Wednesday, 29 May 2019

kash os : A kash vacation

"Karan Singh Grover hand-feeds rice cookies to Indian Model and actress Shilpa at a beach in Goa!" were the arranged headlines that now took over every local newspaper and magazine cover, the picture of Karan and Shilpa together had spread around like wildfire, it now stared back at Shilpa from the coffee table no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. Of course, before Shilpa had gotten into the agency, she had been clueless as to what really went on and how badly publicist and paparazzi made things. But now that she was a celebrity, her life had completely changed, she looked at Vogue magazine and the headlines "Karan & Shilpa, heating things up in Goa!" Karan and her relationship was no longer anonymous, the paparazzi had found out, it had been exposed now and there was no way to go around it, now she just had to figure out what her next step was. Now Shilpa knew that the paparazzi would try to record her every move, they'd try to make sure Karan & Shilpa didn't get a second of peace.

Liza Gupta, a friend of Shilpa's walked by and said "Hey, have you seen the inside yet? There are soooo many hot pictures of you and Karan in there!" she gushed "I can't believe what you two were up to!"

Shilpa ignored her remark, and said "Hey Liza," As Liza and Shilpa looked over the scattered magazines that stared back at them, Shilpa's phone vibrated on the bed, she looked at the number and found herself facing Karan, well his number at least, she picked up the phone and heard his voice after several hours, she hadn't spoken to him since she had found about the magazine exposure and cover break-out. She finally said "Hello," only to be greeted by the familiar voice on the other end saying, "I'm so sorry Shilpa, I should've listened to you, we shouldn't have gone to the beach, but you know me, I'm stubborn, I always do things my way, I'm a kid at heart, I'm stupid, I'm an idiot, you still love me, na?"

She finally cut him off with,

"Karan! I'm glad you called! Have you seen the magazines? I don't care about them, we are together, its not an anonymous relationship anymore and they were going to find out sooner or later so why hide it any longer?"

Karan listened to her quietly, he understood what she said but a part of him said that she was only saying this to make him feel better,

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you Shilpa! Mom and dad want to have lunch with us today." Karan said, as he immediately remembered the text from his father first thing in the morning'Karan's outburst brought a worried look onto Shilpa's face, her morning had already started out bad and now Karan's parents wanting to meet for lunch couldn't possibly be a good sign, Shilpa told Karan softly, "Karan, you know I can't today, I have so much to take care of today with all this,"

"'what it'll ruin your Chinese green-tea and Italian Bleu Cheese Diet?" Karan teased.

Shilpa could hear the teasing tone in his voice, "Karan!" She groaned, "I ate more then that on our vacation! I had the pasta, the cheese balls'" Karan stopped her in between "I didn't ask for a complete what you ate on our vacation Shilpa, I told you that we're having lunch with my parents at Bellizimo's and that's the end of it"

"Bellizimo's?! I can have Italian Bleu Cheese?" She teased in a playful tone, Karan replied back with a "You can have anything you want instead of Italian Bleu Cheese." Karan could tell Shilpa's mood had now lightened up a bit and so he treaded into dangerous ground by bringing up the magazine cover topic again, "Shilpa, what are we going to do about the paparazzi and press?" Shilpa who had complete forgotten about it now returned and said, "Karan, I'll figure it out, can we not talk about that? I'm tired of it and I really don't want to bring it up again, I've told you before'I want to spend my whole life with you with or without the press interfering, lets talk to your parents today and tell them that we're ready to take our relationship to the next step" Shilpa said without a second thought.

Karan immediately felt his world glitter and sparkle as Shilpa said the words, he'd waited for her to say this for so long but something had always come in between, it was either her photo shoots, the movies, the premiers, the paparazzi or the final'hiding the relationship and keeping it anonymous but today finally she had wanted them to show the world that they were together and in a relationship'he ended the conversation with , "You mean, I can finally feed you rice cookies and the paparazzi can post it all they want'and who cares'because we'll be together and everyone will know?" 'She knew he was joking and said in a gushed tone as a blush crept up her cheeks, "Yes Karan, you can feed me rice cookies, in fact, I prefer you feeding me in private now'so that we don't have to put up with all this, but remember, your mine and all mine, and I want you to feed only me!"

He had no clue what she meant by only her and said, "what do you mean, who else do I feed?," he heard her laugh at the other end and say, "you think only you can tease me, I'm allowed to do so as well...", in reply to which he asked her, "what are you wearing then?" She smiled and felt herself blush even further, "I'll see you for lunch," and she hung up on him.

Shilpa sat on the couch and kicked off her slippers, she wanted to sit there and relax at home, where every word and facial expression wouldn't be taken for granted. Shilpa studied her newly French manicured nails, she put both of her thumbnails together to look at the tiny white rhinestones which spelled K and S (the left one "K" and the right "S") She sat there in her pale mocha sequined slip dress looking at the pictures from Goa, what Shilpa thought was funny was Karan and Shilpa couldn't be more different yet they were so alike and she couldn't spend a minute without him, Shilpa blushed just at the thoughts, Karan was the just about the only person in the world who could make her blush so easily and he very well knew it.

Shilpa took a sip of her coffee and set it down on the coffee table, she leaned against the cushions on the couch and  went into dreamland, her Goa vacation with Karan had been much needed, she needed the time away from work and definitely needed to spend some time alone with Karan but she hated the invasion of privacy as well as the fact that her publicist had been no help in exposing these articles and pictures. Shilpa in response had decided that she would behave as cooperatively as possible, she would show that this sudden publicity stunt had no influence on and Karan's relationship, in fact it would bring them even closer.

Shilpa walked to her walk-in closet to pick out a dress worthy enough for lunch with Karan and his parents at Bellizimo's, she looked through the many designer cocktail dresses, sundresses and gowns adorned on the railings, they'd probably only been worn once if so, she finally set her eyes on a bright pink halter dress which seemed perfect for the event, she took it out and said...

"lets go baby, you've been in here for too long' we're in for lunch at Bellizimo's, you, me, Karan and his parents'time for you to really enjoy life, the real way" she smiled as her bright eyes shined in the light coming in through the curtains, she was ready to tell Karan's parents about the next step of their relationship and for once in her life, she couldn't have been happier.

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