Thursday, 30 May 2019

kash os : Joined on earth

"Over here Karan & Shilpa, lets get a shot of you two looking into each others eyes now, Shilpa smile slightly please"

Shilpa and Karan could hear the photographers continuously go on about how to pose, how to smile, how to look, they were at the reception dinner and hadn't yet made it into the hotel...Shilpa felt Karan Singh Grover, her now legally wedded husband's hands on her shoulders-she smiled at the fact that he really was her husband now, she had waited for this day for over a year and now they stood here as Karan moved her into place as several photographers got pictures of the perfect couple. In the near distance, Shilpa could see family members and friends still arriving in limousines and their respected cars, many friends stood on the side snapping photos of the couple on their cell phones.

Karan slowly bent his head down to Shilpa's and asked, "What are the rules on skipping our own reception dinner, sweetheart?" Shilpa looked at him with a cheerful smile and said "Haha Mr. Grover, I think this one is going to be a hard one to get out of." She looked around getting impatient herself and under her breath slowly whispered to Karan…

"I'm giving them 5 more minutes for pictures, then if I have to, I'm faking an ankle injury and your carrying me inside, something tells me that's the only way we'll make it inside tonight", she said this with a grin and winked at Karan.

Karan looked at Shilpa and eyed her down just to see how beautiful she looked in her Champagne colored Dior gown, the Harry Winston necklace sat on her neck stunning and sparkling under the stair chandeliers, the golden heels glimmered against the red carpet, the environment was perfect, his lady was gorgeous, this moment was amazing, he couldn't stop admiring her…until the pat on his back ruined it.

"Hey Man, stop staring at her, you've got her for life now"

Karan tried to ignore the voice, but turned to face his co-worker, Amit Tandon and said, "Thanks for coming, how's Ruby?" Amit of course ignoring Karan moved towards Shilpa, taking her hand in his, kissed her finger tips and said "my lady, you look absolutely stunning, sometimes I wonder what your doing with him, anyway just wanted to give you my congratulations, I shall see you both inside" and with that he walked away…

Shilpa looked at Karan and noticed the evil glare in his eyes, she knew he wasn't happy, and said in a hushed tone "Good Luck, you have to face him inside too and he hasn't had anything to drink yet, we already know your co-workers and drinks aren't the best combination".

Karan rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

Flashbulbs began flashing brightly as Karan wrapped his arm around Shilpa's waist, Shilpa took a deep breath, fixed a bright smile on her face and gave her best pose with Karan that she could, they both tried not to feel overwhelmed but all this media frenzy was driving them nuts, their "personal affair" of a reception dinner had become the opposite, it had now become a full blown media event. Karan and Shilpa's TV Show Dil Mil Gaye had hit the big screen and somehow became the top rated on the network, and now they were having to deal with all this.

Shilpa looked over Karan's shoulder with a side glance at the lawn of the magnificent SLS Hotel, hundreds of people scattered the lawn, photographers, fans, and several from the entertainment industry, a lot of their co-workers had now joined them, this was of course last minute arrangement, family and close friends had been seated inside, but for this last minute change, an additional lawn had been arranged to keep up with all the guests.

"Shilpa, can you put your arm on Karan's shoulder," a photographer shouted.

"Stand closer together, leave no distance in between!" another one yelled.

Shilpa quietly obeyed, keeping her smile on her face, she wondered how those models did it with the smiles plastered on their faces for hours, her cheeks already hurt from smiling. Karan looked at Shilpa and smiled as he slowly complimented her "You look gorgeous, even if they didn't tell you how to pose", Shilpa not so understandingly replied back with "Good thing they're telling me how to pose, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do…" Karan saw the look in Shilpa's eyes, but looking into her eyes made him want to dive right into them and do unknown passionate things, he shaked the thought from his mind and returned to reality.

After what seemed like another hundred or so pictures, the photographers finally allowed Karan and Shilpa to go inside, and said the rest of the pictures would be taken inside the hotel, Shilpa breathed a sigh of relief and slid her hand into Karan's as he said, "let's go, the first stairs of our journey await us Princess".

She looked at him, smiled and followed him in the direction of the stairs leading up to the ballroom, she wished she could check herself in the mirror but then what was she worried about? It was her night, she looked amazing, felt amazing and nothing was stopping her, tonight was the start of a brand new journey, her new journey with Karan Singh Grover as Mrs. Grover and nothing was going to change that.

They reached the top of the stairs to be greeted by Karan's parents, who asked how the shoot had gone, Karan looked at them slightly annoyed and said in a low eager voice "Can we talk about my gorgeous wife instead?" Shilpa blushed as he said this, Karan's father looked at Shilpa and complimented her with "Shilpa, you, my dear do look absolutely stunning, I can't blame the photographers for wanting to get so many pictures of you, but lets get you inside before you get tired of standing" and they escorted Shilpa and Karan to the table, where the placard stated "Just You & Me" and Karan whispered in Shilpa's ear, "how'd they know, tonight…everything begins and ends with just you and me baby."

Shilpa found herself face-to-face with Karan, inches apart, the distance between them was close to none and she felt as if everyone around them had miraculously disappeared, "You look amazing in that dress," he whispered in her ear. She blushed and said, "Thanks, I um…" at a loss of words, she finally paid attention to how handsome he looked just standing there, he was as gorgeous as ever, specially in his dark tux and golden tie that he had gotten to match her dress. She was impressed gold looked so good on him, the glitter from the tie added a special touch to his eyes, making him look even more mysterious, he noticed her looking at him and added "don't worry, I plan on doing a lot more…when we're home, alone…tonight."

She looked away immediately and thought to herself, she had married her best friend, she was Shilpa Grover, no more of writing Shilpa Anand hearts Karan Grover, now it was written together legally (Shilpa Grover), and no one could do anything about it, Karan and Shilpa-a couple written in heaven but joined on earth, as Karan said it.

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