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Intro & Part 1: Tu Tu - Main Main

They were so much in love with each other and were known as the cuties couple in the sanjeeni . From patients to doctors to even the interns all of them seek their advice on heart matters,be its surgery or dil da mamla . The cutiest couple is none other than our very own Dr.Shashank and his wife Nurse Padma . He was wiating outside the operation theatre to let the red light go off so that he cud hear his cutie babies coming into their world of love.

In one of the other operation theatre was Mrs. malik giving birth to her twins . She had twin boys and her husband Mr.Malik was wiating outside when a nurse gave him the good news .

"Congrats Dr. Gupta , aapko do  betiyan huyi hain ", nurse gave him the most awaited news.


Part 1

Both the ladies were moved out of surgery room to same room. Their beds were placed close to each other


but they havent gained concious yet . Couple of minutes later two nurses came to the room with the babies

and placed them closer to their respective moms .

The newly blessed moms were looking so charming hugging the babies and showering their love on them.

Dr.Shashank and Mr.Malik entered the room together and met their cutie pie babies .

"Congrats !!, im Dr.Shashank", shashank greeted Mr.malik.

"Same to you !!, Im Dr.Hiten Malik , Nice meeting you ",Mr.malik introduced himself .

"oh wow , uare a doc too ,and what a coincidence we became parents on the same day ",shashank was pleased
to know he was a doc too .

"Not only that doc ,we both are blessed with two babies", hiten said looking at the babies with gauri
and padma.

"oh yeah ,i m a father of two cute daughters now ", shashank was so happy being a dad, he wanted to tell
the whole world .

"and i have two sons !!" , hiten was equally excited .

Then shashank moved towards padma and took his daughters in his arms and kissed them and hugged them tightly.

At the same time Hiten went to gauri to shower his love on his sons.

           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Over to Gauri's bed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"gauri yaad hai na humne kya naam soche thea , ham dono ne alag alag naam soche thea na ,bhagwan ne dono ki

sun li , hamhe 2 bete diye "

"yaad hai hiten , kyun ki ek kuch seconds bada hai uska naam meri marzi ka ", gauri said firmly.

"ok ji ,jaise tum kaho , is ka naam Armaan, khush ", hiten smiled .

"aur chote ka ?", hiten questioned him .

"jo tumne socha tha ",she said smiling .

"KARAN ", they both said together .

       Over to Padma's bed

"toh kya socha aapne betiyon ke naam ke ?"padma wanted shashank to name the girls as she wanted him to

be their idol.

"shilpa aur ridhima kaisa rahega " he suggested .

"okay", and they both hugged .


         Outside the patient room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shashank and hitem started discussing their professional lives , and different cases they handled in their


While sharing about their colleges lives they started talking about the medical colleges they went to .

In just an hour of talking they felt like they shared a special bond.

They were now like friends .

          Inside the patient room

Gauri and padma were also becoming friends .

while relations being made ,how cud the babies not get into.

Baby ridhima and baby armaan had a eye lock ,and chotte miyan was no less ,baby karan has his eyes on shilpa.

Gradually the Malik family and Gupta family were getting close .They used to go over to each other's place

for dinners parties .

Its been 5 years now ,since the families became friends.

Kids have also become friends.

But Armaan and shilpa shared a more closer bond , they cud understand each other much better .

While ridhima was kinda reserved nature ,she didnt like getting involved with gatherings much .

All she interact was with either shilpa , armaan or karan.

Those were her only friends even at school.

Being so nice didnt help her much most of the time ,since armaan and shilpa used to play pranks on her .

Karan wud join them sometimes ,but on occasions he wud help ridhima and support her .

On one such day ,Gupta family was invited over Malik's place for dinner along with the kids.

All the preparations were done ,and padma was in her room getting ready for the dinner .

Ridhima was wearing a nice pink frock and shilpa wearing white short skirt.

The door bell rang and Hiten and Gauri were there with Armaan and Karan .

to be cont................



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