Friday, 28 May 2021

KASH OS : Perfect KaSh…



"the nxt tym u call me shoutin lyk dat karan…I'll srsly blow ur head off"

She warned him getting inside d car…

" m I supposd 2 luk for u otherwise on d whole crowded set haan?"

"I ws anyways cumin don't make dat excuse..nd even if I wsnt….u'll shout lyk dat??"

"obviously!!" he tried to make his point valid!

"in d mike karan?? In d mike??" she askd still amazed…

"acha acha theek h yaar…I'l not do it aage se….pr u'll not vanish lyk dis den…"

"vanish??...ah! don't u dare say dat karan…paani lene bhi nhi jaa skti main?"

"Arre…. toh…..uhm…" he tried 2 find wrds 2 defend himself but cudnt really find any!

"whatever it is….ur not doing it anytym again"she ordered.

"nd ur also not leavin me 4 a sec anytym again" he said confidently.

Nd she cudnt help but simply roll her eyes at ws better 2 luk outside d window dan 2 fite wid dis daft head!!

Indeed better 4 him too….aftr ol she lukd like a princess wid dat cute irresistible frown on her face!.


Karan-I feel so tired man….aise baarah- baarah ghante shoot krne me to meri jaan chali jayegi..

She had kept her head on his shoulder nd had held his arm tightly…"I knw….pr its ok na….we can't really do anythin…nd ab ghar jaake toh tumhe kuch nhi krna na…u jst take rest haan…"

Dey were in d traffic jam nd d car ws at hault frm last 10 mins…its Mumbai traffic aftr ol!

Der ws a knock on d window nd dey see  2 old men wearin green kurtas nd holdin a big green sheet wid a few coins nd sum holy pictures..

Karan picked up  few coins frm d small tray beneath d steering nd gives dem 2 shilpa continuing his discussion"ek toh ye traffic yaar….pta nhi kitne janmo me clear hoga"

She tuk d coins frm him nd put it in d holy "chadar"

"ye toh roz ka hi hota h….y r u spoiling ur mood?"

D old man blessed shilpa as he put d lightd diya in her direction…

She opened her hands as if to take d aroma nd d holy "dhuan" thingy ..nd turnd bak 2 karan to put both her hands on his head.."chill baby" she kissd his forehead..

He kissd both her hands…how can u b so chilled out 24*7 shona!"

"tumko handle krte krte seekh gyi hu" she gave a wink wid a cute chuckle!

A FEW MINS LATER….still in car

Karan- arre why did u change d song? Itna acha refreshing gana tha….

He changed d song bak 2 d previous one…

Shilpa changed it again..

"nooo……u knw I don't understand Punjabi songs…tum jaan k aisa krte rhte ho hamesha…no Punjabi songs in my car"

"its my car" he mumbled…..nd changed d song back to his favourite punjabi no.

She lukd at him angrily at d "my car" thing.nd changed d song back 2 her favourite hindi soft song…

"arre…matlab…it is you car shona….pr..i mean its mine 2 na….nd filhaal drive toh main kr rha hu na…so my choice" he changed it again..

"what will u feel like if I start makin u listen Spanish songs?" she switchd d song again

"what? Ha…how did Spanish cum in here? Nd vaise bhi Punjabi is much more easier dan Spanish…or dan any language 4 dat matter"..he put back d Punjabi song

"m so tired 2  karan..atleast let me listen 2 sum soft realxing song..not dis stupid tare gir gir stuff"

He chuckled listening 2 dat.."its tare gin gin" he quoted wid his hands…"not gir gir!!"

"its tare gin gin yaad'ch teri main taan jaaga raatan nu.." u say..

"see….i dnt even understand it properly..nd tumko maza aata h na aise pareshan krne me mujhe? I olredy feel sleepy..nd ye shor..argghhh!"

"arre toh m also sleepy yaar…isiliye toh…listen 2 fresh songs…aise rocking…danshy danshy" he again quoted d last 2 wrds wid his hands 2 convince her." Nhi bhi samajh aaye to atleast its better dan d lullabies u listen!...i hav 2 drive 20-30 mins more pta h…vo sunke to I'l sleep only!"

"u only hav 2 drive…aur ghar jaakar…khana bhi mujhe tumko khilana padta h!"

"toh?...woh toh tumhara hi kaam h!"

……nd dey kept on fighting like dis changing topic frm d song…to shilpa's job of makin karan eat…to karan's job of driving her home like a sincere driver nd not bossing her around…to d fact dat shilpa bosses him more…to her right of doing so….to d quarrel dat shilpa wud take another car frm d next day…to another one dat karan wud also join her in d othr car only….nd dey still kept on fighting 4geting dat d song dat dey had actually started fighting for had been over long bak nd 3 songs more had even passed aftr dat!!


Karan ws settled on d chair nd shilpa ws serving him..

"baitho na…u luk so tall when ur standin nd m sitting"

She smiled at his silly comment…nd came nd settled on d chair besides his..

Both of dem started eatin frm d same plate while karan watchd tv in d hall which had a direct view frm where dey were sittin….sry..writing error…corrected:

Shilpa fed both of dem frm d plate while karan watchd tv in d hall which had a direct view frm where dey were sitting!!

"v hav jst shot a week later's episode karan..fir ye kun dekh rhe ho?"

"u lukd beautiful in dis one!"

"says mr. silly who's watchin d girl in television nd not in front of hhim!"

He glared at her" i….i'll answer u in d break! lemme watch prprly"

She went in d kitchen 2 get him water…she obviously had 2 go coz he won't move until d episode wasn't over!..nd d break ws also over by now…so he ws again engrossd in watchin..

she held his hand nd took him 2 d livin room itself…both settled prprly nd den she again started eating frm d plate she had brought here…sry..writing error again…corrected:

she held his hand nd took him 2 d livin room itself…both settled prprly nd den she again started feeding both of dem!

"if v go delhi next week…"she started..


"I hav s much 2 do…itni packin n ol…nd den hume 5 din k liye off milega to v'l hav 2 compensate pehle hi…its gonna b really tuf…I wish I cud always stay at home only…itna kaam…sumtyms I feel like absconding away…kholo na muh karan" she made him open his mouth while he paid attention to riddhima's wrds on tv nd not to shilpa's!!

"uh…haan….toh nhi jayenge na 5 dino k liye…I'l cut it short..don't wry" he murmured still lukin at d tv…


Karan laid on d bed wid his head resting at d bed post nd eyes glued 2 d magazine in his hands…

Shilpa changed 2 her pink knee-length night gown nd ws makin proper space on d bed 2 sleep…she ws pickin up karan's half-eaten ice cream bowl  nd shirt which he had jst removed..

"theek se leto karan…den u'l complain of back pain.."she said in a monotone continuing wid her wrk…

"I won't complain pakka….dis id most comfortable position yaar.."

"ask me abt it!..theek se baitho..chalooo"she patted his back nd he had to sit up prply..

"acha pen dena….shonaaa…pen.."

she brought him a pen nd sat comfortably between both his legs… "kya kr rhe ho?"

he wrapped both his arms around her waist nd rested his head on her shoulder.." c….its a love-check quiz…for couples.."

"finally tumne apna psp chhodkar aur kuch bhi dekha!"

Dey started answering d questions nd also bickered a little….sry sry vry sry…writing error again..corrected:

Dey started bickering nd also answered d questions a little!

It had questions for both d sexes…it askd d woman abt if her man rmbbrs al der anniversaries nd important dates which of course had to wid a NO nd askd d man if her woman got irritated when he spcly tried 2 b cute nd called him cute when he got irritated..wich obviously ws a YES! It askd the woman if her man got angry when he had 2 find his belongings himself nd askd d man if his spouse wanted him 2 remind her wid endless I love yous but herself got irritated wid dem soon…it askd both d partners abt how dey felt when d othr one ws not around….n dmany more questions dat despite of being tired both of dem went on answering d questions…


Karan sat on d floor wid his head in shilpa's lap who sat on d corner of d bed putting both her legs around him nd her hands on his sholuder massaging dem…

"u knw wat…u make me fall in luv wid u ol ovr again wid sdis magic massage thing of urs" he lukd up at her  and smiled..

"hmmm…magic toh h…shona spcl massage ka magic!'l take ol ur pain away….but whats d use?" she frownd.." tum hamesha ulti seedhe tareeke se baithoge…aise idhar udhar chalte chalte to tumko lag jaati h kahin bhi"

He did not really answered d latter part "pr tum ho na… fir main kyun dhayn rakhu?" he winked…

Both were silent 4 a few moments…nd den karan smiled 2 himself nd lukd up at her..

"what?" she askd amazed..

He stood up nd started settling on d bed 2 sleep..she followed…he laid down wid her head on his chest ..

"bolo na..y r u smiling like dis?...karann…batao na jana"

"I jst realized how lucky I m 2 hav u…"


"dey say a wife always takes her husband's pain away….u literally do dat shona…ur prfct….…I luv u" he kissd her head…

She held him even more tightly nd kissd hi bare chest…"I luv u too" she mumbled…

"Gud nite"

She jst kissd his lips in return….


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