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Epilogue : Nashaa

World had never been so beautiful For Arman and Riddimaa, all those miserable days – event came out to be nothing but an unclear vision in front of their eyes. The most important thing was Riddimaa being pregnant and then the most beautiful stage of pregnancy was when it came to its ultimate point, the months of 7th, 8th and finally the 9th month. Her looks always left him at a miserable state.

He couldn't help but fullfil all her wishes and agree on her promises, not just to make her happy but to make himself happy.

It was one of those fine mornings at Cottage; yes they had decided to stay here – for the rest of period of pregnancy as Family, As one! When Riddimaa's labor pain started, It was Arman, who had been on her right side all the time. The pregnancy wasn't the normal ones, so she had to be taken to the nearby station hospital.

Getting a room booked, Riddimaa was operated;it felt Today as Right now, He was holding his baby in his arms, this day was a mesmerizing day of his life, he felt flying… the heaven in his arms – boiled blood in his vein, his heart jumping – beating up.

Looking down at Riddimaa, who passed a faint – tiring smile to him, her half close eyes, staring back at Arman, who bend down on her, kissing her lips – he nibbled it. "I love you…. Go… to sleep, sweetheart" he whispered. Seeing her respond to his order, he smiled and placed the baby back in its cot, and sat beside Riddimaa's bed on stool. Caressing her hair – remembering the panic a few hours back, touching the back of his head, he yawned and thanked God for all good in end of this.

Seeing a quite Keerti stepping in, with a coffee paper glass for Arman "You go and rest in common room, I am here"Keerti whispered. "I can't leave them…" pause "I can't" he giggled softly.

Keerti chuckled and went out with a smile. Stopping she went back at him "she be here for three days, ok…. I and Shubhankar with Rohail are here, rest going to cottage for arranging home… ok… If you need anything come to common room ok?" Keerti said, he nodded in response.

"Aunty…" Arman holds her hand "send Rohail, he must be creepy of not getting a turn to see baby…"Arman said, grinning. Keerti nodded and went to bring Rohail.

Everything was perfect, and it was more perfect when… The baby was brought
home… they were back to home… The difficult and scary phase of life was over with all well in end.

Riddimaa, who was remembering all this with a smile on her face as her Son, crawled around the lounge home. Those words that touched her ear drums when she was half conscious was Arman mumbling

I love you- all the time… rubbing the sweat of her forehead, kissing her forehead, saying sweet nothings to her. A tear caressed her cheek, when she saw her Child holding her knee, and trying to stand up with shaky legs.

Remembering how he always cared about her and her spoiled little brother… moment kept on flashing in front of her with his Son in her arms. Sitting alone in lounge she waited for Arman to return home…

It had been 2 years of their beautiful marriage… with a year old son, named Arhaan…  and it was her routine to wait for Arman to come in the house with a broad smile… smiling to her thoughts she heard car being parked in car. She ran, upto door, and opened before he could ring the bell, even

"Aree wahhh…" Arman said, astonish at her sudden instinct, moving forward he picked Arhaan from her arms, and kissed her on doors. She replied, with a glint of happiness.

"I love you…" Riddimaa replied, breaking the kiss as Arhaan's hand hit their faces.

"Love you too sweetheart…" he showed his dimplish smile, passing a grin as he passed his bag to her – while closing the door they walk in, And Arman blabbering about his day, while she just listened… listened at the happiness she felt in just hearing him.

His every action his every move was much of a Drug to her, a Nasshaa for her… his way of expressing love to her would always leave her addictive for more… Smiling, she heard him speak, yet again.


"Riddimaa?" Arman step in the room with Arhaan in his room."haan?" she turned around while combing her hair."woooh Someone's looking hot !" he commented placing Arhaan on bed, with pillow on his both sides."Really? I know !" she teased, brushing her hair in front of mirror.

"Riddimmaa… am I forgetting something?" he holds her in his arms, throwing the brush away, he cupped her cheek, kissing her lips, he frowned as she replied in positive."Yes arman… you are forgetting something" she said smiling and probing his lips in deepening the kiss.

"What…." He said, parting away.

"It's the day when we first time met… we you kidnapped me…" she whispered, keeping her head on his chest, encircling his waist. "It's the day when you hold me in your arms for the first time…" she added softly, turning pink as she felt his hand softly, yet timidly circling her in his warm embrace.

"the day when you touch me for the first time…" she added hiding her face in his chest."I am… sorry, I forgot" Arman apologized.

"It's ok Arman, it wasn't a day to remember, but I wanted it to be part of our life… from now on wards… can we do that…?" she looks up in his eyes, keeping a hand over his cheek.

"Yes…. Sure, anything for you…" he picked her up and placed her on bed, and then picking up Arhaan he placed him in his cot, going back to his beloved. They sat in each other arms, and now she spoke and he just kept on hearing what his beautiful wife was saying.

She told him how all day she kept on thinking about their journey, about the way they fell for each other, how Arhaan came to world.While Arman just laughed at those past events that she made him remind.

"what fun those days were nahi?" Arman asked, pulling her in his arms.

"yes… from the start till now…. Everything was totally beautiful and a mesmerizing journey nahi Arman…" she came on him, throwing her weight on his body, he supported her weight on him by circling his arm around her waist.

"Remember how you sneaked in my rooms for the first time… we make out…" he whispered pulling her face down upon him, she nodded. "How scared you were, all the while I tried my best to hold back…. But" He was interrupted

"But you couldn't…" she completed, he nodded, kissing her kissers…. As he felt her response to the situation – caressing his face, "I always dream to hold you like this…
Pulling her head up, he Kissed her throat he placed few kiss over her chin and then moving down he kissed her throat licking up till her neckline. He tried to bite her beauty bone but she holds his hair in response. Not caring a bit he lead down to her cleavage, he unbuttoned her, throwing all the extra cloths away, he moved his body closer to her, as  he brushed his every possible part with her, tangling his leg with hers he softly claimed her................... Kissing her every place closer to his lips... to ease her down - the moved in a rhyme... touching and possessing each other completely...

"I love you arman... Love you and only you" she kept on confessing while making love and surrendering herself to him yet again… Dropping his head over her shoulder as he makes his way out. "I love you too..." he whispered, breathing heavily his kissed her shoulder - rubbed her bare arms as goose bumps came up. Her eyes got moist and she circled her arms around his neck and closed her eyes, taking the moment in her heart.

The remained in each other arms, till Riddimaa got a call from her 1 year old son, crying for her mom, she wrapped a sheet and went to hold her heaven in her arms, and caress him till he fell back to deep slumber.

She smiled sitting on bed, with her on back latch, Seeing Arman looking up at the ceiling with half close eyes. "I love this life…." He whispered.

She smiled, blushing at the small encounter yet a minute back "and I love this
family…" pause "of mine…" She added, passing a smile down to him and she pulled herself down on bed.

"I love you Riddimaa…" he came close to her"I love you too Arman" she passed passionate look to him, "he slept…" Arman asked, pulling the knot out that she had tied around her of sheet. "Hmmm…." She smiled, curling up her feet's, as she felt him close to her, like always…He was like a ocean and she waves of that ocean, as they can't parted away, they were truly, whole heartedly in love with each other…

"it feel … it was started today…" Arman said, holding her in his arms…

"yes, it all started today…" she replied…. Smiling at him…. "I am falling for you arman…" she added pulling his face down at hers, "so am I………………" he added but was interrupted by her lips….

THE EnD…………

Love you all...

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