Saturday, 21 November 2020


Shoot was hectic today.Not only today,jab se shilpa had stopped working,each day was hectic! He only looked forward to the nights now…and the mornings of course…where angel would be up much before him and shilpa and shilpa would let him have his extra ten minutes in bed and take care of their daughter all by herself…he wouldn't sleep obviously… watching the duo was much more relaxing! and what was even more relaxing was to head back to your personal paradise on a late Saturday evening knowing that you have no work the next day….

He rang the bell and the maid opened the door..evidently shilpa was busy with angel…he smiled at the maid tiredly and came in…he waited for the maid to go and looked around for his two princesses..ok better to say-two angels!! Well the maid was supposed to leave now…it went like this-when karan came home he did not want any outsider…usko bas shona aur angel hi chahiye… so he closed the door and came and removed his jacket sitting on the sofa as he heard shilpa's fast paced footsteps..he was completely worn-out with the day's work and sensing her near him made him smile… he turned around to look at her but angel was apparently faster than her mom and scampered around his sofa giggling.. he made no attempts to catch her "pakdo na usko jana…" came shilpa with a morsel of chapati for angel in her hand as karan just kept on smiling and angel took another round of the drawing room!

"fine I am tired" shilpa stopped chasing her and instead went to karan…she sat on his lap as he hugged her.."how was your day?" she asked him as she put that little morsel that she had brought for angel in karan's mouth…he ate that bite as he answered.."tiring…but you look beautiful" and he kissed her hair as she hid herself in the crook of his neck…it was not even a moment that they had stayed like that when angel came running again and settled herself between the two..shilpa looked the other side as karan kissed angel's cheeks one by one "hows my bacha?" as much as she was delighted to see her dadda home after good 10 hours…she was surprised to see mumma turn away from her like that…she looked at karan confused…while shilpa looked back at her putting up an angry face as she kissed karan's cheek only to see angel's reaction…and "dadddaaa" came her reaction as she too kissed his other cheek and looked back at shilpa…"I am not talking to you..and he's my dadda now…" shilpa kissed karan's cheek again…and as angels lips drew downwards..shilpa kissed karan once again… "aap mere dadda ho na? and he eats nicely from my hand…" shilpa pouted at angel…

"meeerrre daddaa…" angel tried to stand up in karan's lap and put her little arms round his neck trying to hug him, and forbidding shilpa from hugging him…

"toh kha le na khana baby.." karan caressed angel's cheek as he helped her balance in his lap… "ni khaanaa daddaa"…she whined once again while shilpa got up and proceeded to serve their dinner telling him to get fresh while she'll put angel to sleep…

Angel was sleeping in her cot right besides the dining table where were both karan and shilpa were having dinner and talking in whispers careful enough not to wake up angel…

"you remember about tomorrow na?" shilpa asked karan as she served him some salad… "what about tomorrow?" he definitely did not remember!

"I told you na I'll be going out with sheetal for shopping…you'll have to take care of angel…"

She reminded him of something she had already told him a thousand times that week…this man and his memory!

"when will you leave? Subah subah hi?"
"after breakfast I think….sheetal said since I am giving her a single day only, she'll make the most of it!" shilpa chuckled remembering her best friend's words as she served herself some more daal…

"mat kha itna moti.." karan commented noticing another serving of daal going in her bowl..

"you hate daal that doesn't mean everyone hates it.." shilpa pouted..

"I don't hate this one..." he mumbled as he continued.. "oh acha she has her Sunday daycare in the morning na?"

"who she? Sheetal?" silpa asked her tongue in cheek..

"very funny… hai na subah day care? You'll leave her?"

"no ways…palladium is completely on the opposite way jana…tum chhod dena na…and do ghante baad pick bhi kar lena…"

"and when will you be back?"

"evening me na jana…abhi toh bola.."

"arre? Kab bola?" he looked at her with accusing eyes. Liar!

"abhi bataya nhi tha ke sheetal wantes to make the most of this day? Tum daal pe zya dhyan doge toh main kya karu?" shilpa told him simply..

"okay whatever…"
"don't you whatever me! That's the most rude word in this world!"

"acha na fine…"

"maine kaha na don't talk in that tone!"

"tumhara bas chalet oh main baat hi na karu!"
"oh! That'll be so good!"

"w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r!" he said deliberately to tease her…

And they continued to have their dinner…I mean banter…no I mean dinner…fine whatever!

Angel was asleep in the middle of the bed, shilpa was standing near the corner of the bed, almost ready to go, while karan had just woken up, was sitting with his knees on the bed as shilpa adjusted his messy hair with her fingers telling him what and what not to do the whole day…

"abhi suno…make sure angel doesn't cry when you leave her at the day care and please please don't be late to go pick her up, she needs to be the first one at the centre jiske parents lene aaye or she won't stop crying all the way to home.."

"really?" that was some new thing he got to know about his daughter..

"yes. Really…and usko khana tum khud khilaoge, she won't eat from the maid or anyone…and don't tell her its lunch time or something..bas khelte rehna aur sath sath khila dena.. voh sushila will tell you when she cooks and please khud bhi khana kha lena jana…hmm?"

"hmmm…" he nodded like an obedient child…

"and say you won't mess the house…"

"I won't.." he kissed the tip of her nose holding her hands that cupped his face..

"tell me seriously.."

"haan haan pakka I won't mess anything and I'll do everything you say…ab jaa na.. you're already late.."

"ok, take care ok.." she still wasn't sure of leaving the father daughter duo to themselves for the whole day!

"yeah yeah I will…now bye…" he pecked her lips once, she smiled and made her way out of the bedroom and he made his way back to the bed snuggling more to his sleeping angel…



Karan- angel's refusing to wear the pink dress..

Shilpa- which pink dress?

Karan: arre that cute one..itni achi hai…isko bolo na pehnne ko..

Shilpa: usko jo pehenna h vo pehna do na jana.. and please hurry up you guys are already careful now..

 And shilpa cut the call before he could say anything…



Karan: mera wallet kahan hai?

Shilpa: mere sir me! Roz jahan hota hai wahin hoga na…dekho bed ke side pe first drawer me…

Karan: oh haan yeh raha..chalo thanks. Bye


Shilpa: hello

Angel: mummmaaa

Shilpa: yesshh mera bacha..where are you guys? Ghar aa gayi angie?

Angel: mummmaaa

Shilpa: hmm…kya hua?

Angel: daddaa angel, angel daddaaa, mumma loves dadda?

Shilpa: tell him, koi bhi kuch bhi ho mumma always loves angel more… and baby bite dadda on the cheek!

Karan: why are you teaching her such things?

Shilpa: why did you ask her that thing again? angel is dadda, dadda's angel…pagal ho kya tum?

Karan: arre! Acha batao na.. angel is karan, karan is angel, who do love more now?

Shilpa: I don't love you!

Karan: I love you too!

Shilpa: bye now..and did you feed her vaise?

Karan: aur maine bhi khana kha liya..

Shilpa: thank you! and bye now..


Karan: hello

Shilpa: all fine? Tumne dopahar ke baad phone hi nhi kiya..

Karan: yeah yeah all fine..we're having fun..

Shilpa: where's angel?

Karan: she's playing with dona-the brown head

Shilpa: dona's the curly head waali doll, brown head is brownie..

Karan: haan jo bhi… toh she's eating brownie..

Shilpa: she 's eating her?

Karan: oh sorry, I mean she's playing with her..guess I am going mad with all this..

Shilpa giggled :kya hua?

Karan: kuch nhi..aise hi…koi baat nhi you have fun..

Shilpa: okay, take care. Bye..


Shilpa: haan..

Karan: usko cream custard, jelly, halwa, soup, milk, hot chocolate, kuch nhi khana…kya khilaun?

Shilpa: caramel custard with red jelly…tell her that yellow princess and red dragon waali story…

Karan: mujhe nhi aati vo story…

Shilpa: karan!

Karan: yaar itni bekar story hai vo…main ni..

Shilpa: acha to tell her the roger skunk waali..

Karan: -----

Shilpa: hello? Karan?

Karan: haan theek hai bye..

Shilpa: kya hua?

Karan: arre she wetted herself on me..chal bye..

Shilpa chuckled: take care!


Karan: hmmm

Shilpa: we are at want a pizza?

Karan: haan haan haan!!

Shilpa smiled: chicken cheese crust hi na?

Karan: haan haan haan!

Shilpa: pagal! Ok fine..chalo bye then..

Karan: okay, come soon..

Shilpa: yeah bye..


Karan: shona mera doosra wala spects kahan hai? Ye tod diya angel ne fir se…

Shilpa: mere wardrobe me dekho..second drawer on the left..

Karan: haan mill gaya..what is this doing in your wardrobe vaise?

Shilpa:aisi hi..

Karan: what aise hi? Bolo na..

Shilpa: vo when you had gone to Prague toh 1 day I was missing you a lot oh aine kaafi saari tumhari cheezein rakhi thi..i was kinda playing them…wearing them and all…

Karan: you're blushing na?

Shilpa: no ways! Go now…bye

Karan: I love you..

Shilpa: idiot! Bye!

Karan: 'idiot' is your new code word for 'I love you too' na?

Shilpa: bye karan!! Bye!

And she cut the call..


Karan: shona when are you coming yaar?

Sheetal: shilpa's in the trial room karan..

Karan: oh, why is her phone with you lekin?

Sheetal: coz she is in the trial room!

Karan: but I thought you guys went to shop for you…why is she in the trial room?

Sheetal: arre! Is it a rule ke khaali mere liye hi shoping karenge?

Karan: fine…when are you guys coming? And mera pizza?

Sheetal: haan le liya tumhara pizza…we'll just be heading back now…half an hour or so..vaise tumhe shaanti nhi h kya zara bhi? Poora din se usko phone kiye jaa rhe ho? Kitne saalon se tumhare sath h vo…ek din shaantis e mujhe de ni sakte?

Karan:pagal h kya! Ek din kya 1 minute bhi na doon! acha tell shona to call me when she comes out…you guys have money and all na vaise?

Sheetal giggled: yeah shilpa had your credit card!

Karan: that little cheat! Chal koi nhi… send her home soon..

Sheetal: yeah bye..

Karan: bye..

She entered the house to see both karan and amgel on the couch watching tv…but something she noticed was that karan had the cutest pout ever and angel did not at all see interested in the tv..she was more interested in playing with that red jelly that she was supposed to eat. Okay wait, there were more things that shilpa noticed, like the sofa cover on the floor, the empty coke bottle on the table, dona, brownie, pinky, blooo, tod-the teddy and all others of angel's dolls and teddy bears on the floor, angel's hair clearly not done since the morning…and the list could go on if angel had not noticed shilpa.. "mummmaaa" she raised her arms in air as if inviting shilpa to come and hug her…

Karan glanced at shilpa and switched off the tv while shilpa put her shopping bags down and picked up angel in a hug.. "heyy my baby.." she kissed angel and caressed karan's cheek from behind angel and smiled at him… "what were you guys watching?"

"gangs of dholakpur…new chhota bheem film.." karan answered as he got up and pecked shilpa's lips.. shilpa put angel down on the sofa and hugged karan.. "toh aise upset kyun baithe ho? You toh like chhota bheem.." she kissed his cheek as he nuzzled into her hair..

"we had a fight…" karan answered simply.. and before shilpa could ask more, angel stood up intervening.. "mummmaa dadda fighttt" as if complaining about her dadda..

"kyun baby?" she asked angel and angel looked up at karan with a complaining face…

"she doesn't love me anymore…mujhe ninja hattodi dekhna tha.."

"karan! Don't be a kid! Acha angel ne khana khaya?"

"kha liya…you got my pizza?" karan asked hopefully..

"hmmm…main garam karwa deti'll put her to sleep please?"

"okay…come angie.." he picked up angel as he started moving upstairs towards their room.. "shona room me hi le aana khana.."


She kept the food on the folding table near their bed as she walked over to karan who was standing near the window..

"hey…kya hua?" she linked her arm with his and smiled at him..

"kuch nahi.."

"kuch nahi? I know you weren't upset about ninja hattodi! Batao kya hua hai?"

"acha? How can you say I wasn't upset about that?"

"coz I know you love chhota bheem equally!"

He smiled.. "yeah and gangs of dholakpur is good you know… better than jab tak hai bheem…"

"I know! Now tell me what is it upsetting you…and don't change the topic now.."
he took a sigh.. "shona…chalo you rate me as a father.. out of 10.."

"a hundred.." she kissed his cheek and caressed the other cheek with her hand…

He kissed that palm and smiled.. "aaj…"

"hmm.." she prodded him to go on…

"aaj when I dropped angel to her day care, I had thought vo royegi…I was prepared for it, for all the crying and wailing, I had thought she wouldn't want to go you know…but wahan jaake she just saw a toy, and she left me hand instantly, she let go of me so easily shona…she loves me na?"

"of course she does baby…" shilpa kissed him on his lips softly before continuing.. "she loves you very very much… and she needs you… she's just too young to show it…aur tum hi toh kehte rehte ho she loves you more than she loves me! Phir?"

 He smiled fully now.. "you're right! She loves me…and she'll show that when she grows up..haina?"

"hmmm…" shilpa smiled at her baby.. "ab dinner kare?" she asked moving towards the table..but before that, karan went over to angel, kissed her cheek and whispered an 'I love you bacha..'


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