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OS : My Decision

The story takes place when riddhima is faced with the decision to choose between armaan and sid.

Sid is at home and looking for riddhima when his phone rings.



Riddhima? Kahan ho tum? I am looking for you.

Siddhant meine apna decision le liya hai. Lekin mein chahti hu ki main tumhe aur armaan dono ko yeh decision saath mein sunau. Kya tum sanjeevani aa sakte ho?

h..hh..haan mein .. mein abhi ata hu bus 15 mins mein I'll be there.


On the other hand armaan gets similar call at his home from ridhima and even he says he'll be there in 15 mins.

Armaan and siddhant reach sanjeevani at the same time and after parking their vehicles they are about to enter the hospital when they saw an ambulance coming and they are shocked when they saw the patient. Yes it was riddhima who was bleeding heavily and really hurt. They both rush towards her and try to talk to her and call her name but she doesn't respond. Dr. Shubhankar checks her and recommends some tests. Within 20 mins the test results come and he check on riddhima again.

Its been an hour and armaan and siddhant are sitting outside riddhima's room waiting for dr. Shub to tell them about riddhima. Shashank, all interns, padma and nani all are there and atul, anji, rahul, muskan, abhi and nikki are all on their way as they have been informed of the situation before hand.

Dr. Shubhankar comes out and comes straight to armaan and sid.

Siddhant, armaan

Sir riddhima kaisi hai, woh theek toh hai na?

Armaan woh..

Kya hua sir,

Armaan tumhe yaad hai last time jab riddhima ko goli lagi thi toh it damaged her spine?

Kaise bhul sakta hu sir.

Uss baar tumhare jaane ke baad pata chala tha ki shayad riddhima kabhi theek nahi ho sakti lekin she recovered. But she was still weak aur aab iss baar phir se usi place par chot lagi hai. .... internal bleeding kafi hai, meine medicines di for it lekin she is not responding to them... aisa lag raha hai jaise use jena hi nahi hai

All are shocked and sid and armaan look at each other thinking the same thing "kya tha riddhima ka faisla?"

Ek option hai surgery ka lekin agar humne surgery ki koshish bhi ki toh riddhima ussi waqt apni akhri saans legi. She won't survive.

Toh surgery nahi hogi

Jee dr. Shashank, siddhant, armaan. Riddhima bhi yeh surgery nahi karana chahti, lekin phir internal bleeding rokne ka humare pass koi rasta nahi hai, aur maximum uske pass 1 and half hours hai.

All are speechless and there are tear tracks on everyone's faces.

Armaan, siddhant, riddhima sirf tum dono se milna chahti hai, jao woh tum dono ka intazaar kar rahi hai.

Both of them walk towards ridzi's ward and see her with her eyes closed and machines attached to her body, tears are flowing from armaan eyes and siddhant's eyes are wet but not as bad as armaan.

Both of them take a seat on each side of her, armaan to her right and siddhant to her left and both holds her hand. She opens her eyes and looks at both of them and smiles weakly at them.

Siddhant. thank you

Kis baat ke liye riddhima?

Mera saath den eke liye. Muje sambhal ne ke liye, apni dosti ke liye aur muje armaan ke bagair jeene ka hosla den eke liye. Siddhant, tum ek bohot ache insaan ho, ek bohot ache dost, *smiles at him and he smiles back* muje bohot khushi hai ki tum meri zindagi mein aye aur muje ek aise daur se bahar nikalne ki shakti di jo mere liye bohot mushkil tha. Aaj mein tumse kuch kehna chahti hu, mein tumse pyaar nahi karti, lekin tumhari mere dil ek khas jagah hai, aur mere liye tum mere sab se special friend ho, jisse mein kuch bhi keh sakti hu. I m sorry ki mein tumhare liye ek achi patni nahi ban payi.

Nahi riddhima tum ...

Nahi muje bol ne do. I m sorry, mein jaanti hu ke mere faisle se tumhe bohot takleef hogi lekin iss situation se bahar ane ka mere pass aur chara nahi tha, mein itni bhi bahadur nahi hu, jitna tum muje samajte ho *smiles weakly at him*

Armaaan (turning towards him with a smile)

Bas bohot bolti ho tum, abb chup chap araam karo tumhe aram ki zarurat hai, dekho kitni chot ayi hai tumhe,


Bilkul apna khayal rakhna nahi ata tumhe. Aab chup chap aram karo bateein hum baad mein kareinge jab tum theek ho jaogi.

Phir toh kabhi nahi ho sakti baatein.

Riddhima ye tum

Mere pass waqt bohot kam hai armaan

Riddhima tum..

Muje bolne do, kabhi toh meri baat maan liya karo armaan

...nahi tumhe koi faisla karne ki zarurat nahi, har baat ka koi solution hota hai riddhima, hum sab mil ke iss baat ka solution nikalege, bass tum theek ho jao, u need to fight riddhima

Mein har gayi armaan, mein aab aur nahi lad sakti


Nahi, mujme ab aur ladne ki shakti nahi hai armaan, mein tut chuki hu. Aaj tak meri zindgi ke faisle dusro ne ya phir kismet ne liye hai, aur meine mane hai, lekin aaj kismet ko aur sab ko mera faisla maan na hoga. Armaan, I love u, I love you a lot. Tumhare ek faisle ne muje bohot dard diya, muje bohot shikayat hai tumse, *smiles* agar aaj mujme shakti hoti toh tumhari khub pitayi karti *both smiles* lekin tumne bohot der kardi, tum muje batao muje kya karna chahiye

Tumhe wohi karna chahiye jo tumhara dil kehta hai, tumhara dil kya kehta hai riddhima?

(closes her eyes and then smiles and opens them)

Mera dil kehta hai ki woh tumse bohot pyaar karta hai, aur tumhare bagair nahi reh sakta lekin, kehta hai ki tumhare liye woh siddhant ko dukhi nahi dekh sakta, itni himaat nahi hai usme. Woh kisi ko khushi dene ke liye kisi aur ko gam nahi de sakta.

Riddhima agar tum armaan ko chuno gi (if u choose armaan) muje gam nahi hoga I swear.

*ridz smiles at sidhant*

Sachai mein tumhari ankon mein dekh sakti hu siddhant... khair, mein keh rahi thi ki (*her breathing gets faster*) meine faisla kiya hai ki, mein tum dono mein se kisi ek ko choose nahi kar sakti. Tum dono mere liye khas ho aur tum dono ki mere dil ek khas jagah hai. I hope ki agle janam mein muje tum dono mein se ek ko choose nahi karna padega.*chuckles while both armaan and sid has fresh tears in their eyes, ridhzi is gasping for air* I am.. I am sorry mein har gayi. Mujme aur shakti nahi hai. Mein chahti hu ki tum dono khush raho

Nahi riddhima, iss armaan ki dhadkan, tumhari saanso se judi hai, mein tumhare bagair nahi jee sakta, plz aisa maat karo.

Armaan, I m sorry. ... can I have hug plz? Mein tumhari bahon mein safe mehsus karti hu, aur usi feeling ke saath jana chahti hu. Please?

*armaan has tears in his eyes but looks at sid who nods and then armaan puts his head near her cheek and arm around her neck while riddhima moves her face to touch armaan's face*


Its been almost an hour and 15 mins and they hear sid  calling out riddhima's name and crying. Everyone goes in and finds armaan and riddhima in same position and ridhzi's face chows peace and contentment while armaan is not moving at all and his face is hidden in the nape of riddhima's neck. Everyone is crying and after 20 mins armaan still hasn't moved even an inch and sidhant is now crying silently and is looking at riddhima's face. Meanwhile atul moves over to armaan

Armaan, uth, dekh riddhima chali gayi hai, uth yaar, hum hai na tumhare saath dekh mein hu tera champ

But armaan doesn't respond so atul shakes him a bit and armaan falls over limply. Everyone panics and dr. Shubhankar checks his pulse and is shocked. He checks his breaths and his heart and his face pales and is now white as a sheet.

Armaan... armaan is no more.

Everyone is shocked and sid for the first time looks up and his face is gone white as sheet

Armaan sach keh raha tha, uski dhadkaan riddhima ki saanson se judi thi....

Everyone cries even more, sid moves out and is feeling very guilty. He sits in fire escape and feels that its bcz of him that riddhima had to do this, its all his fault. He keeps on blaming himself saying he shouldn't have entered riddhima's life when suddenly he sees riddhima and armaan. Both are holding hands and smiling

Siddhant muje khushi hai ki tum meri zindagi mein aye. Apne app ko dosh mat do, yeh mera faisla tha. Tumhara koi kasoor nahi hai. Meri manzil muje mil gayi *shows hers and armaans entwined hands* lekin tumhe abhi jeena hai, apne pyaar ke liye apne sache saathi ke liye. Woh aa rahi hai, use khush rakhna, aur khud bhi khush rehna. Aur haan mere aur armaan ke bare mein use zaroor batana.

Haan dude, aur agar nahi bataya na toh mein bhoot banker tumhe satane aunga. Aur jab armaan kisiko satane ki thaan leta hai na toh phir use koi nahi bacha sakta chaho toh kisi se bhi puch sakte ho jo muje mere internship ke dino mein janta tha*chuckles**even sid smiles at that*... but seriously dude. I wish ki hum kisi aur tarah mile hote aur hume kuch aur time saath mein milta, I would love to be your friend. Tum ek bohot ache friend ho and I m proud to know you. Apna aur apni soul mate ka khayal rakhna. Mein chalta hu apni soul mate ke saath, aur ab mein use akele nahi chodunga I promise. Tum khush rehna aur enjoy karna kyunki sirf do din hai phir toh woh aa hi rahi hai, kyun ridhima?

Haan, do din siddhant. Mein chalti. Par tum apne ap ko dosh mat dena is mein tumhari koi galti nahi hai. Take care of her

I will .. I really like u riddhima and I think I luv u.

Nahi siddhant... tumhara pyaar aa raha hai. Bye

Sid smiles and says bye and both armaan and riddhima disappears. Sid now doesn't blame himself but wishes to go away so he decides to go back to USA. And no one stops him. He is at air port after 2 days when he sees tamanna coming back and she is crying he goes to her and she cries saying that she didn't realise but she loved him and that her engagement is broken now. He hugs her and then after few months get married with the blessings of shashank and everyone including AR as sid could see them there smiling and happy. Sid and tamnna lived happily and somewhere up there 2 more people are happy for them. and yes sid did tell everything about AR to tammy and got friendly with the old intern gang and got to know about AR a lot and realised that they truely were soul mates and realised how pure riddhima's last decision was, and that she had planned her accident, as it was her who had called old intern gang to be there a few days before. She really did wanted to go, it made him realise that it really was her decision.


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