Sunday, 19 May 2019

KaSh OS - K&S Steamy Wedding Night

What Led to Steamy Wedding night ?

His mouth watered as he stared right away.. Now thats delicious. Looks so yummy So rich.. Mmm tempting enough to swallow at once.. Noodles.. K grinned widely staring down at his food.. He started to gobble at once when he saw the angel S walk pass him with a smile. He stared dumbstruck with her beauty. He blinked his eyes as his heartbeat rose. Is this love at first sight with food. He wondered grinning happily. He shoved away his food and got up from his seat to follow her. But then his stomach churned as his gaze drifted back to the lonely Noodles. After all It was the Finger licking good..
I can do it. ! I can Do it.. ! He chanted to himself as he walked towards her with confidence. It had taken him a month to get a grip on himself and get some courage to approach her with his proposal. He gave a tap on her shoulder as she turned around and smile.
S :Hello K.
K :Hi S.
He spoke sheepishly as she frowned. Oh Shit had he been staring like a dumb for minutes.
K : Will u Marry me
She blushed and spoke shyly
S : Only if you agree to divorce me in 6 months
K : 6 Months ?? Why only 6 months
She pouted her lips and crossed her hand

Shilpa : Because we are strangers
He sighed and spoke expectantly
K : Can we extend it to 10 months
S : Why
K : I was thinking to gift u a baby before I Leave
She smacked his arm smiling
S : You are so naughty K.
K : Yipeee We are getting Married

Steamy Wedding Night :

The door slammed behind the bedroom...he pressed her to the door with a naughty Smile...
K : Finally I got you i wanted to have wedding night with you so Badlyy
She gasped loudly while he traced his lips on her neck teasing her ..
K : I need to have my Dinner
She blushed shying like a new bride.
S :But you had your dinner just now..
She waited for him to become more naughty while pointing her pinky lips at him. Instead he frowned and gave a nod..
K : Oh yes i just had Noodles..  thank u for reminding me
She glared at him while he walked back to the bed scratching his head..
S :Did i get married to a looser..
With a coy smile on her lips she walked behind him and push him back and straddled on his lips with a naughty smile.. He gaped at her balancing her as she leaned down on him.. She winked at him while tracing down her soft lips on his chest tempting him badly..
S :Want to have more dinner..
He grinned happily and turn her on her back excitedly ..
K : I will surely have a rocking wedding night with you..
He kissed her and bit her lips as she moaned blissfully..
S :Ohhh K
He moaned back huskily
K : Ohhh S
He leaned down to Kiss her hungrily when suddenly a noise came *CRACK * And the bed broke under them
S : Ahhh
He set up irritatedly and whined out loudly..
K : Why does always my romance sessions are interrupted..
She winced and shrieked at him angrily..
S : Will u lift me for godsake i am Hanging down ..
He noticed her hanging down on the broken bad with fuming eyes. Oh not a good sign.
 K :Ohh Sorry
 He pulled her up with a sheepish smile.. They got up and stared at the bed which was totally broken sadly. The wedding bed which had silky sheets and rose petals, which looked so tempting. She glanced at him narrowing her eyes
S : You are so rich still you cant buy a expensive bed.. ??
He ran a hand in his hair and nodded
K : Your correct the bed is too weak
 She pouted her lips sadly when he picked her in arms surprising her.. She smiled widely when he spoke .
K: So what if Bed is broken The Bathroom is still there..
S :WHAT!! She gaped at him as he led her to the bathroom opening the door..
S : You dont mean to do..
He put her down and stared at her irritatedly
K : Ofcourse i mean to. When i have 10 months i cant even waste a single day. If i dont do now how will you be pregnant ?
S : Ohhh
He pressed her to the bathroom wall as she blushed getting all red.. He started to kiss her hungrily as she moaned while shifting close to him.. Her hands started to run on his muscular body when he broke the kiss and dragged his lips down to her neck giving a bite..
K : Now i am going to make passionate love to you..
She smiled as he backed tacking off his jacket.. Keeping his shirt on he started to come close to her as she pressed herself fully to the wall. Yes this was the moment.. She looked so desiring and tempting that he knew he would get whatever he want at the moment. Little he had any idea about the soap lying on the floor. He took one more step as he put his feet on it and * SLIP * He tripped down at her slipping to the floor along with her.. She cursed under her breath as her head hit hard on the floor, She cried out loud gritting her teeth..
He passed a helpless look at her and helped her to stand up.
K : Sorry sorry Darn the stupid soap
She pushed him away all mad as he tried to think of a way soon. Wedding night had to happen somehow think think
K : IDEA!!
S : Shut up K
K : No seriously we still have the bath tub available
She glanced at him with a unsure look
S : Bath Tub
He grinned at fulled away the shower curtains showing her the marvelous big tub. She clapped her hands together and squealed happily
S : Beautiful
He moved down to tried to put on water. The smile faded from his lips as he stood up
K : uhhh ohh
S : What Now
K : The Tap is Broken. No water
She was definitely mad at him right now. He held his ears as she shrieked loudly
S : Ahhh K Your full house needs to be repaired. Wedding night is done
He followed her outside as she pouted her lips in anger. Shaking his head he took her hand proceeding to the door
K : Wedding night is on. We are getting a hotel room right now
They opened the door when K noticed his brother who stood with amused look
B : I know its wedding night but the noise was so loud. I had to come up and check
K passed a irritated look at him and walk passed him dragging S along with him
K : I am off to Hotel. Dont call me for a week
He frowned at gave a nod slowly glancing inside the room surprised..
B : Woah action packed. Looks like they just had a steamy wedding night


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