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Last part : Tu Tu - Main Main

"The Happy Beginning "

"kyun nahi , bai miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi " and everyone laughed out loud.

"Main abhi meetha aur shagun lekar aati hoon " and therego padma with a dream in her eyes for her daughters , adream in which they wud live their life happily with a crazy man and other turning the sane guy into insane . She never thought that she wud marry off her daughters into same household , and that to in a family that was like a second family to them, where her mother in law will not be a mother in law but a mother instead of both of them. She was sure and no doubts in how much gauri will love them both, and on top of that the one special person in their life will be so loving and caring. And at the same was smiling looking at her seeta geeta jodi meeting with ram and sham jodi . Just like everything, happiness came into her life as a double dhamaka once again .

"yeh padma kahan reh gayi ? main dekh kar aata hoon " was it that time was flying by or was going slow , the man who always valued time was today unsure of the fact that life was going fast or slow . Was he waiting to give the happiest moment to his daughters as soon as possible or wanted time to stay with him for some more time to spend with his second life .
Was he asking time from time ? even he didnt had answer to it .

"Rukiye main dekhti hoon " and with that gauri marched into the kitchen to find padma , standing by the counter with her hands trying to wipe the last bit of tear , as soon as she heard someone entering the kitchen . But all in vain, as gauri caught the salt water which was rather sugary this time , with happiness and very well understood how a mothers heart feels at the situation . Without saying anything she picked up the big 'thali' with shagun and moved her arm around padma's shoulder and soon they were in exposure to another mess in the living room .

"yeh kya ? kisne kiya ? " for a moment she forgot she had tears in her eyes and looked over at gauri kinda embaraased , with a thought that if this is done by her daughters, what wud gauri feel, is this how her 'bahus' gonna behave at their inlaws.

And there came running karan saving his life from shilpa and armaan taking ridhima's breathes making her run up and down the sofa as she was all ready to choke him .

And without answering Padma they flew like a flock of birds upstairs bringing a small earthquake downstairs .

"koi baat nahi padma , bache hain dheere dheere theek ho jayenge, let them enjoy " gauri wasnt among those khadoos saas's who wud expect their bahu's to be like sitting quietly and live a life they dont want.

Upstairs was like an earthquake has just transfered from downstairs to upstairs .
"why on the earth you hellbent on killing me , aur woh bhi shaadi se pehle " knowing the answers himself , he cudnt leave another chance of teasing the sweet of the two girls .
"you you, hamesha tang karte ho" and once again she ran from room to room chasing arman.

"yaar ridhima ka toh samjh aata hai woh armaan ko kyun maar rahi hai, tum mujhe kyun maar rahi ho , maine kya kiya ? " not knowing the answers and dared to question shilpa, has itself called for his death .

"aiven hi "and with a giggle shilpa followed karan .

Finally all the 4 collapsed on the floor and outburst laughing like anything .Holding on to their stomachs , trying to inhale some cute moments, was the quatro lying on floor. The were the most happiest coz now they can enjoy all this tom jerry runs at one place, they dont have to wait to get to each others place and they getting love of their life. what else cud they ask from life ?

As the wedding date was being decided ,all the options available were sounding like a multiple choice questions for exam for entrance to some institution, was it institution of love , friendship, relationship or marriage, all the words holded same meaning for them.

" Acha toh this coming sunday ka moharat kaisa rahega ?" hiten was as excited as gauri to get the trouble at his place.

"itni jaldi kaise hoga sabkuch ? " only 3 days in hand was too less to arrange everything for the wedding .

"arey yar ho jayega , sab kuch ho jayega toh bas sunday final hai "hiten announced rather than asking .

While all the decorations went on for another 2 days, the quatro was busy shopping for their weddings .

Finally the grand day came and there were hiten gauri and padma shashank standing around the mandap and waiting for the brides and grooms to enter.

Ridhima and shilpa were wearing same dress and Armaan and karan were wearingthe same costumes and it was making it hard for the pandit to decide who was with whom .

After 2 years,
another miracle happened , Ridhima and shilpa were in the hospital giving birth to their first child .

Few minutes later the doctor came out surprised and shocked with what happened inside .Seeing his worried face, made the 6 worry as well .

What could have happened inside ? that doctor is so shocked and worried ?

To end their long trail of thoughts came the nurses holding 2 babies each and with
God's Miracle all the 4 babies were identical

Yes, ridhima and Shilpa gave birth to twins and all 4 of them being boys .
They were not only identical to their sibblings but to their cousins as well .

The four baby boys were named – aryan, aman, soham and subham.

"Kabhi kabhi zindagi mein itefaq hote hain "

And this was beginning of thr trouble , for them to realize how much trouble they gave to their parents as the next generation waas more troublesome than AR and KS


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