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Last Part : Our Ways

"U know simran ' I have came here before with mom ' dad ' aaaa 4 months back. We enjoyed a lot." Eshaan told to the girl in frok beside him

"really ' Eshaan? I also want to meet your mom...." a girl sweetly said passing a cute smile which turn in to a frown as she saw Eshaan getting sad "Its okay Eshaan she will return ' she loves you a lot...." Simran said, while her brushed her shoulder

they kept on talking ' till they doze off in each others arms.. and waited for their destination

Arman... and other in the car

"Rahul ' what can I say ' he was being soo cheezy..." Arman kept his hand over his head and sobbed ' while sitting in the car beside driving seat

"Arman ' u r mad ! If u can't even take care of a child then tell us we be doing that too ' because after Riddimaa you have turning more stupid '" Muskan said

"You know u r a jerk ' if something happened to Eshaan naa Riddimaa will never forgive you...." Atul said, he bit his tongue

every one turned and looked at him,suspiciously...

"I don 't know where she is !" Atul blurted out

"F*** - u knew it still u didnt told me ' u ras*** how could" Arman moved his hand back and hold atul through collar and jerked him back

"Arman Leave him and let me talk to him" Anjali said ' making them away... "ATULL WHERE IS SHE?" Anjali thundering over him....

"Anjali - she is safe --- but as a brother I promised her not to tell any one '." Atul stammered

"Atul ' How could you ' I was left alone for more than 3 months ' dying to meet her '. you knew where she was ' and still you didnt told me '. how could you" Arman cried keeping his hands over his face

this was the first time he cried ' '

"Atul tell us ' please" Anjali asked softly feeling a lump in her throat due to Arman's cry...

"Why Arman ' you left her here? Didn't I said take her along ' I knew it something would happen like this ' you brought her in her life ' u should have protect her ' she only remember those thing that you said to her that you love Ayes-ha ' and she was just a nanny ' I saw her dying thousand time in few hours " pause "Arman ' you have not seen anything ' or not even gone through the pain that she has felt ' girls are soft and deligate and all in this 3 months you have not even tried to search her ' Properly " Every one frowned " sometimes you asked Rahul to seacrh or me or anjali" pause "WHAT DID U DID???" Atul banged the front seat.... making every one astonish ' " seriously ' both of your ways are Different ..."

"Atul please tell me ---" Arman turned and literally begged....

"Why Arman ' why should I ' find her !! remember your past ' Remember it ' If you have thought about it ' you would have found out about it A life time back !" Rahul stopped car as they have reached

The otty and To Eshaan's Camp ' as they heard their was a landscape and a heavy snow in ooty ' they were not able to be in contact with him ' so, they made their way here

Eshaan's Camp

to see a house, that had dim lights ' Arman ran in ' too see Eshaan and a girl in pink frock ' sitting and talking animatedly ' both covered in heavy coats and eating fries...


"Dad ' DI --- Rahul ' atul Chachu...." He shouted and ran in Arman's embrace - "Simran comme" the girl walked ' that made him smile -he puts Eshaan down, who ran to others '

"hello ' Uncle" Simran moved her hand forward...

"Hello beta ' ur looking gorgoues..."

"Uncle ' you crying ?" simran rubbed his cheek with her cold ' small hands

"No beta ' just missing aunty '." Arman kissed her small palm

"DAD !!! NO flirting with her !" Eshaan parted them and stood angirly...

"Eshaan ' you ok ? Where is your teacher ..." Arman asked, Eshaan pointed and Arman went upto her "Ma'am ' we sorry to come here ' but heard about the land scape thats why we r here..." Arman said -

"Its ok ' Mr.Malik ' do u want to book a room for you?" teacher said

"no ' we be going some whe...."

"No please book rooms for us here only ---" Autl interrupted....


"Ridddimaaa" Arman said with love while sitting in a swing and looking up at the sky ' when simran walked over to him and sat beside him...

"you can only find her ' where you heart tells you...." Simran said...

"but where" Arman looked down with tears....

"Ask your Heart Uncle ' Close your eyes..." keeping her hand over his eyes...

flashes came ' when she confessed in that she cant leave them ' Eshaan catching them in car

making love ' in nikki and Abhi hut --- in morning '

trying to make the night happeneing 'Koi nai hai kamre mai' word swing in his head ' howshe behaved that night ..

"Abhi ' Nikki's hut ..." Arman spoke loudly ' when Simran looked back at the image, who shook his head in agreement....

"yes uncle ' where is this hut ---" she said

"Its here ' in otty" she removed her hand and saw him opening his eyes

"you know it ' along time back Uncle ' but you never asked yourself...." simran moved closer and kissed his cheek ' while going back in the house

Arman had tears ' he cried and took a taxi ----

"Beach Chalo ga???" the driver nodded and they rush their '. while back

"Is she their Atul Uncle..." Simran asked,

"yes ' beta, thanks for the help" walking in the house with simran in his arms...

"this separation must make them realize how important they r too each other ----" Atul added.

"Now Eshaan will never cry ---" Simran said and walking back to her room and Atul to his group for telling them everything

Abhi - Nikki hut

Arman, knocked the door but didnt got any reply ' but he soon he heard feets voice ' the door opened with ajar

"K-k-kon..." a broken voice came

"Riddimaa" he said with a sigh.

She was about to close when Arman keep's his hand in between ' it hurt him as she kept on pushing the door over his head ' a try to keep him out '

"GO '........" he heard her voice

"Listen please --- Ouchhhhhh" he shouted as he felt the door on his hand hard

Riddimaa left the door and saw his hand pink '

she took his hand in her's and massaged it lightly ' Arman saw a veryy ' thin girl standing at door her hair flowing over her face ' she wore a smiple shalwar suit which was thin as paper

"Get in Riddima ' you will get cold...." Arman said pushing her in '.

"Arman --- Jaooooo" she kept her hand in pressed him out ' but due to weakness she just cant push him...

he moved her in and came inside him self... Arman moved his hand on her pettie body -

"You look thin --" cressing her waist ' " why don't you wear a jacket ' this dress is soo thin.." he whispered pulling her in a hug and took her small body in his arms "Riddimaa kya kiya hai apna haal ???" he asked it

"Why r u here Arman ' who told you -" She sobbed and leaned in his chest for warmth -

"My heart --- and a bit of help by a small girl '." he said crassed her back " you are cold Riddimaa..." he said looking down at her small face which was pale -

"yea ' its cold here !" she said parting away ' when he pulls her back....

" stay here ' and let me make you warm..." he said rubbing her arms, goose bumps started to form ' making her shiver...

"Nahi Arman ' this is wrong ' you have a family back thei...." Riddima tried to come out of his hold...

"YOU ARE MY FAMILY !!!" Anger roused "U R MY WIFE DAMIT -" he shook her through shoulder

"NO ! U R MARRIED TO AYES-HA --- I WAS JUST A NANNY !" She twisted ' weakly in his hold.

"NO --- I LOVE YOU ' and OUR marriage was over years back...." Arman explained

"Arman, u always said u love her ' and Our marriage was Just for Eshaan ' And now Eshaan is has his mo....." Riddimaa said,

"She is GONE !!! AND Who said I love her NOW??? didn't I asked you to help me for get my past ' as I was falling for you ' didn't we confessed Our love for each other ? Did we made love in this House and proved Our Love ?? Did nt we made Promise to stay with Each other for ever '. How can U FORGET THAT !!! and leave me and Your Baby alone..." Riddimaa shrieked down on floor and cried loud ---

as she can't keep this in her heart now ' this 3 months have been hard for her ' a life death was hard for her ---- she knew she had fallen in love with him ' and she can't do this any more '.

"Armannn" she cried while pulling her knee up to her face '.

"I love you Riddimaa ' please Come back" He moved down to her and kissed her ' making her feel his love for her ' a promise that he will never leave her ' a promise he will never let her leave him.... he sucked her lips ' keeping his hands on her cheek and pulled her in a deep kiss while she kept her hand on his shoulder for support......

He kissed her, rolling an arm around her ' and pulling her in his lap ' they kept on kissing each other ' they broke the kiss and riddimaa holds his face in her hands and kissed his nose ' eyes ' lips ' cheeks and tears rolled down from their eyes...

Pehli Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai
Pehli Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai
Kuch Na Samajh Mein Aaye Main Kya Karoon

Ishq Ne Meri Aisi Haalat Ki Hai
Ishq Ne Meri Aisi Haalat Ki Hai
Kuch Na Samajh Mein Aaye Main Kya Karoon...

 she kept on kissing while Arman sat their feeling her love for him

Hey Hey Hey Ho Ho Ho
Pehli Pehli Baar Shararat Ki Hai
Pehli Pehli Baar Shararat Ki Hai
Kuch Na Samajh Mein Aaye Main Kya Karoon

Pehli Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai
Kuch Na Samajh Mein Aaye Main Kya Karoon...

Love Maha

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