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Last Chapter : baaton hi baaton mein(Arsh ss)

After a year.

 Armaan and Shilpa started working and also spent some quality time with each other. They soon got engaged as well.  Initial days of their job were hectic but both of them managed to remove some time for each other.

Armaan and Shilpa also went to London for Rehan's wedding and to Sydney for Rahul-Muskaan's wedding. These weddings made Armaan even more restless to get married to Shilpa.

 Shilpa's phone rang flashing Ammy'

"Hey!", she said cheerfully.

"Hey Love! How was your day? Sounding really happy!", said Armaan.

"Yeah! My day was excellent!", she said with a big grin.

"Really? Why? What happened?", he asked.

"Morning when I went to work, there was only one conference, so I attended that and went to meet Paakhi di! And we saw Kick together! Haaye... Salman Khan.. Gosh!!! He is sooo hawt!", she said with a dreamy sigh.

"Oye! Enough!", he said.

"Jealous?", she asked with a smirk.

"I don't have to be jealous!", he said with a grin.

"Exactly!", she smiled.

"Where are you now?", he asked.

"At home!", she replied.

"Get Ready! I'm coming to pick you up!", he said.

"Okay.. Love you Ammy!", she replied.

"Love you too Shona!", he said and cut the call.

Within 20 minutes Armaan arrived and rang the bell. Shilpa opened the door. Armaan scanned her from top to bottom. She was wearing a plain red georgette saree.

"Wow!", sighed Armaan looking at her as if he would eat her that very moment.

"What?", asked Shilpa

"I really want to eat you now! You're looking ravishing!", he complimented.

"I know!", she replied cheekily.

Armaan pulled her by her waist onto his hard chest. Her hand were on his chest trying to push him whereas, Armaan tightened the grip on her waist.

"What are you doing Ammy? We're are standing here at the door!", she warned.

Armaan gently lifted her off the ground and entered the house. He then shut the door behind and asked, "Now is it okay?"

Shilpa didn't reply so he nipped her earlobe and dropped a gentle kisses trailing down to her neck. Shilpa still didn't respond and stood still as if she were some statue. Armaan got irritated and bit the soft skin of her neck and sucked on it making her moan. She clutched onto his hair ruffling through it.

"Armaan.", she moaned.

That was enough for Armaan to lose control. He started nipping all over her neck giving small love bites all over. Shilpa tugged on his hair. He gently broke apart and looked at her with hungry eyes.

"Shona! Can't we... Please! It's been a month since we made love! I really want to!", he said with pleading eyes.

Shilpa placed her palm on his cheek, "Calm down! Lets's go and meet Di first! There is a surprise for you!", she announced.

Armaan nodded, "I'll drink water then we leave!", he said.

"Sit here! I'll get it for you!", said Shilpa and walked off to the kitchen while Armaan followed her. She turned around and saw Armaan starting at her with those molten brown hungry orbs.

"Drink!", she said handing over a glass of water to him.

Armaan took the glass of water from her, drank and kept it in the sink, while Shilpa turned and started walking out of the kitchen when suddenly she felt a tug on her saree pallu. She turned and found Armaan holding onto the pallu. He gently raised it to his mouth and wiped it.

Shilpa blushed turning all shades of pink and red.

Armaan came closer to her, bent to her ears and whispered, "You know what?"

"What?", she whispered back.

"You look even more gorgeous and yummy when you blush!", he said in a husky whisper.

Shilpa blushed even more and then braised herself and spoke, "You know Ammy.. Today in Kick.. Salman looked so so so sooo hawt! I just wanted to go into the screen and give him a kiss! Mwah!"

As she said that Armaan scoops down and silenced her by taking her lips in his giving her a scorching kiss. They broke apart and Armaan said, "These lips are only mine!", he said possessively.

Shilpa nodded and gave a gentle peck on his lips. "Only yours!", she confirmed.

He pulled her into a rib crushing hug as silence filled the air.

While in the hug, Shilpa spoke, "Ammy!"

"Hmmm..", came his reply.

"What kind of wedding do you want?", she asked sweetly.

"Your wish Shona! I'm okay however you want it!", he replied caressing her hair.

"Today di spoke to me about our marriage!", she informed.

"And?", he asked eager to know the remaining story.

"I told her I will speak to you and we will tell her together!", she replied.

Armaan finally broke the hug and cupped her face, "What kind of wedding to you want love?"

"A simple one! A court marriage if possible!", she said with eager eyes.

"Don't you want a grand wedding?", he asked

"No.. I want a simple court marriage! But it's okay with me if you want a grand marriage!", she said sweetly.

"No baby! I'm fine with what you want!", he said placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Come let's go!", she said.

On the way to Armaan's House.

"Where is your car?", he asked.

"Paakhi di had taken my car! She had some urgent work so she dropped me home and took my car to office! I told her I'll come with you so it'll be there at home!", she replied.

Shilpa was looking outside the window while Armaan switched on the radio.

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hoon...

Kehna chahu bhi tho tumse kya kahoon...

Shilpa turned to look at Armaan.

Kisi zubaan mein bhi, woh lafz hi nahi...

Ki jin mein tum ho kya tumhe bata sakoon...

Armaan looked at Shilpa. They smiled at each other. She gently lifted her hand and caressed his cheek. He held her hand and dropped a gentle kiss on it.

Main agar kahoon tumsa haseen

Kaayanaat mein nahi hai kahin

Taaref yeh bhi to, sach hai kuch bhi nahin

Tumko paaya hai to jaise khoya hun

Shilpa took back her hand. The end of her saree pallu fell on the gear. Armaan held the gear of the car also getting hold of her pallu. Shilpa smiled at his reaction.


Paakhi opened the door and greeted Shilpa, "Looking gorgeous sister in law!"

"Thank you sister in law! You're looking gorgeous too!", replied Shilpa.

"Mujhe koi complement nahi karta!", whined Armaan.

The ladies rolled their eyes at him and made their way to the sofa.

"Pata hai aaj Kashaf ne Zaroon par coffee gira di! Zaroon.. Poor thing had come to pick her up and take her out for a date and she.. uhh.. Got knows where her mind is.. She went crashing into him with a cup of coffee in her hand.", she said laughing and Shilpa and Armaan laughed along.

"Anyways, I have to discuss something with the two of you!", said Paakhi.

"Bolo di!", he said.

"When do you both plan to get married?", she asked.

"Di.. I spoke to him about it!", said Shilpa.

"Di.. We want a simple court marriage! Waise bhi we don't have relatives and all who would attend the wedding so rather a court marriage!", said Armaan as he held onto Shilpa's hand.

Paakhi smiled, "As you guys are comfortable! I'm fine with any decision you take!", she said. Armaan and Shilpa smiled back.

"What about the witnesses Shilpa?", asked Paakhi.

"Rehan will be coming with Seher!", said Shilpa cheerfully.

"Great! Then me and Kashaf are here! We'll have the wedding this before this weekend?!", asked Paakhi. Both nodded in approval.

"That's day after!", confirmed Armaan. Paakhi grinned.

 "I have some work now! I gotta go! I will take an appointment with the registrar also!", said Paakhi.

"Okay di!", Shilpa replied with a smile.

"I'm taking your car Shilpa!", said Paakhi.

"Di.. I told you na.. It is your car too! You don't need to ask me or tell me!", said Shilpa.

Paakhi smiled and went out of the house.

Shilpa walked to fridge and removed some vegetables and went into the kitchen. Armaan walked to the kitchen and hugged her from behind with his chin on her shoulder and his arms wrapped around her bare waist.

"What are you doing Ammy?", she gasped at his touch.

"What are you doing here?", he asked.

"Making something for dinner!", she replied.

"Later! Spend some time with your hubby now! Di has also gone out!", he said nuzzling into her neck.

Armaan twirled her around. Shilpa's hands were on his chest and his hands on her waist tightly gripping her from behind.

"We're getting married Shona!", he said in excitement.

Shilpa smiled and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Can I ask you something Ammy?", she said.

"Ofcourse! Ask away!", he replied.

"You're fine na Ammy?", she asked with concern.

"Yup baby! Perfect!", he replied and kissed her cheek.

"I don't think so! Your face is telling me something else!", she replied.

He looked away not looking into her eyes.

Shilpa cupped his face, "What happened baby?"

"Shona! My Mom and Dad died in a car crash. Di was the one who brought me up! Then after di got married, i stayed with her and jiju! Then Jiju passed away in an air crash and Di's Mom in law also passed away a few months after. We then shifted to Mumbai and started a fresh. Di has never let her problems affect me! I've never felt the loss of Mom and Dad. But now that I have you who I cannot afford to lose ever in my life!", he said cupping her face.

"Don't even think like that baby! I'll always be there with you!", she said cupping his face. She then tip toed and dropped a gentle kiss on his forehead.

He embraced her into a hug which soon becomes a passionate one. He caresses her waist and her fingers rffle through his silky locks. Armaan then planted a wet kiss on her neck. She clutched on to his hair. He pulled down her sleeves exposing her shoulders. He kissed her shoulder and then sucked on her collar bone.

He moved up to her lips and takes her into a loving, slow and passionate kiss. They finally break away for air and she hides herself in his chest.

"Always be like this love!", said Armaan.

"Matlab?", asked Shilpa.

"Matlab... Sirf meri Shilpa! Armaan ki Shilpa!", replied a possessive Armaan.

Shilpa understood why he is being so possessive and she loved the fact that he is so possessive for her.

She flung her arms around his neck, "I don't even have the time to think about anyone else! All my love and All my time is yours!", she said.

Armaan smiled and hugged her again.

"Ammy! I need to call Rehan and tell him to take the first flight to India!", said Shilpa picking up her phone from the kitchen counter.

She made a call to Rehan and informed him about the wedding. Rehan immediately got tickets booked and took the first flight out.

Wedding Day.

Shilpa's phone rang and she picked up with a big smile, "Hey Ammy!", she greeted.

"Shona! Are you ready? Rehan and Seher are ready? Any help you need?", asked Armaan in one breathe.

"Yeah! I'm ready! Rehan and Seher are getting ready! And No, I don't need any help!", she answered all his questions.

"The registrar's appointment is at 11.. Its 9 already! So I'll pick you up!", informed Armaan

"Ammy, that's not required! Rehan will drive my car.. We'll come there directly.. After that I'll be stuck with you all my life!", she said with a giggle.

"Yeah! You're already stuck to me for 7 lives to come!", he replied.

Shilpa blushed and said, "Yeah hubby! Now you go and get ready and pick Kashaf Aapi and Zaroon Bhai also! Is Paakhi di ready?"

"Yeah.. di is almost ready.. I'm ready and sitting in the hall for the past 1 hour!", he whined.

"Awww.. My poor baby! tch..tch..", she said giggling.

"Now bye! Huh.. I'm not gonna talk to you till we don't get married!", he said angrily.

"Okay! Bye!", she said and cut the call.

"Call cut kar diya?", he sighed, upset.

Rehan and Seher got ready and the trio left home by 10 and reached the registrar's office by 10.30. They got off the car and saw Armaan standing there with Paakhi, Kashaf and Zaroon.

"Shilpaaa!!", shrieked Paakhi in happiness and hugged her.

"Diii!", she shrieked out in equal happiness.

"Hi Shilpa!!!", greeted Kashaf and Zaroon in unison

"Hi Di! Hi Bhai!", she greeted back.

"This is my muh bola bhai, Rehan Qureshi and his wife and my friend, Seher Ahmed Khan Qureshi!", Shilpa introduced.

Rehan and Seher met Paakhi, Zaroon and Kashaf and talked away. It felt like old friends meeting up after a long time though it was their first meeting.

Armaan and Shilpa kept taking glances at each other. Armaan took his phone and texted Shilpa.

To: Shona

I'm not talking to you till we get married! x-(

She read the text and replied back.

To: Ammy

Yeah! I know! No issues.. ;)

He read the text wide eyed and replied,


To: Shilpa

Haww! You don't care? :(

She smiled after reading it and replied,

To: Ammy

I do.. But it's just the matter of 10 minutes now! <3

As soon as he read the text, he passed a wide grin to her.

"Let's go in!", said Paakhi,

The registrar gave the papers and Armaan and Shilpa sign on it. Then Paakhi and Kashaf sign as witnesses on Armaan's behalf and Rehan and Seher on Shilpa's behalf.

Paakhi then handed over a mangalsutra to Armaan which he gently fastened around her neck and then a pinch of vermillion in her hair parting. Shilpa closed her eyes as his fingers touched the parting.

"Congratulations!", wished the registrar.

Armaan and Shilpa thanked him. He then held onto Shilpa's hand and walked out of the office. As soon as they reached the car Armaan pecked on Shilpa's lips. "Finally your officially and legally mine!", he said with pride.

Armaan, Shilpa, Paakhi, Rehan, Seher, Kashaf and Zaroon went over for a small Lunch Celebration after which they all went to their homes. Rehan and Seher stayed at Shilpa's place and Shilpa moved to Armaan's.


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