Wednesday, 18 November 2020


-Yes baby
-Why does this man keep running?
-That's the game angie..
-Where's he going?
-To the temple! That's what it reads na... temple' run! Right?
-Why does he need to run? Why can't he walk?
-I don't know, maybe he's getting late...
-For what?
-For the temple baby.
-Why doesn't he take rest?

-Uh...he does, when you pause the game, right?
-And the monster...why does he keep running after him?'s the right path you know...when you walk on the path of truth or success...there are monsters..but you gotta keep on...
-you said it was the path to the temple...
-yes it is angel
-you're confusing me mumma. Is it the path to truth or temple?
-I don't know. Ask dadda when he comes play till then..
-do I need to jump for these coins?
-your wish...
-what will he do of coins in a temple?
-maybe offer to god...
-why couldn't he take money from his home?
-maybe he didn't have it...
-so he's stealing?
-its just a game angel...
-but he is stealing, right?
-ask dadda about it...I have never played the game.
-but mummmaaa how do I chose which way to go?
-just go wherever you want baby
-how will I reach the temple then?
-you will. Once you finish running.
-will I ever finish running? This man never seems to be tired of running...
-he has a lot of energy..
-like dadda?
-he also went to gym with dadda?
-yeah he did.
-does he get chocolate for his daughter on his way back? Like dadda does?
-yeah he does. Evey dadda does that.
-your dadda did too?
-my dad didn't go to gym!
-well...he didn't like it. Now leave that, see here, we're gonna do some coloring!
-I wanna play this game first...running temple
-temple run you mean.
-will he always keep running?
-uff! Not again!
-he won't?
-oh angel! See karan...uh I mean dadda's home! Go hug him tight and ask how was his day...go run run run...
-dadda, do you know this man? Does he go to gym with you?

And there it went like everyday. Something or the other. Being a parent is not easy!

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