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So i'll tell you how it was...i work for the hottest business man in wait, i think he's the hottest in the world...and i have the biggest crush on him..and sure he knows about it..he knows how much i love him and he respects it...okay, maybe it sounds a little weird right now, but don't jump to any conclusions..i'm not the heroine of this story..its shilpa...i mean...shilpa anand..his girlfriend and a very very good friend of mine who's the heroine..both of this story and his life!

So i'm just a secretary to karan singh grover and trust me, being so younger to him, i dn't even wish to be anything more! But then that can't stop me from drooling over him! And please, its not like he's hritik roshan or someone and i'm his fangirl..maybe he's smarter than hritik but i ain't a fangirl..we are buddies..almost brother sister! And obviously, just like any other elder brother in this world..he too is highly iritating at times! Just like this time..i was sitting at my desk..editing some photos for my best friend's birthday when he approached me with a file in his hand..

"ye le...sab signed..i'm leaving now..bohot neend aa rahi hai yaar..." he kept the file on my table and peeked into the computer.. "kya kar rahi hai tu?"

"making a collage..meri friend ka birthday hai ek hafte me...though to give her a special gift.." i replied now almost tired with my collage making thing..

"dikha.." he said and before i could reply, sat on the arm of my chair and looked at the screen..

"ach hai?" i asked hoping he'd give me some genuine suggestions.. but he juts stared at the screen and then back at me.. "what?" i asked finally iritated..

"ek aur bana...mera aur shilpa ka..i will also give her one like this.aur ek aur..only with her, take my phone and take all the pictures..ek hazaar pics ho jayengi na kaafi?" he offered me his phone and asked..

"ek hazaar? One thousand pics? Are you mad?" i asked in disbelief...i only had around..well..a forty-fifty pictures when i was making the edit and he had one thousand photos of his girfriend in his phone!? Talk about loev obsession!"

"kam hai? Toh 'us' waale folder me there are meri aur uski ...ek hazaar ye 'shona' waale me hain.."

"you have more? Aap pagal ho kya karan? Itne pictures kaun rakhta hai?"

he looked at at me as i was an alien, as i was the crazy one who kept a thousand pictures of my girlfriend! "yaar..tu bana na collarge..aur sun..isse bada bnayio..isse zada sundar..and write 'i always love matter what"

"you don't pay me for this work.." i sulked..

he glared at me thinking i'd be scared but when i too gave him an equally challanging look. He returned back to his "behen nahi hai? Itna nhi kregi mere liye?"

i clicked my tongue arrogantly telling him a no while starting to transfer the pics to my computer..

"meri achi behen!" he kissed the top of my head and started to leave when i called out..

"ferero rocher loongi...aur suno.."

"haan.." he came back listening to me and i continued "'no matter what' likhne ki zaroorat nahi hai...'i always love you' he kaafi hai.."

"arre we're having a fight na..toh ye sahi rahega.." he again started to go back before i stood up excitedly grinning.. "fight? Wow! Kab kahan kyun kaise?" i asked in an highly excited tone much to his displeasure..

"i'm your boss! You can't ask me personal questions..return back to your work.." he said in a fake serious tone..

"pakka?" i asked with a tinge of naughtiness...

okay don't get me wrong again, i don't hate her..and i don't get happy when they fight, okay maybe i do..but its just that they make such a cute couple that i love it when they bicker over small issues and i love to hear about it..

"batao varna i'll call her and ask!" i tried to blackmail..

"yaar kuch baat nahi hai...just that...actually main aaya tha na last week jab LA se.."

"haan toh?"

"toh i had told you not to send any office car..shilpa ne aana tha pick karne airport se..fir i kep waiting for her..uske phone ka network bhi nahi aa rha tha...teen ghante i waited for her at the airport and she didn't show i got a cab home and slept!"

"haww!! par vo aayi kyun nahi?"

"actually vo aayi thi...traffic itna tha that it took her so long and then kuch network problem ki wajah se she couldn't even contact me..fir she came home later..raat ko i think ek-do baje..and without listening to her side, i just went to sleep.." he narrated sheepishly..

"maine pehle hi kaha tha aap pagal ho.." i declared..

"very funny...phir next morning i called her na...baat nahi kari...toh now i'm also naraaz.."

"fine..ladte raho dono..maro.." i got back to work and he went back to his cabin.. only to ring me after a minute.. "kal shopping pe chal le please? I want to get her gifts for her birthday..please?"


so the next day..we bought the mall..yeah you heard it right..he almost bought the whole mall for her saying 'she has shifted to a new place na..she will need all these things.."

so he got her a big vase, to be put on her main door..then this wind chime, uske ghar pe entry pe koi lobby hoga, i don't know! Then he got her this long carpet sayin she hadn't bought one for the new house yet..

"i miss her yaar.." he suddenly turned to me and said while we entered the clothes showroom..

"call her up.." i simply stated..

"ego matters meri bachi! Ego matters!'

"toh kyun itna sara samaan le rahe ho uske liye fir?"

"arre..ladai hai toh matlab pyar thodi gayab ho jayega...aur ek hafte ki toh baat hai...and vasie bhi its all investment.."

"investment? How?"

"dekh abhi uska birthday hai..fir feb me mera bhi to aayega! I wil ask her to get me the new game boy! Pichla jo usne diya tha vo purana ho gya na ab!" he winked at me while we selected clothes for her!

They were the cutest couple ever. The.cutest.ever.

So we bought twelve pairs of jeans for her, six pairs of earrings, seven footwears and i lost the count of t shirts afer it crossed thirteen..

"are we done karan? I'm hungry now!" i whined bugging him to take me to the food court..

"don't you think kuch kam hai? Ring bhi nayi le lu ab? Pchli waali toh purani ho gyi hogi na.."

"ek thappad maarungi main aapko ab! Hadd ho gyi hai! Poora mall khareed lo na.."

"haina? I was also thinking ka ki shopping..shona bhi khush!" he said gladly, failing to understand the sarcasm in my voice. Iritating idiot..

"acha ek're so can afford the gameboy yourself na? I mean..its like chocolates for you..fir why do you want her to gift it?"

"haan! Chocolates le lunga...kaunsi loon? Actually mixed le lunga..tobelrone zada..she likes it.."

"uff! Batao toh sahi.." i whined again as we sat on a table in the food court..

"arre its love kritu...main obviously le sakta hoon..par vo degi toh zada acha legega na.."

"i think i need to fall in love to understand that!"


"acha aur ek baat btao.."

"why don;t you quit my company and become an inteviewer kritika?"

"whataver! Suno lekin...kya karne waale ho aap unke birthday pe.."

"i don't know yaar..take her out maybe...dinner ke liye...i was thinking of getting this yacht and all and you know a nice candle lit dinner..wahin pe i will give her all these gifts..oh that reminds me, the collarge i told you to make, usko wall size frame karwana hai..shilpa ke bedroom ki deewar bilkul khaali hai...that'll be perfect.." i smiled at him...some day, if i fall in love, i'll make sure my 'him' is like him!

So we returned back to shopping after lunch and he again freaked out seeing every little thing and buying it for her...the list increased with a new coffee table, a bean bag, a night lamp, around twenty books, for she loved reading and a new glass book shelf that could be fixed in her room, and a this and a that and more this's and many many more that's...

he gave me my ferero rochers for making the collarge and i while i was happliy gorging on one of thosethe next week, a text beamed my was from shilpa..

"he denies, but i know he couldn't have done any of this without your help! I love you so much bacha!! and i love all the gifts too! You're the best!"

i smiled at her...i shared a different relatipnship withe her altogether..i loved her to the core..i adored her..will tell about my relationship with her some day else.. but at that point..the only reply i could think of was-

"haapy birthday meri jaan!"

kritika kashian

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