handing over an envelope to Armaan

"What is it di?", asks Armaan taking the envelope.

"See it for yourself!", she replies.

Armaan takes the envelope from her hand and opens to find honeymoon tickets to Zurich.


"You're honeymoon tickets! Leave this evening!", she winks.

"But di.. How will you go to the airport tomorrow?", asks Shilpa.

"Oh hooo... Shilpa... Zaroon hai na... He will drop me and Kashaf to the airport!", says Paakhi

Shilpa goes up and starts packing and Paakhi goes out for some work. Armaan enters the room and locks it, then comes from behind and hugs her.

"Mrs. Mallik! I love you!", he says placing a wet kiss on the crook of neck. He then slides her blouse from her shoulders and plants kisses there, which makes her moan. He lifts her in his arm and puts her on the bed.

He then removes her saree pallu which gives him access to her neck. He trails wet kisses all along her neck and face. Her hand is ruffling through his hair. He gently unhooks the blouse and kisses her cleavage.

He goes down to her navel and kisses her and makes circles with his finger to which she shudders and tugs on his hair. Shilpa pulls him upto her face and brushes her lips against his. Armaan sucks her lower lip as she sucks his upper lip. They invade each other's mouth, feeling the passion, love and the longing for each other. Armaan kisses her all over her face as she felt her husband's possessiveness for her.

Armaan gently nips the skin of her neck making her moan. He sucks on it giving her a love bite. Shilpa moans calling out his name is ecstasy, "Armaan!!!"

Soon their clothes were scattered all over the room. Shilpa moaned as he entered her; moans of pleasure and pure love. Both made love, consummating their marriage. After the love making session, they lay next to each other all sweaty with the feeling of contentment. Armaan gently pulled Shilpa into his arms and both drifted off to sleep.

At around Lunch time Shilpa opens her eyes and sees her husband staring at her with all the love in the world.

"Why are you looking at me like that?", she asked.

"My wife.. my life!", he replied with a genuine smile. She blushed.

"Move na.. I wanna have a bath!", she whined.

"Shall i accompany you?", he asked with gleaming eyes.

"Where to?", she asked.

"To the bathroom and help you with your bath!", he winked.

"No need Mr. Mallik!", she said and stuck her tongue out. She immediately wrapped herself with the bed sheet and ran into the bathroom.

Armaan wraps a towel and walks towards the cupboard when he realises that Shilpa forgot to lock the door. He enters the bathroom and hugs her.

"What are you doing here?", she faked anger.

Armaan quickly turned her to face him, "Shhh.. Just enjoy the moment love..", he said with a smile.

She hugs him. They quickly shower and get ready and quickly do the last minute packing. Paakhi returns by then. They hug her and leave to the airport.


Armaan and Shilpa entered the hotel and walk to the reception

"Mr. & Mrs. Armaan Mallik!", said Armaan holding onto Shilpa with pride. Shilpa smiled at Armaan.

"Just a minute sir!", said the receptionist and checked the bookings. "Yes Sir! Here are your keys! Enjoy your stay!", she said handing over the keys to Armaan

Armaan and Shilpa smiled back and walked to the elevator. Shilpa clings onto Armaan as she was too tired to walk by herself. They entered the elevator.

"Love.. You're okay?", asked Armaan with concern

"Yeah honey! Just tired with the journey!", she said nuzzling into his neck. Armaan scooped her in his strong arms and made his way out of the elevator through the corridor and put her down in front of the room door. He opened it and scooped her up again and made her lie down on the bed.

He was about to go and lock the door when the bell boy gets the luggage to the room.

"Thanks!", he said to the bell boy and tipped him. He then finally locked the door.

He then goes to the bed and slips beside Shilpa who was already sleeping. He pulled her onto his hard chest and slept off hugging her.

Next morning

Armaan was sleeping peacefully. Shilpa got up to see her husband sleeping with a smile on his face. She gently drops a peck on his forehead, slipped out of his hold and went for a hot shower because of the cold weather.

Armaan tries to search for Shilpa on the bed with his closed eyes. Not feeling her around him, he opens his eyes. He gets up and walks around the room in search for her and then hears the sound of the shower.

He smiled and went back into the warm bed waiting for his wife. Shilpa hadn't taken any clothes so she peeped from the washroom door and saw Armaan sleeping. She wrapped the towel and walked out and went to open the suitcase. She sat down on the carpet next to the suitcase and started looking for some clothes to wear when she felt a wet kiss on her bare shoulders.

She looked up and saw Armaan smiling. He sat down next to her and pulled her onto his lap.

"Ammy! Ummm.. Leave me na! Let me sit on the floor!", she said sweetly.

"No! You're sitting here on my lap!", he said gripping her tightly.

"Ammy! I'm...", she trailed off.

"I'm what baby?", he asked.

"Umm.. I'm not wearing anything!", she whispered.

"Oh! Is that so.. Let's see then!", he said with a smirk and his hand making it's way to the knot of the towel. She held on to the towel tightly.

"Ammy!!! NOOO!!!", she whined.

"Shona! Come on! It's our honeymoon! And you're my legally wedded wife! And it's not that I haven't seen you like this earlier!", he said sweetly.

"I know you have Ammy! But I'm already feeling cold!", she replied.

Armaan made her stand along with him. He scooped her and took her to the bed. He made her lie down and then removed his tshirt and track pants and slipped into bed next to her. He gently pulled her onto him and wrapped his arms around her possessively.

"Feeling cold now?", he asked sweetly.

She nodded 'YES' while breathing heavily. He rolled her and came on top. He started dropping wet kisses along her shoulder and neck.

"Now?", he asked huskily.

She nodded 'YES' again.

He opened the knot of the towel and threw it aside. They were lying naked on each other. The only thing separating the two was Armaan's boxers. But his hardness was pushing near her femininity. It was dying to come out from his boxers.

"Are you still feeling cold?", he asked huskily.

She nodded 'NO' and wrapped her bare arms around him pulling him into her. Armaan sucks her lower lip as she sucks his upper lip. They invade each other's mouth feeling the passion.

"Make love to me now!", she demanded in a whisper.

He quickly got rid of his boxers and rubbed his manhood against her femininity. "Pleaseee!", she moaned. He entered her in a go and started moving in rhythm making love to her. An epitome of true love..

Two Years Later.

One fine evening.. Shilpa stood by the balcony with a cup of coffee in her hand looking over at the rain. A pair of arms wrapped around her swollen belly. She smiled feeling her husband protectively hugging her.

"How are you feeling now?", he asked.

"I'm fine! Why did you come early? Di would be back from work anytime now!", she replied.

"What did the doctor say?", he asked.

"Everything is normal.", she replied.

"Sorry I couldn't make it. Jap clients didn't leave me.", he whined.

"It's okay. It was the first time you didn't come. Anyways, Seher was with me.", replied Shilpa.

"Waiting for you princess!", he said, rubbing her tummy.

"No! Not princess.. My hero! Just like Salman Khan!", she replied.

"Let's see Mrs. Mallik!", he winked.

She blushed and hugged him and he hugged her closer.

After 5 years..

Shilpa is running around the house.

"Aamna!!! Come here!", she called out.

"Mom i don't wanna drink milk! Dad.. Tell Mom na!", said a cute little Aamna who hid herself behind Armaan's long legs.

"Princess! Please drink it na!", Armaan requested his little girl.

"Not fair Dad! You're always on Mom's side!", whined the little Aamna.

Aamna folds her hands and sits down on the carpeted floor.

Shilpa sat down next to Aamna and brought her onto her lap, "Mumma she gusha ho!!!??? Sholly!", she said pecking on her soft chubby cheeks. Aamna smiles and kisses her back.

"Arey wah.. Mother and Daughter duo forgot me?", complained Armaan.

"You can join us!", said Aamna getting up from her Mom's lap. Shilpa also got up.

Armaan lifts Aamna in one arm and hugs Shilpa with the other.

"Forgotten me?", came a voice.

Armaan, Shilpa and Aamna looked up to see Paakhi.

"Buaaa!! How can we forget you!", said Aamna and jumped off from Armaan to Paakhi.

Armaan still holding onto Shilpa's waist.

"Let's go out Bua!", said Aamna.

"We'll go to the park! Come!", said Paakhi and took Aamna along with her.

Armaan pulled Shilpa onto his chest and wrapped around his arms around her, "Aamna's birthday is coming.. Don't you think we should give her a gift!", said Armaan

"Of course! But I don't know what? She has everything!", pouted Shilpa.

"What about a little baby brother?", whispered Armaan huskily with a smirk followed by a wink.

Her eyes popped out and her mouth opened in 'O'.. "Shut up!", she said and ran to their room.

"Till when will you run from me my love? Tonight we make a baby!", he shouted then laughed out.



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