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Last part : Nashaa

Muskan Took Riddimaa away from Arman to Keerti, as Keerti was waiting for their arrival at cottage then she could make a check on Riddimaa.
Entering keerti's Room, Riddimaa took a gulp with every step towards her. "Dr. Keerti… why isn't the baby moving…" Riddimaa sat with her holding her hand.
"Because the baby doesn't move at this stage Riddimaa !" Keerti rolled her eyes.
"When will I get fat?" Riddimaa asked, with confusion.
"Probably after 5 and half month of pregnancy…" Keerti replied "Riddimaa, don't worry! You are fit and health and so is your baby… let me just check you… lay down.." Keerti said, Riddimaa made a nod, and lay down on bed Keerti used her stethoscope over – took some normal health checkups and told her to just relax and let it be… "Don't stress yourself over it… The last time I checked you, I saw the baby developing, if you want to the scan form of baby, you can collect it from my car, its below the seat – file in red, named Arman Malik ok…?" Keerti said, keeping a hand over Riddimaa's shoulder.

"And now we are here… so don't worry, I will surely turn you bulky women!" Keerti said, Riddimaa giggled and ran out to car parking area. Arman, who was sitting around with boys went after her…

"Riddimaa, kya kar rahe hou?" Arman touched her shoulder, while she was viewing a file, with moist eyes, as she turned she hugged him… making him startled at first and then chuckle "bohat pyar araha hai… wah…" he mumbled, kissing her head. "Kyaa huaa?" He asked, smiling down at her.

"See this…" She showed him "it's our baby…" she pointed at the scan – negative form of her abdomen… "You sure?" he asked with wide eyes, she nodded in yes… smiling, biting her lips…
"Oh…MY God…." He whispered, looking at it, through light… "I am really happy…" He hugged with a watery voice he confessed that he loves her lots, "Love you too Arman…" She hugged him back…
"Thanks…." He said, kissing her cheek, that he turned red, crimson with love and affection, he placed his lips there for a while, lingered at that place for a while, and then holding her chin, softly he nibbled her lips – when Rahul shouted "guys please…! It's OPEN PLACE!"
"Yea… coming..." Arman placed the file back, as she told him the place and then took her in; his hand holding up hers. All the way, both smiling – mesmerized by the beauty they just saw… Thanking God for the blessing and Praying for the safety of their child…

"Hey Riddimaa, see this… Arman's article as DCP…" Muskan cheered holding the magazine. Riddimaa smiled and excitedly began to read up to herself, Rohail head bumping hers in process of reading while Muskan from other side.
"Gosh Arman The photo is damn Hot…!" Anjali commented, as she took a sneak peak of the photo where Arman stood, wearing a formal suit…
"Thanks…" ARman smiled, looking at Riddimaa, who fighting with every that he is her husband she has first right to read, while other were saying that was a bogus fact, and kept on irritating her over the magazine…
"Guys… let her read naa, you all can wait… !" Arman stepped in sitting far from them.
"Ohhhhhhhhh" everyone hooted making Riddimaa and himself blush.
"I was just saying because I didn't want her to cry…" Arman defended.
"OHHHHhhhh" it began again,
"Stopp it guys…" Riddimaa stepped it.
"OHhooo… defending your hubby haan?" Rahul teased
"Tum tou chu hee raho !" Riddimaa glared at him; "Doesn't Muskan defend you!" she showed him tongue.
"No … Muskan is the one, who is against me – on the other side always!" Rahul wrinkled his nose at her.
"RAhul!!" Riddimaa Said, anooyingly
"Riddimaa!" He copied her.
"Shut up Rahul!" Riddimaa said, looking down at magazine and continuing her reading…

" Acha Arman … you all ready to be dad?" Shubhankar, shifted Rahul to this topic. Riddimaa, who pulled her ear up as she heard Shubhankar. Rohail snatched the magazine and she didn't said anything, looking down in her hands, and hearing them, Muskan jumped over the other side and began to read with Rohail and Anjali…
"yeea…" Arman smiled, blushingly.
"Hmm…. Wese Arman… you going to look damn beautiful while changing dippers!" Atul commented laughing… "Imagine guys Arman with a confused face, his baby crying over dippers.!" Atul added spice, everyone laughed at Arman tight face and forceful smile.
"Why would I? Isn't it Girls Job?" Arman couldn't helped but comment
"O-o…"Rahul said, as his eyes fell on Riddimaa, who was frowning – getting up she walk up to them.
"What DOES that Mean Mr. Malik?" Riddimaa said, keeping her hands over her waist.
"Facts Riddimaa ! Why would I change the dippers? That's your work Right Sir?" Arman looks at Shubhankar, who just shrugged his shoulder and pulls himself out of conversation, Arman frowned at shubhankar.
"Arman ! Isn't the baby yours too? Why should I do the messy work?" Riddimaa fought.
"Why are you getting angry? I am just saying … I am not going to do this work… it's not mine part job… its yours…why are you behaving like this…?" Arman frowned, as usual.
"Oh right! So what is your job? To make wife pregnant!" she commented, with flame in her nostrils.
"Obviously!" he commented, shamelessly. Boys shrieked loudly at Arman's response who himself was laughing.
"Arman ! You aRE Such a JERK!" pause "Sleep here…! Don't show me your face in this whole trip!" she stomped and went in kitchen due to hunger.
"aree Par… Riddimaa Suno tou!" Arman walk behind her to kitchen, everyone was laughing with wits in their abdomens…
"Riddimaa… please yr Acha SorrY" he stopped her in kitchen, holding her arms, "Par why you are upset? That I made you pregnant or I am not going to change Dippers?" Arman said.
"ARman!!" she hit his chest while he laughed, holding her in his embrace.

"Aree parr I was just asking… ok fine I made you pregnant; that's why I will TRY To change the dippers, on weekends Happy?" He said, seeing her sniff, in a blackmailing tone that he knew… but just to make her happy he played along.
"Hmmm…." She hugged him tight.
"Tou, what will I get in return?" he asked, pulling her closer.
"Hmm, you always get what you want…" she whispered.
"oye hoyee…" he chuckled as she blushed and hid her face in his chest…
At Dinner time,
Rohail sequel led seeing ice falling through the opened window. "Its… snowing !" he shouted, leaving is food intact on table "Rohail !" Keerti tried to stop him but he was too fast to be stopped
"OMG!" Riddimaa got up too along with other girls, other weren't stop but ARman stopped Riddimaa…
"First eat…!" Arman made her sit back.
"Arman… it might end up till then!" Riddimaa tried to stand up.
"No … its go if it ends !" pause "now eat your food, any way you aren't going out there!" Arman added.
Too much of Riddimaa's disappointment, She tried one more time "Arman… please" she said, with sad face and watery eyes
"No… this isn't going to work… stop it Riddimaa, be practical! Its damn cold !" Arman said, staring at her already pink face, due to cold. Her dry lips were a hard proof of it.
Her tears came out, as she heard every one shouting and playing. She gulped the food with tears, Keerti all the while kept a hand over Arman to make him calm down.
"Well, Riddimaa… Eat quickly then I will give you one of my Jacket…. Then we both can stand at doors ok?" Shubhankar asked keerti first and then looks at Riddimaa, who smiled at shubhankar and nodded. Eating her food – she didn't speak to Arman, who kept on asking 'do need anything…' she would deliberately ask for more from keerti, Arman sighed and kept quite with it.

"lets go Sweet Heart!" Shubhankar made her wear his long knee length leather jacket, closing it from front they walk up to door, she saw every one playing – she smiled, and thought what a golden opportunity she was missing…. It was  her first time and she could touch it… she stepped ahead, just to walk out when she felt a hand over her elbow, knowing the possessive grip, she sighed and let out his name with a sigh… and dissaprovement. "… Arman…"

"Jaoo !!" he frowned and left her arm, seeing him angry and walking in with anger, she stopped and went in after him, not even looking back at ice. "I am Sorry Arman…" She pulled the jacket out, and sat beside him

"Riddimaa, why are you so stubborn! Even Keerti aunty saying that it's not good! You might get cold… it's too cold out there, the snow had fasten up and still look at the stubbornness in you" arman blasted over her, her eyes got moist and tears drop off.

"Arman…" keerti stepped in and sat beside Riddimaa.  "Riddimaa, stop crying… and listen, in your life you will see this again, think about baby right this moment, you are already weak, your weight even isn't appropriate for pregnancy, we don't you to develop problems for you own pregnancy right?" keerti rubbed her back, to make her quite.

"Yes… aunty… I get it." She sobbed softly, controlling her tears.

"Ok now, do have a hot glass of milk before going to bed!" keerti got up. "Shubhankar get the kids in… the food is getting cold…" Keerti shouted, rubbing her arms, due to cold.

"OK…" shubhankar shouted and began to pull rohail in, who debated to stay more.

Finally, going back to their respective room. Riddimaa heard the shouted giggling voice, but she was feeling really tired to go and join them. Feeling an arm around her body, she sighed

"Sorry, I shouted…" he whispered, kissing her cold nap. "you feeling cold?"  He asked.

"Yes…" she replied, rubbing her feet's together.

"turn around…" he turned her, and pulled her close in his hug, rubbing her back with his warm hands, and her thighs and leg, through his legs, tangling it – pulling it over hers, he kept on rubbing her arms, kissing her neck, he nibbled her neck…

Ultimately falling in passion, desire and love, they began to caress each other till Arman felt her body heated up and few drops of sweat on her  forehead "Go… to sleep, Love…" he whispered, as her eyes got heavy due to sleep and then within a minutes she was in a deep slumber

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